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         Mac:     more books (98)
  1. Mac Security Bible by Joe Kissell, 2010-01-07
  2. Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide by Jeff Carlson, 2009-10-25
  3. Storms: My Life with Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac by Carol Ann Harris, 2009-01-01
  4. Tractor Mac Harvest Time by Billy Steers, 2007-05-01
  5. The Little Mac Book, Leopard Edition by Robin Williams, 2008-01-05
  6. The Cult of Mac (Paperback edition) by Leander Kahney, 2006-11-18
  7. Switching to a Mac For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)) by Arnold Reinhold, 2007-10-29
  8. Teach Yourself VISUALLY Mac OS X Snow Leopard (Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech)) by Paul McFedries, 2009-09-08
  9. Mac OS X Leopard Bible by Samuel A. Litt, Thomas Clancy Jr., et all 2008-03-10
  10. Apple Training Series: Mac OS X Security and Mobility v10.6: A Guide to Providing Secure Mobile Access to Intranet Services Using Mac OS X Server v10.6 Snow Leopard by Robert Kite, Michele Hjorleifsson, et all 2010-03-18
  11. Teach Yourself VISUALLY Mac OS X Leopard (Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech)) by Lynette Kent, 2007-10-31
  12. Mac OS X Tiger: Missing Manual by David Pogue, 2005-07
  13. Apple Training Series: Mac OS X Security and Mobility v10.6: A Guide to Providing Secure Mobile Access to Intranet Services Using Mac OS X Server v10.6 Snow Leopard by Robert Kite, Michele Hjorleifsson, et all 2010-03-18
  14. Teach Yourself VISUALLY Mac OS X Leopard (Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech)) by Lynette Kent, 2007-10-31

41. Pure Mac: Software For Macintosh
Huge directory of mac system software, games, and multimedia software.

What's New?
September 8, 2005 Feedback: Email Us

Check the Software Index
Education Games Internet Multimedia System Utilities WWW Accessibility Astronomy Collections Health ... Other Resources
Denotes Mac OS X Compatibility
Denotes Mac OS 8/9 PPC Compatibility
Denotes 680x0 Compatibility
Important News (well, not really):
More than 75% of the site has been updated. Changes: September 4 - September 10, 2005 The Security page has been fully updated. The page has been fully updated. Deja Vu 3.2
- Backup Utility Papyrus 11.20 - Office Suite Skype - Free VoIP/Internet Phone Norton AntiVirus Definition Files 20050908 - Definition files for Norton AntiVirus Virex Definition Files 20050907 - Definition files for Virex Rumpus 4.2 - FTP Server Audiocorder 4.5 - Audio recorder fseventer 1.1 - Freeware to observe filesystem changes iCab 3.0b351 - Web Browser Create 12.3.8 - Web Editor/Page Layout Program Clan Lord 4.0.6 - Mac Only Massively Multi-Player Online RPG Cabos 0.5.1 - Open Source Gnutella Client Nisus Writer Express 2.5 - Word Processor iTunes 5.0

42. FLOW 3.2.1 - Ambient Soundscape Generator For MacOS X
Generates a changing soundscape in realtime suggestive of timbres of water, fire, earth, and air. Freeware for mac G3.
ambient soundscape generator
vs. 3.2.1 NEW
released: 10 Aug 2004
I believe this is an excellent piece of software. Although limited in many aspects, fLOW allows the user to create awesome ambient pieces in minutes. As one may hear quite often, the source material makes the difference in how you will like this software. The $20 is not that hefty for all the interesting sound that this software has produced. MacUpdate - 10 Sep 2004:
fLOW is an audio computer program running on Apple Macintosh machines. It generates an ever-changing and never repeating soundscape in real time that fills the space with flooding sounds that resemble - metaphorically - the timbres of water, fire, earth, and air. This ambient sound scape generator adjusts itself through various parameters and controllers that are represented in real time on your screen. Originally, this soundscape formed the basis of the site-specific performance work-in-progress fLOW that was carried out in numerous steps and took place in various location with changing musicians from different fields like New Music, experimental jazz, free improvisation and New Electronic Music. User interface of fLOW 3.2.1

