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         Larynx Cancer:     more books (62)
  1. What YOU Need to Know About Cancer of the Larynx by U S DEPT OF HEALTH AND SERVICES, 2002
  2. Looking Forward: The Speech and Swallowing Guidebook for People with Cancer of the Larynx or Tongue by Jack Thomas, Robert Keith, 2004-12-01
  3. Cancer of the Larynx and Hypopharynx by J Shem, W I Wei, 2000-12-01
  4. Cancer of the Larynx (Clinical Cancer Monographs)
  5. Intrinsic cancer of the larynx and the operation of laryngo-fissure by Irwin Moore, 2010-08-19
  6. Cancer Of The Larynx
  7. Cancer of the larynx by John Edmund Mackenty, 1927
  8. Surgery for Cancer of the Larynx by Carl E. Silver MD, Alfio Ferlito MD, 1996-01-15
  9. Surgery of Larynx and Trachea
  10. Foundations of Voice and Speech Rehabilitation Following Laryngeal Cancer by Philip C. Doyle, 1994-08
  11. MR Imaging of Laryngeal Cancer (Series in Radiology) by J.A Castelijns, G.B. Snow, et all 1991-07-31
  12. Head and Neck Cancer: Organ Preservation, Function, and Rehabilitation by Thomas K. Robbins, 1998-09-15
  13. Contemporary Considerations In The Treatment And Rehabilitation Of Head And Neck Cancer: Voice, Speech, And Swallowing
  14. Cancer of the Larynx: Current Concepts in the Treatment of the Neck (ORL)

1. Latest Larynx Cancer Treatments
Provides a brief review of larynx cancer information.
What is the Larynx?
The larynx is the upper portion of the windpipe ("trachea") which has a two main functions: conducting air down into the lungs, and producing speech in humans. The human larynx is composed of 3 areas: supraglottis, glottis, and subglottis. The glottis is literally the "voicebox" and contains the paired vocal cords. The subglottis extends about 1/2" below the glottis, while the supraglottis extends about 2 inches above the vocal cords. The epiglottis , which is a flap of flesh that folds down over the trachea to protect the lungs during swallowing, is part of the supraglottis. The whole larynx is in front of the foodpipe ("esophagus") and is just behind the skin of the throat.
Placing a finger directly under the "Adams apple" (which is a movable bone in the neck called the hyoid) and humming allows you to feel the vocal cords vibrating right under your finger. Only a thin membrane and the skin of the neck separate the vocal cords from your finger at this point; doctors use it as a landmark to insert an emergency air tube ("cricothyrotomy") in situations where a patient's upper airway is blocked. The area of the vocal cords is the narrowest part of the airway and the easiest to block by tumor or an object swallowed "the wrong way".
All the air we breath in and out all passes over the vocal cords, which come together to raise the pitch of our voice. A special muscle connects to the vocal cords to tighten them; cancers can invade this muscle and then limit the action (

2. - Voice Box (Larynx) Cancer, Vocal Cords, Surgery, Laryngectomy And Smoking - Ke
Doctor explains how his patients who smoke get invasive cancer of the voice box (larynx); images and video of a biopsy.
The above pictures show cancer of the voice box
or larynx. The picture on the left is a cancer of the epiglottis or top of the voice box ( larynx ). The middle picture is a cancer of the true vocal cords The picture on the far right is a cancer of the sub-glottis or below the vocal cords.
Search for Quitting Smoking for larynx Cancer for Death and Dying
Excellent Book: Living With The End In Mind Search PubMed for Larynx Cancer Somerset is located in south central Kentucky, in the hills of Appalachia. Since my practice started in Somerset, I have evaluated 68 patients with invasive cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) of the voice box (larynx). 65 patients smoked. 64 patients had a 20 pack year, or greater, history of smoking (smoking 1/2 pack per day for 40 years). Two patients had severe GE Reflux and in one patient the cause of the cancer was unknown. The average age was 64 years. The average length of smoking was 61 pack years. (A pack year is one pack per day smoked in one year, or one-half pack per day smoked over two years.) 14 patients had quit smoking. Four patients had quit more than 25 years prior to developing the cancer. Exposure to the carcinogens in tobacco can cause permanent genetic damage in the cells and tumors can develop years later. Fifteen of these patients were treated with a laryngectomy (had their voice box removed).
Pre and post biopsy views of a patient with two T1 squamous cell carcinomas of the true vocal cords. The patient was treated with vocal cord stripping and radiation therapy.

