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  1. Mac OS X Tiger: Missing Manual by David Pogue, 2005-07
  2. Mac OS X for Unix Geeks (Leopard) by Ernest E. Rothman, Brian Jepson, et all 2008-09-18
  3. Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac: The Missing Manual by Barbara Brundage, 2008-03-27
  4. The Mac Hacker's Handbook by Charles Miller, Dino Dai Zovi, 2009-03-03
  5. Tractor Mac Learns to Fly by Billy Steers, 2007-05-01
  6. Tractor Mac Saves Christmas by Billy Steers, 2007-05-01
  7. Objective-C for Absolute Beginners: iPhone and Mac Programming Made Easy by Gary Bennett, Mitchell Fisher, et all 2010-08-25
  8. I Ain't Scared of You:Bernie Mac On How Life Is by Bernie Mac, Darrell Dawsey, 2003-05-20
  9. Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: Visual QuickStart Guide by Maria Langer, 2009-09-04
  10. Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac: The Missing Manual by Barbara Brundage, 2009-10-30
  11. Beginning Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server: From Solo Install to Enterprise Integration by Charles Edge, Chris Barker, et all 2010-05-05
  12. My New Mac, Snow Leopard Edition: 54 Simple Projects to Get You Started by Wallace Wang, 2009-08-12
  13. Apple Training Series: Mac OS X Deployment v10.6: A Guide to Deploying and Maintaining Mac OS X and Mac OS X Software by Kevin M. White, 2009-12-24
  14. Tractor Mac You're A Winner by Billy Steers, 2007-05-01

61. - Find The Lowest Prices On IPod, IBook, PowerBook, AirPort Card, EM
Unbiased daily news source for the lowest prices on macintosh products like iPod, iBook, PowerBook, emac, Powermac G5, imac and more!
@import ""; @import ""; @import ""; @import ""; Welcome, Guest sign in deal news deal ram deal cam deal ink deal coupon my dealmac send a hot tip! coupons ... contact us jump to today's basement MP3 players photo displays/TVs ... upgrades search for deals:

62. Mac OS Sound Sets For Discriminating Tastes
For mac OS 8.5 and higher Sound sets and custom icons.
htmlAdWH('93212816', '728', '90'); Main Macintosh Mac OS Sound Sets for Discriminating Tastes Welcome to my showcase of sound sets. All of these are original creations of mine, although I have used sounds recorded by others (e.g. Skywalker Sound, Warner Brothers) for some sets. OS X users
You can now use sound sets on OS X by downloading a shareware program called Xounds I will not take responsibility for any data loss you may experience while using my sound sets. If you are crashing using any sound sets, first, make sure you have the latest version of the sound set. If you do and it's still crashing, send me some mail and I'll try to fix it. Download Trouble?
There have been some problems downloading recently, so I've tried moving my files to another location on the net (thanks to James Baxter). Install Trouble?
If you're having problems installing or using my sound sets, check out my help page with instructions on installing and using SoundSets. Make Your Own Sound Set
If you're interested in making your own sound sets, I have some brief instructions based on what I learned in the process of making these ones. Welcome

63. The Mac Observer - You’ll Get Your Mac News Here From Now On!
1135 AM mac Gaming News - Aspyr to Ship LEGO Star Wars Aug. 22 900 AM - TMO Reports - Microsoft Releases Messenger for mac 5.0
@import url(""); The Mac Observer has been designed with standards-compliant, visual browsers in mind. However, it will function in any browser.
You'll get your Mac news here from now on. Skip navigational links Choose text size:
Today's Headlines - Friday, September 9th, 2005
Show: Headlines
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2:00 AM - LISTSERV Maestro: Web Interface Listserve Management for Mac OS X
by Staff
L-Soft announced Thursday the release of LISTSERV Maestro, a listserve management tool for Mac OS X.
Headlines - Thursday, September 8th, 2005
5:15 PM - ArcSoft's Home Movie App VideoImpression 2 Adds Tiger Support
by Staff
ArcSoft on Thursday released a Mac OS X v10.4 version of VideoImpression 2, its software for creating home movies.
4:35 PM - Review - Ped2 iPod Stand for iPod and iPod mini
by Bryan Chaffin
Bryan Chaffin reviews Ped2, the metal iPod stand that got his iPod off of his desk and above the stuff that inevitably accumulates around him.
4:35 PM - iPodObserver - Kensington Intros Five New iPod Products
by Staff
Kensington on Thursday unveiled five new accessories for the iPod: SX 2000 Speakers, Micro FM Transmitter, Digital FM Radio and FM Transmitter, Travel Plug Adapter with USB Charger and Transporters for iPod shuffle.