43. Fetch Softworks
Fetch 5 is compatible with mac OS X 10.2.4 or later, including mac OS X 10.4 Tiger . Not running mac OS X 10.2.4 or later? Fetch 4 is compatible with mac
Welcome To Fetch Softworks!
Fetch is an easy-to-use, full-featured FTP and SFTP client for the Apple Macintosh.
Download Fetch 5.0.2 alternate download link Fetch 5 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.2.4 or later, including Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger". Not running Mac OS X 10.2.4 or later? Fetch 4 is compatible with Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, Mac OS 8, and System 7. For more information about Fetch 5, take the Fetch 5 Tour , see what's New in Fetch 5 , and check out the user testimonials Try Fetch free for 15 days to see how well it works for you. Or buy a single-user license for $25 US (sales tax and VAT not included); the license covers both Fetch 4 and Fetch 5. If you purchased a license for Fetch between January 1, 2001 and March 9, 2005 you can upgrade to Fetch 5 for $15; if you purchased a license after March 9, 2005 your upgrade is free.
  • Fetch 5.0.3b1 is available for testing. This new release is localized into Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. Please send feedback on this beta test release to
  • Fetch Softworks is committed to releasing Fetch 5 as a Universal Binary for use on future Intel-based Macintosh computers, at no charge to current Fetch 5 licensees.

44. MacInTouch: Timely News And Tips About The Apple Macintosh
The macInTouch Home Page is the original mac news site, providing timely, reliable news, information and analysis about Apple macintosh systems since 1994.
Thursday, September 8, 2005 15:20 EDT iTunes 5 is the subject of a new discussion today, while Toast 7 notes include a response from Roxio's Adam Fingerman to some issues raised by MacInTouch readers following our Toast First Look . Additional reports discuss the following topics:
  • AppleWorks - printer and printing issues
  • 14:20 EDT FileMaker 8 - installation and licensing issues
  • iChat - older Spell Catcher causes crashes
  • iPhoto - slideshow sync problem known issue
  • iPod - whence and whither free tunes?
  • Mighty Mouse - pain, adjustable tracking
  • Scanning - Image Capture question
  • Support Issues - Richard Hartman relates the sad story of Intuit/Quicken bill-payment problems
  • Wireless Networking - can Mac Mini extend network?
Notes and Tips discuss the new Nano and iTunes phone, a QuickTime update for Windows, miniStack feedback, Apple K.B. tips, Nikon-Adobe "raw" detente and modem performance problems. Note to Readers:
We're seeing extremely high traffic and server loads again today. Normal responsiveness should return after the midday rush. DEVONthink Professional. The real paperless office. Click here!

45. ClassicMacAddict: Old Mac Applications, Classic Games, Systems, Info, And More.
A source for old mac software, including games, productivity applications, abandonware, systems and utilities, as well as information, help, speed charts, profiles, and specifications.
Web Hosting Free Web Hosting School Websites Teacher Websites ... Freeze-dried Food
Return to
Classic Mac Addict Applications
Before your download
These files are in HQX format. To decompress them you need a HQX expander application. Download the program HqXer . All you have to do to extract HqXer is to simply double click on the hqxer.sea file. It should then auto-extract providing you with the HqXer folder.
Programming Applications
32 Bit World Builder Description Any Mac Required Make your own adventure/role playing games with this easy to use application. Your games can be loaded with sounds and grahics, and also can be fun to play as well! To get started making a game using World Builder, first make a duplicate of the World Template. Rename it. Then open it with World Builder. Use the buttons to create and edit scenes, characters, and objects. Sounds can be copied one at a time from a sound library and then pasted into the sound file of a game. Or you can make a seperate sound library for each game. It's all very simple and needs no complex programming at all.
Chipmunk Basic 3.5.2

46. Mac Hall Comics
Happily everything that is mac Hall related is backed up on another HD and a server. So yeah, I ve been spending the last two days pulling my computer back
Wednesday - September 7, 2005 159 x 553
Pick a Strip [349] Comedity Guest Strip [348] Stick-Ball [347] Otakon 2005 [346] Demon Days [345] Noguchi guest strip 3 [344] Noguchi guest strip 2 [343] Noguchi guest strip 1 [342] White Light [341] O green World [340] I will not Congugate for you. [339] Ratties [338] Temp Image as Usual. [337] Ninja Loot [336] Totally Aryn's Quote [335] Western Plaguelands [334] Nerds Rope [333] DDR [331] No Sad Girls Required [330] Buddy C. [329] Place your bets now [328] Apocalypse Meow [327] Darth Beth's Diner [326] Star Dust? [325] Blogger (end) [324] Blogger (3) [323] Blogger (2) [322] Blogger (1) [321] The Shut Up Game [320] Alumni [319] FF Tic-Tacs Advanced [318] FF Tic-Tacs [317] Auto Wash [316] Recycle [315] Rub Rabbit [314] Different Faces, Same Story [313] Moogles! [312] ARTC 312 [311] Landscapes [310] That Kind of Attention [309] Working Hours [308] Anytime Minutes [307] Duck Duck Van Duck [306] But I liked Halo... [305] Mad Loot [304] Social Psychology [302] Glad I'm Auditing that Course [301] Your ideas intrigue me... [300] Notice [299] Temp Doodle [298] Boozles [297] Best little Palm reading shop in Texas [296] Sensitivity [295] Action Words [294] Day Care [293] Adult Swim [292] Controlled Substance [291] OS Girl Required [290] Sketch [289] Deadlines [288] Process [287] Connecticon 2004 [286] Place Holder Con Report [285] -Connecticon Away- [284] Working Hours [283] Leather Work [282] Old Ass [281] Pants [280] Hobbies [279] REPLACE NEXT UPDATE [278] Higher Learning [277] iBug [276] Water [275] BS [274] Marcon 2004: Anthony's Rage