3. Larynx Cancer - Cancer Information On
Information on many different cancers includes symptoms, cancer detection and prevention, and treatment options.
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Larynx Cancer
What is the larynx?
The larynx, also called the voice box, is a 2-inch-long, tube- shaped organ in the neck. We use the larynx when we breathe, talk, or swallow. The larynx is at the top of the windpipe (trachea). Its walls are made of cartilage. The large cartilage that forms the front of the larynx is sometimes called the Adam's apple. The vocal cords, two bands of muscle, form a "V" inside the larynx. Each time we inhale (breathe in), air goes into our nose or mouth, then through the larynx, down the trachea, and into our lungs. When we exhale (breathe out), the air goes the other way. When we breathe, the vocal cords are relaxed, and air moves through the space between them without making any sound. When we talk, the vocal cords tighten up and move closer together. Air from the lungs is forced between them and makes them vibrate, producing the sound of our voice. The tongue, lips, and teeth form this sound into words.

4. Larynx Cancer
Other Excellent larynx cancer Sites American Cancer Society larynx cancer Site Fighting Cancer Cancer Of The Mouth And Throat

5. Cancer Information On
Cancer Of The Larynx; Carcinoma of the Larynx; Laryngeal Cancer; Laryngeal Carcinoma larynx cancer Esophageal Stricture after X-ray
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What's Inside the Larynx Cancer Health Center

Our Larynx Cancer Main Article
provides a comprehensive look at the who, what, when and how of Larynx Cancer
Cancer Newsletter Join the discussion on the Cancer Message Boards Cancer Coping e-Tools
Health News on Larynx Cancer
Larynx Cancer related Doctor's Views View All Larynx Cancer Doctor's Views
Larynx Cancer related Health Features View All Larynx Cancer Health Features
Larynx Cancer related Medications
Terms related to Larynx Cancer: Cancer Of The Larynx; Carcinoma of the Larynx; Laryngeal Cancer; Laryngeal Carcinoma

6. - Voice Box (Larynx) Cancer, Vocal Cords, Surgery, Laryngectomy
smoking and vocal cord voice box (larynx) cancer, surgery and treatments. Kevin Kavanagh Ear, Nose, and Throat.

7. Tobacco Facts And Cancer, Smoking, Larynx Cancer And Quitting
Risks of tobacco and smoking. Facts on larynx and lung cancer, emphysema, epidemology and how to quit smoking!!
by Kevin T. Kavanagh, MD

About The Author

Española Traducción

Tobacco use and smoking are very dangerous addictions which commonly cause a wide variety of diseases, cancer and death. The vast majority of tobacco users and smokers are hooked when they are children. During this time period they are easily influenced by peer pressure and advertising. Once hooked, the majority of tobacco users become hopelessly addicted.
More than 5 million children living today will die prematurely because of a decision they will make as adolescents-the decision to use tobacco and smoke cigarettes. View our new FLASH Enhanced Tobacco Website !!!
Featured New Article:
Full text review article on tobacco policies, control, cessation programs and clean air initiatives. Published in the New England Journal of Medicine January 11, 2004. To view full text of the article click below:
Tobacco Control In the Wake of the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement

Studies indicate that nonsmokers are also adversely affected by environmental tobacco smoke. There are 4000 chemicals in tobacco with 100 identified poisons and 63 known drugs which cause cancer. The most talked about drug in tobacco is nicotine. Nicotine is vasoconstrictor and a nerve toxin, it has been classified as a class I insecticide. Other poisons include: Arsenic, Cyanide, Formaldehyde (used to embalm bodies), Ammonia Bromide (a toilet cleaner )- Ref. 1.

