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         Lupus:     more books (103)
  1. The Lupus Book: A Guide for Patients and Their Families by Daniel J Wallace, 2008-12-02
  2. The Lupus Recovery Diet: A Natural Approach to Autoimmune Disease That Really Works by Jill Harrington, 2007-05-01
  3. Despite Lupus: How to Live Well with a Chronic Illness by Sara Gorman, 2009-06-15
  4. ABC of Asthma, Allergies and Lupus: Eradicate Asthma - Now! by F. Batmanghelidj, 2000-08
  5. The First Year--Lupus: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed by Nancy C. Hanger, 2003-10-02
  6. Lupus Handbook for Women: Up-to-Date Information on Understanding and Managing the Disease Which Affects by Robin Dibner, 1994-10-01
  7. New Hope for People with Lupus: Your Friendly, Authoritive Guide to the Latest in Traditional and Complementary Solutions by Theresa Foy Digeronimo, 2002-04
  8. Living with Lupus: The Complete Guide, Second Edition by Sheldon Paul Blau, Dodi Schultz, 2004-09-08
  9. Lupus: Alternative Therapies That Work by Sharon Moore, 2000-09
  10. Coping With Lupus: A Practical Guide to Alleviating the Challenges of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus by Robert H. Phillips, 2001-06-04
  11. Healing Lupus: Steps in a Personal Journey by Waverly Evans, 2008-05-27
  12. Lupus: The Essential Clinician's Guide (Oxford American Rheumatology Library)
  13. Lupus Q + A (Revised Edition) by Robert G. Lahita, 2004-06-03
  14. Dubois' Lupus Erythematosus

1. Lupus Canada-Welcome/Bienvenue
Fournit de l'information sur le lupus eryth©mateux pour les patients, leur famille, leur amis et les professionnels de sant©. Organismes membres du lupus Canada.
Lupus Canada
Working together. To conquer Lupus. Travailler ensemble. Pour vaincre le lupus. English

2. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Clinical Overview
By H Michael Belmont, MD, Rheumatologist, specialist in the treatment, research, and the care of affected patients. Also book sales.
Lupus Clinical Overview
H. Michael Belmont, M.D.
Medical Director, Hospital for Joint Diseases
New York University Medical Center
Recommended Lupus Books Shop for Lupus Introduction Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic, usually life-long, potentially fatal autoimmune disease characterized by unpredictable exacerbations and remissions with protean clinical manifestations. In SLE there is a predilection for clinical involvement of the joints, skin, kidney, brain, serosa, lug, heart and gastrointestinal tract. Women and minorities are disproportionately affected and SLE is most common in women of child-bearing age although it has ben reported in both extremes of life (e.g. diagnosed in infants and in the tenth decade of life). The prevalence in the Unites States had been estimated as approximately 500,000 but a recent telephone survey commissioned by the Lupus Foundation of America suggested a prevalence of as many as 2,000,000. A recent study identified a prevalence of 500 per 100,000 (1:200) in women residing in the area surrounding Birmingham, Alabama. The prognosis for patients with SLE has greatly improved over the last few decades with at least 80-90% of all patients surviving ten years. Thereafter life expectancy approximates that of age matched controls. This improvement reflects the general advancements in health care (i.e. dialysis, antibiotics, antihypertensives, newer immunosuppressives with more favorable efficacy to toxicity ration) but also the specialized care available for patients with SLE.

3. Lupus
Discusses what it is, the causes and symptoms of different types, how it is treated, and advice on living with it.

Chantelle was having a rough morning. Her hands were so stiff that she could barely dial the combination on her locker. Then she couldn't move her fingers well enough to play her clarinet. It seemed that ever since marching band practice had started in the early summer, her hands and feet felt sore in the mornings. She was also tired all the time, and no matter how much she rested, she still felt sleepy and achy all over. Chantelle told her doctor about her achy hands and feet and how she felt tired all the time. The doctor sent her for blood tests. A few days later, the doctor called and told Chantelle's dad that she might have lupus. What Is Lupus?
Lupus (pronounced: loo -pus) is a disease that involves the immune system and affects about 1.5 million Americans; nearly 90% of those diagnosed with the disease are female. Normally, a person's immune system works by producing immunity cells and antibodies , special substances that fight germs and infections. But when a person has lupus, his or her immune system goes into overdrive and can't tell the difference between some of the body's normal, healthy cells and germs that can cause infection. So the immune system responds by making autoantibodies that attack the body's normal cells.

4. :: Dorough Lupus Foundation ::
Official site for this nonprofit organization started by Howie Dorough and his family. Aims to aid in research, education of the public, and providing financial assistance to individuals who cannot afford treatment for the disease.

