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         Hemophilia:     more books (100)
  1. Hemophilia act of 1973: Hearing, Ninety-third Congress, first session, on S. 1326 by United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Labor and Public Welfare. Subcommittee on Health., 1974-01-01
  2. Hemophilia and Hemophilioid Diseases
  3. 21st Century Ultimate Medical Guide to Hemophilia - Authoritative Clinical Information for Physicians and Patients (Two CD-ROM Set) by PM Medical Health News, 2009-05-08
  4. Encyclopedia of Family Health; Vol 5: Flotation Therapy - Hemophilia by Jacoby David B, 1998
  5. Molecular diagnosis of hemophilia A and B. Report of five families from Costa Rica.: An article from: Revista de Biología Tropical by Lizbeth Salazar-Sánchez, Guillermo Jiménez-Cruz, et all 2004-09-01
  6. Gene therapy safe, feasible for patients with severe hemophilia A, Phase I study finds.(Brief Article): An article from: Transplant News
  7. Hemophilia - A Bibliography and Dictionary for Physicians, Patients, and Genome Researchers by Philip M. Parker, 2007-07-17
  8. New Aspects of Hemophilia Treatment: 3rd Symposium, September 21-23, 1995 Copenhagen, Denmark (Haemostasis, Vol 26, Suppl 1)
  9. Vox Sanguinis (Viral Safety of Plasma-Derived Replacement Factors for Hemophilia , Vol 67, Suppl 4) by P. M. Mannucci, 1994-12
  10. HEMOPHILIA: An entry from UXL's <i>UXL Complete Health Resource</i>
  11. Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health: Hemophilia by Jr., MD, DrPH L. Fleming Fallon, 2002-01-01
  12. Von Willebrand's Disease and Hemophilia Clinical and Genetic Aspects by Kathelijne Peerlinck, 1994
  13. Gene Therapy Promising for Hemophilia B.(Brief Article): An article from: Family Practice News by Bruce Jancin, 2000-09-15
  14. Hemophilia by Inga Marie Nilsson, 1994

81. Haemophilia - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Haemophilia or hemophilia is the name of any of several hereditary Spontaneous mutations account for about 1/5 of all hemophilia A and 1/3 of all
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
(Redirected from Hemophilia Haemophilia
or hemophilia is the name of any of several hereditary genetic illnesses that impair the body's ability to control bleeding . Genetic deficiencies (or, very rarely, an autoimmune disorder ) cause lowered plasma clotting factor activity so as to compromise blood-clotting; when a blood vessel is injured, a scab will not form and the vessel can continue to bleed excessively for a very long period of time. The bleeding can be external , if the skin is broken by a scrape, cut or abrasion, or it can be internal , into muscles, joints or hollow organs. It might therefore presents visibly as skin bruises, or subtlely as melena, hematuria, or bleeding in the brain.

82. Hemophilia
This page is dedicated to my son, who has hemophilia.
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83. AHF - What Is Hemophilia?
hemophilia is a disorder caused by an error in a person’s genetic code. The children born today with hemophilia and related bleeding disorders may be
AHF, Inc.
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WHAT IS HEMOPHILIA? This special genetic code, passed to an unborn child, is supposed to signal a series of steps that help control bleeding by clotting. The steps needed to form a clot depend upon a series of proteins called factors. This error in genetic code means that some of the factors are missing or that they are not working correctly in a person with hemophilia. This causes people with hemophilia to bleed longer but not faster. Surface bleeds, on the outside of the body, are fairly easy to stop, even for people with hemophilia. Internal bleeding, such as bleeding into joints or muscles, can mean that it is only possible for a clot to form after the person has taken medication called clotting factor. More than 15,000 people have hemophilia A or hemophilia B in the United States. There are other bleeding disorders where one or more of the clotting factors is missing. People with hemophilia A are missing factor VIII and those with hemophilia B are missing factor IX, others may be missing factors I, II, VII, etc. There are also other bleeding disorders. The most common of which is von Willebrand disease, and many more people have von Willebrand disease than have hemophilia. Individuals with bleeding disorders can be missing a little, a lot, or almost all of that particular factor needed to form clots and stop bleeding. These are called mild, moderate, and severe levels of disorder. The level of severity will predict how often a person will develop a bleed, how difficult it will be for them to form a clot, and how much clotting medication they will need in order to form a clot.

