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         Insomnia:     more books (101)
  1. Zen and the Art of Sleep by Eric Chiles, 2009-01-01
  2. Finger Acupressure: Treatment for Many Common Ailments from Migraine to Insomnia by Using Finger Massage on Acupuncture Points by Pedro Chan, 1980-05
  3. Restful Sleep: Complete Mind-body Programme for Overcoming Insomnia by Deepak Chopra, 2000-08-03
  4. Insomnia Cafe by M. K. Perker, 2009-12-09
  5. Insomnia by Daniel Brooks, Guillermo Verdecchia, 1998-01-16
  6. The Insomnia Kit: Practical Advice for a Good Night's Sleep by C.J. Idzikowski, 1999-04-01
  7. Goodbye Insomnia, Hello Sleep by M.D. Samuel Dunkell, 1996-03-10
  8. Sleep and the Sleepless: Simple Rules for Overcoming Insomnia [1912] by Joseph Collins, 2009-12-15
  9. Café Insomnia by Fernando Valerio-Holguín, 2002
  10. WINTER INSOMNIA. by Raymond. Carver, 1989
  11. Healing Yourself with Self-Hypnosis: Overcome Nervous Tension Pain Fatigue Insomnia Depression Addictive Behaviors w/ by Frank Caprio, Joseph Berger, 1998-05-01
  12. Insomnia: Diagnosis and Treatment (Medical Psychiatry Series)
  13. How To Win Your War Against Insomnia And Sleep Disorders by wings of success, 2010-10-04
  14. Insomnia by Robert Westbrook, 2002-06-15

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63. Insomnia
Comprehensive source of information about this condition in which presents thesensation of daytime fatigue and impaired performance caused by insufficient
Insomnia June 2001 WHAT IS INSOMNIA? Sufficient and restful sleep is a human need as basic as food, vital to emotional and physical well being. In recent years, scientists have made great strides in identifying patterns and functions of brain activity in sleep. [ See Box Healthy Sleep
Insomnia is not a disease but the sensation of daytime fatigue and impaired performance caused by insufficient sleep. In general, people with insomnia experience one of the following:
  • An inability to sleep despite being tired.
  • A light, fitful sleep that leaves one fatigued upon awakening.
  • Waking up too early.
Definition of Chronic Insomnia Insomnia, usually temporary, is often categorized by how long it lasts:
Transient insomnia lasts for a few days.
Short-term insomnia for no more than three weeks.
Chronic insomnia occurs when the following characteristics are present:
  • When a person has difficulty falling asleep, maintaining sleep, or has nonrestorative sleep for at least three nights a week for one month or longer.
  • In addition, the patient is distressed and believes that normal daily functioning is impaired because of sleep loss.

64. Diagnosis Of Chronic Insomnia
Article noting the importance of primary care physicians in the diagnosis of insomnia.

65. Insomnia - The Journal Of Mark Kraft
Insomnia - The Journal of Mark Kraft
"The earth to be spann'd, connected by network,
The races, neighbors, to marry and be given in marriage,
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Walt Whitman, Passage to India
Help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
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Date: Thu. Sep. 8th, 2005 - 4:31 pm Subject: The fine art of self-copulation. Security: Public An angry Katrina survivor tells Dick Cheney to "Go f*ck yourself" on live television. Twice. Here are the Windows Media and Quicktime links.
And just think... all the guy had to do was have his whole life torn apart, then be ignored by the federal government for the better part of a week in order to say it.
After the Katrina survivor's brief exchange of views with Cheney, the Dickster was asked, "Are you getting a lot of that Mr. Vice President?" Cheney replied, "First time I've heard it., Must be a friend of John..., er, ah - never mind." CNN summed the incident up best: Cafferty: The vice-president said that was the first time he heard it. Didn't he utter the same phrase to Senator Patrick Leahy on the floor of the United States Senate?

