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         Heart Failure:     more books (100)
  1. Success with Heart Failure (mass mkt ed): Help and Hope for Those with Congestive Heart Failure by Marc Silver, 2006-09-05
  2. Living Well with Heart Failure, the Misnamed, Misunderstood Condition by Edward K. Kasper, Mary Knudson, 2010-05-05
  3. Heart Failure: Pathophysiology, Molecular Biology, and Clinical Management (HEART FAILURE: PATHOPHYSIOLOGY, MOLEC BIOL & CLIN MGT) by Arnold M. Katz, Marvin A. Konstam, 2008-09-09
  4. Heart Failure: A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease: Expert Consult - Online and Print by Douglas L. Mann MDFACC, 2010-11-19
  5. The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Heart Failure (Cleveland Clinic Guides) by Randall Starling, 2009-06-02
  6. 100 Questions & Answers About Congestive Heart Failure by Campion Quinn, 2005-12-12
  7. Manual of Heart Failure Management
  8. Congestive Heart Failure: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Comprehensive Approach to Management
  9. Atlas of Heart Failure
  10. Chronic Heart Failure (Oxford Cardiology Library)
  11. Heart Failure Updates
  12. Comtemporary Diagnosis And Management of Heart Failure by Barry H. Greenberg, 2005-09-12
  13. Device Therapy for Congestive Heart Failure by Kenneth A. Ellenbogen, Bruce L. Wilkoff, et all 2003-12-17
  14. Heart Failure (Contemporary Cardiology)

161. Temple University: Heart Failure & Transplant Program
Information about comprehensive care for heart failure and heart transplant patients as well as the facilities. Delaware.
To reach staff, make an appointment, get a referral. Latest information about the
program and relevant updates Clinical trials and studies currently underway. Our resources will direct you to related sites. The Delaware Valley’s Premier Heart Program The Temple Cardiomyopathy and Cardiac Transplant Center stands at the forefront of comprehensive care for patients with end-stage cardiomyopathy. Temple has performed over 800 heart transplants and is one of the busiest adult heart transplant centers in the United States. Search Feedback

162. WebMD Health - 404 Error
In depth discussion on all topics relating to CHF, such as causes, symptoms, diagnostic procedures and a look at American Heart Association classification of heart failure.
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163. - Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
Congestive heart failure (CHF). View as Category Breakdown Alphabetical List CHF in Children (Congestive heart failure in Children) Complete Heart
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Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
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164. Cardiology Associates Of West Reading
Details about the practice and services which include cardiac stress testing, EKGs, cardiac consultations, treatment of congestive heart failure. Lists locations in Pennsylvania and contact details.

165. Topic Review - Congestive Heart Failure
heart failure is the pathophysiological state in which an abnormality of heart failure represents a major public health problem in industrialized
Contents Director One Two ... Four Topic EKG Rad 1 Rad 2 Albany Medical Review - January 2002
Topic Review -
Heart Failure
Osama Gusbi, MD Heart failure is the pathophysiological state in which an abnormality of cardiac function is responsible for the failure of the heart to pump blood at a rate commensurate with the requirements of the metabolizing tissues and/or doing so using abnormally elevated diastolic volumes. Heart failure represents a major public health problem in industrialized nations. It appears to be the only common cardiovascular condition that is increasing in prevalence and incidence. In the United States, heart failure is responsible for almost 1 million hospital admissions and 40,000 deaths annually. Heart failure should be distinguished from (1) conditions in which there is circulatory congestion consequent to abnormal salt and water retention but in which there is no disturbance of cardiac function per se and (2) noncardiac causes of inadequate cardiac output, including shock due to hypovolemia and redistribution of blood volume. The ventricles respond to a chronically increased hemodynamic burden with progressive hypertrophy. With volume overload, the ventricle is required to deliver an increased cardiac output for prolonged periods, e.g., valvular regurgitation, and it develops eccentric hypertrophy, i.e., cavity dilatation, with an increase in muscle mass such that the ratio between wall thickness and ventricular cavity remains relatively constant. With chronic pressure overload, as in aortic stenosis or untreated hypertension, the ventricle develops concentric hypertrophy, in which the ratio between wall thickness and ventricular cavity size increases.