84. Haemostasis Forum
Dedicated to supplying information on haemophilia to medical and health care professionals, providing an excellent opportunity to interact with worldwide specialists in the field of haematology.
This is a web site dedicated to supplying information on haemophilia to medical and health care professionals, providing an excellent opportunity to interact with worldwide specialists in the field of haematology. Each month the contents of these pages are updated and reviewed by a panel of independent haemophilia specialists. Please click on Faculty Info. This forum is supported by an educational grant from Novo Nordisk A/S. If you would like to access this site, please click on 'Register Now' and submit your details. If you have already registered, please enter your username and password and click on 'accept'. Enter your details here please
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85. Hemophilia, Clotting Factor, Infusion, Hemophilia Care, Von Willebrand Disease,
Providing nextday hospital and home delivery of several blood products.
The Hemophilia Disease Management Company
31 Moody Road - P.O. Box 985
Enfield, CT 06083 1-800-243-4621

86. Hemophilia
a CHORUS notecard document about hemophilia. hemophilia. incidence knees elbows ankles hips shoulders wrists. results in secondary OA (DDx
CHORUS Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology Musculoskeletal system About CHORUS

xray manifestations:
  • premature closure of epiphysis leading to short bone with enlarged end
  • "squared" patella (flattened inferiorly)
  • widened intercondylar notch
  • subchondral cysts
  • severe osteopenia
Cf: JRA Brian Funaki, MD - 6 February 1995
Last updated 26 May 2004
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progeria (Hutchinson-Gilford) syndrome achondroplasia spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia Hurler's syndrome ... acromegaly
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AJR American Journal of Roentgenology PubMed : index to biomedical literature ...

Medical College of Wisconsin

87. InteliHealth: Hemophilia
InteliHealth Featuring Harvard Medical School s consumer health information. For more than 550 diseases and conditions, learn What Is It?, Symptoms,

88. Kentucky Hemophilia Foundation
These challenges are the reason the Kentucky hemophilia Foundation was created. hemophilia is an hereditary illness that affects 1 out of every 7500 males
Providing education, research and advocacy on
behalf of people with bleeding disorders.
Hemophilia is an hereditary illness that affects 1 out of every 7,500 males from birth. Although women rarely have hemophilia, they play a role in that they carry the defective gene that causes it. A similar disorder, von Willebrand disease, affects 1-2% of the population, affecting men and women equally.
These disorders result in spontaneous and prolonged bleeding due to the lack of clotting factors in the blood. They are chronic, often debilitating, disorders for which there is no cure.
Explore our web site to learn more. Thanks for visiting! Click here to make a Paypal donation to Kentucky Hemophilia Foundation, Inc.
This website sponsored in part by: Outreach Support Camp Discovery Photo Album ... Links
Kentucky Hemophilia Foundation
1850 Taylor Avenue, Suite 2

89. GeneReviews: Hemophilia A
Your browser does not support HTML frames so you must view hemophilia A in a slightly less readable form. Please follow this link to do so.
Your browser does not support HTML frames so you must view Hemophilia A in a slightly less readable form. Please follow this link to do so.

HAVEN is an independent organization in Northwestern PA. W Provides patients and their families with information about their condition, treatment options and patient rights.
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Welcome to the HAVEN web site.
HAVEN evolved from a support group started by the mother of a hemophiliac in Erie, PA in 1997. The support group now includes other affected individuals and families and is gaining the interest and support of the Erie community.
The support group organized themselves and identified certain needs within the local Bleeding Disorders Community. HAVEN was created to help address those needs.
HAVEN is an independent bleeding disorders association. We seek to provide patients and their families information about their condition, treatment options and patient rights.
HAVEN can provide the patients and families with a variety of contacts within the hemophilia community.
HAVEN (Hemophilia and von Willebrand’s Education Network) held the 2nd Thank you to the following for their support of the M a r d ... l: Click above for new photos added, 8/27/02