66. A Hollywood Jesus Movie Review
Analysis focusing on Christian aspects of the film.
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From David Bruce IN THE WAKE OF KATRINA Dealing with Grief Interaction about Hurricane Katrina DONATE AND HELP THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA Special section NARNIA FEATURES NARNIA NEWS NARNIA PHOTOS Great Blogs! BLOGS@HJ HJ Podcast David's Journal Narnia News Narnia Features ... MORE HERE POST YOUR VIEWS, RAVES, AND RANTS! Biola Media Conference 05 Watch the WebCast here BOOK REVIEWS Books that connect to the movies WonkaMania DATING MR. DARCY The Smart Girl's Guide to Sensible Romance WALKING THROUGH THE WARDROBE: A Devotional Quest Into the Lion the Witch, and the Wardrobe NEW BOOK REVIEW SECTION HERE INSOMNIA Insomnia takes place in the land of the midnight sun, where the sun shines into the darkest moment of the night. As the plot unfolds we discover this setting to be highly symbolic. It is the place where the soul can not rest until it comes to terms with itself in full confession and redemption. Review by Simon Remark and David Bruce INSOMNIA This page was created on May 25, 2002

67. Insomnia: Giant Earthquake Near Indonesia.
Insomnia ( insomnia ) wrote,
Giant earthquake near Indonesia.
A huge magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit a region near Aceh in Indonesia. It was felt from eastern India all the way to Singapore, and caused tsunamis in Sri Lanka, parts of Indonesia, the region near Phuket in Thailand, and even all the way to Ethiopia.
Current estimates indicate over 120,000 dead primarily from tsunamis that killed people over a thousand miles away from the epicenter. There's video available of the tsunamis at:
sunami.wmv ...
near Penang, Malaysia says:
"Home was hit by Tidal wave . . . practically lost is fine...thank god... *lost of words to rant* to all out there... appreciate what you have...even the smallest things and event that u consider irrelevant.. cause after this mishap...well..view's on life has change alot for me.. * sigh* back to cleaning up and getting home back on its feet"
in Phuket, Thailand says:
"my dad woke me up this morning at 8 o'clock, shouting "Earthquake! Earthquake!" Keep in mind that I had just woken up, I had had three hours sleep, and I live in Phuket, a place that isn't supposed to have earthquakes. So I stood there, gaping at the shaking furniture, while my dad paced around some more. A minute later, the table kindly stopped shivering and I went back to sleep. All was fine and dandy, even with the neighbours' kids screaming at the helicopters flying overhead.

68. Insomnia Movie Review
Review of the film.





Rated R Runtime: 1hr 58min Starring: Al Pacino, Hilary Swank, Robin Williams, Martin Donovan, Nicky Katt MFG Rating: 3/5 Insomnia is the second major movie from director Chris Nolan. His first effort was the critically acclaimed and totally unique film Memento. We are fans of that flick as well and looked forward to seeing what he could do here especially with Al Pacino in the starring role. The result is a solid, albeit unspectacular, effort. Pacino plays Will Dormer, a detective from Los Angeles with a lot on his mind. Dormer, along with his partner, is under investigation by internal affairs in L.A. They are shipped off to Nightmute, Alaska to help with a murder investigation and get them out of the spotlight for a bit. Nightmute is a tiny town where nothing much happens including sunsets. They are far enough north that in the summer it is daylight 24 hours a day. Dormer is tired and stressed before he even gets there. It gets much much worse for him. And to top it all off, he can't sleep because the sun is shining into his room even at 3AM. We can't tell you much more without spoiling the movie, a taboo here at Movies for Guys. Suffice to say this is a murder mystery with some very interesting twists.

69. Chronic Insomnia: A Practical Review - October 1, 1999 - American Academy Of Fam
Find an article entitled Chronic insomnia A Practical Review. From AmericanAcademy of Family Physicians.

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AAFP Home Page
Journals Vol. 60/No. 5 (October 1, 1999)
Chronic Insomnia: A Practical Review
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Camden, New Jersey
University of Pennsylvania Health System, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
A patient information handout on insomnia, written by the authors of this article, is provided on page 1441. A pproximately one third of American adults report that they have sleep problems, and nearly one half of persons with insomnia consider the difficulty to be serious. Not only does insomnia cause daytime drowsiness, it may impair quality of life in other ways; poor sleepers have been found to receive fewer promotions, to have increased rates of absenteeism and to demonstrate poor productivity. Also, the risk of motor vehicle crashes is increased in this group because of fatigue. Transient, or intermittent, insomnia lasts only a few days and is usually related to identifiable factors such as acute medical illness, changes in the sleeping environment, self-medication, jet lag and acute or recurring stress from work problems, concerns about health, marital strife, etc. In most cases, this type of insomnia can be relieved with appropriate attention to the inciting stimulus. Chronic insomnia is best defined as the subjective experience of an inadequate quantity or quality of sleep that has persisted for at least one month. Chronic insomnia is more complex than acute transient insomnia, requiring a more directed approach to its identification, etiology and treatment. After establishing the chronicity of the complaint, a differential assessment of chronic insomnia can be made on the basis of whether the patient has difficulty staying asleep as opposed to difficulty falling asleep