47. AutoCat - A Mac Cataloger By Kebawe
Creates disk catalogs navigable through the Finder and open boxes.


AutoCat is a very intuitive software for keeping track of your MP3s, videos, pictures, any kind of files on your CDs, DVDs, or any kind of disks, by using aliases. You navigate through your catalog with the best interface: there is no interface! You just use the Finder, so you can access your catalog via all the Finder features, and also via Open dialogs, or remotely via the network. Simply use Spotlight on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger to search your catalog. No other software needed.
Download the latest AutoCat now! AutoCat 3.0.8
372 KB - MacBinary (faster download)
AutoCat 3.0.8

500 KB - BinHex (more compatible)
AutoCat 3 requires Mac OS X or Mac OS 8.6 or later with the latest CarbonLib For faster downloads, AutoCat is compressed with StuffIt.
You need StuffIt Expander to expand the AutoCat archive.
Highlights Navigate through your catalog directly from the Finder. Navigate through your catalog from Open/Save dialogs. No application to launch to navigate through your catalog. Use Spotlight directly from the Finder to search your catalog. Catalog all your CDs, CDRs, DVDs, any kind of disks or folders, in a very Mac way.

48. MacNN | Apple, IPod, Mac News @ The Macintosh News Network
macNN is the leading source for news about Apple and the mac industry. It offers news, reviews, discussion, tips, troubleshooting, links, and reviews every
View: Standard Headlines Categorized Slim Apple Stock Quote: 49.78 ( RSS Services Add Headlines About/Advertising ...
Desktop Headlines

Popular Daily Apple's special music event in San Francisco Briefly: Kensington, Adobe bag, mobile iTunes Apple, Motorola announce the "Rokr" iTunes phone Briefly: Nano success, Icewear cases, Sony walkmans ... Apple posts video stream from Special Event Popular Weekly Forums: iMac problems; Intel PBs; Windows Vista... Briefly: All new iTrip; Katrina relief; iPod revenues Briefly: Ballmer; TravelDock; Radio amp; Katrina.... Apple to launch Apple-branded cell phones? ... This week: "Rokr," competition, FileMaker 8, ... Hot Reviews Pzizz 1.6 Napping Software
Belkin 6-Port FireWire Hub

PowerSquid Power Multiplier

Ped2 by thought out... Co.
iGuy for iPod

Most Commented EFF on DRM, iTunes: "The Customer Is Always Wrong"
59 Comments Apple's special music event in San Francisco
33 Comments "The market isn't ready for video iPods"
31 Comments Review compares Tiger, Windows Vista beta 28 Comments FEMA relief services Windows-only 26 Comments Napster evolves to challenge Apple's iTunes 23 Comments Top Stories Apple's special music event in San Francisco FileMaker debuts FileMaker Pro 8 desktop database Apple earns PC Magazine's Reader Choice Awards Apple patches 34 exploits with latest security update ... Messenger for Mac 5.0 gains tabs, new UI, security

Reprise records page for the album The Dance.

50. Ranchero Software: NetNewsWire
NetNewsWire is an easyto-use RSS and Atom newsreader for mac OS X. Its mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) compatible NetNewsWire 2.0.1 supports Atom 1.0 feeds
@import "/stylesGlobalFeb03.css"; @import "/stylesTwoColumns.css"; ranchero software News and software for smart people. Mostly Mac. home software cocoa feed
More news, less junk. Faster. NetNewsWire is an easy-to-use RSS and Atom newsreader for Mac OS X. Its familiar three-paned interface
Download NetNewsWire 2.0.1 (4.0 MB)
Fully functioning 30 day demo
Requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 (Jaguar) or greater
Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) compatible
NetNewsWire 2.0.1 supports Atom 1.0 feeds

Buy now for $24.95

For two or more users, $19.95 per user See the Licenses and Upgrades page for more details.
NetNewsWire 2.0.1 Features
News comes to you
Tabbed browser

Search your news items with a standard Apple search widget—as in Mail and other applications. Podcasts and enclosures
Automatically download podcasts and enclosures. Send podcasts to iTunes with with your choice of genre and playlist. Smart lists
Flagged items Synchronization
Keep your subscriptions, news item status, and even browser tabs synchronized between two or more computers. Bloglines syncing Read your Bloglines feeds with NetNewsWire for the best of both worlds, a rich desktop client and accessible-anywhere server.