64. Apple - Mac OS X
Apples produktsidor med bl.a. fri programvara.
Aktivera JavaScript
Nya funktioner Utvecklarverktyg Teknisk info ...
grafik och medier
, ett intuitivt UNIX-grund kompatibla
Hitta allting, snabbt
Tiger introducerar Spotlight iTunes
smarta mappar
Mail ... Automator
Nya Dashboard Dashboard
Safari RSS iChat AV .Mac-konto
Veckans funktion: VoiceOver
Fint samarbete med andra
kompatibilitet Windows Bonjour VoiceOver och UNIX -grunden, erbjuder Tiger en kraftfull
Se skillnaden
Quartz QuickTime 7 med kristallklar H.264 -videokodek till Colorsync Core Audio och Core Image utvecklar
Automator ...
Mac OS X 10.4

1 195 kronor Familjepaket
(5 licenser)
1 995 kronor
Veckans tips
  • Gas Google Maps Widget iSpeak Sing that iTune! ... Startsidan Mac OS X
    Kontakta oss
  • 65. MacSlash: A Daily Dose Of Macintosh News And Discussion
    Over the past two years, my mac has lived up to all its promises and has never Sadly, he spends less time extolling the supposed delights of the mac
    Xserve colocation for MacSlash provided by MacSlash FAQ


    Submit Story

    Search MacSlash:
    Team One Tickets

    MLB Tickets

    NFL Tickets

    The Odd Couple

    Brooks Atkinson Theatre
    ... Mystere Tickets Shameless Plugs Advertise Here Your Text Link here Rent DVDs Online Search Tygo ... RPSGT Tech Training RIP Brushed Metal posted by aaronvegh on Thursday September 08, @03:36PM from the my-people-will-call-your-people dept. When I popped open iTunes 5 for the first time, my thought was, "WTF?" Here we have yet another take on UI from Apple, once the leaders in interface consistency. I knew that John Gruber would be all over this, and he has not disappointed. Here is his take , and be warned there's some potty mouth action in there. But it is hilarious. Read More... comments Nano Roundup posted by aaronvegh on Thursday September 08, @08:46AM from the reviews-dissections-and-more-oh-my! dept. Following yesterday's launch of the iPod nano, commentary has sprouted all about the Web! While you, dear readers, appeared somewhat muted in your enthusiasm, Walt Mossberg is positively smitten . Other, not-as-smitten folks decided to

    66. Mac OS X Hints - Hol Das Maximum Aus X!
    Bietet eine deutschsprachige œbersetzung von Tipps und Tricks der Webseite in Verbindung mit einem Forum.
    Hallo, Gast Sie müssen sich erst registrieren , um alle Funktionen dieser Webseite nutzen zu können.
    Falls Sie bereits registriert sind, melden Sie sich bitte mit Ihrem Benutzernamen und Kennwort an:
    Angemeldet bleiben? Suchen Erweiterte Suche Hint einsenden Teilen Sie Ihre Erfahrungen mit uns und helfen Sie, Mac OS X Hints noch besser zu machen. Quick Links Dokumentation
    Einführung zu Tiger (PDF)
    Installations- und
    Konfigurationshandbuch (PDF) Software-Aktualisierungen
    Hier finden Sie die neuesten Aktualisierungen zu Panther.
    Sie können auch die Mac OS X Funktion Software-Aktualisierung verwenden, um die neuesten kostenlosen Aktualisierungen für Ihren Computer zu finden.
    Mac OS X Security Updates

