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         Kidney Disease:     more books (101)
  1. Primer on Kidney Diseases (Greenberg, Primer on Kidney) by Arthur Greenberg MD, 2009-02-19
  2. The Vegetarian Diet for Kidney Disease: Preserving Kidney Function With Plant-based Eating by Joan Brookhyser Hogan, 2009-12-21
  3. Coping with Kidney Disease: A 12-Step Treatment Program to Help You Avoid Dialysis by Mackenzie Walser, Betsy Thorpe, 2004-04-12
  4. The Vegetarian Diet For Kidney Disease Treatment: Preserving Kidney Function With Plant Based Eating by Joan Brookhyser CSR, 2004-10-27
  5. Pathophysiology of Kidney Disease and Hypertension by A. Vishnu Moorthy MD, Bryan Neil Becker MD, et all 2008-08-20
  6. 100 Q&A About Kidney Disease and Hypertension (100 Questions & Answers about . . .) by Raymond R. Townsend, 2008-10-14
  7. What You Must Know about Kidney Disease: A Practical Guide to Using Conventional and Complementary Treatments by Rich Snyder, 2010-11
  8. Nutrition in Kidney Disease (Nutrition and Health)
  9. Medifocus Guidebook on: Polycystic Kidney Disease by Inc., 2010-07-21
  10. Kidney Failure: the Facts by J. Stewart Cameron, 1996-01-15
  11. ABC of Kidney Disease (ABC Series)
  12. Diseases of the Kidney and Urinary Tract (Diseases of the Kidney (Schrier))
  13. Kidney Health Gourmet Diet Guide and Kidney Friendly Recipes for People Not on Dialysis by Nina Kolbe RD CSR LD, 2010
  14. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Hypertension Essentials 2011 by George L. Bakris, Andrew Bomback, 2010-07-15

181. Urology Consultants - Urology - Orlando, Winter Park And Longwood, Florida - Wel
Specializing in diseases of the prostate, kidney and bladder, urinary incontinence, sexual disorders and impotence.
Urology Consultants is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions for Orlando, Winter Park, and Longwood, Florida, and surrounding communities. We treat each patient as a partner and make patient education a central component of medical care. Because urological conditions may be accompanied by social discomfort or embarrassment, we emphasize sensitivity and discretion when dealing with all of our patients' concerns. The Urology Consultants Lab Desk A urologist is a physician who has been trained to treat disorders of the male and female urinary tract (bladder, ureter, kidney, and urethra) and the male reproductive system. These are conditions that a urologist commonly treats:
  • Prostate cancer
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Erectile dysfunction (impotence)
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH; enlarged prostate)
For more information about E. Jake Jacobo, MD, FACS, and Steven K. Brooks, MD, please see Our Physicians page. Bookmark this page as your resource for urology information. All other pages of our website can be accessed from the left navigation bar. We hope you find this information helpful in your health care decisions. Please contact us with questions or for an appointment.

182. Feline CRF Information Center Reception Desk
If your cat has been diagnosed with chronic renal failure (kidney failure), wewould like to extend our sincere sympathy and express the hope that you will
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Caregiver Feedback Veterinary Feedback Feline CRF Mail List ... Guest Book Resources Links Bookstore Hand-out Site Information Commendations Credits Tech Notes If you find this site helpful, please help us remain online to help others. Newly Diagnosed? If your cat has just been diagnosed with CRF and you're frightened, confused and overwhelmed, click the Help button for a quick overview of what to do NOW and how to use this site to your cat's best advantage. Reception Desk Hello and welcome to the Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Center. If your cat has been diagnosed with chronic renal failure (kidney failure), we would like to extend our sincere sympathy and express the hope that you will find some helpful information and support in the following pages.