51. // / L'ADSL Sous MacOS Et MacOS X
Informations sur l'ADSL sur plateforme mac OS et mac OS X configuration, mat©riel requis
Accueil News Forum Palette ... Offres ADSL
Votre adresse IP :

Quoi de neuf...
Nouveaux iPod : iPod nano.
Apple a présenté aujourd'hui de nouveaux iPod, appelé iPod nano. Il peut contenir 1000 chansons, il a un écran couleur et peut afficher des photos. La molette des autres iPod est également disponible. Mais le plus surprenant est sa taille : il est 62% plus petit en volume que l'iPod Mini. Il est compatible avec tous les accessoires iPod grâce à son connecteur 30 pins, terminé par un câble USB2. La batterie peut tenir 14 heures.
Au niveau logiciel, ce petit iPod nano a une nouvelle horloge, de nouveaux jeux, un compteur, un minuteur,... Il est disponible en versions 2 et 4 Go, au prix de et de
S'il vous prenait l'envie de vous offrir cet iPod via l'AppleStore, en passant par les deux liens précédents, une obole sera reversée à MacADSL, permettant son développement.
Les news Vendredi 9 Septembre 2005
Actu en bref
La lire la suite
En bref - Free a agréé quelques sociétés d'aide en informatique pour installer des abonnements à domicile. L'offre est disponibl... lire la suite En bref Easynet enrichit son portefeuille de solutions réseau avec Easynet...

52. Mac OS Rumors :: The Original Mac Rumor Site.
Rumors, insider news about the mac OS, and upcoming hardware.
Friday Email MOSR Submit Questions/News/Rumors Advertise Latest Updates Week of September 7-13 "Mr. Cupertino" has the latest dirt on new Powerbooks! Full Article On top of its dramatic mobile and musical announcements today, Apple has also released QuickTime 7.0.2 for Mac OS X via Software Update; the package weighs in at just over 33 Megabytes and is a very substantial upgrade to Apple's media layer. September 7th Apple Event - Special Coverage A huge month for American history (beginning with Hurricane Katrina - but far from over yet) will also go down as one of the most significant months in the history of Apple Computer. Yesterday the company's stock hit an all-time high and tomorrow will be only the first of at least three major product introductions/updates expected before September is out. Full Article
August The iTunes Phone, Mobile Safari, and Apple's own in-house cellular projects are all creeping closer to fruition at long last. FCC red tape, complex deals between several leaders in the cellular industry and Apple's own changing strategies have cost it time but the gains have been dramatic when it comes to the products we'll start to see in September. Everyone has been talking about Apple's deal to extend its options for buying processors from Freescale Semiconductor, Cupertino's supplier of G4 class PowerPC's. Apple does have some interesting Freescale-based products in the pipeline but if anything, we have seen Apple

53. Pratt School Of Professional Studies: Course Search Index
One day training program on mac OS X. Offered by Pratt Institute's Center for Continuing and Professional Studies, Manhattan Campus.

54. MacUpdate: Macintosh Software & Games
Site contains a collection of freeware, shareware, and commercial demos for the mac OS. All the software is organized into various categories for easy
Sign-up to become a MacUpdate Member, get MacUpdate Desktop 4.2.2 ; or log-in.
Custom watch lists, email update notifications, custom layouts, and more! Member Login: Hot Picks Weekly Popular Price Comparison About ... Add a File Go to: Software Categories Business Dashboard NEW SOFTWARE UPDATES: Updated 4:05:50 AM EDT Displaying 1-70 of 921 Small Dog iPods with FM radio; Mac minis, iWork and iLife software; Apple 20" LCD display: $899 special ... license Updates released on September 09, 2005 Memory Select Your Mac Model PowerMac G5 Mac mini PowerMac G4 DDR PowerMac G4 Quicksilver PowerMac G4 2001 PowerMac G4 Cube PowerMac G4 AGP PowerMac G3 Beige iMac G5 iMac Flat Panel iMac 233-333Mhz eMac iBook PowerBook G4 PowerBook G3 Pismo PowerBook G3 Lombard PowerBook G3 Wallstreet PowerBook 5300 PowerBook 3400 PowerBook 2400 PowerBook 2300 PowerBook 1400 PowerBook 500 series PowerBook 200 series PowerMac 9600 PowerMac 9500 PowerMac 8600 PowerMac 8500 PowerMac 8100 PowerMac 7600 PowerMac 7500 PowerMac 7300 PowerMac 7200 PowerMac 7100 PowerMac 6500 PowerMac 6400 PowerMac 6360 PowerMac 6300 PowerMac 6200 PowerMac 6100 PowerMac 5500 PowerMac 5400 PowerMac 5300 PowerMac 5260 PowerMac 5200 PowerMac 4400 20th Anniversary Mac Performa 575-6100 Performa 450-560 Centris/Quadra 605-840 LCIII-LC575 News Reader 1.1