5. Lupus - A Medical Journal From Hodder Arnold
An international, peerreviewed journal publishes clinical and laboratory-basedstudies from in all lupus-related disciplines.
An International Journal
Editor Graham R V Hughes , Lupus Research Unit, The Rayne Institute, St Thomas' Hospital, London, UK Print ISSN: 0961-2033 - Online ISSN: 1477-0962
Volume 14 - 2005 - Monthly - Approx 1152 pages per volume To view the online version of Lupus (hosted by please click HERE
The only international journal devoted exclusively to lupus (and related disease) research. Lupus includes the most promising new clinical and laboratory-based studies from leading specialists in all lupus-related disciplines. Invaluable reading, with extended coverage, lupus-related disciplines include:
  • Rheumatology Dermatology Immunology Obstetrics Psychiatry Cardiovascular Research
Leading international specialists present their findings on Lupus, in one outstanding reference.

6. Lupus Foundation Of America, Inc.
Resources, advocacy center, directory of local chapters, and calendar of upcomingevents.
Enter a search term: Choose a Section - Education - Support - LFA Research - What's New - LFA in Action - News -Research -Awareness Lupus Disease - Cutaneous (skin) - Drug-Induced - Neonatal - Overlap - Systemic About LFA Donate Now Mailing List Locate a Chapter ... Home document.write(""+doClock("M1","%20","D1",",%20","Y0")+"");

Lupus Facts and Overview

Information and Publications

Links and Resources
Links Policy
Lupus Foundation of America, Inc.
2000 L Street, N.W., Suite 710
Washington, DC 20036
Phone 202-349-1155
Fax 202-349-1156 More Headlines l Donate Federal Employees Can Donate to LFA through the Combined Federal Campaign - Agency Donate Online Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover. Donate by Mail or Fax Check, Debit, or Credit Card Memorial or Honorary Gifts Donate in memory or honor of a person with Lupus. Donate stock or include LFA in your estate plan.

7. Hamline University Lupus Home Page
Disease facts, symptoms, treatment and coping strategies hosted by Hamline University. Link to the newsgroup.

8. Lupus Foundation Of America, Inc.
The lupus Foundation of America is the only nationwide voluntary organization exclusively serving the entire lupus community, including patients

9. Frequently Asked Questions About Lupus - Lupus Foundation Of America, Inc.
Today we know that not everyone with lupus has rashes or skin lesions, Cutaneous lupus erythematosus affects the skin. There are many different types of
Home About LFA Mailing List Chapter Locator ... Facts and Overview : Frequently Asked Questions search: Choose Section - Education - Support - LFA Research - What's New? - LFA In Action - News - Research - Awareness Lupus Disease - Cutaneous (skin) - Drug-Induced - Neonatal - Overlap - Systemic Education
Information and


LFA Research ... What's New?
Lupus Foundation
of America, Inc.

2000 L Street, N.W., Suite 710
Washington, DC 20036
Phone 202-349-1155
Fax 202-349-1156 Contact Us Words of Caution Frequently Asked Questions About Lupus 1. What is lupus? - What does autoimmune mean? - What is inflammation?

10. Frequently Asked Questions About Lupus - Lupus Foundation Of
Frequently Asked Questions About lupus 1. What is lupus? DRUGINDUCED lupus 16. Drug-induced lupus CAUSE 17. What causes lupus?

11. Lupus Site(SLE)- Information On Lupus
lupus (SLE), diagnosis, symptoms of lupus, tests, lupus FAQ, tips, forum, chatroom more.
The Lupus Site Site Updates Lupus News Contact
Message Boards
... Search
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to your friends Lupus (SLE) is an autoimmune disease that can affect virtually any system in the body. Think of it as a 'self-allergy' where the body attacks its own cells and tissues, causing inflammation, pain, and possible organ damage.
Visit the message boards , for support and information. Lupus Information Our Lupus Information section is a good place to start. Read the Lupus FAQ which answers many of the most asked questions, or Facts about Lupus which gives some basic information about the autoimmune disease.
This is also where you'll find our interview with Daniel Wallace, M.D.
The factsheets section contains 18 Lupus UK factsheets.

