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  14. Diagnosis and treatment options: panel issues Hyperhidrosis management guidelines.(Clinical Rounds): An article from: Internal Medicine News by Mitchel L. Zoler, 2004-04-15

1. Hyperhidrosis (excessive Sweating)
An overview, including classification, symptomolgy and treatments of excessivesweating.
(excessive sweating)
italiano deutsch Ivo Tarfusser, MD
Upd.: 1999
Sweating is a natural phaenomenon necessary for the regulation of an individual's body-temperature. The secretion of sweat is mediated by a portion of our vegetative nervous system (the Sympathetic Nervous System ). In some people (approximately 1% of the population), this system is working at a very high activity level, far higher than needed to keep a constant temperature. This condition is referred to as hyperhidrosis.
Classification and Causes
  • Causes

  • * primary = essential = idiopathic (unknown cause)
    * secondary (known cause)
  • Locations

  • * palmar (hands)
    * axillary (armpits)
    * plantar (feet)
    * facial (face)
    * truncal (trunk)
    * general
1. Hyperhidrosis as part of an underlying condition ( secondary hyperhidrosis
Some conditions can promote excessive sweating, as a rule involving the whole body:
* Hyperthyroidism or similar endocrine diseases * Endocrine treatment for prostatic cancer or other types of malignant disease * Severe psychiatric disorders * Obesity * Menopause
2. Hyperhidrosis without known cause (=

2. Hyperhidrosis | Hyperhidrosis Treatment | Information On Hyperhidrosis | Excessi
Clinic provides videoscopic treatments for hyperhidrosis, hand sweat, and excessiveperspiration. Offers doctor and condition information as well as an
Sweat. Perspiration. To some, it's a minor annoyance. But for those who suffer from excessive sweating, it's a serious consideration that can affect daily life, relationships and careers.
Many people, even some doctors, don't understand the problem and dismiss the symptoms as merely troublesome. Yet, the condition, called hyperhidrosis, can cause a person's hands, face, feet, underarms or torso to sweat uncontrollably.
Those who are plagued with hyperhidrosis are always reluctant in social and business settings, never knowing when they will experience the embarrassment of profuse sweating. People who suffer with hyperhidrosis are reluctant to share a hug, to dance, to play cards, to get close. Even something as simple as a handshake can be embarrassing.
"Hyperhidrosis is an insidious condition often misunderstood not only by family members and friends, but also by physicians. The excessive sweating of hyperhidrosis manifests itself in a variety of conditions, both physical and emotional. It is my goal to further understanding of the disorder as well as to provide a treatment that is suited to the patient's degree of suffering."
If you suffer with hyperhidrosis, it's time to change your life.

3. Sweaty Palms - Sweaty Hands - Hyperhidrosis
Excessive sweaty palms is a condition refer to as palmar hyperhidrosis. The onlylong lasting, effective treatment is by thoracoscopic sympathectomy,
var ace_path = ''; Home Email Us Payment Methods Testimonials CENTER FOR THE CURE OF SWEATY PALMS
specializing in the cure of hyperhidrosis, sweaty palms, underarm and foot sweating Awards Success Stories "Thank you Center for the Cure of Sweaty Palms™. Your staff was compassionate, caring, and very professional. You made me feel like family. I was attended to in prompt and hospitable manner. Everything was thoroughly explained in detail to me. I can't wait to tell everyone how successful my surgery was! You are definitely a
Five Star
Facility!" - Reno, Nevada
For more testimonials,
Millions of Americans Suffer from Hyperhidrosis. You are not alone!
Make an appointment. The cure is just a phone call away.
Call us Toll Free : 1 (866) PALM 911 Visit our Hyperhidrosis
Cure Hyperhidrosis
  • People come from around the world to the Center for the Cure of Sweaty Palms to consult with Dr. Fritz Baumgartner, an expert in the cure of palmar hyperhidrosis (sweaty palms)

4. Stop Sweating, Hyperhidrosis, Hyperhidrosis, Excessive Perspiration, Excessive S
Prescription antiperspirant to stop excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis by non-surgical means.
Pharmaceutical Grade Liquid Vibe™ Stop excessive sweating with the MOST POWERFUL prescription strength anti-perspirant on the market.
Excessive sweating
and hyperhidrosis can be eliminated with Maxim™.
Maxim™ is distributed by CORAD Healthcare, Inc. and is our hallmark product. Maxim™ is surgeon and physician recommended! It has established ourselves as a leader in developing specialty medical solutions for unique disorders. Maxim™ has been developed specifically for excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Maxim™ in the media (click) Excessive sweating can have profound social effects. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, nearly million people in America alone suffer from hyperhidrosis. Maxim™ is recommended by leading Surgeons to treat hyperhidrosis.

