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         Hepatocerebral Encephalopathy:     more detail

1. Webkatalog
prolet1 wie das Vertrauen zur honney Sie sind hier Startseite Fit Gesund Webkatalog. Hepatic Encephalopathy Websites

2. Entrez PubMed
the brain of a case of the special type of hepatocerebral encephalopathy (HCE) . Hepatic Encephalopathy/metabolism* Hepatic Encephalopathy/pathology

3. Hepatic Encephalopathy
Encephalopathy, Hepatic; Portosystemic Encephalopathy; Encephalopathy, Hepatocerebral; Encephalopathy, PortalSystemic; Encephalopathy

4. Penn State Faculty Research Expertise Database (FRED)
hepatocerebral encephalopathy, PortalSystemic Encephalopathy. Coma, Hepatic,Comas, Hepatic. Encephalopathies, Hepatic, Encephalopathies, Hepatocerebral

5. Hepatic Encephalopathy
Encephalopathies; Encephalopathy, Portosystemic; hepatocerebral encephalopathy; PortalSystemic Encephalopathy; Portal Systemic Encephalopathy;

Encephalopathies ; Encephalopathy, Portosystemic ; hepatocerebral encephalopathy ; PortalSystemic Encephalopathy ; Portal Systemic

7. Penn State Faculty Research Expertise Database (FRED)
Encephalopathy, hepatocerebral encephalopathy, PortalSystemic. Encephalopathy, Portosystemic Fulminant Hepatic Failure with Cerebral Edema

8. Parkinsonism
infections (eg viral encephalitis), exposure to toxins (eg MPTP, carbonmonoxide), metabolic disturbances (eg hepatocerebral encephalopathy),
Drug-Induced Parkinsonism: Are Cinnarizine and Flunarizine Implicated?
Guilherme L. Werneck
Parkinsonism PD is generally accepted as a clinicopathological entity that is different from other causes of extrapyramidal signs. However, since there is no accurate biological marker for PD, the differential diagnosis of parkinsonism can be extremely arduous. The reported proportion of cases of parkinsonism induced by drugs varies from 8 to 51%. The relative frequency of drug-induced parkinsonism may be underestimated since drug reactions in older persons may suggest the presence of a new disease or may simply be attributed to the aging process. This misinterpretation is particularly likely when the drug-induced symptoms correlate almost perfectly with those of PD, an illness that occurs more frequently in the elderly. In addition, a global underestimation of adverse drug effects in the elderly is likely, since this group is underrepresented in premarketing clinical trials. The proportion of drug-induced parkinsonism may on the other hand be overestimated if some patients had previous subclinical idiopathic PD, and the onset of the classical symptoms coincided with the use of the incriminated drug. Either underestimation or overestimation can also occur depending on the selection of study patients and the criteria used to establish the putative causal relationship.

9. Hepatic Encephalopathy - Unified Search Environment
Encephalopathy hepatocerebral encephalopathy Portosystemic Encephalopathy hepatic coma/encephalopathy PortalSystemic Encephalopathy coma

10. Conditions And Diseases Specific Diseases H Hepatocerebral
Conditions and Diseases Specific Diseases H hepatocerebral encephalopathy All about Conditions and Diseases Specific Diseases H

11. Netscape Search Category - Hepatic Encephalopathy
and Diseases Neurological Disorders Brain Diseases Metabolic Hepatic Encephalopathy Specialized Searches Yellow Pages White

12. ScienceDaily Browse Topics
Top Health Conditions and Diseases Neurological Disorders Brain Diseases Metabolic Hepatic Encephalopathy

13. Parkinsonism
encephalitis), exposure to toxins (e.g. MPTP, carbon monoxide), metabolic disturbances (e.g. hepatocerebral encephalopathy), and the use of

14. He : On Medical Dictionary Online
Hepatocerebral Encephalopathies hepatocerebral encephalopathy Hepatocyte Hepatocyte Growth Factor Hepatocyte Growth Factor Receptor

hepatocerebral encephalopathy http// hepatocerebral encephalopathy (79 sites / 38 books)

16. All Showcase - Health Disease And Health Conditions
Hepatic Encephalopathy (2). Hepatitis (25). hepatocerebral encephalopathy (2).Hepatolenticular Degeneration (12). Hereditary Angioedema (5)
Health Disease and Health Conditions
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Health Diseases and Health Conditions
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17. Gigablast Search Results
Hepatic Encephalopathy@ (1); Hepatitis@ (100); hepatocerebral encephalopathy@ (1);Hepatolenticular Degeneration@ (13); Hereditary Angioedema@ (6)
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18. Disability Directory
Hepatic Encephalopathy@ (1); Hepatitis@ (99); hepatocerebral encephalopathy@ (1);Hepatolenticular Degeneration@ (13); Hereditary Angioedema@ (5)

19. The World Diseases A 2 Z Names By Countrylinks And Dr Impex
Hepatic Encephalopathy. Hepatitis. hepatocerebral encephalopathy. HepatolenticularDegeneration. Hereditary Angioedema

Country Links
Dr Impex free on-line Services Note: search with CTRL + F A Aarskog Syndrome Aase Syndrome Abetalipoproteinemia Ablepharon-Macrostomia Syndrome Achilles Tendonitis Achondroplasia Acoustic Neuroma Acromegaly Activated Protein C Resistance Acute Idiopathic Polyneuritis ADD and ADHD Addiction and Recovery Addison's Disease Adiposis Dolorosa Adjustment Disorders Adrenoleukodystrophy Agnosia Agoraphobia Aicardi Syndrome AIDS Alagille Syndrome Albinism Alcoholism Alexander Disease Alkaptonuria Allergies Alopecia Alpers' Disease Alpha1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Alport Syndrome Alstrom Syndrome Alternating Hemiplegia Altophobia Alzheimer's Amblyopia Amputee Amyloidosis Amyoplasia Congenita Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Anal Fissures Anemia Anencephaly Aneurysm Angina Pectoris Anophthalmos Anorexia Anosmia Anterior Knee Pain Syndrome Antiphospholipid Syndrome Anxiety Aortic Valve Disease Apert Syndrome Aphasia Aplastic Anemia Apnea, Sleep Appendicitis Arrhythmia Arteriohepatic Dysplasia Arthritis Arthrogryposis Asbestosis Asperger's Syndrome Aspergillosis Asthma Atherosclerosis Athlete's Foot Atrial Fibrillation Attachment Disorder Attention Deficit Disorder Autism Auto Immune Disorders Aviophobia Aviatophobia B Bacillary Angiomatosis Back Disorders Bad Breath Balanitis Baldness Barth Syndrome Bassen Kornzweig Syndrome Batten Disease Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome Behcet's Syndrome Bell's Palsy Benign Breast Lumps Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Berger's Disease Beriberi Beryllium Disease

20. Health/Conditions And Diseases/H -- The Doctors Lounge(TM)
Hepatic Encephalopathy@ 1; Hepatitis@ 99; hepatocerebral encephalopathy@ 1;Hepatolenticular Degeneration@ 13; Hereditary Angioedema@ 5
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