    Mac OS X Update 10.4.2

    Mac OS X Update 10.4.2 Combo
    Mac OS X Server 10.4.2 ... Wer ist online? Zur Zeit sind Benutzer online: 30 Mitglieder und 62 Besucher aplysia balibal BiZZoSx buggy ... Rumble Apfeltalk News Nanonana! Get Set and Go! iPod in der NRZ Viereckige Augen ... Usertreffen Aktuelle OS X Hints 10.4: Objekte direkt im Finder «sicher löschen» 14:34 Uhr Hits: Kommentare: Eine PICT Version von Keynote-Folien erzeugen 23:59 Uhr Hits: Kommentare: 10.4: Schnellsuche nach E-Mail Adresse in Mail

    67. Mac OS Internet Software Downloads At The Mac Orchard
    The most essential Internet applications for macintosh Internet usersupdated daily.

    The Mac Orchard is a community resource
    - a carefully cultivated list of the most vital Internet applications and links for Macintosh Internet users, along with Internet software reviews contributed from The Mac Orchard's audience. These pages represent the most complete, most up-to-date collection of Macintosh Internet applications available anywhere on the Internet. Note to visitors with older browsers: as of November 1997, The Mac Orchard has been "framed." What's New has moved ALEMIA Chat Commercial ... Drew D. Saur

    68. SYD Central
    A software synthesizer for mac and Windows. Similar to CSound in capabilities, but easier to use.
    Home About Me Fun Stuff Flash ... Links
    SYD Central
    Syd (formerly "SoftSynth") is an instrument editor and software synthesizer by Jim Bumgardner . It has a graphical "patch cord" interface, and is relatively easy to use, compared to other music languages. It is particularly suitable for teaching computer music. Both Macintosh and Windows versions are available. I am currently working on a rewrite of Syd that incorporates the Synthesis Toolkit (STK) library. It promises to have better performance, and more flexibility. If you're interested in this project, contact me at jbum "at" - jbum 9/2004 NOTE: It has been a very long time since I updated Syd and it is showing its age. I would recommend that you check out the various VST-based soft synths that are out there. Modular synths/kits that are somewhat similar to Syd include Silence (a VST host for CSound), SynthEdit, Reaktor, Tassman and Plogue Bidule. KeyKit is another great program that specializes in algorithmic composition using MIDI. Most of the VST modulars greatly surpass Syd in performance, although I have yet to see a VST which offers something equivalent to Syd's Score module. I may program some specialized VSTs for algorithmic scoring in the future.

    69. MacSurfer's Headline News™
    macSurfer s Headline News THE mac Portal Nonpareil.
    MHN offers a Search Engine for your convenience. Thursday, September 8, 2005
    Updated 9:25 PM CDT; 02:25 GMT
    Apple Stock
    TechNN eval(unescape('%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%6d%68%6e%40%62%61%63%6b%62%65%61%74%6d%65%64%69%61%2e%63%6f%6d%3f%73%75%62%6a%65%63%74%3d%4d%61%63%73%75%72%66%65%72%25%32%30%41%64%76%65%72%74%69%73%69%6e%67%25%32%30%49%6e%71%75%69%72%79%22%3e%41%64%76%65%72%74%69%73%69%6e%67%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b')) Advertising E-Mail Sherlock Plugin
    Ramjet Memory: PowerBook G4 1Gig SO-DIMM for $199! iMac G5 1Gig DIMM for $139! PowerMac G5 2Gig kit for $265! iBook 512mb SO-DIMM for $69! Top Quality = Reliable Performance. Visit our site for more... Memory To Go Special: Download Typestyler, still the Ultimate Styling Tool for Internet, Print and Video Graphics. Works great in Classic with a Native OS X Version on the way. Free Tryout: Other World Computing: OWC Mercury Elite FireWire 800-400-USB2 solutions: High Performance, Reliable, Sleek solutions for all your data storage needs! Single HD models available from $129.99 up to 500GB, RAID Dual HD Models up to 1TB(1000GB)! G5 1GB Kit (2 X 512MB) $95.00 - G5 2GB Kit (2 X 1GB) $209.00 - iMac G5 1GB $119.00 - MacMini 1GB $109.00 - G4 Powerbook 1GB $149.00  All Sizes And Speeds Toshiba 2.5" 80GB 5400RPM/16MB Cache for P.B./iBook $129.00 - Firewire F400 250GB [7200RPM/8MB Cache]  $185.00 Hitachi 400GB ATA [7200RPM/8MB Cache] $239.00.

