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         Kidney Disease:     more books (101)
  1. High-Yield Kidney (High-Yield Systems Series) by Ronald W. Dudek, 2006-05-17
  2. Vitamin D Receptor Agonists and Kidney Diseases (Nephrology Research) by Theodoros Eleftheriadis, Vassilios Liakopoulos, 2010-10
  3. The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Polycystic Kidney Disease
  4. Strauss and Welt's Diseases of the kidney
  5. Social Work and Dialysis: The Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Kidney Disease by Carrie L. Fortner-Frazier, 1981-09-29
  6. Pediatric Kidney Disease, Second Edition by Chester M. Edelmann, 1992-12-31
  7. Kidney Failure and the Federal Government by Committee for the Study of the Medicare End-Stage Renal Disease Program, Division of Health Care Services, 1991-01-01
  8. The Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the Kidney: Amenable to Direct Surgical Interference by William Bruce Clarke, 2010-02-12
  9. Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, & Transplantation: A Companion to Brenner & Rector's The Kidney (Pereira, Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and Transplantation) by Brian Pereira, Mohamed Sayegh, et all 2004-10-29
  10. Pocket Companion to Brenner and Rector's The Kidney by Michael R. Clarkson MB, Barry M. Brenner MDAM(Hon)DSc(Hon)DMSc(Hon)FRCP(LondHon), et all 2010-02-22
  11. Kopple and Massry's Nutritional Management of Renal Disease
  12. Coping With Kidney Disease
  13. Coping With Kidney Disease
  14. Kidney Friendly Comfort Foods: A Collection of Recipes for Eating Well with Chronic Kidney Disease by Isaac Hayes, 2005

41. Pouncerstone Home Page
Provides information, reference sources and recommended books on general cat care, feline kidney disease and cat stories for pleasure reading. Includes stories of three cats named Pouncer, Taffy and Lucky.
Home Page
The Wonder Cats
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About Our Site The Pouncerstone site explores several topics of special interest for informational and enjoyment purposes. Our main categories of topics are as follows:
  • The Wonder Cats - Pouncer, Taffy, Lucky and Spice. And our newest additions: Ronnie and Max. We have pictures, stories and now excerpts from the recently recovered "lost tapes" of an exclusive interview with Miss Taffy. Plus, an insightful interview with girlfriend Spice. Find out who Franklin is and why Lucky received the 1999 Friendship Award from ROOSAA . We also remember our first catfriend, Boone, who passed on in 1997. Why wait any longer? Let's meet them!

42. Kidney Disease Articles - DaVita
DaVita provides valuable information on chronic kidney disease and dialysis aswell as provides a complete range of dialysis treatments and support services login

Dialysis and kidney disease information at your fingertips
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First Day on Dialysis Video
Learn about the dialysis process from DaVita patients who share their experiences and insights on living well on dialysis.
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Kidney disease basics
All about chronic kidney disease (CKD)
In this article you will learn about CKD, its causes, symptoms, stages, progression and what you can do to make a difference in how you feel.

43. Optimal Renal Care, LLC
Offers kidney disease and dialysis management services to health plans and their members. Located in New York, USA. requires Flash plugin

44. Kidney Failure: Information From WebMD
Preventing DiabetesRelated kidney disease Combining two commonly prescribedblood pressure medications or taking a routinely prescribed blood pressure pill
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Kidney Failure Health Center
Kidney failure sends an estimated 400,000 Americans into treatment each year. Find in-depth information here on kidney failure (also called renal failure), covering causes, symptoms, dialysis, and daily support. Kidney Disease Basics Causes Symptoms When to Call a Doctor ... Preventing Diabetes-Related Kidney Disease Combining two commonly prescribed blood pressure medications or taking a routinely prescribed blood pressure pill may help people with type 2 diabetes avoid kidney disease, according to a new study. Go To Article Confused About Medicare?