91. Friends Of The Iranian Hemophilia Society
Friends of Iranian hemophilia / haemophilia Society. UK charity supporting the Iranian hemophilia / Haemophilia Centre in Tehran, founded by Fereydoun Ala
Hemophilia is an inherited, life-long bleeding disorder.
Without appropriate treatment, hemophiliacs suffer from
spontaneous bleeding which can cause pain, crippling
disability and death.
The friends of the Iranian Hemophilia Society was founded
in 2001 with the aim of providing financial assistance to the
Iranian Hemophilia Centre, a non-governmental, non-profit
organisation inaugurated in Tehran in April of the same year.
The Centre aims to:
Diagnose and treat patients suffering from hemophilia
and other inherited bleeding disorders Identify the precise defect by direct DNA analysis, provide carrier detection, and pre-natal diagnosis Provide out-patient care such as physiotherapy, preventive dentistry, rehabilitation and genetic counselling Provide training courses for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, scientists and technicians throughout Iran and regional countries Introduce computer software to create a national data-base This entire project has been - and will continue to be - funded through the generous donations of people like you. To find out how you can help, please do to our Donations/Contact page.

92. Bayer Kogenate FS
the electronic patient diary. Bayer s Reimbursement Support Program Bayer offers special initiatives to support patients and families with hemophilia.
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Want to make life simpler?
Try EZ-Log, the electronic patient diary.

Bayer's Reimbursement Support Program
Bayer offers special initiatives to support patients and families with hemophilia.

In the News
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Bayer pledges US$ 2 million for flood victims

Clinical Publications
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The most frequently reported adverse event was local injection site reactions.
Known hypersensitivity to mouse or hamster protein may be a contraindication to the use of Kogenate FS. Please see full prescribing information on

93. Hemophilia
hemophilia is the most common inherited bleeding disorder. There are about 20000 people in the United States who have hemophilia.
var MenuLinkedBy='AllWebMenus [2]', awmBN='530'; awmAltUrl=''; Maryland Medical Center Programs Complementary Medicine Program
Medical Reference Alternative / Complementary Medicine ... Conditions Hemophilia Signs and Symptoms What Causes It? Who's Most At Risk? What to Expect at Your Provider's Office ... Supporting Research Signs and Symptoms Hemophilia may be accompanied by the following signs and symptoms:
  • Joint pain and swelling, frequently in the knees and elbows Heavy bleeding, or bleeding that lasts a long time, from an accident or other injury; the start of bleeding may be delayed Large bruises Swelling under the skin and between muscles, with fever, skin discoloration, and pain Internal bleeding in the abdominal region, airway, or central nervous system Bleeding of the mouth and gums; tooth loss Blood in the urine Digestive problems Nosebleeding
What Causes It? Hemophilia is an inherited disorder that almost exclusively affects men. Women are rarely affected but are the carriers who can pass the condition to their male children. Who's Most At Risk?

94. Hemophilia - Genetics Home Reference
hemophilia occurs more commonly in males than in females. Types of this condition include hemophilia A (also known as classic hemophilia) and hemophilia B
Home What's New Browse Handbook ... Search Hemophilia
On this page:
What is hemophilia?
Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder that slows the clotting process. People with the condition often experience prolonged bleeding following injury or surgery and, in severe cases, spontaneous bleeding into joints and muscles. Hemophilia occurs more commonly in males than in females. Types of this condition include hemophilia A (also known as classic hemophilia) and hemophilia B (also known as Christmas disease). The two types are caused by mutations in different genes.
How common is hemophilia?
Hemophilia A is the most common type of this condition, affecting 1 in 5,000 to 10,000 males worldwide. Hemophilia B is less common; it affects 1 in 20,000 to 34,500 males worldwide.
What genes are related to hemophilia?