    70. Moved! (HAL 9000 Desktop Theme)
    HAL9000 Kaleidoscope scheme, includes soundset, deskbots, fonts, and startup splash screen for your mac.
    var sc_project=763020; var sc_partition=6; var sc_security="705da2b9";

    71. Accelerate Your Macintosh! News Page - 9/9/05 s has daily macintosh news, tips, tricks, guides, howto tutorials and upgrade reviews (cpu, video cards, scsi, ide, firewire and more) plus
    9/9/05 Friday's News: Last Updated: 12:49 AM EST Miss a Day?
    See the previous 3 days' news summary
    or the Archives
    = Recent Articles and Reviews =
    Donate to the Redcross effort for Hurricane Katrina victims First reader report on Motorola ROKR E1 (iTunes phone) - After months of chomping at the bit, I knew Matthew Culmore would have one of the iTunes phones before the shrink-wrap was cool. He called yesterday afternoon saying he'd bought one and sent an email with comments on it: " Mike, This may be a little long but what the hell....
    ROKR E1
    My wife, upon picking up this "cell phone" for the first time and putting on the snug ear buds to hear Eric Clapton's Steppin' Out, could only lip sync one word, "Wow!" This little pearly gem, clearly designed for those who never needed/wanted an iPod but need to stay in touch and catch a few tunes on the side, does all that and more. The wow factor is definitely there and you can get it right now at your nearest Cingular dealer. Their stores started receiving them via FedEx early Thursday morning, displays, accessories and all. The employees all take a test prior to setting up the display and actually pitching it, so they are really dialed in to a new product and partner. I'm not going to say much, because you really just need to go hear it and you will buy it!Yï I will really address only the iTunes part in much detail.

    72. Harmony Central®: OLGA Index: MAC DAVIS
    An index to the list of guitar tablatures of the artist's songs.
    Jump to: A B C D ... OLGA Search Engine Song Type Download From HARDTOBE HUMBLE Chords US AU DE ITS HARD TO BE HUMBLE Chord Pro US AU DE ITS HARD TO BE HUMBLE Chords US AU DE RU ... SE MY BESTEST FRIEND Chords US AU DE THE GHETTO Chords US AU DE THE GHETTO Chords US AU DE RU ... SE Note: Not all sites have everythingtry several sites.
    US=USA, AU=Australia, RU=Russia, DE=Germany, SE=Sweden
    AOL Users: use "anonymous" as login and your e-mail as password
    Jump to: A B C D ... Z
    Advertisement Latest Headlines New Boundary Mics from Audio-Technica ReMote SDK Released for Hardware Developers Legacy Collection Goes "Digital" E-mu Updates Digital Audio System Bundle ... More headlines Features Winter NAMM 2005 117th AES Summer NAMM 2004 Musikmesse 2004 ... Summer NAMM 2003 HTML Text
    These files are part of the On-Line Guitar Archive (OLGA) You may only use these files for private study, scholarship, or research - they cannot be distributed freely. Back to the Tablature page
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Problems? Comments?
    (No requests please)

