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  1. Three monosymptomatic hypochondriacal syndromes in dermatology.: An article from: Dermatology Nursing by Gail E. Sands, 1996-12-01
  2. Worried Sick? The Exaggerated Fear of Physical Illness by Fredric Neuman, 2008-07-01
  3. The Hypochondriacs: Nine Tormented Lives by Brian Dillon, 2010-02-02
  4. The Hypochondriac's Pocket Guide to Horrible Diseases You Probably Already Have by Dennis DiClaudio, 2005-12-13
  5. The Hypochondriac's Guide to Life. And Death. by Gene Weingarten, 2001-06-12
  6. Treating Health Anxiety: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach by Steven Taylor Phd, Gordon J. G. Asmundson PhD, 2004-02-13
  7. The Hypochondriac's Handbook: Syndromes, Diseases, and Ailments that Probably Should Have Killed You By Now by Ian Landau, 2010-06-12
  8. Hyper-chondriac: One Man's Quest to Hurry Up and Calm Down by Brian Frazer, 2007-03-06
  9. The Hypochondriac's Handbook by Wendy Marston, 1998-09-01
  10. The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You: A Guide to Self-Diagnosis for Hypochondriacs by Knock Knock, 2007-09-21
  11. Hypochondriasis: Modern Perspectives on an Ancient Malady
  12. The Hypochondriac (Modern Plays) by Moliere, Roger McGough, 2010-08-15
  13. First Aid for Hypochondriacs by James Gorman, 1982-10
  14. Health Anxiety: Hypochondriasis and Related Disorders

61. Hypochondria - - American Heritage Dictionary
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  • The persistent conviction that one is or is likely to become ill, often involving symptoms when illness is neither present nor likely, and persisting despite reassurance and medical evidence to the contrary. Also called hypochondriasis
    Plural of hypochondrium

  • [Late Latin, abdomen , from Greek hupokhondria , pl. of hupokhondrion abdomen (held to be the seat of melancholy) , from neuter of hupokhondrios under the cartilage of the breastbone hupo- hypo- khondros cartilage ; see ghrendh- in Indo-European roots.] Back to Search Back
    The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

    62. FIRSTConsult - Sdfdsf
    FIRSTConsult, hypochondria (Differential Diagnoses File). Published for medical students and primary healthcare providers by Elsevier.

    63. Nicholson Cartoons : Hypochondria
    hypochondria. hypochondria. hypochondria. Back Return to index Forward Buy a cartoon print. These cartoons are copyright, but you are welcome to
    Cartoons and Rubber e Figures political animations by Peter Nicholson of The Australian newspaper

    64. Blurbomat | Hypochondria
    According to the University of Michigan (here) I don t have hypochondria. hypochondria is about imagined illnesses. There is nothing imagined in the 14
    Link to this blurb For the past 6 months, I've been more sick than I've ever been. According to the University of Michigan ( here ) I don't have hypochondria. What I do have currently is best illustrated in the visual depiction on the right. Hypochondria is about imagined illnesses. There is nothing imagined in the 14 gallons of phlegm I've coughed up. We store it out back, in one of those plastic paint buckets. There is nothing imagined about the days of work lost (and money; my employer insists on NOT having sick or personal days until one has worked for them at least a year). It's time to take matters into my own hands. It's time not to be sick. It's time to feel good. It's time to not keep looking down at the tissue with revulsion (and then insist that the wife look at it). It's time to swab the dog with that anti-dander stuff. It's time to spray the entire apartment in bleach. It's time to think about wearing a Tyvek body suit with respirator. 10 Comments Chad says: 14 months, eh? And how long have you known Heather? And how long has she been sicker than she's ever been? I think you see my point.

