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         Hughes Syndrome:     more books (26)
  1. Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome by R. Kent Hughes, Barbara Hughes, 2008-01-07
  2. Understanding Hughes Syndrome: Case Studies for Patients by Graham Hughes, 2008-12-12
  3. Hughes Syndrome: Antiphospholipid Syndrome
  4. Living with Hughes Syndrome (Overcoming Common Problems) by Triona Holden, 2002-09-20
  5. Ryan: A Mother's Story of Her Hyperactive/Tourette Syndrome Child by Susan Hughes, 1990-02
  6. Hughes Syndrome: Patients' Guide by Graham Hughes, 2001-04-02
  7. Positive Options for Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS): Self-Help and Treatment by Triona Holden, 2003-03
  8. What Makes Ryan Tick: A Family's Triumph over Tourette Syndrome and Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder by Susan Hughes, 1996-05
  9. Guillain-Barre Syndrome (Clinical Medicine and the Nervous System) by Richard A.C. Hughes, 1990-11-26
  10. Educating Children with Fragile X Syndrome: A Multi-Professional View
  11. Educating Children with Fragile X Syndrome: A Multi-Professional View
  12. Rheumatic Disease Clinics of North America (Antiphospholipid (Hughes) Syndrome, 27:3)
  13. Antiphospholipid (Hughes) Syndrome Handbook by M A Khamashta, 2001
  14. Rheumatic Disease Clinics of North America: Antiphospholipid (Hughes) Syndrome (Volume 27)

61. The Hughes Syndrome Foundation - Patient UK
The hughes syndrome Foundation Patient UK. A directory of UK health, disease, illness and related medical websites that provide patient information.
The Hughes Syndrome Foundation
The Rayne Institute
St Thomas' Hospital
Tel: 020 7188 8217
The Hughes Syndrome Foundation aims to offer understanding and support to sufferers of Hughes Syndrome. They also aim to offer:
  • Information and education on Hughes Syndrome.
  • Support research into the condition.
  • To raise funds to provide information, education and research.
The Hughes Foundation has set up a membership scheme which gives it's members up-to-date information through a regular newsletter everything happening with the Foundation, it's staff, and the condition.
Checked: January 2005
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on health and disease. Also, worth a look... Related pages in Patient UK Leaflets Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Patient Support Lupus UK Lupus UK Website Books Lupus Book (The) Other - Useful resources Pictures, diagrams, photos, images, etc.

62. Hughes Syndrome - Patient UK
hughes syndrome Foundation The Hughes’ Syndrome Foundation is the charity that was set up with the following aims to offer understanding and support to
Hughes Syndrome
UK sources of information and / or support
Hughes Syndrome Foundation
The Hughes’ Syndrome Foundation is the charity that was set up with the following aims: to offer understanding and support to sufferers of Hughes Syndrome, to offer information and education on Hughes Syndrome and to support research into the condition.

Sponsored links and adverts Patient UK has no control of the content of the following links. Inclusion does not imply endorsement by Patient UK. Health Related Books
From Amazon - browse hundreds of books
on health and disease. Also, worth a look... Related pages in Patient UK Patient Plus Antiphospholipid syndrome
Other - Useful resources Pictures, diagrams, photos, images, etc.
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63. King's College London - Directory Of Experts - Dr Munther Khamashta
Lupus; antiphospholipid syndrome; pregnancy; connective tissue diseases; vasculitis; antiphospholipid syndrome. Subjects. hughes syndrome; Lupus
Text only Email this page Directory of Experts Search by keyword: Subject Department Surname Language You are in: Expert Information Directory of Experts
Expert Information
Dr Munther Khamashta
Senior Lecturer, Honorary Consultant Physician