45. Kidney Problems - Renal Failure
Renal Dysplasia, Renal Hypoplasia and polycystic kidney disease research onenalapril in kidney disease in dogs is limited to a couple of
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Renal Failure in Dogs
Stanozolol (Winstol-V) and Poor appetite

Tap water vs bottled water for Pom with renal failure

Renal failure - appetite loss

Chronic Renal Failure
Early renal failure
- Lab Renal Failure and diet Congenital renal failure - Schnauzers Also see Kidney problems also see Incontinence also see Urinary also see Liver problems
Stanozolol (Winstrol-V tm) and poor appetite with renal failure Question: Dr. Richards

46. Allexperts Nephrology Q&A
Experts volunteer to answer questions related to kidney disease.

47. Kidney Disease
Overview of kidney and urinary tract function, disorders, and diseases andassociated tests.
TESTS Test not listed? A/G Ratio ACE ACT ACTH AFB Culture AFP Maternal AFP Tumor Marker Albumin Aldolase Aldosterone Allergies ALP Alpha-1 Antitrypsin ALT Ammonia Amylase ANA Antibody Tests Antiglobulin, Direct Antiglobulin, Indirect Antiphospholipids Antithrombin Apo A Apo B ApoE Genotyping aPTT AST Autoantibodies Bicarbonate Bilirubin Blood Culture Blood Gases Blood Smear BMP BNP Bone Markers BRCA BUN C-peptide CA-125 CA 15-3 CA 19-9 Calcitonin Calcium Cardiac Biomarkers Cardiac Risk Cardiolipin Antibodies Catecholamines CBC CCP C. diff CEA Celiac Disease Tests CF Gene Mutation Chemistry Panels Chlamydia Chloride Cholesterol CK CK-MB CMP CMV Coagulation Factors Complement Levels Cortisol Creatinine Creatinine Clearance CRP CRP, high-sensitivity

48. Baxter - Inforenal - Global
Basic information about kidney disease, with health maintenance tips and a comprehensive presentation of treatment choices.
Using the map below please click the flag of the country you would like to visit.
Show me a list of all RenalInfo country websites About Us Terms and Conditions Contact us Ā©2005 BAXTER INTERNATIONAL INC.

49. Kidney Disease
The causes of kidney (renal) disease and failure are numerous and in some instances,not understood.. Acute renal failure occurs at any age and if diagnosed
To Pee or Not to Pee....AAAaaahhhhhh
Sections covered: Kidney Basics, Kidney Failure Acute Renal Failure ChronicRenal Failure Diagnostic Approach ... Treatment Plan
The kidney is really a multifunctional organ, controlling not only the conservation of fluid and the removal of bodily wastes , but also the regulation of bone and calcium (including vitamin D) metabolism bone marrow (red blood cell ) activity and electrolyte concentrations Conservation Think about the kidney as a container holding thousands of individual filtering units (each called a "nephron") with tiny pores. Blood passes through the kidney, and in the process is routed through each of these filters; toxins and other wastes are removed, most of the fluid (about 95%) is reabsorbed back to the bloodstream (water is conserved), electrolyte concentrations (primarily sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, chloride) are delicately adjusted, and urine is produced. This urine is stored in the urinary bladder until it is voided. The kidney is responsible for providing precursor for the synthesis of Vitamin D ; Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium from the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the regulation of concentrations of calcium and phosphorus is also determined by the action of

50. Kidney Disease
kidney disease can cause high blood pressure, anemia, and elevated cholesterol . The most common inherited disorder is polycystic kidney disease;
Privacy About Linking Advertising Advertisement Home Conditions and Treatments Kidney Disease Guide to Prescription Drugs Encyclopedia of Medicine
Advertisement HEALTH INFORMATION CENTER AIDS / HIV Allergies ... Urological Conditions Kidney Disease
(From the PDR Family Guide to Prescription Drugs)
From Our Sponsors idney disease is a major health problem in this country, afflicting some eight million Americans. Kidney and urinary tract diseases together affect an estimated 20 million people, causing more than 95,000 deaths a year and contributing to an additional quarter of a million. Kidney disorders run the gamut from minor infections to total kidney failure. Kidney disease can cause high blood pressure, anemia, and elevated cholesterol. When chronic, it can lead to depression and sexual dysfunction. Kidney stones, diagnosed in more than one million Americans annually, can be extremely painful and are a significant cause of hospital stays and lost work days. But the picture is not entirely bleak. Thanks to major medical advances, diagnosis and treatment of kidney problems have improved significantly in the past 30 years. Even people with complete kidney failure can now lead reasonably normal lives because of modern dialysis techniques and new successes in transplantation. Today dialysis keeps alive more than 120,000 Americans who would otherwise perish because of kidney failure. Kidney transplants, first performed in the U.S. some 30 years ago, have saved the lives of thousands more.