55. Re-Mac Computers
A new and used Apple macintosh store in Mesa, Arizona. Buys, sells and trades equipment.

Trade-In Service Training ... Contact Sign Up for Our Newsletter: Email: (required) First Name Last Name

56. Faq Zum MacOS - Inhaltsverzeichnis
Eine sehr umfangreiche FAQ zum macOS, mit vielen Informationen zur Vernetzung.
Einleitung - Autorenadresse
Inhaltsverzeichnis Macfaq Selbst Fragen stellen - Diskussionsforum Offline lesen? Download der gesamten Macfaq: macfaq.sit Schnellsuche: Irgendein Wort Alle Worte Exakter Ausdruck
Zeige: Ergebnisse mit ohne Zusammenfassungen
Stand: 14.7.2000

57. Untitled Document
Information on admission, academic programs and athletics.

58. Mac-Mgrs: Home
A community of people who manage macintoshes (generally in rather large numbers) who come together for peer support. Focused mailing list (questions and summaries only) and searchable archive.
What is Mac-Mgrs? We are a community of people who manage Macintoshes (generally in rather large numbers) who come together for peer support. We use a mailing list and these Web pages as sources of information for troubleshooting and resolving systems management problems in Macintosh and Cross-platform environments. Our mailing list is your last resort for dealing with difficult troubleshooting issues. Our aim is to help you solve your problems so we provide the links below for research and a searchable (now with Sherlock! archive of the list's previous posts (thanks to Rus Pagenkopf the archivist For more information about the list itself please read the links on The List page, especially the List Mom's introduction and Mac-Mgrs FAQ
Here's an overview of the main sections of this site.
  • The List - How to subscribe to the mailing list and all you need to know to be an effective list member. Resources - Info on the net that will answer many of your questions.

59. MacTutor History Of Mathematics
An extensive and searchable archive covering famous people and concepts, as well as describing the development of mathematics in various cultures.
The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive
Biographies Index History Topics Index Famous curves index Mathematicians of the day ... Contact us
Recently added features
Changes to the archive to AUGUST 2005
including 32 new biographies and 37 up-dated ones There are new translations by J S D Glaus of Eulogies to Euler
by Condorcet and Fuss Other indexes . . . Birthplace Maps index Anniversaries for the year Chronology index Time lines index Glossary index Poster index Quotations index Mathematical Societies Medals, honours, etc St Andrews Colloquium Index of female mathematicians Davis archive of women mathematicians Mathematical Education index Student projects index Index of Famous Curves with a Java option Most popular biographies Who was alive then? A bibliography of the History of Mathematics Other features . . . Information for new users Search Suggestions Mathematicians on the Eiffel Tower MacTutor History Statistics Biography in Aubrey's Brief Lives Awards won by the MacTutor history archive Web sources on the History of Mathematics School of Mathematics
and Statistics
University of St Andrews
If the above menus do not work, go to the

60. - Sezione Classic Mac
Canale del portale sardo degli utenti macintosh dedicato al sistema operativo classico OS 9.
MacOS 9... per chi lo dovrà utilizzare e non lo conosce...
Del 2003-10-31 Ore: 10:20:07 di: Stefano Faà
Spesso non pensiamo nemmeno più al caro vecchio OS 9, sembrano passati decenni dalla sua scomparsa dalla scena informatica e molti utenti (nati con i sistemi classici) lo rimpiangono, non tanto per le...... Continua
La fine di un "Classico"?
Del 2003-06-10 Ore: 19:18:52 di: Stefano Faà
Con l'avvento di OS X il vecchio OS 9.x rischia di scomparire per sempre dalle nostre scrivanie (informatiche), cosa ne pensi a riguardo? E'davvero finito il tempo di Classic e del System come lo abbi...... Continua

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