70. Sleep Disorders
s, symptoms, treatment, of various sleep disorders. Over a hundred articles on the topic. Sleep apnea, narcolepsy, sleep paralysis, insomnia. New Material added weekly.......
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From the Archives
Sleep disorders like apnea, narcolepsy and insomnia can be dangerous and disabilitating. However, some of the minor disorders are also very annoying and disturbing. Read the article here
Wednesday September 07, 2005
Hurricane Katina victims with apnea get help
In just the first 30 hours following Hurricane Katrina's landfall, Awake In America received more than a dozen calls for assistance in replacing equipment of individuals who left their now water-filled homes under emergency conditions. Some of these individuals left their homes in New Orleans, as instructed, under the mandatory evacuation orders. Many people thought Hurricane Katrina would be like past hurricanes, and that they'd be home in several hours. With that thinking, they left their belongings and CPAP equipment behind. Read the story from Awake In America.

71. Insomnia: Assessment And Management In Primary Care - June 1999 - American Acade
Find a publication entitled insomnia Assessment and Management in Primary Care.

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AAFP Home Page
Journals Vol. 59/No. 11 (June, 1999)
Insomnia: Assessment and Management in Primary Care
Bethesda, Maryland
U p to one third of patients seen in the primary care setting experience occasional difficulties in sleeping, and up to 10 percent of patients have chronic sleep problems. Although insomnia is rarely the chief reason for an office visit, its detection may be enhanced by incorporating sleep-related questions into the general review of patient systems. This article offers up-to-date information on insomnia and highlights the key role of the primary care physician in its recognition and management. Behavior approaches, such as relaxation therapy, sleep restriction therapy and stimulus control therapy, are described, in addition to pharmacologic treatments such as hypnotic medications, antidepressants and other medications. Definition and Prevalence Insomnia is an experience of inadequate or poor-quality sleep characterized by one or more of the following problems: difficulty falling asleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, waking up too early in the morning and sleep that is not refreshing. Insomnia also involves daytime consequences such as fatigue, lack of energy, difficulty concentrating and irritability.

72. Insomnia
Recensione del film a cura di Rosario Gallone.
Insomnia (Usa 2002) di Christopher Nolan con Al Pacino, Robin williams, Hilary Swank, Martin Donovan Per fare colpo, al londinese Nolan , sono bastati due film ( Following e Memento . Insomm(ni)a, smesso di , eccolo alle prese con una storia lineare (e tanto per non correre rischi sceglie la strada del remake e precisamente dell'omonima pellicola norvegese diretta, nel 1997, da Erik Skioldbjoerg con Stellan Skarsgard Nolan Williams Pacino ). Ma ne esce vincente. Will Dormer Quinlan moderno che piomba in pieno Twin Peaks (e lynchiane sono anche la carogna di cane nascosta in un vicolo, l'interrogatorio nella discarica a cielo aperto), salvo poi trovarsi, dopo mezz'ora, in una versione sottozero di Delitto per delitto Insomnia Nolan priva di senso l'espressione "fare luce", sicché il detective con tutta la luce che vuole, non riesce a venire a capo di niente, ed in più estende l'intuizione hitchcockiana di Intrigo internazionale (suspense in pieno giorno) all'intera durata del lungometraggio. Speriamo, tra l'altro, che la distribuzione italiana (cieca quanto