5. Philip's Experience W/ Hyperhidrosis
A personal page on these disorders as well as the surgery, the results, the conclusion and more topics of interest.

6. Hyperhidrosis Hyperhidrosis Treatment Information On
Clinic provides videoscopic treatments for hyperhidrosis, hand sweat, and excessive perspiration. Offers doctor and condition information as well as

7. Sweating And Hyperhidrosis Explained By Mark Whiteley, A UK Specialist In Excess
Excessive sweating of the face, hands and armpits can be cured - explanation bya UK specialist in the treatment of excessive sweating.
Sweating and hyperhidrosis - understanding and treatments
The latest in treatment of excessive sweating
UKTV Style are offering 8 to 10 people the opportunity to have illnesses treated in an intensive ‘health programme’ at a luxury Spanish Spa ran by leading experts in holistic and alternative medicines. One of the conditions they are interested in is Hyperhidrosis (Sweating). If you are interested in being part of this series, please
click here for more information

Click on picture to enter The Sweating Website Excessive sweating is also known as Hyperhidrosis
and can be treated by Iontophoresis, Botulinum Toxin and
Transthoracic Endoscopic Sympathectomy (TES or ETS)

8. Sweaty Palms Hyperhidrosis Surgery Information Facial Blushing
Our facility is located at Dr. Richard J. Fischel hyperhidrosis 2601 East Chapman Avenue Orange, California 92869

hyperhidrosis is a disorder characterized by excessive sweating that occurs in up The excessive sweating can occur in the hands (palmar hyperhidrosis),
Description By: Keith Naunheim, MD
What is hyperhidrosis?
What is the sympathetic nervous system?

What causes the sympathetic system to malfunction?

What are the symptoms?
Hyperhidrosis is a disorder characterized by excessive sweating that occurs in up to 1% of the population. The excessive sweating can occur in the hands (palmar hyperhidrosis), in the armpits (axillary hyperhidrosis), or in the feet (plantar hyperhidrosis). Although nobody understands the exact cause of this excessive sweating in specific individuals, it is known that the sweating is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system.
The human body possesses two different sets of nerves: the somatic nervous system and the autonomic system. The somatic nervous system is the system of voluntary nerves that give us sensation (pain, heat, and touch) as well as the control of our muscles that allow us to move the different portions of our body at will. The autonomic nervous system, on the other hand, is the involuntary nervous system. Many of our bodily functions occur without conscious control such as the rate at which we breathe, the beating of our heart, and the production of sweat, which is important for regulating body temperature. The autonomic nervous system is made up of two components: the sympathetic and the parasympathetic systems. It is the sympathetic nervous system that controls the sweating throughout our bodies.

10. International Hyperhidrosis Society: Excessive Sweating Treatment Information,ed
Information for health care professional and patients on excessive sweating, treatment options and the organization; include a physician finder.
RUINS MORE THAN JUST CLOTHING Excessive sweating , or hyperhidrosis avoiding social situations and trying to disguise the excessive sweating with clothing, powders, and pads.
But you don't have to suffer in isolation anymore. The International Hyperhidrosis Society is a non-profit global organization providing education, advocacy, access to hyperhidrosis treatment, and research into excessive sweating. We have developed state-of-the-art physician education so that patients can find the help they need from knowledgeable doctors around the world. You can find these physicians listed here, on our site, through the Physician Finder. At the International Hyperhidrosis Society, we work hard to raise public awareness of this serious medical condition and our programs reach the pressrooms around the globe and in your hometown. And that's just the beginning. Whether you suffer from hyperhidrosis, have a loved one struggling with excessive sweating, or are a medical professional treating excessive sweating, this site contains the type of accurate, balanced, and complete information you need to

