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         Mad Cow Disease:     more books (100)
  1. How the Cows Turned Mad: Unlocking the Mysteries of Mad Cow Disease by Maxime Schwartz, 2004-09-13
  2. Mad Cow Disease: Are We Safe
  3. Mad Cow Disease (Diseases and Disorders) by Barbara Sheen, 2004-07-30
  4. Where's the Beef?: The Mad Cow Disease Conspiracy by David Cole, 2001-10-05
  5. Prions and Mad Cow Disease
  6. The Trembling Mountain: A Personal Account of Kuru, Cannibals, and Mad Cow Disease by Robert Klitzman, 2001-08-07
  7. Mad cow disease: History of BSE in Britain by Richard Lacey, 1995
  8. Mad Cow Disease Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy by Geoffrey S. Becker, Curtis W. Copeland, et all 2008-05
  9. Brain Drain.(mad cow disease): An article from: E by Kathleen O'Neil, Fran Ryan, 1999-07-01
  10. Mad Cow Disease: Webster's Timeline History, 1986 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-05-01
  11. Mad Cow Disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) (Deadly Diseases and Epidemics) by Carmen Ferreiro, 2004-10
  12. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (Bse, Or, Mad Cow Disease): Current and Proposed Safeguards by Sarah A. Lister, 2009-12
  13. Mad Cow Disease: Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (Epidemics) by Tom Ridgway, 2001-08
  14. Mad Cow Disease - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References by ICON Health Publications, 2004-01-23

1. Official Mad Cow Disease Home Page
The Internet s largest site for mad cow disease, BSE, scrapie, CJD, and other prion diseases. Coverage of news, prion molecular biology and research
7,651+ articles on mad cow and new variantCreutzfeldt-Jakob disease, prions,
bovine spongiform encephalopathy, scrapie, BSE, CJD, CWD, TME, and TSE.
Last Updated: 17 Apr 01 . . a project of the Sperling Biomedical Foundation .
Note: news, policy, commentar, medicine have moved to new site
The Official Mad Cow Disease Home Page
You are what you eat: now serving number
Bovine-CJD: might you already have it?
... Visit charity pages
Early warnings:
insomnia, memory loss, depression, anxiety, withdrawal, fearfulness) News archives Best links Search site 3D prions ... Science archives NEWS 2001 has moved Apr 17.. Webmaster: the next generation
Apr 28.. Global TSE News
Mar 24.. Slaughter on suspicion
Mar 17.. Second epidemic raging
Feb 27.. Canada censors scientists
Feb 16.. Diagnostic news Feb 12.. Cosmetics ban on 13 countries Feb 11.. Genetically modified foods Feb 09.. Bogus BSE in Brazil? Jan 30.. Texas cattle quarantined Jan 13.. FDA scolds feed mills Jan 08.. Canadian concerns Jan 03.. FDA issues vaccine alert NEWS 2000... Dec 28..

2. Mad Cow Disease: Hundreds Of Articles On Mad Cow Disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Dise
Information from the Organic Consumers Association related to mad cow/deer/pig/elk disease in the USA.
O rganic C onsumers A ssociation News About OCA Action Join/Subscribe ... Irradiation Mad Cow
Mad Deer Fair Trade Bovine Growth
Globalization ...
Organic View
INQUIRIES For media inquiries on the current Mad Cow Crisis in the US,contact: Ronnie Cummins, National Director, Organic Consumers Association:
218-226-4164 or Dr. Michael Greger M.D.
Mad Cow Disease
Mad Deer Disease
Chronic Wasting Disease,
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
OCA's Mad Cow Menu:
USA / Canada / European News
Highlighted News CJD Glossary ... Links - Archives: MAD COW / MAD DEER FEATURE ARTICLES Articles reviewed/commented upon by Michael Greger, MD