73. - Insomnia
Reviews, plot synopsis, interviews, news, trailers, images, video clip, and cast and crew list.
The Unofficial Christopher Nolan Website Movies / Insomnia
The Plot
News DVD Interviews ... Links
The Story:
Insomnia is the remake of the equally-named 1997 norwegian thriller
Veteran police officer Will Dormer (played by Al Pacino) is sent from the city to a small Alaska town to investigate the murder of a teenage girl. While chasing a suspect (Robin Williams) through the fog, Dormer accidently kills his partner. Instead of admitting his guilt, Dormer is given an unexpected alibi. But despite this he is looked after by the local idealistic detective Ellie Bur (Hilary Swank) while he himself has to find the murderer (Robin Williams). But the murderer knows of Dormer's guilt and starts to blackmail him and forces the detective into a cat-and-mouse game.
  • Stacy Wilson has got footage (including a short interview with Christopher Nolan) from the L.A. Benefit Premiere which took place on May, 22.
  • New Interview New Insomnia reviews
  • 2002-05-14: Insomnia Soundtrack news
  • 2002-05-02: 3 new Reviews for Insomnia ...
  • 2000-09-08: Insomnia starring Harrison Ford directed by Jonathan Demme?
    The Insomnia DVD will be released on October, 15th in a version containing the original aspect ratio and one with a cropped fullscreen image.
  • 74. - Review: 'Insomnia' Low-key, Enthralling - May 23, 2002



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    Review: 'Insomnia' low-key, enthralling
    Pacino, right, is wide awake, giving a powerful, nuanced performance in "Insomnia." By Lisa Schwarzbaum Entertainment Weekly (Entertainment Weekly) In the superb psychological thriller "Insomnia," Al Pacino's face is battered by weariness accrued from the psychic compromises of every cop he has ever portrayed in a famous career of pretend law enforcement. He looks crumpled, unretouched and you can't take your eyes off him. Pacino plays Will Dormer, a veteran detective whose natural job-induced exhaustion is heightened by exposure to the alien northern Alaskan landscape he finds himself in: Dormer and his partner, Hap Eckhart (Martin Donovan), are on loan from the LAPD to help solve the murder of a teenage girl, and while they're familiar with the gruesome, fetishistic details of the case, they're not prepared for the severe sensory disorientation brought on by the never-setting sun. Physical sleep and spiritual rest become equally elusive as the shadows surrounding this Dormer are exposed to a relentless light.
    Pacino and Williams deliver
    Playing a haggard man staggering deeper into moral and physical sleeplessness, Pacino the great actor is wide awake, giving a more powerful, nuanced performance than he has in years. And as reclusive mystery writer Walter Finch, a prime suspect psychologically astute enough to toy sadistically with Dormer's wrecked head and body clock, Robin Williams one of our more brazen scenery chewers also snaps to, investing Finch with a soft-spoken, finicky creepiness.

    75. Insomnia - Overview-
    insomnia is not a disease; rather, it is a complex symptom that results frominsufficient sleep or sleep of poor quality.
    Home Search SiteMap Contact Us ... Physician Board


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    Delayed Sleep

    Phase Syndrome Insomnia Jet Lag Narcolepsy Obstructive Sleep Apnea Periodic Limb Movement Disorder REM Behavior Disorder (RBD) Restless Leg Syndrome Shift Work Sleep Stages Sleepwalking RESOURCES Clinical Trials Glossary Links Sleep Forum ... Videos ABOUT US Pressroom Testimonials Overview
    Clinical classifications of insomnia and its host of conditions and causes are extensive and specific. The spectrum of causes suggests that it is difficult to obtain good sleep and that sleep is, in fact, a delicate environment, the path toward which may be strewn with obstacles. Insomnia is not a disease; rather, it is a complex symptom that results from insufficient sleep or sleep of poor quality. However, insomnia is distinguishable from short sleep. Many people sleep less than 75% of conventional eight-hour sleep time and experience no difficulty sleeping or waking. Insomnia is divided generally into two main categories: sleep onset insomnia and sleep maintenance insomnia. Sleep onset insomnia is the inability to fall asleep naturally. Sleep maintenance insomnia is the inability to stay asleep or to resume sleep after waking in the middle of the sleep cycle. A person may experience both sleep onset insomnia and sleep maintenance insomnia, which leads to both insufficient and poor sleep. Insomnia can be categorized further as acute or chronic. Acute insomnia is self-limiting, meaning it runs its course in a few weeks or months and ends without being treated. Chronic insomnia lasts longer than three months and often needs to be treated. Insomnia can be caused by medical problems, such as chronic pain syndromes; psychiatric problems, such as depression; or primary sleep problems, such as periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD).