183. Kidney Failure (renal Failure With Uraemia, Or Azotaemia)
The function of the kidneys is, among other things, to get rid of the wasteproducts that result from the body s metabolism.
Search: All NetDoctor Diseases Medicines Home News and features News News archive Newsletter Features Encyclopaedia Diseases Examinations Medicines Premium services SMS services StayQuit thediet Health centres ADHD Allergy and asthma Children's health Depression ... All health centres Discussion and support Discussion forums Support groups Services Ask the doctor Find a hospital Search Medline Test yourself Information About NetDoctor Commercial opportunities Kidney failure (renal failure with uraemia, or azotaemia) Reviewed by Dr Chris Dudley , consultant renal physician and Dr Dan Rutherford , GP
What is kidney failure?
The function of the kidneys is, among other things, to get rid of the waste products that result from the body's metabolism.
One of the major by-products of the metabolism of protein (muscle) is urea. The kidneys remove the waste products by extracting them from the blood and sending them along the ureter to the bladder, from where they are excreted in the urine.
If the kidney function fails, the waste products accumulate in the blood and the body. The term for this build-up is azotaemia.
Term watch
Azotaemia is the build up of waste products that accumulate in the blood and the body when the kidneys fail to function.

184. National Kidney Foundation Of Maryland
Dedicated to preventing kidney and urinary tract diseases, improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and families affected by these diseases and increasing the availability of all organs for transplantation.
Delmarva Golf Baltimore Golf Kidney Walk Gala ... VOLUNTEER Join the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland mailing list Email: Welcome In 2005 we will be celebrating the 50 th Anniversary of the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland.
Stay tuned for information, remembrances, and more! What's New NKF NEWS Summer 2005 Foundation newsletter is now available! Click here to view. 1107 Kenilworth Drive, Suite 202, Baltimore, MD 21204-2186 Phone: 410-494-8545 Fax: 410-494-8549 Home Terms of Use Site Powered By: Maryland Web Designers, Inc.

185. Low Sodium Recipes, Low Sodium Cooking, Heart Disease, Low Salt Diets
For heart patients and those with liver, kidney, and other chronic diseases requiring a no salt diet.
Search Megaheart
*See Note About These Links Below
Welcome to, the original and still the best no salt, low sodium recipe website. is home of the 21st Century's only true no salt, low sodium recipe book series. Our Chef Don was the creator of the first and only 28-day meal-planning guide for no salt low sodium lifestyles in the world. You can now search our entire database for any of our more than 225 free recipes by using the google box at the left. Just type in what you want to find such as "chicken" or "cookie," etc. If you are new to a low sodium lifestyle, then Chef Don's book will prove to be your greatest asset and your best friend. The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook's 28-day meal-planning guide utilizes more than 500 no salt recipes in the Cookbook and The No Salt Lowest Sodium Baking Book , created by our chef just for you. And now, available at bookstores and online, The No Salt Lowest Sodium Light Meals Book. Now in its 4th printing, The No Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook

186. Nephrology Hypertension Specialists
Clinical practice of nephrology and hypertension. Emphasis on diseases of the kidney, dialysis, ESRD, hypertension and kidney stones.
3655 Route 202
Suite 205
Doylestown, PA 18901
Fax: 215-348-7002

O ur Practice strives to provide the highest quality and the most advanced medical care available. We consider personal and individualized attention to be one of our highest priorities. It is our philosophy and belief that an informed patient is best able to participate in their own care, and thus education of all our patients is an important part of our mission.
Our practice in Doylestown has grown steadily since its inception in 1990, and as Doylestown Hospital has grown and increased services, our Practice has provided Nephrology and Hypertension care for these patients.
In today's world, ever-changing medical rules and insurance regulations may become an obstacle to providing quality medical care, however, our approach of "medical care first" remains our uncompromising philosophy.
The information provided on this site and links to other web sites is intended to be general information and is not provided in the course of a professional relationship between a health care provider and a patient. [eBusiness] does not practice medicine and provides no diagnosis of your condition and no recommendation about the course of treatment for your particular circumstances. Nor should you assume that information provided on this site on a particular topic is complete or up to date. Accordingly, you should not substitute information contained on this site for a consultation with your physician or other qualified health care professional, and any diagnosis or treatment decisions made by you must be made in consultation with your health care professional. YOU SHOULD NEVER DISREGARD MEDICAL ADVISE OR DELAY IN SEEKING IT BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE READ ON THIS SITE OR ONE OF THE LINKS TO OTHER WEB SITES.

187. NIDDK Error 404 - Page Not Found
Information on when to call the doctor, what the kidneys do, what kidney stones are, what they look like, what can be done about them, diagnosis, prevention and some points to remember.
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