3. Insecticide Causes Mad Cow Disease 12/17/00
Research that shows insecticide used in the UK government warblefly campaigns triggered the UK surge of 'Mad Cow' disease. Latest experiments by Cambridge University prion specialist David R. Brown shows that prions in the bovine spine can be damaged by organophosphate insecticides causing the disease. Optimal Wellness Center News.
Dr. Joseph Mercola
Author of the
Total Health Program
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Insecticide Causes Mad Cow Disease
by Fintan Dunne
Research by Kathy McMahon Reprinted from, email -
Pharmaceutical interests in the UK are ignoring new scientific research that shows the insecticide used in the UK government's own warble-fly campaigns triggered the UK surge of 'Mad Cow' disease. Latest experiments by Cambridge University prion specialist, David R. Brown, have shown that manganese bonds with prions. Other researchers work shows that prions in the bovine spine along which insecticides are applied can be damaged by ICI's Phosmet organophosphate(OP) insecticide -causing the disease. British scientists have led the current theory that an infectious prion in bonemeal fed to cattle causes bovine spongiform disease (BSE).

4. Organophosphates And Mad Cow Disease
Mark Purdey's theory of mad cow disease.
Pam Rotella home page

Vegan Cookbook

Vegan Recipes

Featured Articles:
My Vegetarian Cookbook Index

Healthy Eating

The Genetic Fad - A Medical Myth

Joel Wallach - Copper Deficiencies
Wisconsin Windmill Farm
Other Health Web Sites: Mercury Poisoned .com Cancer Tutor .com - Aspartame Breast Implant Dangers ... Pranic Healing Alternative News Sites: What Really Happened .com Buzz Flash .com Information Clearing House ... Prison Alternative Radio: WBAI - New York City KPFK - Los Angeles KPFA - Berkeley WPFW - Washington, DC ... Air America Radio and does not replace individualized diagnosis and care. Mark Purdey's Organophosphate Model of Mad Cow Disease [Posted 3 January 2003, last updated November 2004] Among mainstream science, the current model of Mad Cow Disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or BSE) involves "prions" protein rods allegedly without any DNA of their own, and an ability to survive most antiseptics and heat while remaining infectious. Mad Cow Disease is found in a number of other animals, and is called: Mad Cow Disease (BSE - Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) in cattle

5. Swiss Cat Has Mad Cow Disease
Organic Consumer article on a Swiss cat diagnosed with the feline form of mad cow disease, contracted through contaminated pet food.
News Campaigns GE Food Organics ... email this page
Swiss cat diagnosed with feline form of mad cow disease
July 17, 2001 Agence France Presse by Vik Iyer A Swiss cat has been diagnosed with the feline form of mad cow disease, thought to have been spread through infected pet food, in the first such case in the country, veterinary officials said Tuesday. The six-year-old animal had been suffering serious problems with its nervous system and was put down, and was later diagnosed with feline spongiform encephalopathy (FSE), the cat-borne variety of mad cow disease. The pet was thought to have been infected by cat food containing either brain or spinal column from cattle contaminated with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), better known as mad cow disease. The feline form of the disease is closely linked with the cattle-borne variety and was first reported in 1990 in Britain, whose meat and livestock industry is still reeling from a BSE epidemic which swept through the country's herds. Britain has reported around 90 cases of the feline disease among the nation's pets, while Norway has also witnessed a case, despite being clear of the bovine brain-wasting disease.

6. Learn More Here Health And Wellness: Mad Cow Disease Facts
Web site offers general mad cow disease facts, including those related to human health.
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  • 7. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)
    Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) or mad cow disease is a chronic, degenerative disorder affecting the central nervous system of cattle.
    FDA Home Page Search FDA Site FDA A-Z Index Contact FDA
    Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)
    Also Known as 'Mad Cow Disease'
    General Background
    Consumer Information
    Bovine-Based Vaccines
    Recent Actions
    Industry/Veterinary Information
    Blood Safety