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Lupus; antiphospholipid syndrome; pregnancy; connective tissue diseases; vasculitis; antiphospholipid syndrome. Subjects
  • Hughes syndrome Lupus
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64. Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome, APS, APLS, Hughes Syndrome, Sticky Blood, Cl
Medical research information on APLS, APS, APLAS or hughes syndrome and related blood disorders.
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Rate this site! 1 - Worst 10 - Best AOL customers click here for E-mail information Do you have problems with your balance and posture. Try the Wobble cushion Click here To enter the 1st World survey of APS patient symptoms Anti Phospholipid Syndrome This site is intended as a research resource for medical professionals, patients and families who wish to learn more about a little known lethal, yet treatable, blood disorder that causes hypercoagulation. Early signs of this disease are often diagnosed as many different disorders before being correctly diagnosed. This inability to correctly diagnose is not due to any form of medical inefficiency, but is due to the disease only being recognised in the last 9 years, and it's ability to mimic the symptoms of a number of well known and documented diseases. Even though I have a clinical diagnosis of APLS, wear an SOS Talisman bracelet and carry a medical fact card on me, in an emergency the Accident and Emergency doctors still insist on treating the possibly catastrophic events as a Migraine. I hope this site will help to raise the awareness of many doctors and health care professionals, and give help and the comfort of understanding the problems to patients and their families.

65. Warfarinfo
INFORMATION ABOUT ANTIPHOSPHOLIPID ANTIBODY (HUGHES) SYNDROME hughes syndrome, also known as sticky blood or antiphospholipid syndrome (APS),
Warfarin Institute of America Dedicated To Your Health OUR READERS HAVE FOUND HELP MORE THAN 1 MILLION TIMES INFORMATION ABOUT ANTIPHOSPHOLIPID ANTIBODY (HUGHES) SYNDROME "Once upon a time the physician was hard put to distinguish between the true-positive blood test for syphilis and the biologic false-positive reaction... There was rejoicing when the physician could happily proclaim that the patient had a biologic false-positive reaction and not syphilis... Time has made it clear that ... antibodies appearing without apparent cause may be the harbinger of an autoimmune disease... One cannot help wondering if the patient would be better off with syphilis." Fiumara. N Eng J Med. 1963;268:402 International Consensus Statement of Classification Criteria for Antiphospholipid Syndrome (The Sapporo Criteria) To be diagnosed as having APS a person must have:
  • Experienced a clot in either an artery or vein Miscarriage (if a female who has been pregnant) Anticardiolipin antibodies Lupus anticoagulant
Hughes Syndrome: An Interview with Two Patients by Linda Bee Lo, Pharm D Candidate

66. My Pharmacy Living With Hughes Syndrome
Living with hughes syndrome, Living with hughes syndrome(Reference 461) Living with hughes syndrome information Price £6.99

Health Books Sheldon Press Living with Hughes Syndrome
Living with Hughes Syndrome

Living with Hughes Syndrome information

Alternative Medicines Health Products ... Shopping Policy

67. Antiphospholipid Syndrome
NHS direct online health encyclopaedia hughes syndrome. Patient information about hughes syndrome from the NHS direct online service.
low graphics
Antiphospholipid Syndrome
broader: Autoimmune Diseases other: Addison Disease Arthritis, Rheumatoid Dermatitis Herpetiformis Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1 ... Thyroiditis, Autoimmune This is one of a series of pregnancy-related information leaflets produced by Dr. Danny Tucker, a UK-based Specialist Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. This document explains what Antiphospholipid syndrome is, the incidence of the syndrome, the problems it can cause, and possible prevention of these problems. Pregnancy Complications Patient Education Handout [Publication Type] Antiphospholipid Syndrome NHS direct online health encyclopaedia : Hughes syndrome Patient information about Hughes syndrome from the NHS direct online service. The pages contain comprehensive, clearly and simply written information covering different aspects of the condition. These include an introduction to Hughes syndrome, followed by separate sections on symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment. NHS direct online is a Web site providing health information and advice for people in England. Patient Education Antiphospholipid Syndrome
Last modified: 02 Sep 2005

