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  1. No More Heartburn: Stop the Pain in 30 Days--Naturally! : The Safe, Effective Way to Prevent and Heal Chronic Gastrointestinal Disorders by Sherry A. Rogers, 2000-02-01
  2. Heartburn by Nora Ephron, 1996-05-28
  3. Heartburn Cured by Norm Robillard, 2005-08-01
  4. Natural Alternatives to Nexium, Maalox, Tagamet, Prilosec & Other Acid Blockers: What to Use to Relieve Acid Reflux, Heartburn, and Gastric Ailments by Martie Whittekin, 2008-09-15
  5. Why Stomach Acid is Good for You: Natural Relief from Heartburn, Indigestion, Reflux and GERD by Jonathan Wright, 2001-11-25
  6. 4 Weeks to Healthy Digestion: A Harvard Doctors Proven Plan for Reducing Symptoms of Diarrhea,Constipation, Heartburn, and More by Norton Greenberger, Roanne Weisman, 2009-03-05
  7. Gastrointestinal Health: The Proven Nutritional Program to Prevent, Cure, or Alleviate Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Ulcers, Gas, Constipation, Heartburn, and Many Other Digestive Disorders, Third Edition by Steven R. Peikin, 2005-04-01
  8. Heartburn & Reflux for Dummies by Carol Ann Rinzler, Ken DeVault MD, 2004-06-25
  9. Eating for Acid Reflux: A Handbook and Cookbook for Those with Heartburn by Jill Sklar, Annabel Cohen, 2003-05
  10. The Healthy Gut Workbook: Whole-Body Healing for Heartburn, Ulcers, Constipation, IBS, Diverticulosis & More by Victor S., M.D. Sierpina, 2010-10
  11. Healing Heartburn (A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book) by Lawrence J. Cheskin MD FACP, Brian E. Lacy PhD MD, 2002-03-11
  12. Healthy Digestion: A Natural Approach to Relieving Indigestion, Gas, Heartburn, Constipation, Colitis & More by David Hoffman, 2000-06-01
  13. Chronic Heartburn: Managing Acid Reflux and GERD Through Understanding, Diet and Lifestyle -- Includes More than 100 Recipes by Barbara E. Wendland M.Sc.R.D., Lisa Marie Ruffolo, 2006-04-01
  14. Digestive Health Now: The Four Week Plan to Heal Heartburn, Ulcers, Colitis, IBS and More by Andrew Gaeddert, 2002-09-25

1. National Heartburn Alliance - A Community Of Support For Heartburn Sufferers
A thorough overview of information on heartburn and related conditions, including treatment options.
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Low-Carb Diet Considerations
Do low-carbohydrate diets have an impact on heartburn?
For Health Care Professionals: Public Education Kit
News Archive
Tell Us How Your Low-Carb Diet Affects Your Heartburn

All About the NHBA
... Privacy is a resource for people seeking heartburn and acid reflux information and education. Please note that this information is intended to educate you about heartburn and acid reflux and should not take the place of consultations with your doctor.

2. Heartburn
Courtney Weaver reviews 'The Dangerous Passion Why Jealousy Is as Necessary as Love and Sex' by David M. Buss.

3. Heartburn-help Information For Heartburn, GERD, Hiatal Hernia And Other Digestiv
Information for heartburn, gastro esophageal reflux disease, hiatal hernia and other digestive diseases.
Heartburn-Help Home



If you are having heartburn more than twice a week, Always!! See your doctor. The content of this web site is for informational purposes only. Some of the information found on the web sites may not be accurate or up-to-date. Cross check all information from several different sources. And most important ....Always see your doctor for an accurate diagnosis of your problem. Last Update 08/26/05 03:40 AM Donations Click Here Free USA Shipping
Remove acid from food and drink before you consume them!!! Interviews, Streaming Video, Answers to Your Questions!! Friends of Heartburn-help This Web Site is Hosted by:
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4. Heartburn: Information From WebMD
Information about symptoms and treatments of GERD and related conditions, written and reviewed by WebMD doctors.
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Heartburn Health Center
Heartburn strikes an estimated 20% of Americans at least once a week. Here you'll find in-depth articles on heartburn and GERD, their symptoms, causes, and treatments including heartburn drugs and surgery. Understanding Heartburn from Learn the basics by browsing these categories: Get the Facts Prevention Tests You Take Treatment ... Obesity, Acid Reflux Disease Linked? Researchers say obesity raises the risk of GERD and two other conditions erosive esophagitis and cancer of the esophagus. Go To Article WebMD Presents Is heartburn a sign of a heart attack?

5. Heartburn, GERD And Acid Reflux Help. Learn About Acid Reflux Symptoms And The C is a complete resource for anyone who has ever suffered from heartburn, GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), acid reflux,
Help Heartburn
An Educational Resource For
Heartburn And Acid Reflux
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State AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY Please send me general health updates Welcome to Help Heartburn
The Help Heartburn website is a complete educational resource for anyone who has ever suffered from heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), acid reflux, or indigestion. Leading heartburn experts have come together to answer questions about the causes of heartburn, and more importantly, heartburn treatment. Here you will find information on a wide variety of heartburn topics such as causes for heartburn, heartburn symptoms and the differences between simple heartburn and more complicated acid reflux disease. You will also learn when you should see your doctor and when it is ok to self medicate. We hope you find the information on Help Heartburn useful in managing your symptoms of heartburn or acid reflux disease. HEARTBURN FEATURED VIDEO Is Your Heartburn Medicine Working?

6. What Is The Heartburn?
What is the heartburn? What Causes heartburn? Acid is present in the stomach to digest food.

7. Alcohol And Heartburn
Drinking alcohol can contribute to heartburn in several ways. Alcohol can also trigger heartburn by causing the progressive contractions that occur with

8. National Heartburn Alliance - A Community Of Support For Heartburn
A thorough overview of information on heartburn and related conditions, including treatment options.

