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         Hepatitis:     more books (100)
  1. Living Healthy with Hepatitis C: Natural and Conventional Approaches to Recover Your Quality of Life by Harriet A. Washington, 2000-11-07
  2. Survivor: One Man's Battle with HIV, Hemophilia, and Hepatitis C by Vaughn Ripley, 2010-09-30
  3. The First Year: Hepatitis C: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed by Cara Bruce, Ph.D. Lisa Montanarelli Ph.D., 2007-11-23
  4. Living with Hepatitis B: A Survivor's Guide by Gregory T. Everson, Hedy Weinberg, et all 2002-01
  5. Living with Hepatitis C: A Survivor's Guide, Fourth Edition by Gregory T. Everson, Hedy Weinberg, 2006-08-21
  6. Hepatitis C Free: Alternative Medicine VS, The Drug Industry, The People Speak by Lloyd Wright, 2002-03-20
  7. The First Year--Hepatitis C: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed by Cara Bruce, Lisa Montanarelli, 2002-02-09
  8. Healing Hepatitis Naturally (Doctors' Prescription for Healthy Living)
  9. Chronic Hepatitis B: An Update, An Issue of Clinics in Liver Disease (The Clinics: Internal Medicine) by Naoky C.S. Tsai MD, 2010-08-11
  10. The Liver Disorders and Hepatitis Sourcebook (Sourcebooks) by Howard Worman, 2006-07-28
  11. Dr. Melissa Palmer's Guide To Hepatitis and Liver Disease by Melissa Palmer, 2004-05-11
  12. Hepatitis C, Cured by Johnny Delirious, 2009-02-06
  13. HealthScouter Hepatitis: Hepatitis Treatment and Hepatitis Symptoms: Includes Hepatitis C Symptoms and Hepatitis B Symptoms
  14. Breaking Free from Hepatitis C: A Personal Journey by Gregory David, 2009-07-09

21. Hepatitis Foundation International - Hepatitis Living And Learning Resources, Su
Educate the public and healthcare providers about viral hepatitis and its prevention, diagnostisis, and treatment.
Make the Hepatitis Foundation International
Your Charity of Choice
Our CFC Agency Code is #2568
Two of HFIs PSAs on Hepatitis and Prevention Aired on White House Media Match Campaign
Two 30 second Public Service Announcements are being aired on TV stations nationwide pro bono through the White House Media Match campaign. Click here . .
National Nurses Advisory Council for Hepatitis and Liver Wellness Confused about interpretation of laboratory tests?
NNAC has created a simple chart to help you understand and
interpret liver function tests.
Click here to view and download this useful tool...

Join nurses
across the nation to fill gaps in patient care and prevention initiatives. By pursuing innovative programs and initiatives, the National Nurses Advisory Council (NNAC) for Liver Wellness and Viral Hepatitis will help medical professionals and their patients overcome the obstacles to positive treatment outcomes. The NNAC will also help promote healthy lifestyle behaviors to the public on the community level.
Research Advances
treatment can offset the negative effects of the Hepatitis C virus on the health-related
quality-of-life (HRQOL), there is a limited improvement. HRQOL is not significantly

22. Hedegaard/Jaeger Official Hepatitis C Web-Site
Om hepatitis og andre leversygdomme. Information, r¥dgivning og f¸lgesygdomme.

23. Welcome To The Hepatitis B Foundation
The hepatitis B Foundation is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure and improving the quality of life of those affected by

24. Esp_frames
Definici³n, transmisi³n, s­ntomas, tratamiento, aspectos emocionales y personales. Realizado por un portador del virus.

25. Hepatitis A, B, And C Learn The Differences
Onepage comparison of hepatitis A, B, and C transmission, prevention, and treatment

26. MedlinePlus: Hepatitis B
hepatitis B. From the National Institutes of Health; Viral hepatitis A to E and Overviews; hepatitis B Interactive Tutorial (Patient Education
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Hepatitis B
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Hepatitis B
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Hepatitis A
Hepatitis C Digestive System ... Infections

27. Hepatitis A Information, News, Law And Resources.
Information and news about hepatitis A outbreaks, legal cases, and research.

28. Welcome To The Hepatitis B Foundation
The hepatitis B Foundation is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure and improving the quality of life of those affected by