68. GKT Gazette - March 2004
In obstetrics, Hughes’ Syndrome is the commonest treatable cause of In cardiology, hughes syndrome, is recognised as an important cause of heart attacks

archives links subscriptions ... obituaries News In the news this month... The King and I: 28th - 30th January 2004 From the 28th - 30th January 2004 audiences in the Greenwood Lecture Theatre were transported to the grand Royal court of 19th century Siam, as the "King and I" was performed by members of the GKT Musical Theatre Society. The week was a great success, the production making audience members laugh and cry. "The King and I" was adapted for the stage by Rodgers and Hammerstein, from the Margaret Landon book "Anna and the King of Siam". It tells the story of Anna Leowens (Natalie Watson), an English schoolteacher appointed to bring Western culture to Siam by its King (Sam Turner). However, on her arrival, the King and Anna get off to a bad start. Throughout the play, with its many twists and turns, Anna begins to understand the King more, and to love him and his large family. On his deathbed, the King and Anna are reconciled and the King is succeeded by a son who will lead Siam using the important lessons Anna taught him.

69. Babyloss - A Home On The Web
of miscarriage or late pregnancy loss can be tested for hughes syndrome. The hughes syndrome Foundation was set up in 2000 to provide support and
support > UK support
Highlighted UK
The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust supports anyone affected by ectopic pregnancy, which occurs when a fertilised egg grows outside the womb. The condition can be fatal if it is not diagnosed early enough. Women who have had an ectopic pregnancy can find it difficult to come to terms with not only the loss of their baby and the trauma of a life-threatening experience, but sometimes the effect that surgical treatment for ectopic pregnancy can have on their fertility. The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust provides much-needed support to women and their families in this situation. They have a helpline, a support network, and an excellent forum on their website. Visit for more details. If you would like to suggest an organisation or group to feature here
please email babyloss
Support organisations in the United Kingdom
A charity set up to support couples with families conceived by Assisted Conception techniques. Offers help to those who have experienced pregnancy loss after assisted conception, through access to members with this specific experience on their bulletin board.

70. Sticky Blood Explained Book Review -APS,Hughes Syndrome,antiphospholipid Syndrom
Instantly downloadable medical and health Books on hair loss,diet,weight loss,prostate cancer,APS,hughes syndrome.
Book Preview Sticky Blood Explained - Hughes Syndrome by Kay Thackray This book by Kay Thackray is an important contribution to the understanding of the syndrome. The messages are simple. Blood Clots can cause untold damage. The tendency to 'sticky blood' found in Hughes Syndrome can be diagnosed by simple blood tests. The use of medicines, some as simple as aspirin, can protect against the clotting tendency. Kay Thackray here provides just the sort of clear guidance patients with Hughes Syndrome need. Coming from a patient and coming straight from the heart the lessons provided by this book are beyond value. The description by Dr Graham Hughes of St. Thomas Hospital, London, of the 'antiphospholipid syndrome' or Hughes Syndrome is one of the landmarks of the 20th Century. Here is a disease, a medical discovery, which should turn such fashions around. In a series of brilliant clinical observations, Dr Hughes, not only pieced together what is now clearly a common and important disease, but also, with his team, set up the blood test and treatment guideline, which are used worldwide today. In a series of clinical articles in the early 1980s, Dr Hughes and his team described the headaches, the miscarriages, the clotting tendency, the effect on platelets, the strokes, the memory loss...and almost all of the clinical picture now recognised as a distinct syndrome.