12. Tuotromedico: Lupus Eritematoso Sistémico
Descripci³n, s­ntomas, diagn³stico y tratamiento de esta enfermedad.
Otros Temas de Dermatología Acné Candidiasis Cómo Tomar el Sol Condiloma Acuminado Dermoabrasion. Lifting Facial Escabiosis. Sarna Exantemas Infantiles Exantemas por el Sol Fiebre Aftosa Fotosensibilidad a Medicamentos Fotosensibilidad a Plantas Hiperhidrosis. Sudoración Hongos en la Piel Ladillas Lifting Facial Lupus Eritematoso Diseminado Melanoma Molusco Contagioso Pie de Atleta Psoriasis Queloide Reacciones por el Sol Sudoración. Hiperhidrosis Consulte al Especialista LUPUS ERITEMATOSO SISTÉMICO DEFINICION CAUSAS DIAGNOSTICO ... DEFINICIÓN El Lupus Eritematoso Sistémico , también llamado por sus iniciales LES, o simplemente Lupus CAUSAS El LES es una alteración del sistema inmunitario, que es el sistema que, normalmente, protege al organismo frente a infecciones y cánceres. En el LES, dicho sistema inmunitario es hiperactivo, y se producen importantes cantidades de anticuerpos anormales que reaccionan con los tejidos del propio paciente. La causa exacta del Lupus es desconocida, pero juegan un papel importante la herencia, factores del entorno y ciertos cambios hormonales.
Así, la prevalencia del LES varía en los distintos grupos de población, oscilando entre 300 y 400 pacientes por cada 100.000 habitantes. Es más frecuente en ciertos grupos étnicos, especialmente los negros, y más del 90% de los pacientes son mujeres.

13. Lupus Site(SLE)- Information On Lupus
lupus (SLE), diagnosis, symptoms of lupus, tests, lupus FAQ, tips, forum, chat room more

14. Lupus News
lupus (SLE) news. The latest news and information.
The Lupus Site Site Updates Lupus News Contact
Message Boards
... Lupus store
UK customers click here
powered by FreeFind Lupus News More Lupus news... First Patient Treated in Aspreva Pivotal Phase III Lupus Nephritis Study Valvular Heart Disease Linked to Stroke in Patients With SLE LFA Statement on Study Linking Lupus to Compounds Found in Plastics ... Recommend this site to your friends Visit our Message Boards Refresh Next Advertise ... Sitemap
None of my material can be used on any other site, or in any other form, without prior permission from the author.
However feel free to link to my site from yours.
The information on this page is only for general advice. No responsibility can be taken for anything that happens as a result of following or ignoring advice on this site.

15. Hamline University Lupus Home Page
lupus Home Page lupus Home Page. USENET. lupus Page in Spanish. Mailing Lists Conference Center

16. MedlinePlus: Lupus
lupus. From the National Institutes of Health; Do I Have lupus? Disease Management; Exercise and lupus (National Institute of Arthritis and
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Contents of this page:
From the NIH




Search MEDLINE/PubMed for recent research articles on Lupus:
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Cutaneous and Discoid

You may also be interested in these MedlinePlus related pages: Immune System/AIDS

Pregnancy and lupus. A question of concern to many families is whether or not a young woman with lupus should risk becoming pregnant.

18. MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic, inflammatory autoimmune When this occurs, it is known as druginduced lupus erythematosus and it is
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Medical Encyclopedia
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Systemic lupus erythematosus
Contents of this page:
Systemic lupus erythematosus Lupus, discoid - view of lesions on the chest Lupus, discoid on a child's face Systemic lupus erythematosus rash on the face ... Antibodies Alternative names Return to top Disseminated lupus erythematosus; SLE; Lupus; Lupus erythematosus Definition Return to top Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic, inflammatory autoimmune disorder . It may affect many organ systems including the skin, joints, and internal organs. Causes, incidence, and risk factors Return to top Normally, the immune system controls the body's defenses against infection. In SLE and other autoimmune diseases, these defenses are turned against the body and rogue immune cells attack tissues. Antibodies may be produced that can react against the body's blood cells, organs, and tissues. These lead immune cells to attack the affected systems, producing a chronic (long-term) disease. The mechanism or cause of autoimmune diseases is not fully known, but many researchers suspect it occurs following infection with an organism that looks similar to particular proteins in the body, which are later mistaken for the organism and wrongly targeted for attack.

19. The Lupus Loop
Provides information for teens and preteens with lupus.
Pediatric Rheumatology BC Children's Hospital 4480 Oak Street Vancouver BC V6H 3V4 604-875-2437
Mailbag News FAQ ... Forum
In Appreciation We thank the BC History of Nursing Group for hosting our site. November 2004 Editorial Hello everyone! This is our 10th edition of the Lupus Loop! I can't believe we have done that many issues. I hope you are continuing to enjoy it as much as I am. I would like to welcome some new readers to the Loop. In our clinic we see teens with other diseases such as dermatomyositis and vasculitis. These diseases have some features or treatments that are similar to lupus. I thought that the information we share would be helpful to this group of teens. So welcome new readers and send in your stories! Jenny Tekano
Rheumatology Nurse
BC Children’s Hospital
Your Lupus Team Dr. Ross Petty
Dr. Peter Malleson
Dr. David Cabral
Dr. Lori Tucker
Dr. Katherine Gross
Jenny Tekano
Leonie Adler Contact us Last update: Dec. 26, 2004 All information contained within this Site is owned by or licensed to The Lupus Loop which retains all proprietary rights to the information. The Lupus Loop shall not be liable for any errors in content of the website, see

20. MedlinePlus Lupus

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