8. Mark The Lary Home
Site has details about larynx cancer and offers a small publication for sale.
Niagara Falls Mark The Lary
Niagara Falls New York, U.S.A.
A website for throat cancer victims and Laryngectomees Welcome to Mark The Lary's Website! Go directly to New Voice Club of the Niagara Frontier
Go directly to This website is built, financed entirely by me and maintained entirely by me. It is one of my many
outlets that keep me busy, busy all the time. My main interests besides my family, is fishing
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an Italian Charm is, what you do with it and what they look like.

9. LarynxLink - Your IAL OnLine
If YOU would like to publish laryngectomee/larynx cancer related information on this IAL website, please click here for details

10. Latest Larynx Cancer Treatments
Provides a brief review of larynx cancer information.

11. Voice Box Cancer
voice box cancer answers, throat cancer, tongue cancer, lip, larynx, tongue, oral cavity, oropharynx

12. Home Page: WebWhispers Nu-Voice Club
is known as Dutch to the many larynx cancer patients and survivors who meet via the web site and Email exchanges he started shortly after his own
(Last Update - 6 September 2005)
Welcome to
Dedicated to Laryngectomee Rehabilitation
This web site is maintained for those who have questions about larynx cancer
treatments, surgery, recovery, and what life is like after a laryngectomy.
Find many of the answers here on our WebWhispers site
Join us in discussions between patients, caregivers and
professionals on our two Email lists
"Our Experience Is Someone Else's Education" Contents: Web Site Map INFORMATION LIBRARY
A multi-section presentation of helpful information with explanations of terms, information about cancer of the larynx, and special sections for before and after laryngectomy surgery. Symptoms, treatments, and side effects are covered. Links are provided to otolaryngology centers and other reliable sources for additional information and support. There are places to write for free information, choices for learning to talk again, and guidance from health care providers. Ideas are gathered here from the experiences of laryngectomees who know what it is like to survive this type of cancer and who wish to help ease the way for those who face these treatments, choices and challenges. Included are complete indexes for newsletters

13. Cancer Of Larynx And Hypopharynx, The Cancer Information Network
Cancer of Larynx and Hypopharynx, The Cancer Information Network

14. Laryngeal Cancer - What Is It?
What is larynx cancer; what causes it; how is it diagnosed and treated? CONTENTS This multipage site covers the entire range of larynx cancer issues Help for the Laryngectomee
Home (Contents)
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Larynx Cancer - What Is It?
(Explanation and Information Links) Last Update - 3 August 2004)
: What is the Larynx
While most of you may be very familiar with the larynx and its functions, perhaps some of you are not. With this in mind, I found a great little article written at the Chicago Voice Center which is very descriptive (with pictures). You can access it HERE
: What is larynx cancer; what causes it; how is it diagnosed and treated?
Laryngeal cancer can occur in numerous locations in the throat. It can have several causes - but smoking, alcohol, or simply having "bad genes" seem to be among the leading culprits. (In addition to owning several pair of "bad jeans", I also smoked heavily, was fond of vodka and gin martinis AND was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam - a perfect candidate!).
The most common early symptoms are a sore throat that will not go away and/or a slowly developing hoarseness of voice. Diagnosis is normally relatively simple and painless; the treatments, however, will vary with the location and severity of the disease. To date, I've found thirty-one worthwhile sites out on the WEB which talk about the disease, its symptoms, its treatment and "post-op support" in fairly clear language - plus they will provide you additional "links" to other information, if you wish. Please do take a look at them:

15. National Cancer Institute - What You Need To Know About Cancer Of The Larynx
Overview summary of such topics as symptoms, detection, research, clinical trials and treatment.
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The Larynx

What Is Cancer?


National Cancer Institute Information Resources

Page Options Print This Page Print This Document View Entire Document E-Mail This Document ... Order Free Copy Quick Links Director's Corner
Dictionary of Cancer Terms

NCI Drug Dictionary
Funding Opportunities ... NIH Calendar of Events NCI Highlights NCI Offers Support for Those in Need After Katrina NCI Announces Plan to Fight Lung Cancer National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month National Ovarian Cancer Awareness ... Past Highlights Introduction This National Cancer Institute (NCI) booklet (NIH Publication No. 02-1568) has important information about cancer * of the larynx. Each year in the United States, more than 10,000 people learn they have this type of cancer. This booklet discusses possible causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. It also has information to help patients cope with cancer of the larynx. Cancer Information Service at 1-800-4-CANCER database. In addition, many NCI publications and fact sheets are on the Internet at