51. Welcome To Janssen-Ortho Inc.
Canadian pharmaceutical company that develops drugs in the following therapeutic areas mental wellness, anemia and fatigue, women's health, digestive disorders, kidney disease, infectious diseases and wound healing.
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52. National Anemia Action Council NAAC: Anemia Symptoms Signs Causes Treatment Rese
Offers research information about anemia associated with end stage renal disease, chronic kidney disease, cancer, HIV, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and diabetes.

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The National Anemia Action Council, Inc. (NAAC) is dedicated to raising the awareness of healthcare professionals and the public regarding the prevalence, symptoms, consequences, and undertreatment of anemia.
  • NAAC is a multi-specialty consortium of anemia experts
    NAAC promotes improved healthcare outcomes
    NAAC stimulates anemia research

National Anemia Action Council
2005 Sponsors

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53. Welcome To The National Kidney Foundation Of Michigan
Strive to prevent kidney and urologic disease; Promote quality of care for renalconsumers Support research of chronic kidney disease
select one) Classic Car Raffle Meijer/NKFM Walks Play Golf US Transplant Games/Team MI
(select one) Patients/Family General Public Hair Stylists Medical Professionals
a The NKFM will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2005!
Click the logo above for more information! Click here to view our newest Kidney Chronicle newsletter!
Click here to view the
... State Kidney Plan New Events:
Tour de Kidney

Poker Ride for Life

M ission
The mission of the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan is to prevent kidney disease and improve the quality of life for those living with it Guiding Principles
  • Strive to prevent kidney and urologic disease
  • Promote quality of care for renal consumers
  • Encourage rehabilitation for renal consumers
  • Promote organ and tissue donation
  • Support research of chronic kidney disease
  • Increase public awareness and education
  • Advocate for needed fundings Vision Statement "Making Lives Better" Keep your kidneys healthy . . . get checked!
  • 54. Polycystic Kidney Disease
    Polycystic kidney disease in Persian cats culminates in chronic renal failure Polycystic kidney disease in a cat. J Small Anim Pract 18663666, 1977
    Polycystic Kidney Disease
    by Colleen Power
    Is your cat drinking a lot of water? Does it visit the litter pan a bit too often? In 1978, my three year old white Persian stud began exhibiting these symptoms one day. Each time I passed the bathroom, there he was in the litter pan. After the third time past the door, with him back in the litter pan, I immediately thought, renal blockage. Whipped him up and over to the vet. That was not the problem. He was simply urinating too frequently. So frequently in fact that the vet called it "Polyuria." There was no blockage, no crystal formations in the bladder. He was simply urinating frequently, to the extent that within six hours, he had become dehydrated. The vet pumped him full of fluids, peritoneally(through the abdominal wall) He did x-rays to look for tumors. He then gave me the bad news. The cat likely had a progressive kidney disease that they didnt know much about, called Polycystic Kidney Disease. The cats would experience episodes of polyuria over a one year period before succumbing to the disease. Upon autopsy, they would find lesions on the kidneys, the cause was not known, but the disease was progressive, and the diagnosis: incurable. However, my cat could go home, live a happy, but short life, with increasingly frequent episodes, before he would eventually die. Supportively he received renal tablets(Renaseptic), and of course, some antibiotics. Apollo was fine for six months. I did not stress him with breedings. In fact, I was in the middle of moving and had placed nearly all of the cats, except Apollo and my two folds.

    55. BWH Renal Division Home Page
    The Laboratory of Inherited kidney disease at the Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital is conducting research to identify genes involved in the development of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and nephrotic syndrome.

    56. Kidney Disease, And Diabetes Facts And Information - Complications
    kidney disease facts and information, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments forkidney disease, and the link between kidney disease and diabetes.

    57. PKD Foundation:
    A site for patients, medical professionals and researchers of polycystic kidney disease.
    Ezra Inspires Family to Walk for PKD
    Like many mothers, Megan Workman of Lincoln, NE had never heard of PKD until her son, Ezra, was diagnosed with a relatively rare form of the disease, ARPKD.
    More Feature News
    document.writeln("Today is " +getTimed("date")+" "); Hurricane Katrina and the PKD Foundation Cojo Promotes PKD on ET
    Cojocaru talks up PKD on Entertainment Tonight. Marketing the 2005 Walk for PKD
    The PKD Foundation promotes the Walk in an effort to meet its goal of $1.5 million. More Foundation News
    Wandering the PKD Stairway

    Mayo Clinic scientists have made landmark discoveries and contributions to the first potential treatment of PKD as they wandered the stairway of giant genes, elaborate proteins, and complex biochemical events. More Medical News The PKD Foundation is the only organization, worldwide, devoted to improving clinical treatment and discovering a cure for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). We're happy you found us on the internet. We've structured this site to answer your questions, provide resources and allow opportunities for you to become more involved in our organization and our mission to END PKD. The PKD Foundation is a 501 (c)(3), 509 (a)(1) public charity.