    65. The New Yorker: Online Only: Content
    Is hypochondria a disease in itself rather than just the fear of disease? But the problem is that hypochondria was not part of the largescale survey
    TREATING HYPOCHONDRIA Issue of 2003-08-11
    Posted 2003-08-04 Daniel Cappello about why hypochondriacs are so scared of being sick. DANIEL CAPPELLO: Why do doctors hate hypochondriacs? Is hypochondria a disease in itself rather than just the fear of disease? And, if so, how can it be treated, medically or psychologically? sars What about race and class? Are there any data on these demographics? How do we account for these contradictory behaviors in hypochondriacs? In recent years, though, mental health has become more of a public issue, and public figures, such as Tipper Gore, have come out to try to destigmatize it. Has that helped at all, or is that paving the way for hypochondriacs? You mentioned that hypochondria is likely to be fed by increased medical coverage in the media, as well as by the Internet. Is hypochondria a disease of too much information? Has the proliferation of medical Web sites on the Internet had any palliative effect, by giving patients information that might relieve worries? aids to sars You were speaking earlier about the frustrations of not being able to cure these people. In your article, you write that a confident physician, one who simply refuses, for instance, to order another round of tests, can sometimes help. For a lay person, the impulse, when confronting a hypochondriac, might be simply to tell him or her to snap out of it. But is this fair? Can hypochondriacs help themselves?

    66. The New Yorker: Fact
    Nevertheless, hypochondria is rarely discussed in the doctor’s office. It wasn’t until the nineteenth century that hypochondria came to be narrowly

    67. Hypochondria & Homeopathy
    Quick introduction to homeopathy all about what it is and how to use homeopathy for best effect. About like cures like, treating the whole person and
    Homeopathy Relevant forum posts: Any Remedy for Hypochondria (4 replies) Conditions - H HPV
    Hair Loss
    Homeopathy - Hypochondria
    (User entered condition) Homeopathic remedies are prescribed by symptoms rather than conditions, as each case of a particular illness can manifest differently in different people. However, to make it quicker to find the symptoms related to Hypochondria, the symptoms experienced by a previous vistor to our homeopathic remedy finder have been grouped, by them, under the name of Hypochondria. There may be symptoms not related to Hypochondria, and this may not be an exhaustive list of symptoms.
    For suggestions of homeopathic remedies for Hypochondria, tick the boxes below and press the Find Remedies button at the bottom of the screen. On the next screen, you should enter any other symptoms in the search box. mind; delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, illusions; about self; body; health, hypochondria; that is blind; mind; delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, illusions; about self; body; health, hypochondria; has a cancer;

    68. Hypochondria :
    hypochondria at Your Freeware and Shareware Download Destination. Games, Utilities, Drivers, MP3, Multimedia, Internet, HTML, and more!

    69. Medical Dictionary: Hypochondria -
    Medical dictionary definition of hypochondria as a medical term including diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues.
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    Medical Dictionary: Hypochondria
    Medical dictionaries: Medical dictionary Medical malpractice dictionary Medical Acronymns/Abbreviations Hypochondria : Another name for Hypochondriasis (or close medical condition association). Hypochondria : Hypochondria is listed as a type of (or associated with) the following medical conditions in our database: Mental illness Somatoform Disorders Hypochondria (medical condition): Belief that one has a serious disease causing symptoms Hypochondria (medical condition): A hypochondriac is a person with a serious fear of having a serious medical condition. The medical condition of being a hypochrondriac is called "Hypochondriasis". Although everyone worries about symptoms and their health, true hypochondriasis is a more persistent and ongoing preoccupation with health issues. More information on medical condition: Hypochondriasis
    • Introduction: Hypochondriasis
    • Basic Summary for Hypochondriasis
    • Misdiagnosis of Hypochondriasis
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    70. Hypochondria - Columbia Encyclopedia® Article About Hypochondria
    Columbia Encyclopedia® article about hypochondria. hypochondria. Information about hypochondria in the Columbia Encyclopedia®.
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    Cite / link Email Feedback hypochondria , in psychology, a disorder characterized by an exaggeration of imagined or negligible physical ailment. The hypochondriac fears that such minor symptoms indicate a serious disease, and tends to be self-centered and socially withdrawn. Continually seeking professional help to reinforce his fears, the hypochondriac never feels he is receiving adequate care. Contemporary theorists have arrived at similar conclusions, suggesting that the physical ailments of hypochondriacs were a form of escape from psychological stress. The disorder is technically known as hypochondriasis, and is classified as a somatoform disorder, or one in which a psychological problem manifests itself in a physical ailment.
    See S. Baur

    71. Hypochondria [rec.humor.funny]
    RHF Joke Archives Next. hypochondria. (chuckle). Your Ad Here. From comedian Richard Lewis I ve always been a hypochondriac.
    RHF Joke Archives
    Your Ad Here
    (From the "Rest" of RHF)
    RHF Joke Archives
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    72. - Paranoia. Hypochondria. Delusions Of Grandeur. Paranoia. hypochondria. Delusions of Grandeur.
    Paranoia. Hypochondria. Delusions of Grandeur.
    Should I buy this TV? Why or why not? 1:12 PM
    If I dig a very deep hole, where I go to stop?