71. BHF Any Questions? - Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome
Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, also known as hughes syndrome, The hughes syndrome Foundation The Rayne Institute St Thomas Hospital

72. GNIF Brain Blogger: From The News: DiCaprio Developed 'Howard Hughes Syndrome'
From the News DiCaprio developed Howard hughes syndrome . Actor got so into role, he reawakened own ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder
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GNIF Brain Blogger
This blog will review the latest exciting news in neuroscience, psychiatry, and neurology from multidimensional biological, psychological, and sociological perspectives.
Tuesday, February 22, 2005
From the News: DiCaprio developed 'Howard Hughes syndrome'
Actor got so into role, he reawakened own Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Posted: February 20, 2005
4:43 p.m. Eastern
© 2005
A leading expert on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder who advised actor Leonardo DiCaprio on portraying Howard Hughes in "The Aviator" says the actor himself developed a serious case of the condition.
There were moments when I was very concerned for Leo, " UCLA psychiatry professor Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz told Scotland on Sunday.
Schwartz, who was called in by director Martin Scorsese to help replicate the characteristics of OCD from which Hughes suffered, says DiCaprio's brain started to malfunction, as he reawakened his own OCD he suffered as a child.
He let his own mild OCD get worse to play the part

73. Síndrome Antifosfolípido
hughes syndrome antiphospholipid antibodies move closer to thrombosis in 1994. Hughes GRV. The hughes syndrome. The syndrome behind the name.
  • Hughes GRV., Nigel-Harris N., Gharavi AE. The Anticardiolipin Syndrome. J Rheumatol 1986; 13: 486-489. Hughes GRV., Asherson RA., Khamastha MA. Antiphospholipid syndrome: linking many specialities. Ann Rheum Dis; 1989; 48: 355-356. Asherson RA., Khamastha MA., Ordi-Rios J., et al. The primary Antiphospholipid syndrome: major clinical and serological features. Medicine 1989; 68: 366-374. Khamastha MA. Hughes Syndrome: History. In Khamastha MA. Hughes Syndrome. (antiphospholipid syndrome). First Ed, Springer. London. 2000; 3-7. Khamastha MA, Asherson RA. Hughes Syndrome: antiphospholipid antibodies move closer to thrombosis in 1994. Br J Rheumatol 1995; 34: 493-497. Karuraki J., Kuwana M. Antiphospholipid syndrome. Rinsho Byori 2000; 5: 463-468. Hughes GRV. The Anticardiolipin syndrome. Clin Exp Rheumatol 1985; 3: 285-294. Hughes GRV. Connective tissue diseases and the skin. The 1983 prosses-white oration. Clin Exp Dermatol 1984; 9: 535-544. Hughes GRV. The Hughes syndrome. The syndrome behind the name. (otherwise know as antiphospholipid syndrome). Isr Med Ass 1999; 1: 100-103. Harris EN. Syndrome of the black swan. Br J Rheumatol 1987; 26: 324-326.
  • 74. Lupus Factsheets
    with some lupus patients, the antiphospholipid or hughes syndrome. in lupus is associated with hughes syndrome (the antiphospholipid syndrome).
    The Lupus Site Site Updates Lupus News Contact
    Message Boards
    (UK customers)

    powered by FreeFind Lupus and the Brain Doctors throughout the world are now recognising the importance of subtle forms of brain involvement in lupus as well as the more obvious brain problems. Never underestimate brain involvement. It may vary from mild depression, to memory loss, to much more severe problems such as seizures. In general there are two main causes of brain disease in lupus. The first is lupus disease itself which can cause alterations in the brain activity. The second is the clotting disorder associated with some lupus patients, the antiphospholipid or Hughes syndrome. It is very, very important for the doctor to try to distinguish between these two major causes of neurologic involvement as the treatments are clearly very different. Depression Depression is an important manifestation of lupus - in some it is the presenting sign of the disease. Many patients and, certainly, many doctors wrongly attribute depression in lupus merely to having a chronic illness and all that goes with it. This is not correct. The disease itself causes depression. Depression is an integral part of lupus in some patients - indeed management of the lupus often itself lifts the depression. The management of depression in lupus rests on a combination of treating the underlying lupus itself as well as possibly adding in antidepressant therapy. One of the medical advances in the last decade has been the introduction of newer milder antidepressants with less of the severe side-effects which so hampered older treatments.