    8. The University Of Tennessee Extension
    This Web site provides general background, links and articles on mad cow disease.
    University Links About the University Academic Programs Administration Libraries Research Support UT The University System A-Z Index WebMail Dept. Directory Select type of search People Search Campus Search System Search Hot Topics
    Extension Home
    Local Offices People Search Extension Administration ... Related Links
    BSE or Mad Cow Disease
    BSE or Mad Cow Disease had never been diagnosed in the United States before a single infected cow in Washington State was diagnosed after slaughter in December 2003. Potential impacts on the US agricultural economy are tremendous, cutting exports and costing thousands of jobs in the food processing, transportation, retail, and restaurant industries.
    Get the Facts on BSE: Fact: BSE is a progressive neurological disease among cattle that is always fatal.
    Fact: The incubation period (the time from when an animal becomes infected until it first shows disease signs) is from 2 to 8 years. Following the onset of clinical signs, the animal's condition deteriorates until it either dies or is destroyed. This process usually takes from 2 weeks to 6 months.
    Fact: There are different scientific hypotheses concerning the origins of BSE. BSE in Great Britain may have been caused by feeding cattle rendered protein produced from the carcasses of scrapie-infected sheep or cattle with a previously unidentified transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE). The practice of using products such as meat-and-bone meal as a source of protein in cattle rations has been common for several decades. Changes in rendering operations in the late 1970's and early 1980's may have played a part in the appearance of the disease.

    9. Mad Cow Disease - Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy: BSE Facts
    A project of the Center for Global Food Issues, MadCow-Facts presents the latest information, news and analysis on mad cow disease, also known as bovine

    Mad Cow Disease
    With many special interest groups hoping to benefit by generating public alarm over mad cow disease , real facts can be hard to find. Even the name "mad cow" has been used because of the emotional reaction it produces. The real name for mad cow disease, after all, is Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) . Despite the detection of a single case of the disease in the United States, BSE does not present a public health risk for the American population. Through, the Center for Global Food Issues hopes to provide concerned beef consumers with credible information about mad cow disease and related variant (vCJD) from recognized academic and industry experts. Latest Mad Cow Disease News

    10. BSE Information At UIUC
    BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy or mad cow disease) is a fatal disease affecting cattle and has been transmitted to humans as vCJD (nvCJD).
    Mad Cow Disease - BSE: bovine TSE
    • BSE is a fatal disease that affects the brain of cattle The disease is caused by a "self-replicating" protein; prionPrP Sc
      Meat, blood and milk have not been shown to carry the infective agent
      The first case of BSE was reported in the United States in December 2003
    CJD: human TSE
    • C reutzfeldt- J akob D isease (CJD) is a prion disease in humans Almost all cases of CJD are spontaneous, inherited or iatrogenic A variant CJD (vCJD) have been linked to BSE exposure No cases of vCJD have been reported in the United States
    BSE was first observed in Great Britain in April, 1984, and was specifically diagnosed in 1986. Since 1986, nearly cases of BSE in cattle have been identified in the United Kingdom. The epidemic peaked in 1992-93 at almost 1,000 cases per week. Control measures have reduced incidence and currently, less than 100 cases are being reported per week. Introduction: Description of spongiform encephalopathies, timeline and definition of terms

    11. Official Mad Cow Disease Home Page
    The Internet's largest site for mad cow disease, BSE, scrapie, CJD, and other prion diseases. Coverage of news, prion molecular biology and research

    12. NOVA Online | The Brain Eater
    Article that explores the causes of mad cow disease, what happens when science faces an unknown pathogen, and the implications for public health.
    Welcome to the companion Web site to the NOVA program "The Brain Eater," originally broadcast on February 10, 1998. This program retraces the scientific sleuthing that linked mad cow disease in cattle to a related brain disease in humans.
    • Food Safety Tips
      Check out the basic steps in food handling, cooking, and storage that are essential to avoiding food-borne illness.
    • When Science Faces the Unknown
      According to biologist Joseph S. Levine, the mad cow story is not just a cautionary tale, but a classic example of the "complex and vital relationship" between science and society.
    • 20/20 Hindsight
      Could experts have discovered the link between mad cow disease in cattle and in humans sooner? Find out in this thought-provoking article.
    • Do Prions Exist?
      Two scientists with opposing views debate the controversial question of whether prions - a possible new type of infectious agent - actually exist.
    Text Brain Eater Home When Science Faces the Unknown 20/20 Hindsight
    Food Safety Tips
    ... To print
    NOVA Online is produced for PBS by the WGBH Science Unit

    13. BSE Information At UIUC
    Factual information, news releases, general information and web sites about BSE (mad cow disease); veterinary, consumer and producer information.