    58. About Our Institute
    The Institute offers a full range of care for Urology problems including kidney disease, prostate disorders, kidney transplant, incontinence, impototence, infertility. (Ohio)
    @import url(default.css);
    Glickman Urological Institute Home
    About Our Institute Urological Conditions Robotic Urological Surgery ... Physician Directory
    Health Information
    Quality Measures eCleveland Clinic Education ... About Our Institute
    About Our Institute
    Quality Indicators
    FAQs Glickman Urological Institute Locations The Cleveland Clinic Glickman Urological Institute is recognized worldwide for excellence in patient care, teaching and research
    Cleveland Clinic
    Glickman Urological Institute We offer the full range of care for urology problems in adults and children, including kidney disease; bladder control; prostate disorders; sexual dysfunction/impotence; male infertility; testicular, bladder, prostate, adrenal and kidney cancer; chronic urinary tract infections and obstructions; pediatric urology; kidney and pancreas transplantation; kidney stones; and laparoscopic surgery.
    The Team Advantage
    Credentials Each of our surgeons is board-certified in urology and has subspecialty training in an area, such as kidney disease, prostate disease, bladder control or infertility. This sub-specialization enables our physicians to develop innovative procedures and to gain valuable experience that translates into positive results for our patients. click here...

    59. AranespĀ®- Anemia Treatment
    A treatment for kidney diseaserelated and chemotherapy-induced anemia that helps patients regain their energy with fewer injections.
    Aranesp is indicated for the treatment of anemia associated with chronic renal failure, including patients on dialysis and patients not on dialysis, and for the treatment of anemia in patients with non-myeloid malignancies where anemia is due to the effect of concomitantly administered chemotherapy.
    Aranesp is contraindicated in patients with uncontrolled hypertension.
    Erythropoietic therapies may increase the risk of thrombotic and other serious events. Seizures have occurred in patients with chronic renal failure participating in clinical trials. The target hemoglobin (Hb) should not exceed 12 g/dL. If the Hb increase exceeds 1.0 g/dL in any
    2-week period, dose reductions are recommended. In a study of Epoetin alfa treated hemodialysis patients with clinically evident cardiac disease, where the target Hct was 42% (Hb =14 g/dL), an increased incidence of thrombotic events and mortality was seen. The reason for increased mortality observed in this study is unknown. In an oncology study with another erythropoietic product, where the target Hb was
    12 - 14 g/dL, an increased incidence of thrombotic events, disease progression, and mortality was seen.

    60. Health Care Information Resources Kidney Diseases Links
    kidney diseases kidney diseases from the US NIDDK; kidney diseases kidney diseases - Steve Dunn s Kidney Cancer Page from a survivor of kidney cancer
    The address of this page is:
    Kidney Diseases Links
    For more information, see: Anaemia , also in the Illness section of this resource.
    For more information, see: Transplantation , also in the Illness section of this resource.
  • Kidney diseases - Kidney Diseases from the U.S. NIDDK
  • Kidney diseases - National Kidney Foundation from the U.S.
  • Kidney diseases - National Kidney Foundation of Upstate New York education, and research to eradicate disease
  • Kidney diseases - Kidney Foundation of Canada volunteer organization, useful online publications
  • Kidney diseases - American Association of Kidney Patients information, education, support
  • Kidney diseases - RenalWorld kidney disease, dialysis and transplantation resources from around the world
  • Kidney diseases - National Kidney and Transplant Institute
  • Kidney diseases - RenalWEB web site for the dialysis industry
  • Kidney diseases - Kidney Dialysis Foundation in Singapore, helping the needy
  • Kidney diseases - National Kidney Foundation of Singapore
  • Kidney diseases - Life Options Rehabilitation Program for dialysis patients, sponsored by Amgen Inc.
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