16. BBC NEWS Health Smoke-damaged Saliva Fuels Cancer
Walker, Cancer Research UK There are almost 8 000 cases of cancers of the nose, mouth, lips, tongue, gums, tonsils, pharynx and larynx cancer

17. Introduction: Larynx Cancer -
Introduction to larynx cancer as a medical condition including symptoms, diagnosis, misdiagnosis, treatment, prevention, and prognosis.
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Current chapter:
Larynx Cancer
Next sections Basic Summary for Larynx Cancer Prevalence and Incidence of Larynx Cancer Prognosis of Larynx Cancer Types of Larynx Cancer ... Causes of Larynx Cancer Next chapters: Esophagus Cancer Gall Bladder Cancer Head Cancer Eye cancer ... Feedback
Introduction: Larynx Cancer
Larynx Cancer: Cancer of the voice box or nearby areas. Researching symptoms of Larynx Cancer: Further information about the symptoms of Larynx Cancer is available including a list of symptoms of Larynx Cancer , other diseases that might have similar symptoms in differential diagnosis of Larynx Cancer , or alternatively return to research other symptoms in the symptom center Misdiagnosis and Larynx Cancer: Research more detailed information about misdiagnosis of Larynx Cancer underlying causes of Larynx Cancer (possibly misdiagnosed), or research misdiagnosis of other diseases Treatments for Larynx Cancer: Various information is available about treatments available for Larynx Cancer prevention of Larynx Cancer current research about Larynx Cancer treatments , or research treatments for other diseases.

18. Laryngectomy Life
Information for the patient and professional visitor. Includes discussions of larynx cancer, voice options, support groups and products.
The Laryngectomy Life Home Page
Today is
September 9th 2005
This site was visited 6241 times during 2004 and had 35714 page views. Check out the latest stats below.
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Provided by:
This website is aimed at the different groups of people interested in the life of a Laryngectomee. You could be the expectant patient, a relative or friend with obvious interests or a medical practitioner who wants to find out about how we all think and feel. The web is a great medium for this as it enables people throughout the world to share their experiences by just performing a few clicks. The journey for a lary (that's what we call a laryngectomee for short) starts with some damage to their larynx. This might be cancer or it could simply be a result of an accident. The end product is the same - the laryn x will need removing and the neck area re-molded to facilitate eating and breathing. In the case of cancer it may be possible for radio-therapy to produce a complete cure but for many cancer patients the only remedy is a complete laryngectomy. This site aims to inform and console the prospective lary, family and friends and show that although not ideal the operation can and does leave us with a valued life-style.

19. Laryngeal Cancer
Treatment statement for Patients

20. Basic Summary For Larynx Cancer -
Overview of larynx cancer as a medical condition including introduction, prevalence, prognosis, profile, symptoms, diagnosis, misdiagnosis, and treatment.
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Current chapter:
Larynx Cancer
Next sections Prevalence and Incidence of Larynx Cancer Prognosis of Larynx Cancer Types of Larynx Cancer Causes of Larynx Cancer ... Risk Factors for Larynx Cancer Next chapters: Esophagus Cancer Gall Bladder Cancer Head Cancer Eye cancer ... Feedback
Basic Summary for Larynx Cancer
Main name of condition: Larynx Cancer Other names or spellings: Cancer of the Larynx, Voice box cancer, laryngeal cancer What is Larynx Cancer? Brief description of Larynx Cancer: Cancer of the voice box or nearby areas. Parent types of Larynx Cancer: Respiratory system cancer Throat cancer Larynx conditions Organs Affected by Larynx Cancer: larynx Types of Larynx Cancer: Area of the larynx affected:, Glottis tumor, Supraglottis tumor, Subglottis tumor, Type of cell affected:, Squamous cell carcinoma (larynx) How many people get Larynx Cancer? Incidence (annual) of Larynx Cancer: 12,000 annual cases in the United States (NCI); 8,900 annual cases (SEER 2002 estimate)

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