166. Heart Failure.
Identification of patients with a history of heart failure Evaluate thepatient s risk factors for heart failure (see below) and document the findings

167. JAMA -- Abstract: Insulin Resistance And Risk Of Congestive Heart Failure, July
Diabetes Mellitus. •, Congestive heart failure/ Cardiomyopathy. •, Topic CollectionAlerts Main Outcome Measure First hospitalization for heart failure.
Select Journal or Resource JAMA Archives of Dermatology Facial Plastic Surgery Family Medicine (1992-2000) General Psychiatry Internal Medicine Neurology Ophthalmology Surgery Student JAMA (1998-2004) JAMA CareerNet For The Media Meetings Peer Review Congress
Vol. 294 No. 3, July 20, 2005 Featured Link E-mail Alerts Original Contribution Article Options Full text PDF Send to a Friend Related articles in this issue ... Similar articles in this journal Literature Track Add to File Drawer Download to Citation Manager PubMed citation Articles in PubMed by Ingelsson E Lind L Articles that cite this article Contact me when this article is cited Topic Collections Obesity Diabetes Mellitus Congestive Heart Failure/ Cardiomyopathy Topic Collection Alerts
Insulin Resistance and Risk of Congestive Heart Failure Erik Ingelsson, MD Lars Lind, MD, PhD
JAMA. Diabetes and obesity are established risk factors for congestive heart failure (CHF) and are both associated with insulin resistance. To explore if insulin resistance may predict CHF and may provide the link between obesity and CHF.

168. St. Luke's Heart Failure Program - St. Luke's Episcopal Health System
The St. Luke s heart failure Program s specialized team offers the most recent People who discover they have heart failure typically learn that their Luke's Heart Failure

169. MeritCare Bemidji
Family practice, emergency care, and surgery. Has a congestive heart failure clinic. Staff, specialties, contact information.

170. Heart Failure:
Learn all about the symptoms, treatment and types of heart failure. Discusses surgery and patient outlook.
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Heart Failure About Heart Failure Incidence Types Causes ... News

171. Can A Blood-zapper Fight Heart Failure?

172. Peninsula Medical, Inc. - Dr. Reid's Corner: Congestive Heart Failure
An article describing what congestive heart failure is.
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Congestive Heart Failure
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We have had several questions recently about edema of the lower extremities in patients with congestive heart failure. Lymphedema causes swelling of the affected extremity; however, not all swollen extremities are caused by lymphedema. In congestive heart failure the heart does not work as well as it should. Think of the heart as a pump with an inlet and an outlet. When a pump does not work as well as it should, the amount of fluid pumped out by the pump is decreased. In addition to this, the amount of fluid that the pump is trying to remove remains high. Congestive heart failure is very similar. In congestive heart failure, the amount of blood pumped out by the heart is less than normal, decreasing the total amount of oxygen available to the tissues. Patients with congestive heart failure become easily fatigued because the heart cannot pump enough blood to satisfy the oxygen requirements during periods of exercise. Since the output from the heart is low, the input into the heart from the veins is also diminished and blood builds up behind the heart much like water builds up behind a dam.

173. Congestive Heart Failure - Heart Disease
Details of congestive heart failure as well as a list of therapies that are available such as homeopathy and herbs.
Congestive Heart Failure
Heart Disease
Chronic Pain Therapies Main Menu More Symptoms Menu Depression Congestive heart failure is a type of heart disease in which the heart muscle is too weak to pump blood effectively, so that the flow of blood to vital organs is insufficient. Symptoms of congestive heart failure include fatigue, water retention ( edema ) , shortness of breath, diminished kidney function, and an enlarged heart. Integrated and alternative medicine recognize that pharmaceuticals may strengthen the heartbeat and lower blood pressure, but the underlying causes such as elevated blood pressure ( hypertension ) , damage to the heart from viral infection or a heart attack, and nutritional deficiencies that hinder optimal heart function must also be addressed to effectively treat congestive heart failure. Arteriosclerosis (clogged coronary arteries) may be another related or underlying cause of congestive heart failure. Your doctor will help you choose the most appropriate therapies to deal with congestive heart failure from among the following:
  • Homeopathic, isopathic and herbal detoxification protocols

174. Congestive Heart Failure
Looks at what congestive heart failure is. Discusses outlook for patients, patient concerns, as well as symptoms, causes, diagnosing and treatment.
Facts about Congestive Heart Failure
What is heart failure?
Heart failure occurs when the heart loses its ability to pump enough blood through the body. Usually, the loss in pumping action is a symptom of an underlying heart problem, such as coronary artery disease.
The term heart failure suggests a sudden and complete stop of heart activity. But, actually, the heart does not suddenly stop. Rather, heart failure usually develops slowly, often over years, as the heart gradually loses its pumping ability and works less efficiently. Some people may not become aware of their condition until symptoms appear years after their heart began its decline.
How serious the condition is depends on how much pumping capacity the heart has lost. Nearly everyone loses some pumping capacity as he or she ages. But the loss is significantly more in heart failure and often results from a heart attack or other disease that damages the heart.
The severity of the condition determines the impact it has on a person's life. At one end of the spectrum, the mild form of heart failure may have little effect on a person's life; at the other end, severe heart failure can interfere with even simple activities and prove fatal. Between those extremes, treatment often helps people lead full lives.
But all forms of heart failure, even the mildest, are a serious health problem, which must be treated. To improve their chance of living longer, patients must take care of themselves, see their physician regularly, and closely follow treatments.