What's New in Hepatitis B
Calendar of Events U.S. Senator Rick Santorum Hosts HBV Congressional Briefing
July 21
... Harold Margolis, MD, Viral "Hepatitis - A National Perspective: Closing the Gaps" Chinese
(Simplified) Chinese
(Traditional) Korean Spanish Vietnamese
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29. Autoimmune Hepatitis
Article explains what it is, diagnostic tests, treatment and response, and prognosis.
Autoimmune Hepatitis
By Howard J. Worman, M. D.
Autoimmune hepatitis is a condition in which the patient's own immune systems attacks the liver causing inflammation and liver cell death. The condition is chronic and progressive. Although the disease is chronic, many patients with autoimmune hepatitis present acutely ill with jaundice, fever and sometimes symptoms of severe hepatic dysfunction, a picture that resembles acute hepatitis. Autoimmune hepatitis usually occurs in women (70 %) between the ages of 15 and 40. Although the term "lupoid" hepatitis was originally used to describe this disease, patients with systemic lupus erythematosus do not have an increased incidence of autoimmune hepatitis and the two diseases are distint entities. Patients usually present with evidence of moderate to severe hepatitis with elevated serum ALT and AST activities in the setting of normal to marginally elevated alkaline phosphatase and gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase activities. The patient will sometimes present with jaundice, fever and right upper quadrant pain and occasionally systemic symptoms such as arthralgias, myalgias, polyserositits and thrombocytopenia. Some patients will present with mild liver dysfunction and have only laboratory abnormalities as their initial presentation. Others will present with severe hepatic dysfunction. Autoimmune hepatitis should be suspected in any young patient with hepatitis, especially those without risk factors for alcoholic, drug, metabolic or viral etiologies. Serum protein electrophoresis and testing for autoantibodies are of central importance in the diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis. Patients with one subtype of autoimmune hepatitis have serum gamma-globulin concentrations more than twice normal and sometimes antinuclear antibodies and/or anti-smooth muscle (anti-actin) antibodies. Patients with another subtype may have normal or only slightly elevated serum gamma-globulin concentrations but will have antibodies against a particular cytochrome p450 isoenzyme that are called anti-LKM (liver kidney microsome).

30. Hepatitis B
The hepatitis B Virus (HBV) HBV is a mostly doublestranded DNA virus in the Hepadnaviridae family.

31. HIV And - 3rd IAS Conference -DDW 2005 / 40th EASL / 12th CROI / A
An online publication that provides practical information about treatment and experimental vaccine options for these chronic conditions.
Top New Articles
Treatment Link
Hepatitis C
Top New Articles
Treatment Link
Hepatitis B
Top New Articles
Treatment Link
HIV-HCV Coinfection
Top New Articles
Treatment Link
HIV-HBV Coinfection
Top New Articles
T September 9, 2005 SEARCH THIS SITE Management of Hepatitis C and B in HIV-coinfected Individuals: An Overview of Studies Presented at the 3rd IAS Conference By Mark Nelson, MD, and Laura Waters, MD, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, UK Although the advent of HAART has resulted in a considerable reduction in mortality and morbidity associated with HIV infection, advances in the management of hepatitis B and C both in the singly and co-infected patient continue to somewhat lag behind. This is particularly true for those coinfected with HIV and HBV or HCV, despite the high incidence of coinfection worldwide. Liver disease remains a major cause of mortality amongst HIV-infected individuals living in developed counties with access to HAART, as well as being a significant cause of morbidity in coinfected individuals.

32. L'hepatitis A
Descripci³, consells i qu¨ fer davant d'aquesta malaltia.
Web de la Generalitat de Catalunya URL inexistent

33. Hepatitis C Top Articles The Internet publication with accurate, timely and cuttingedge information on treatment and vaccines for chronic hepatitis B.
Hepatitis C SEARCH THIS SITE Sponsor
Top Articles This Week
Hepatitis A Vaccine Is Not Widely Used for Hepatitis C Patients

A new study that appears in the September 2005 issue of Hepatology examining whether patients with chronic Hepatitis C virus (HCV) were routinely vaccinated against Hepatitis A virus (HAV) found that vaccination rates were low, even though HAV vaccination is recommended for patients with chronic liver disease. Full Article
Immune-based Experimental HCV Therapy Isatoribine Significantly Reduces HCV RNA levels

Immune-based therapy is the mainstay treatment for chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection but causes multiple side effects and achieves durable viral clearance in only approximately 50% of patients. Most new investigational anti-HCV compounds are direct-acting antivirals for which durability of response and risk of viral mutations and resistance are not yet known. Full Article
Transmission of Hepatitis C among Family Members in Egypt

A study published in the current issue of Hepatology (September 2005) examines the incidence and risk factors associated with Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in rural Egypt.

34. Jak Unikn±c Wirusowego Zapalenia W±troby
Podstawowe informacje i dane na temat hepatitis, profilaktyka, typy wzw

Czy wiesz co wiesz

Co to jest WZW Czy ¿ó³taczka jest czêst± chorob± Objawy wirusowego zapalenia w±troby Badania pomocne w rozpoznaniu WZW Czy wirusowe zapalenie w±troby mo¿e mieæ gro¼ne skutki ... Gdzie mo¿na zaszczepiæ siê przeciwko WZW
Opracowanie: dr med. Tomasz Smiatacz
Specjalista chorób zaka¼nych
Klinika Chorób Zaka¼nych AM w Gdañsku
Definicja wirusowego zapalenia w±troby (WZW)
jest przede wszystkim objawem chorobowym, oznaczaj±cym ¿ó³te zabarwienie skóry i bia³kówek oczu. Jest to objaw ³atwo rozpoznawalny i sugeruj±cy mo¿liwo¶æ uszkodzenia w±troby, ale tak¿e wystêpuje w przypadku masywnego rozpadu krwinek czerwonych lub przy mechanicznym zamkniêciu dróg ¿ó³ciowych.
Potocznie mianem " ¿ó³taczki zaka¼nej " okre¶la siê wirusowe zapalenie w±troby (WZW) - jednostkê chorobow±, w której dochodzi do uszkodzenia w±troby na skutek zaka¿enia jednym z wirusów tzw. hepatotropowych - czyli wirusów wyspecjalizowanych w zaka¿aniu i niszczeniu komórek w±trobowych (tzw. hepatocytów). Obecnie znanych jest 7 wirusów hepatotropowych wywo³uj±cych WZW. Okre¶la siê je kolejnymi literami alfabetu od A do G (bez F!) oraz wirus TTV. Skróty nazw tych wirusów (HAV, HBV, HCV) tworzone s± od ich nazw ³aciñskich (np. Hepatitis A Virus - HAV).
Czy wirusowe zapalenie w±troby jest czêst± chorob±?

