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         Heart Failure:     more books (100)
  1. Heart Failure: Frontiers in Cardiology
  2. Congestive Heart Failure by C.R. Michaelson, 1983-12

141. Congestive Heart Failure - Heart Conditions - Strong Heart And Vascular Center
Congestive heart failure is diagnosed when the heart is unable to pump blood to the Congestive heart failure can occur as the result of several heart
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Strong Heart and Vascular Center
Heart Conditions
Congestive Heart Failure
What is Congestive Heart Failure?
Congestive heart failure is diagnosed when the heart is unable to pump blood to the rest of the body at a normal rate and the excess blood backs up into the lungs and other parts of the body. Congestive heart failure can occur as the result of several heart conditions, and must be treated. Understanding the Heart
Symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure
Congestive heart failure is a progressive condition ranging from mild to very severe. Symptoms tend to develop as the condition worsens, and include:
  • Sudden, unexplained weight gain Swelling around the feet, ankles or legs Fatigue Shortness of breath Difficulty breathing while lying down Persistent cough
Causes of Congestive Heart Failure
Heart failure and congestive heart failure can be caused by a number of conditions, including:

142. CNN - Wynette Autopsy Finds Heart Failure Cause Of Death - May 20, 1999

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Wynette autopsy finds heart failure cause of death
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Wynette May 20, 1999

Web posted at: 4:51 p.m. EDT (2051 GMT)
NASHVILLE, Tennessee (CNN) Almost five weeks after the body of country legend Tammy Wynette was exhumed at the insistence of her daughters, medical examiners say the results of an autopsy show that Wynette died of heart failure. "There were no blood clots in her lungs in the autopsy, or under microscopic examination," says Davidson County medical examiner Dr. Bruce Levy. "But there was significant evidence of previous blood clots which compromised her lungs and put pressure on her heart." Wynette, 55, died in April 1998 of what her personal physician, Dr. Wallis Marsh, diagnosed as a blood clot in her lungs. Such clots, along with intestinal ailments, were among several health problems suffered by the "First Lady of Country Music" in her last years. Levy says two drugs were found in Wynette's blood, both of them medications Wynette was known to be taking at the time of her death. But he added that there was no evidence of a third drug, Dilaudid, a painkiller known to dissipate in embalming fluid.

143. Clinical Evidence Cardiovascular Disorders Heart Failure
Cardiovascular disorders. heart failure. Search date February 2004. Robert McKelvie.Interventions Diastolic heart failure. Likely to be beneficial

144. Heart Failure
of heart failure, its causes, diagnosis, treatment and when to call a physician. Information from the AAFP.......

Advanced Search Home Conditions A to Z Heart Failure What is heart failure? What causes heart failure? What are the symptoms of heart failure? What tests will I need? ... When should I call my doctor?
Heart Failure
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What is heart failure?
Despite the way it sounds, the term "heart failure" simply means that your heart isn't pumping blood as well as it should. Heart failure doesn't mean your heart has stopped working or that you are having a heart attack. Heart failure is also called congestive heart failure, or CHF. "Congestive" means fluid is building up in the body because the heart isn't pumping properly. Return to top
What causes heart failure?
Heart failure has many different causes. Sometimes the exact cause can't be found. The most common causes of heart failure are listed below:
  • Coronary artery disease (narrowing of the blood vessels to the heart)often people with heart failure have had a heart attack in the past Problems with the heart muscle itself (known as cardiomyopathy) High blood pressure (also known as hypertension) Problems with any of the heart valves Abnormal heart rhythms (also called arrythmias) Toxic substances (such as alcohol abuse) Congenital heart disease (a heart problem you were born with) Diabetes Thyroid problems
Return to top
What are the symptoms of heart failure?