    75. WorldNetDaily Expert DiCaprio Developed Howard Hughes Syndrome
    Expert DiCaprio developed Howard hughes syndrome Actor got so into role, he reawakened own ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder

    76. Links
    Aims to provide information about hughes syndrome (antiphospholipid syndrome APS) and to help with research into this condition.
    Specialist Organisations
    This is a list of organisations which provide specialist information about specific medical conditions.
    (Please note SANDS cannot guarantee the accuracy on the information on these sites) ORGANISATION SPECIALISATION LINK Action on Pre-Eclampsia (APEC) Aims to ease and prevent suffering from pre-eclampsia and improve care and understanding of the condition. Association for Children with Heart Disorders Helps hospitals with funding for vital pieces of equipment and give support and understanding to parents and families. Anencephaly Support The group aims to provide emotional support to families, to give information on the condition and provide an opportunity to talk to someone who has also lost a baby with anecephaly. Tel:  01684 573974 ASBAH (Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus) Has information and support for parents of children with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus. Bereaved can speak to medical advisors.

    77. Anti-phospholipid Syndrome (Hughes Syndrome): A Review With Representative Cases
    Journal of Indian Rheumatism Association. 1996 JulSep; 4(3) 104-15.
    Extracted from IndMED Malaviya AN; Marouf R; Awadi AA; Hussin MAS; Jarallh KA; Khamis A; Assousi A Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University Anti-phospholipid syndrome (Hughes Syndrome): a review with representative cases. Journal of Indian Rheumatism Association. 1996 Jul-Sep; 4(3): 104-15 KEYWORDS: Antiphospholipid Syndrome/HI; Antiphospholipid Syndrome/DI; Antiphospholipid Syndrome/DT; Antiphospholipid Syndrome/CL; Antiphospholipied Syndrome/CO; Thrombosis/CO; Thrombophlebitis/CO; Fetal Death; Abortion Vasculitis; Thrombocytopenia/CO; Osteonecrosis/CO; Addison's Disease/CO; Autoantibodies; Case Report; Human; Middle Age; Adult; Female References: 116 Record Identifier: NI000787

    78. Hughes Syndrome Ed By M A Khamashta
    In 1983 Graham Hughes described a syndrome in which the blood has a tendency to clot. hughes syndrome is at the root of diverse conditions such as stroke,
    Hughes Syndrome Ed by M A Khamashta
    Hughes Syndrome
    Ed by M A Khamashta
    Ed. by M. A. Khamashta
    Antiphospholipid Syndrome. Foreword by Eng M. Tan
    In 1983 Graham Hughes described a syndrome in which the blood has a tendency to clot. Hughes syndrome is at the root of diverse conditions such as stroke, leg vein thrombosis and recurrent abortion. Hughes Syndrome addresses the complete range of features produced by this common disorder, which is also known as antiphospholipid syndrome. The condition can affect any organ, and is treated using commonly available drugs including low-dose aspirin and warfarin. This timely book fulfils the need for a cross-disciplinary clinical textbook and contains contributions from the leading international authorities. Hughes Syndrome should be read by anyone who might have a clinical or scientific interest in this condition: rheumatologists, haematologists, obstetricians and neurologists.
    Antiphospholipid /
    [Mathematik / Naturwissenschaften / Technik / Medizin] [Medizin / Pharmazie] Allgemeinmedizin / Diagnostik / Therapie / Grundlagen
    Medizinische Ethik im ärztlichen Alltag

    History of Modern Biotechnology, 2

    79. Community Organisations In Cambridgeshire - Hughes Syndrome
    Contact us What s new Links Printing About InfoCam Copyright Disclaimer. InfoCam hughes syndrome Cambridge Support Group

    80. The Mail Online
    5 repliesMiscarriages blood testing for hughes syndrome But a simple blood test to detect the condition hughes syndrome could save nearly 20000 of the

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