35. Immunization Action Coalition And Hepatitis B Coalition
Aims to boost immunization rates and prevent disease, with special regard to hepatitis B.
Index Welcome! What's New?
Sign up here!
Read it here.

free e-mail news
Favorites from IAC Vaccine Information Stmts Summary of child rules Summary of adult rules Child screening questions ... IZ Resource Directory Publications Needle Tips Vaccinate Adults! Vaccinate Women IAC Express ... Adults Only Vax Guide Materials IAC quick links IAC catalog Free print materials Non-English materials ... IZ questions? IAC Websites Diseases / Vaccines Anthrax Diphtheria Hepatitis A Hepatitis B ... Varicella CDC Information ACIP statements Childhood schedule Adult schedule CDC resources State Information State IZ laws State IZ, hep contacts State websites Miscellaneous AAP statements World Health Organization Institute of Medicine Children's Vaccine Program ... Links to related sites IAC Information About us What others say about IAC CDC award to IAC Site awards ... Let us know. . .

36. American Legion National Headquarters
Provides detailed information on issues such as female personnel, Agent Orange, hepatitis and economic concerns. Provides contact information.
dqmcodebase = "" Site Map Feedback Help Contact Us ...
Veteran Interest Sites

Should "heads roll" over the slow aid response to victims of Hurricane Katrina?
Yes, the government should have planned well in advance for this disaster. No, mobilizing enough help for such a large disaster takes time. Don't know but thugs who looted, assaulted, and shot at people should be found and prosecuted.
More Polls

37. Protect Yourself Against Hepatitis A And Hepatitis B A Guide For Gay And Bisexua
Information on preventing viral hepatitis for men who have sex with men.
Home page Protect yourself against hepatitis A and hepatitis B . . .
a guide for gay and bisexual men For a formatted version (PDF) of this web page, suitable for copying, click here.

The PDF version is identical to the original printed document and is suitable for making copies. Adobe Acrobat Reader
is needed to view it. The web version below contains the full text of this document but without the original formatting.
Men who have sex with men (MSM) are at increased risk of becoming infected with both the hepatitis B virus (HBV) and the hepatitis A virus (HAV). Although these viruses can be transmitted in different ways, both can be spread through sexual activity. Hepatitis is a serious disease that can be fatal. Fortunately, both hepatitis B and hepatitis A can be prevented by safe and effective vaccines. Unfortunately, many men at risk remain unprotected. What is hepatitis B?

38. - At Least 300 Sick In Hepatitis Outbreak - Nov. 12, 2003
International Edition MEMBER SERVICES The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Autos SERVICES Video E-mail Newsletters Your E-mail Alerts RSS ... Contact Us SEARCH Web
At least 300 sick in hepatitis outbreak
Story Tools PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (AP) The number of people sickened by a hepatitis A outbreak at a Mexican restaurant continued to climb, with state health officials confirming at least 300 cases Tuesday. HEALTH LIBRARY Health Library What is hepatitis A? Digestive system YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS Follow the news that matters to you. Create your own alert to be notified on topics you're interested in. Or, visit Popular Alerts for suggestions. Manage alerts What is this? Investigators hoped to pinpoint the source of the outbreak in the next week or so. Of the cases linked to a Chi-Chi's Restaurant about 25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, 31 were in Ohio, eight in West Virginia, one in Florida, and one in South Carolina. The outbreak is believed to have begun as early as September, state Health Department spokesman Richard McGarvey said. The restaurant voluntarily closed November 2, and has not reopened. Seattle lawyer William Marler said his firm has already filed a lawsuit against the restaurant.

39. - Index
hepatitis is an information channel on hepatitis and liver diseases issues english,dutch,french,german versions. Detailed description of the various

... English

... Nederlands

... Deutsch
Euroliver sponsors the clinical studies database at Clinique Saint-Luc (Belgium) ... Euroliver and Marsh have designed a life insurance scheme for liver transplantees This site is an initiative of :
Scientific coordination :
Pr. M. Adler, Dr. N. Bourgeois Site design
New Mind S.A

40. Hepatitis Neighborhood
A site providing information and support for those coping with infection by hepatitis C and other forms of viral and nonviral hepatitis.
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