    73. Mac - Reviews And Free Downloads At
    Find the software you re looking for at, the most comprehensive source for freeto-try software downloads on the Web. Includes audio programs
    @import url(; @import url(; CNET tech sites: Product reviews Shop Tech news Downloads ... Log in Mac All Software All CNET The Web
    Free downloads from our sponsors
    MSN Search Toolbar
    Find anything on the Web and on your PC in seconds - FREE!
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    Prevx 1
    Comprehensive PC security that’s easy to use - FREE!
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    Most Popular Software Top Rated Software var sTabLayersCD = "tablayer-cd-ep,tablayer-cd-mp,tablayer-cd-nr"; var sTabsCD = "tab-cd-ep,tab-cd-mp,tab-cd-nr"; var sImageNameBasesCD = "tabs_catdoorhead_picks,tabs_catdoorhead_popular,tabs_catdoorhead_new";
    Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6
    Mozilla's well-known Firefox Web browser has netted legions of fans and millions of downloads, and there are many good reasons for its popularity. Read full review...

    74. Doctor Mac Consulting
    Offering FileMaker database development, web design, and onsite tech support. Intuitive , lifesaving , intelligent , awesome , and tasty are just some of the words that have been used to describe our work.
    about web design tech support resources about web design tech support resources ... contact

    75. MacWindows: The Web Site For Macintosh-Windows Integration
    So, right now, the only way to get files from windows to mac is sneakernet. Support for mac OS X 10.4 Tiger s new Sync Services enabling syncing with
    Bug reports, fixes, tips, and other information Product-based Solutions
    Listings of products , links to manufacturers sites and contact info News Archives
    News older than ten days.
    "It's funny, snide, sarcastic, witty"
    Steve Bass, PC World columnist Fixes for the Most Annoying Mac Problems

    News Update, Sept. 3 September 2, 2005 Netopia has released Timbuktu Pro 8.5 for Mac OS X and Windows, and introduced a new server version, Timbuktu Pro Management Server. Timbuktu is a cross-platform remote control with file transfer and chat functions. Macs and Windows running Timbuktu can control each other. The new Timbuktu Pro Management Server provides central management and installation of Timbuktu for Windows clients and other software. It also stores Timbuktu Pro log and usage information. Mac clients are not supported in this version. The new Mac OS X version adds improvements in security and in performance, including:
    • An option to only allow Secure Shell (SSH) connections;
    • A Help Desk Mode that allows only Help Desk agents to initiate remote control sessions
    • Full desktop sharing that displays multiple monitors simultaneously
    • Improved mouse control with smoother scrolling from small to large displays
    Timbuktu Pro 8.5 for Windows adds security and management enhancements, including:

    76. Apple - Mac OS X
    P¡gina oficial del sistema operativo mac OS X de Apple.
    Te rogamos que actives JavaScript
    Prestaciones Herram. de desarrollo Especificaciones ... Spotlight
    asombrosos, conectividad sin igual, interfaz de usuario cimientos UNIX compatible sistema operativo personal del mundo. Sin paliativos.
    Tiger presenta Spotlight iTunes
    Carpeta inteligente
    Mail archive tus mensajes por ti. Crea Grupos Inteligentes de Agenda Automator
    El nuevo Dashboard Dashboard
    Entra en contacto
    Tiger convierte tu Mac en un centro de comunicaciones. Safari RSS iChat AV cuenta .Mac
    Acceso al teclado mediante VoiceOver
    Trabaja bien en equipo
    Mac OS X Tiger puede presumir de mayor compatibilidad que cualquier otro sistema operativo personal. Comparte archivos con usuarios de Windows Bonjour VoiceOver y Acceso Universal ayudan a personas con necesidades especiales a utilizar ordenadores, y Mac OS X en familia UNIX seguridad
    Observa la diferencia
    Desde su sistema de ventanas Quartz , basado en PDF, hasta QuickTime 7 H.264 Colorsync Core Audio y Core Image desarrollas o simplemente disfrutas como espectador, Tiger constituye el estudio virtual ideal.
    Haz de todo
    Spotlight Automator
    Adquiere Mac OS X Tiger
    Mac OS X 10.4

    77. Adobe Adobe Reader For Macintosh - Downloads
    Version 6.0.2. 4.5MB, Adobe Reader 6.0.2 update, 6/7/2004. Version 4.05. 1.5MB, Acrobat 4.05 Update 1 for mac OS, 3/17/2000