175. Collateral Therapeutics
Develops nonsurgical gene therapy products for treating cardiovascular diseases, including coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease, congestive heart failure and heart attack. Product developments, video, and contacts.
Please see our Notes Regarding Gene Therapy Product Candidates Forward-Looking Statements , and Website Usage ; and our

176. Minnesota Living With Heart Failure Questionnaire - MLHFQ
The questionnaire provided is a measure of the patients' perceptions of the effects of congestive heart failure on their lives.
Home Contact Us Heart Failure Links
Minnesota LIVING WITH HEART FAILURE Questionnaire
We are pleased that you are interested in the Minnesota LIVING WITH HEART FAILURE questionnaire. On this page there are 4 documents for your review that may be downloaded in Microsoft Word format.
  • The overview document contains referenced information about:
      the conceptualization and design of the questionnaire reliability and validity of the questionnaire score summary of results from several clinical trials and discussion of responsiveness to treatments a discussion of interpretation of scores information about the availability of translations to languages other than the original U.S. English version.
    The instructions for data collection and scoring provide additional information and suggestions including a brief discussion of handling missing data.
    Minnesota LIVING WITH HEART FAILURE questionnaire
If you have any further questions after reading these documents, please send them to document.write('' + '' + '');

177. Cardiac Services
Includes cardiac diagnostics, bypass surgery, angioplasty, valve replacement, implantable pacemaking devices and defibrillators, cardiac catheterization and treatment of congestive heart failure.
Portada en Español

Saint Raphael Healthcare System

Saint Raphael Foundation

Sister Anne Virginie Grimes Health Center

Hamden Surgery Center

Hospital of Saint Raphael
1450 Chapel Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06511
Sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth
Cardiac Services
Cardiac care is a heartbeat ahead at the Hospital of Saint Raphael. We offer everything from comprehensive services to prevent heart disease to special programs to help people recover following a heart attack. We've developed an enviable reputation as leaders in all facets of cardiac care, including cardiac diagnostics, bypass surgery angioplasty , valve replacement, implantable pacemaking devices and defibrillators cardiac catheterization and congestive heart failure treatment . Saint Raphael's is renowned in the region for its cardiac care, and has earned national recognition and awards for these services. We are also home to one of the most sophisticated cardiothoracic intensive care units in the state.

178. Çѱ¹½ÉÀåÀç´Ü :: Home
Gives financial support to patients with cardiovascular disease, renal failure, leukemia and congenital craniofacial abnormality who need surgical treatment.
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ȯÀÚ ÁÖ¼Ò º¯°æ ½Å»(TEST) ȯÀÚ ÁÖ¼Ò º¯°æ ½Å»(TEST) FAQÀÚÁÖ ¹¯´Â Áú¹® ... 2005 ¾Æµð´Ù½º MBC ÇÑ°­¸¶¶óÅæ´ëȸ
ADDRESS : ¼­¿ï½ ¼ÛÆı¸ ½Åµµ¿ 11-9 ÇѽſÀÇǽºÅÚ 207È£(¿ì)138-733.
TEL : »ç¾÷È«º¸ÆÀ: 02-414-5321~3, ÈÄ¿øѹ«ÆÀ: 02-416-8763
FAX : 02-417-4880, 4840 E-MAIL : Supported by ONTOIN

179. ~In Memory Of Jacob~
A Memorial to my 3 yr old whom passed away of heart and lung failure. Includes information about Transposition of the Great Vessels and links to additional resources.
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This site is created in Memory of My son Jacob.
Jacob was born with a rare heart disease called Transposition of the Great vessels.
Jacob underwent 4 open heart surgeries,and 1 for heart
and lung failure,
during the time he was here.
Jacob passed away at the age of 3
due to heart and lung failure. Jacob ment the world to me, he was a very special little boy. I have put this site together so that Jacob can be remembered and to share his story and beautiful smile with you. Jacob was a brave little guy and very loving and caring.

180. - Researchers: Special Pacemakers May Extend Lives - Feb. 11, 2003
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Researchers: Special pacemakers may extend lives
Story Tools CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) Special pacemakers designed to correct a defect that affects close to 2 million heart failure patients in the United States can also prolong their lives, an analysis found. While such pacemakers have been shown to improve quality of life and exercise capacity, their effects on survival had been unclear. "I was surprised by the magnitude" of the effects, said lead author Dr. David Bradley, a Johns Hopkins Hospital cardiologist. Industry-funded studies have shown that the special devices improve the heart's pumping action in a process called cardiac resynchronization. Some studies had hinted that they might also extend lives but lacked the statistical power to make that link. By pooling the results of four recent studies involving 1,634 patients, the researchers found that the devices reduced the death rate from heart failure by 51 percent among heart failure patients. Of these, 1.7 percent died within three to six months of getting the special pacemakers, compared with 3.5 percent of patients who got similar pacemakers but had the special feature inactivated. The activated devices also were linked to a 29 percent reduction in hospitalization for complications related to heart failure.

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