    76. Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis In Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Rochester, Stirling Heights,
    Hypnotherapy detroit helps those who are over weight, stop smoking, insomnia, anxiety, stress. You are able to work through these problems easier than you thought.
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    Hypnotherapist Kim Manning at Focused Solutions in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, MI, provides excellent professional brief therapy. For those who have problems with anxiety, panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, insomnia, IBS, fears and phobias. Kim is able to assist those who require pain management, stop smoking and reduce weight. A free initial consultation is provided . For OCD and IBS a referral by a Physician is required. Everyone has the ability to think and feel differently, and to be able to heal themselves with the assistance of hypnotherapy from a well qualified medical hypnotherapist. Patient Care with a Personal Touch . Kim is setting a new standard of excellence in the medical hypnotherapy field. Her commitment to her clients is unparalleled in this era of "quick fix" health care. She takes the necessary time to understand her clients’ goals and implements a program designed specifically to meet their individual needs that incorporates hypnosis. After sessions have completed, patients have the resources to maintain and further their progress. All sessions are strictly confidential and progress at a speed comfortable for the patient. Patients also receive custom-tailored Cds/tapes for home use. Kim will work with a patient’s current doctor to achieve the desired result, when necessary. Kim obtains many referrals from physicians.

    77. Insomnia: Online Reference For Health Concerns
    insomnia and Daytime Sleepiness diagnosis and treatment information.
    var WebSiteBaseURL = "" var ThisPageFullURL = "" translation by SYSTRAN MEMBERSHIP PRODUCTS MAGAZINE ... CHECKOUT Health Concerns Selector Select Health Concern Acetaminophen (tylenol) Poisoning: Acute... Acne Adrenal Disease Age-associated Mental Impairment (cognit... Alcohol Induced Hangover: Prevention Allergies Alzheimer's Disease Amnesia Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (als) Anemia-thrombocytopenia-leukopenia Anesthesia And Surgical Precautions Anxiety And Stress Arrhythmia (cardiac) Arthritis Asthma Atherosclerosis Attention Deficit Disorder (add) Autism Autoimmune Diseases Avoiding Vitamin - A Toxicity Bacterial Infections Balding Bell's Palsy Bladder Conditions Breast Cancer Bursitis Cancer - Overview Cancer Adjuvant Treatment Cancer Chemotherapy Cancer Clinics Cancer Gene Therapy Cancer Prevention Cancer Radiation Therapy Cancer Supplements Cancer Surgery Cancer Treatment: The Critical Factors Cancer Vaccines Candida (fungal, Yeast) Infections Cardiovascular Disease: Comprehensive A... Cardiovascular Disease: Overview Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Catabolic Wasting Cataract Cerebral Vascular Disease Cervical Dysplasia Cholesterol Reduction Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (cfs) Cirrhosis Colitis (ulcerative) Colorectal Cancer Common Cold Congestive Heart Failure And Cardiomyopathy Constipation Crohn's Disease Deafness Depression Dhea Replacement Diabetes Digestive Disorders Down Syndrome Emphysema And Chronic Obstructive Pulmon...

    78. Insomnia
    Dutch breeder specializing in brown blue tabbies. Fife registered.

    79. What To Do About Insomnia
    Up to about onethird of the population have symptoms of insomnia.
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    Who We Are About WebMD Site Map You are in All Conditions ADD/ADHD Allergies Alzheimer's Arthritis Asthma Back Pain Bipolar Disorder Breast Cancer Cancer Cholesterol Management Dental Depression Diabetes Epilepsy Eye Health Heart Disease Hepatitis HIV/AIDS Hypertension Men's Conditions Mental Health Migraines/Headaches Multiple Sclerosis Osteoporosis Parkinson's Sexual Conditions Stroke Weight Control Women's Conditions What to Do About Insomnia Can't Sleep? Insomnia Types, Causes, and Treatments By Michael Breus, PhD, ABSM WebMD Feature Reviewed By Stuart Meyers, MD Just can't get to sleep? Can't stay asleep? Waking up too early? Not feeling refreshed and restored in the morning? Not functioning well during the day? You may have insomnia. Up to about one-third of the population have symptoms of insomnia. Those with insomnia typically experience:
    • Sleepiness
    • Fatigue
    • Poor concentration
    • Decreased alertness and performance
    • Muscle aches
    • Depression during the day and night
    • An over-emotional state (tense, worried, irritable, and depressed)

    Home study course using audio tapes and guide to help alleviate insomnia.

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