    (in the Indian Ocean, quite a bit off the coast of Madagascar) 7:26 PM
    That is a real spider eating a real frog.
    6:04 PM
    Find the four leaf clovers.
    (I found one) 9:02 PM
    I'm interviewed in today's Salt Lake Tribune. All hail the Strib!
    Salt Lake Tribune - Movies - So you want to be a movie critic? New book tells you how
    9:51 AM I've been rewatching Profit on DVD... man, this was a mean, nasty show one of the best. Cruelly cancelled after 4 episodes (and awful ratings), you can get the whole series including 4 never-aired eps on DVD. Definitely worth checking out, and I can't wait to get that last DVD! Profit - The Complete Series (1996): Explore similar items 2:19 PM Gasoline Price History 3:10 PM You don't have to be a massive film geeks to love this little video... but it helps. (Stars five famous voice-over guys largely known for their work in movie trailers. Dig it.)

    73. Health Problems, Hypochondria Or Cries For Help?
    What to do when your growing child’s health consumes him.\@fotf_troubledwith/documents

    74. Definition Of Hypochondria - Dictionary
    hypochondria Definition from dictionary. 1, hypochondria, hypochondriasis. chronic and abnormal anxiety about imaginary symptoms and ailments




    hypochondria A noun hypochondria hypochondriasis
    chronic and abnormal anxiety about imaginary symptoms and ailments Category Tree: state condition status anxiety ... anxiousness hypochondria hypochondriasis
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    75. Technorati Tag: Hypochondria
    Posts tagged hypochondria in the last 178 days Given that this blog is titled Adventures in hypochondria I should really give you some insights into
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    Now that basically everything of Shannon's is out of the room, I moved stuff around to make it more my own. And I did some pretty heavy lifting...
    Southern Girls Get the Vapors.
  • 76. Panic Survivor :: View Forum - Hypochondria - Somatization
    No new posts, 4, HELP! hypochondria, or health focused anxiety? 2, tranquila371, 61, Jul 13, 2005 0217 AM tranquila371 View latest post

    77. Harvard Mental Health Letter: Hypochondria.
    Access the article, hypochondria. from Harvard Mental Health Letter, a publication in the field of Health Fitness, through LookSmart s FindArticles
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    IN free articles only all articles this publication Automotive Sports 10,000,000 articles - not found on any other search engine. FindArticles Harvard Mental Health Letter July 2004 Content provided in partnership with
    10,000,000 articles Not found on any other search engine. Featured Titles for
    AAACN Viewpoint
    ABNF Journal, The AIDS Treatment News AMAA Journal ... View all titles in this topic Hot New Articles by Topic Automotive Sports Top Articles Ever by Topic Automotive Sports
    Save a personal copy of any page on the Web and quickly find it again with It's free. Get started now. Hypochondria. Harvard Mental Health Letter July, 2004 Worries about imaginary illness often attract humorous or derogatory comments, but true hypochondria (or hypochondriasis) is neither a moral failing nor a laughing matter. It is a real psychiatric condition that causes genuine suffering and social distress. According to some estimates, hypochondria accounts for 5% of visits to general practitioners and 10% of medical costs in the United States. Fortunately, patients, physicians, and mental health professionals are learning more about how to cope with the problem. Illness without disease The word "hypochondria," from ancient Greek, means "under the ribs," where most of the symptoms were thought to originate. The Greeks ...