95. Hemophilia Association Of The Capital Area
The hemophilia Association of the Capital Area (HACA) is a taxexempt, It is a local chapter of the National hemophilia Foundation.
3251 Old Lee Highway
Suite 3
Fairfax, VA 22030-1504
Hemophilia Association of the Capital Area
Chapter Activities Education Board Members ... Member Services
The Hemophilia Association of the Capital Area (HACA) is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization established in 1961 to serve persons with bleeding disorders and their families in northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties in Maryland. It is a local chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation. HACA's mission is to improve the quality of life for persons with hemophilia and Von Willebrand's disease and their families; to act as an advocate; to educate; to improve services to its members; to promote research and to raise money to fulfill this purpose.
HACA's Annual Educational Seminar
September 24, 2005
Annual Bike Event
October, 8 2005
Registration Form

Last Updated January 30, 2005
Hosted and Maintained by Boy Genius Incorporated

96. Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center
Welcome to the Mary M. Gooley hemophilia Center We are a fullservice hemophilia; Hemochromatosis; von Willebrand Disease; Gaucher s Disease
preloadRollover("images/scrolling/scroll_sm_up.gif", "scroll_sm_up"); preloadRollover("images/scrolling/scroll_sm_down.gif", "scroll_sm_down"); var n=14; NEWSLINE ALL ABOUT US Our History Our Philosophy Our Mission MEDICAL INFO. Hemophilia Hemophilia Info for Teachers and Caregivers Von Villebrand Disease Other Single Factor Deficiencies ... Glossary FOR PATIENTS Mentor Program Do the Five - Prevention Program Travel Letters To Report a Change in Insurance ... Home Infusions COMPREHENSIVE CARE All About Comprehensive Care Comprehensive Care in Pictures CALENDAR Calendar IN THE NEWS Media Releases CenterUpdates Meet Our Staff Committees ... Meet our Board JUST FOR KIDS About Hemophilia FINGER LAKES TRIATHLON JUST ONE MONTH AWAY! SO ... GET OUT THOSE SNEAKERS - BIKES - WETSUITS - HANDCLAPPERS AND JOIN US ON SEPTEMBER 18TH AT KERSHAW PARK IN CANANDAIGUA FOR OUR MAJOR FUND RAISING EVENT OF THE YEAR. TO VOLUNTEER - CALL ABBY AT 585 922-4168. Welcome to the Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center We are a full-service comprehensive care clinic and patient advocacy organization treating people and families with:
  • Hemophilia
  • Hemochromatosis
  • von Willebrand Disease
  • Gaucher's Disease
  • Thrombophilia
We also participate in research studies to learn more about these disorders, and the various treatment options available to patients in order to improve their long-term medical outcomes and overall quality of life.

97. Hemophilia
55b.gif (211483 bytes) view 207 KB version view 13 KB version. Extensive bruising of the left forearm and hand in a patient with hemophilia.
view 207 KB version
view 13 KB version
Extensive bruising of the left forearm and hand in a patient with hemophilia. Examinations Photographs Movies Links ... noJava Home

98. Hemophilia
An overview of this inherited blood condition affecting men in which blood is prevented from clotting.
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a genetic condition mostly affecting men
What is hemophilia? What causes Hemophilia? Treatment for Hemophilia.

99., The UK Directory For Health, Alternative Health
The UK directory for health, alternative health, doctor, health, health advice, health insurance, medicine.

100. Hemophilia Causes - EMedicine Health
Learn about the causes of hemophilia. How hemophilia disorder affects men and women.
Search September 9, 2005 Registration Healthcare Professionals You are in: Blood and Lymphatic System
Hemophilia Causes
  • Men have only one X chromosome. If that chromosome carries the abnormal hemophilia gene, the man will have the disease hemophilia. Both hemophilia A and B are linked to the X chromosome, which means they primarily affect men.
    Women have two X chromosomes. Even if one of the X chromosomes carries the defective gene, the normal gene on the other X chromosome will protect the woman from hemophilia. The gene does not affect them, but they carry it and pass it on to their children.
    • A man who has hemophilia has a 50% chance that his daughters will be carriers, although his sons will not be affected if the mother is not a carrier.

    The transmission of this gene to offspring accounts for 70% of the cases of hemophilia. The remaining 30% occur from spontaneous changes in genes responsible for causing hemophilia.
Hemophilia Overview Hemophilia Symptoms Sections Hemophilia Overview Hemophilia Causes Hemophilia Symptoms When to Seek Medical Care Exams and Tests Hemophilia Treatment ... Authors and Editors Dementia is not something that happens only to older people. Learn about causes and treatment options.

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