11. Welcome To!
The medical term for this is hyperhidrosis.

12. Hyperhidrosis, Excessive Sweating
American Osteopathic College of Dermatology skin disease database The medicalterm for excessive sweating is hyperhidrosis.The problem may be limited to a
Hyperhidrosis, Excessive Sweating
The medical term for excessive sweating is hyperhidrosis. The problem may be limited to a few problem areas or may be all over. The armpits and the palms are the areas most often troublesome. Excessive sweating starts after puberty. It may be present to some degree all the time, but is at it's worst when under stress such as during exams, interviews or dating. Excess sweating that affects areas other than the armpits and palms may a sign of serious problems. Systemic, neurological and anxiety conditions need to be ruled out; however most cases have no underlying cause.
Most over-the-counter antiperspirants are not strong enough to do the job. The best product is available by prescription (Drysol). It is somewhat irritating and will stain clothing. It is applied at bedtime to completely dry skin. It is washed off in the morning shower. Do not use a regular deodorant afterwards. Repeat the treatment nightly until the sweating is under control. If it does not work after one or two weeks, begin covering the affected area with a square of "saran wrap" overnight. After it begins to work, use once or twice weekly to maintain the effect, and use a regular deodorant on the other days. The medication is less effective on the thick skin of the palms and soles.
If these treatments don't work well enough there are alternatives. Botox injections, a treatment now popular for wrinkles, will stop sweating for 6 or 8 months, but is expensive. On the palms, it may cause mild, temporary weakness of the grip. Oral Robinul pills are very safe and will decrease sweating, but they have annoying, mild side effects. Good results are often obtained by driving the Robinul into the skin directly with a Drionic electrophoretic machine.

13. Hiperhidrosis Y Sudorosa Centro - Hiperhidrosis Curacion Para Las Palmas Sudoros
Centro donde se realiza simpatectom­a para tratamiento del sudor excesivo. Incluye datos del centro, cirujano y la enfermedad.
¿Usted sufre de sudor excesivo en las palmas de las manos, en los pies, en la cara o exceso de ruborizacion facial? Si es así, Usted puede estar experimentando una condición llamada Hiperhidrosis . Finalmente hay una cura para hiperhidrosis y esta disponible y en practica en el centro para hiperhidrosis en Los Angeles donde el líder experto Dr. Reisfield puede eliminar la incomodidad y el desconcierto del sudor excesivo de una vez por todas. La cura para Hiperhidrosis, conocida como Simpatectomia Torácica Endoscopia (STE), es un procedimiento finalmente perfeccionado y comprobado, tomando ventaja de las ultimas técnicas endoscopias. Durante el procedimiento, el Dr. Reisfield coloca unas grapas de titaneo dentro de la cavidad del pecho. Estas grapas dividen la cadena de nervios simpateticos y elimina el problema efectivamente del sudor excesivo o ruborizacion facial. La mayor parte de los pacientes del Dr. Reisfield salen caminando del centro medico después de 2 horas de la cirugía. Actividades físicas regulares, incluyendo reanudar el trabajo, posiblemente en una semana o menos después de la cirugía. El centro para hiperhidrosis es parte de el Centro Beverly Hills para cirugía especial. El centro para cirugía especial tiene licencia y personal profesional completamente capacitado.

14. Virtual Hospital: Hyperhidrosis
Excellent FAQ section for hyperhidrosis treatment options. Includes strong section on treatment alternatives, and video.
Editor: Mark D. Iannettoni, M.B.A., M.D.
Ehrenhaft Professor of Surgery and Chairman
Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery Harold M. Burkhart, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery Timothy L. Vannatta, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery The University of Iowa Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed
First Published: May 2004
Last Revised: May 2004 Table of Contents This information is written primarily for patients. See related Patient Textbooks about Surgery See related Patient Topics Cardiothoracic Hyperhidrosis Procedures and Therapies Skin, Hair and Nails ... Surgery or Sweat See related Provider Textbooks about Surgery See related Provider Topics Cardiothoracic Procedures and Therapies Skin, Hair and Nails or Surgery Virtual Hospital Home Virtual Children's Hospital Home Site Map ... University of Iowa

15. Hyperhidrosis Informational Web Site
hyperhidrosis information web site. hyperhidrosis info to help visitors remain informed with issues relating to excessive sweating of the hands, face