    78. Mac Game Database
    The ultimate mac games finder.
    You are not logged in. Log in or register Simple search: Home About Best/Worst New/Upcoming ... Preferences
    Last 10 Changes Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 LEGO Star Wars Myst V: End Of Ages Commandos: Battle Pack ...
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005
    The popular 3D golf sim adds the ability to "Tiger-proof" a course by allowing you to narrow fairways, deepen bunkers and alter greens to make a course more difficult to play.
    Recent Releases August LEGO Star Wars August Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 July Horse Racing Manager July Loonyland July RailModeller July Star Wars: Battlefront July X2: The Threat
    Review - Star Wars: Battlefront Well it is Star WARS, after all. Battle all over the place in the Star Wars universe. more Review - Worldwide Soccer Manager 2005 CM morphs into Football Manager, and just keeps getting better and better. more Review - Chessmaster 9000 Whether you're a novice, or an experienced player, Chessmaster 9000 looks like the chess game for you. more Browse products by category There are currently 1339 products listed. Action
    1st Person Combat
    3rd Person Combat Fighting ... more...

    79. Think Secret - Mac Insider News
    Think Secret is the source for Apple macintosh inside information and industry news scoops.
    Memory To Go Special: Choose background:
    Photo Gallery: iPod nano

    September 8 - Think Secret is offering a small gallery of photos of Apple's new iPod nano, which the company announced just yesterday. The photos picture the iPod nano both standing alone and alongside the iPod mini and shuffle, for comparison. More Apple rolls out iPod nano, iTunes 5, ROKR phone
    September 7 - Analysis Apple took the opportunity at Wednesday's media event to roll out its long-awaited cellular phone collaboration with Motorola/Cingular as well as the iPod nano, the flash-based iPod mini replacement. Today, we summarize the announcements and revisit our past reporting to examine how our forecasts turned out. More Dashboard widget Think Secret goes on offensive, asks to have Apple lawsuit dismissed EXCLUSIVE: iPod mini to move entirely to flash and color, shuffle and phone details emerge
    September 2 - Apple will upgrade both its iPod mini and shuffle music players, but most likely not at its media event next week. More Briefly: New 10.4.3 seed, iChat document sharing
    August 31 - A new build of Mac OS X 10.4.3 landed in developers' hands Tuesday.

    80. Rampant Mac | GUI Goodies For Macintosh
    A site created by Scott Chitwood that features an extensive collection of desktop pictures, desktop patterns, and startup screens.
    January 13th, 2005
    Three new desktops that all evolved from a common starting point! FraxDesk no.3
    January 13th, 2005 More fun with KPT FraxFlame II and Photoshop 6. Once the renders were complete the pic was opened in Photoshop CS for a heavy dose filters, layer blending experimentation, layer merging, more filters, more blending and more merging in a crazy cycle of artistic abandon. The final result was achieved by taking two identical layers with the top one run through some distortion and set with a good amount of transparency, an effect that created the scribbled look. 800 x 600
    832 x 624

    1024 x 768

    1152 x 768
    2400 x 1800
    FraxDesk no.4
    January 13th, 2005 This one makes a good companion to FraxDesk no.3. It was created directly from FD3 by rotating it ninety degrees, slicing it apart and reassembling with some mirrored elements. 800 x 600
    832 x 624

    1024 x 768

    1152 x 768
    ... 2400 x 1800 FraxDesk no.5 January 13th, 2005 FD5 is a marriage of FD3 and FD4, the colorful look comes from the direct result of Photoshop layer blending. This image was also created with identical layers; the top one is the initial image knocked back with some transparency, the bottom image was siginificantly blurred with the color saturation heightened. Once the two layers were merged the image was lightened up and the contrast knocked down. 800 x 600 832 x 624 1024 x 768 1152 x 768 ... Scott Chitwood Join the Mailing List If you'd like to know when new goodies have been posted just

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