9. Heartburn / Acid Reflux - Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment
Information on what causes heartburn, the symptoms of heartburn, how to prevent heartburn and how to live a heartburnfree life.
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Your Guide to Heartburn / Acid Reflux
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10. Heartburn/GERD -
The sensation of acid reflux described as well as its symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention.

11. Chronic Heartburn And Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Assistance
Chronic heartburn and chronic heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease assistance. Learn about a minimally invasive surgical procedure that can

12. Heartburn Tips
With a few simple lifestyle changes you can make and some tips you can follow, you can relieve your heartburn. Sign up for this ecourse, and for an entire
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') zfs=0;zCMt='a42' About Heartburn / Acid Reflux Heartburn / Acid Reflux Essentials ... Help zau(256,140,140,'el','','');w(xb+xb+' ');zau(256,140,140,'von','','');w(xb+xb);
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13. Heartburn - Information And Treatment
Chinese medicine information and treatment of heartburn, the name given to indigestion which causes a burning sensation in the stomach and/or chest. Discussion area and treatment sales.

chinese medicines
green medicine by specific condition how it's done ... tai chi
Western Diagnosis
Aptly named, heartburn is the name given to the burning sensation of indigestion in the stomach and/or chest. It often occurs when hydochloric acid, which is used to digest food in the stomach, backs up. This causes the esophagus to become irritated. Under normal circumstances, the esophageal sphincter closes to prevent the acid from entering the sensitive tissues of the esophagus, but when the sphincter is not functioning properly, acid gets through, into the area. This is called gastroespophageal reflux. People with hiatal hernia often suffer from heartburn, as do those excessively consuming fatty or fried foods, coffee, alcohol, citrus fruits, chocolate and/or tomato based foods. Recommendations back to top
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14. Heartburn Help Frequently Asked Questions - Focused On Heartburn
A compiled list of FAQs from Hearbturn Help, with a focus on heartburn, gastro esophageal reflux disease, GERD, and acid reflux disease.

15. What Is The Heartburn?
Most people suffer from heartburn at one time or another. In fact heartburn has nothing to do with the heart it is a digestive problem.
What is the Heartburn? Potentially dangerous confusion can arise when someone neglects their heart pain believing it to be heartburn. What Causes Heartburn? Acid is present in the stomach to digest food. Heartburn occurs when small amounts of this acid rise up into the gullet (oesophagus) - the tube which carries food from the mouth to the stomach. This is called reflux. The gullet, unlike the stomach, does not have a protective lining. So when it is exposed to the acid, it can become inflamed and painful. Why Doesn't Everyone get Heartburn? Some known factors that can lead to heartburn include:
eating large meals, especially near bedtime
being overweight
bending a lot
wearing tight clothing around the waist. In most of these cases, it is the increased pressure which overcomes the normal muscle contraction and causes heartburn. Smoking, on the other hand, relaxes the muscle around the gullet, with the same result. What is Hiatus Hernia?

16. Oakland Heartburn And Reflux Center
South East Michigan based clinic offers practice, office and procedure information.
Dr. S. Hasan, MD, FACG
Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology Specialist in heartburn, acid reflux and swallowing disorders, hiatal hernia, helicobacter, peptic ulcer disease, colon polyps and cancer, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, diseases of the liver, biliary tree and pancreas
Now Available! New, non-surgical procedure for GERD and heartburn
4000 Highland Rd., Suite 100
Waterford, Michigan 48328
Fax - (248) 682-4909 John R. Medical Clinic 26505 John R. Road
Madison Heights, Michigan
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17. Heartburn Symptoms
You are in Diseases Conditions. heartburn. Day One. What Is It? Get the GI Disorders Newsletter What Is heartburn?

18. Heartburn Helpline - GERD Awareness
Facts about GERD and why it could be the cause of frequent heartburn.




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Industry Council GI Disorders ... Heartburn Helpline: GERD Awareness The disease may be present even without apparent symptoms. Heartburn and/or acid regurgitation experienced weekly has been found to occur in 19.8% of individuals. Heartburn is so common that it often is not associated with a serious disease, like GERD. All too often, GERD is either self-treated or mistreated. Some Facts about GERD Heartburn does not Have to Cause Heartache Caution: Self-Treatment of Heartburn May Mask Chronic Symptoms of GERD Does GERD Run in Families? Is it More than Holiday Heartburn? ... Talking to Your Doctor About GERD GERD is a disease. It is not caused by lifestyle decisions. It is usually a ccompanied by obvious symptoms but may occur in the absence of obvious symptoms.

19. - Keeping Holiday Heartburn At Bay - July 4, 2002



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Keeping holiday heartburn at bay
Dr Gupta's hot dog record: Roughly 25 over a five year period. Holidays like the Fourth of July are frought with pitfalls like dangerous fireworks and boating injuries. One thing you might not have considered is good old fashioned heartburn. Dr. Sanjay Gupta has considered it and shares some tips to help you load up your plate without loading down your stomach. LEON HARRIS, CNN ANCHOR: All right. Now, if you plan to be downing a lot of hot dogs today like our buddy Eric "Badlands" Booker today, you may later have a very unwelcome visitor heartburn. Dr. Sanjay Gupta is spending the holiday at CNN Center, and he is joining us now with some advice on how to avoid the big H Sanjay. DR. SANJAY GUPTA, CNN MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: I can eat about 25 hot dogs, I think, over five years, Leon. That's my record.

Information about heartburn, including FAQs, treatment, prevention, and diagnosis, with message boards, support groups, personal stories, doctors

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