    14. Agencies Work To Corral Mad Cow Disease
    Government agencies responded quickly to the first case of mad cow disease in the United States and continue to take steps to prevent its spread.
    FDA Home Page Search FDA Site FDA A-Z Index Contact FDA ...
    To a Friend
    FDA Consumer magazine
    May-June 2004 Issue
    Agencies Work to Corral Mad Cow Disease
    By Linda Bren When he entered his lab on Dec. 23, 2003, Allen Jenny, D.V.M., knew right away that something was wrong. He recalls the solemn expression on the face of a fellow scientist, who said, "I've got a slide to show you." Jenny, a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) pathologist, peered through the microscope. What he saw was a bright red stain seeping into the gray matter of a slice of brain tissuea telltale sign of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), otherwise known as mad cow disease. "Are you sure it's a cow?" Jenny asked, a logical question in light of the fact that the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa, also tests sheep, deer, and other animals for mad cow-like diseases. Yes, it was a cow, and this first diagnosis of BSE in the United States launched an emergency investigation that involved two countriesthe United States and Canadaand regulatory changes by two U.S. government agencies to further bolster their effective safeguards to protect public health and livestock.
    Emergency Response
    After U.S. authorities announced on the same day that a single dairy cow in Washington state was infected with the fatal brain-wasting disease, BSE, the Food and Drug Administration and the USDA took immediate action. While the USDA went to work to trace the origin of the cow and to initiate a recall of its meat, the FDA made sure that other portions of the cow, including the infectious brain and spinal cord, didn't get into animal feed or other FDA-regulated products. It is believed that BSE spreads when cows eat feed containing remnants of infected cattle. The FDA, which regulates animal feed, has banned the use of these remnants in feed for cattle and other ruminants, such as sheep and goats, since 1997. Canada implemented a similar ban at the same time.

    15. Mad Cow Disease - Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy BSE Facts
    Recognized scholars, community leaders and other experts provide important consumer news, analysis and commentary on mad cow disease.

    16. Food And Drug Administration Mad Cow Information
    Web site offers various resources on mad cow disease including a general background, consumer information, recent FDA actions, veterinarian

    17. ENTRY
    A project by schoolchildren explains farming, types of cattle, breeds, digestion, and products. Also discusses how mad cow disease has affected the world and gives some solutions to the problem.
    var TlxPgNm='index';
    O T H E R L A N G U A G E S

    18. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) And Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease
    Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) CreutzfeldtJakob Disease, Classic (CJD) Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD) Prion Diseases

    19. Mad Cow Disease (BSE) News, Web Links And Information
    Ongoing coverage includes news stories organized by country, editorials and website links as they apply to a cattle futures investment perspective.
    News Editorials Websites
    Mad Cow Disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) and Chronic Wasting Disease News and Information
    Klute Investment Services is monitoring news and concern about mad cow disease, which we believe will continue to occasionally impact U.S. cattle and cattle futures markets. This page will list informational websites and track current news stories about mad cow disease from both U.S. and international sources. An effort will be made to maintain objectivity, presenting stories on all sides of the issue.
    News Stories ... (top)
    United States Mad cow proteins turn up in unexpected organs
    Rogue proteins have now been located in the liver, kidney and pancreas in a study of rodents Texas farm group to study easing of Canadian beef ban
    A task force of Texas Farm Bureau members will examine how the resumed imports on March seventh would affect the Lone Star State Officials Trace Cows Shipped From Canada
    Government officials are now tracing six cows shipped into the United States from the same Canadian herd as an animal with mad cow disease 4 BSE herd mates traced to U.S.

    20. Tests Negative For Mad Cow Disease
    WASHINGTON (AP) A cow suspected of having mad cow disease has tested negative for the brainwasting ailment, the Agriculture Department said

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