    78. Psychology Today: Hypochondria: Woeful Imaginings. - Book Reviews
    Full text of the article, hypochondria Woeful Imaginings. book reviews from Psychology Today, a publication in the field of Health Fitness,
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    IN free articles only all articles this publication Automotive Sports 10,000,000 articles - not found on any other search engine. FindArticles Psychology Today May 1989
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    ABNF Journal, The AIDS Treatment News AMAA Journal ... View all titles in this topic Hot New Articles by Topic Automotive Sports Top Articles Ever by Topic Automotive Sports Hypochondria: Woeful Imaginings. - book reviews Psychology Today May, 1989 by Joshua Fischman
    Save a personal copy of this article and quickly find it again with It's free! Save it. The Illness That Isn't For Hippocrates, hypochondria meant the area under the ribs: the liver, gall bladder, spleen and stomach. The Roman physician Galen understood it as a digestive disorder, caused by "melancholia," and Freud called hypochondria a neurosis with a physical basis. But modern medicine hasn't always been able to discover any organic cause for this condition that devastates so many lives. Hypochondriacs today are people "so preoccupied with the possibility (or actuality) of becoming ill that a concern for health overshadows daily thoughts and activities far beyond reason," writes Susan Baur in Hypochondria: Woeful Imaginings (University of California Press, $19.95). It can leave people bedridden and isolated, or functional but terrified, convinced they have or are about to get some awful disease. Baur explores the many facets of a condition "so grievous, so common," yet existing in a poorly understood shadow land between medicine and psychology.

    79. The Body: HIV Hypochondria"Am I Going Crazy Or Am I Really Getting Sick?"
    HIV hypochondria BR i Am I going crazy or am I really getting sick? /i , at The Body, the complete HIV/AIDS resource.
    @import url(/css/thebody.css); @import url(/css/article.css); var zflag_nid="362"; var zflag_cid="1"; var zflag_sid="0"; var zflag_width="728"; var zflag_height="102"; var zflag_sz="26";
    Body Positive HIV Hypochondria
    "Am I going crazy or am I really getting sick?" By J. Buzz von Ornsteiner, Ph.D. May 2001 I tested HIV-positive one year ago. My problem is that I feel very tired and stressed out and I think every minute, "O.K. this is it, I now have AIDS!" I go to the doctor all the time and the appointments always end in the same way. This is how it goes: after a minor examination my doctor states that there is nothing wrong with me and suggests I consider psychotherapy or taking medication to control my stress level. Then I feel like I am going crazy and I leave not knowing if I am really sick or I just think I am. When I tell my friends or my parents I feel stressed, burned out and fed up, they think it's AIDS-related and encourage me to see my doctor. However, now my doctor has requested that I call him before coming in and to limit my medical visits to once a month, unless it is an emergency. Am I going crazy or am I becoming a hypochondriac?
    A Response to this Composite Case Study
    Wisely, your doctor has restricted your medical visits, suggested therapy and has indicated that he will prescribe medication for your anxiety. Please listen to what your medical doctor is telling you. Your exhaustion seems to be related to your own stress, not to your HIV status. Although this may be hard for you to consider please look at your own thoughts and how they may affect your health and daily outlook. How often do you think about your HIV status and how much do you think these thoughts effect how you feel?

    80. Forum On Safe Sex And HIV Prevention: Followup On Hypochondria
    Ask the experts your questions on HIV prevention and testing at The Body, the AIDS Authority. Got questions on oral sex? Syphilis? HIV testing? Herpes?
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    Please Note: Due to volume considerations, not all questions can be answered. Questions most likely to be answered will be those of general interest to a broad group of visitors to this forum. Questions pertaining to a specific case; requests for diagnosis, medical advice, or second opinion; or requests for opinions about untested alternative therapies will generally not be answered. Ask the Experts about Safe Sex and HIV Prevention
    followup on hypochondria
    Apr 27, 2003 Dear Doc: re the April 23rd posting in which you diagnosed me as hypochondriac. It is/was a welcome diagnosis but one I need to double check with you. There are a couple of additional facts that I would like you to consider. Hopefully they wont cause you to change your mind. 1. The leg tingling and numbness you suggest is a classic symptom of anxiety and not hiv was what made me anxious and not the other way around. That is until I felt them and searched the Internet for possible causes it hadnt occurred to me that hiv might be a cause. 2. In addition, since my 8 week question and negative Elisa, I have had painful axilial nodes, rash on my trunk and some kind of dry white thrushy tongue thing happening as well as some possible mild fevery malaise for the last 5 to 7 days. I could be convinced that the white stinging tongue is from the stress smoking Ive been doing and the fever and general malaise may be imagined or worry induced, but the rash (looks maculopapular to my laymans eye)and the node discomfort seem harder to explain away.

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