16. The Center For Hyperhidrosis: Stop Sweaty Hands And Facial Blushing
Treating patients suffering from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and facial blushing in the New York area.
Hyperhidrosis is a relatively common problem that affects many people. Although sweating is a normal bodily function, in some people it is unnecessarily excessive. Typically, people with hyperhidrosis have excessive sweating of their hands and sometimes in other parts of their body as well. In its most severe form, hyperhidrosis can cause crippling loss of self esteem.
At the Center for Hyperhidrosis at Columbia University Medical Center, located in New York City, we have developed a multidisciplinary approach to the management of hyperhidrosis. Surgery very effectively eliminates hyperhidrosis, but there may be some unavoidable side effects. We believe that non-surgical methods to control hyperhidrosis should be tried before considering surgery. For that reason, our team includes not only Board Certified Thoracic Surgeons who specialize in minimally invasive thoracic surgery, but also Board Certified Dermatologists who are regarded amongst the best doctors in New York. Employing a team approach that offers both medical and surgical treatments, we believe all patients can obtain relief from symptoms.
The Center for Hyperhidrosis at Columbia University Medical Center has been instrumental in modifying the surgical techniques for hyperhidrosis to minimize side effects and improve the results of surgical therapy. In cooperation with other centers where surgery for hyperhidrosis is performed, we continue to analyze surgical outcomes to further improve the results of surgery. Dr. Gorenstein not only performs surgery for hyperhidrosis, but is well recognized as a leader in the field of Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery, and is the director of Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center.

17. The Center For Hyperhidrosis. Dr. Reisfeld - Sweaty Palms / Hand Sweat
End hyperhidrosis of the hands, palms, feet, and face with this leading surgicalprocedure.

Adobe PDF version
this web site. Visit the Pacific Hernia
Center website
learn about Dr. Reisfeld
practice of hernia
There is finally an effective surgical breakthrough for the treatment of excessive sweating. Excessive sweating of the hands, feet, and face, excessive facial blushing, or any combination of these conditions is known as hyperhidrosis . The cure is available and in practice at The Center for Hyperhidrosis in Los Angeles, California. Here, leading expert Dr. Rafael Reisfield can often times eliminate the discomfort and embarrassment of excessive sweating once and for all with a simple surgical procedure. Please take some time to explore the site, as we are constantly updating it with new information on various treatments, insurance issues, discoveries about side effects of ETS and the various topics connected with hyperhidrosis. We also make an effort to answer your questions. You can join the free and anonymous discussion forum, and we also invite you to contact the office for direct communication with our staff or to set up your appointment with Dr. Reisfeld. We can also connect you with our network of patients who have undergone ETS if you'd like to talk to someone about the procedure personally:

18. Hyperhidrosis, A Treatment For The Cure Of Hand Sweating, Facial
hyperhidrosis, a treatment for the cure of hand sweating, facial sweating and blushing

19. Hyperhidrosis & Available Treatments
hyperhidrosis and hyperhidrosis Treatement page. This condition is known ashyperhidrosis and is defined as the production of perspiration beyond what

Adobe PDF version
this web site. Visit the Pacific Hernia
Center website
learn about Dr. Reisfeld
practice of hernia
Hyperhidrosis, The facts:
Throughout the average day, our bodies naturally perspire as a way to regulate heat. In some people, natural perspiration is excessive in the face and hands. This condition is known as hyperhidrosis and is defined as the production of perspiration beyond what is necessary to cool the body.
Other Valuable Information: The process of sweating is controlled by the Sympathetic Nervous System. This involuntary nervous system maintains the five million or so sweat glands throughout the body. In fact, about two-thirds of our body's sweat glands are located in the hands alone. The answer to the problem of hyperhidrosis lies within these nerves. Doctors have found that "supercharged" nerves cause excessive sweating. With regard to the cause of hyperhidrosis, a definite answer cannot be given. There seems to be a genetic correlation with hyperhidrosis. In Dr.Reisfeld's studies, he found that 40% of his patients have some sort of genetic pattern. Another study showed an even higher percentage of genetic origin to this problem. Dr. Reisfeld, and other researchers around the globe, are constantly making progress in the field of medicine. Historial Overview:
Over the past years, several different approaches have been taken to cure this socially and functionally embarrassing problem. Patients have tried herbal medications, lotions, and oral medications to end excessive sweating. None of those methods have proved to be of any lasting value. The surgical approach to this problem started about 60 years ago but, due to the location of the sympathetic nerve chain in the body, medical procedures at that time necessitated a very invasive surgery. The operation used to be done either through the neck, chest cavity, or through the back. Those invasive methods made it an unpopular operation for patients and the medical community at large. Since the introduction of minimally invasive surgery about 20 years ago, methods were developed to access the sympathetic nerve chain with minimally invasive surgery. Over the last 10 years, the

David H. Nielson, M.D. Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Endoscopic Cardiothoracic Surgery, providing videoscopic treatments for hyperhidrosis, hand sweat, and excessive perspiration.

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