145. CHF/COPD Congestive Heart Failure And Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Information on CHF/COPD Congestive heart failure (CHF) and Chronic ObstructivePulmonary Disease (COPD).
Search the IICN Public Library for heart failure/CHF/COPD Find web sites for CHF/COPD. Recommended Books:
Handbook for Mortals
Read the online version of this authoritative guide to end of life. Related:
Hospice Care

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Heart Failure (CHF and COPD)
Caregiver Guides
Download helpful guides to living with Advanced Congestive Heart Failure or Advanced Lung Disease in PDF format provided by the Center for Palliative Care Studies Diseases of the heart and circulatory system are the leading cause of death in the United States. Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a progressively debilitating illness that eventually will lead to death. In this disease the heart gradually loses its ability to pump blood effectively. Without a good blood supply, muscles and organs don't get enough oxygen, causing various problems. Because blood doesn't circulate as it should, fluid backs up in the lungs and lower parts of the body. That's why people with this disease often have swelling in the feet and legs. The body is "congested" with fluid, which is why this disease is called congestive heart failure.

146. CNN - CDC: Deaths From Heart Failure Down - August 6, 1998

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CDC: Deaths from heart failure down
Notable drop in mortality rates for black adults
August 6, 1998
Web posted at: 7:42 p.m. EDT (2342 GMT) ATLANTA (CNN) Deaths caused by congestive heart failure are down, particularly among black adults, according to a report released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The study, covering years 1988 through 1995, found deaths from heart failure decreased 3 percent a year for black men and 2.2 percent a year for black women. For all elderly adults, heart-failure deaths fell 8 percent in the period. But the report also says that although death rates are down, the number of heart failure cases is rising. Researchers said possible reasons for the decline include improvements in treating risk factors, increased access to appropriate medical care and changes in death certificate coding. Kathy Harben of the CDC said doctor education is still an obstacle in treating heart failure.

147. : The AMEDEO Literature Guide
Chronic heart failure. New articles, 10.08.2005 03.08.2005 27.07.2005 20.07.2005 13.07.2005 06.07.2005 29.06.2005 22.06.2005 15.06.2005
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Chronic Heart Failure
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A look at the facilities and the heart failure team as well as information about this disorder.
En Español Search for: in: (Choose Below) Jobs Doctors Services Locations Classes Good Health Mag Recipes Seton Health Plan Our Locations Specialty Programs Wellness Seton Health Plan ... Employment SETON Healthcare Network is pleased to announce that two of its hospitals have received the coveted Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) for its comprehensive stroke prevention and treatment programs. Brackenridge Hospital and Seton Medical Center are the first hospitals in the state of Texas to be designated as Primary Stroke Centers Jump to: Children's Hospital of Austin CyberKnife
Treating Tumors without a Scalpel The first of its kind in Central Texas, the CyberKnife offers a new painless, non-invasive treatment that can irradiate cancers of the head, neck and spine, and has the potential to treat tumors or lesions anywhere within the body, many of which have been diagnosed inoperable. Featured Links
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149. Congestive Heart Failure --
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Congestive Heart Failure
more about Congestive Heart Failure

Heart Failure, Dropsy, or Pulmonary Edema
  • The heart has two sides: right and left. The right side of the heart pumps blood though the lungs. The left side of the heart then takes this freshly oxygenated blood, and pumps it to the other parts of the body, including the vital organs. When the left side of the heart is damaged or not working properly, it is unable to pump all the blood it receives. This will cause the fluid in the blood to back up into the lungs. It may also back up further and cause excess fluid in the liver, abdomen, and legs. This backup of fluid is called congestive

150. NOVA Online | Cut To The Heart
Includes a history of surgery, congestive heart failure and treatment, treatment techniques, images of troubled hearts, and a map.
Welcome to the companion Web site for the NOVA program, "Cut to the Heart," originally broadcast on April 8, 1997. The program explores a radical but promising new form of heart surgery that flies in the face of what most heart surgeons learned in medical school. Here's what you'll find online:
  • Pioneers of Heart Surgery
    Learn how military doctors working during World War II pioneered advances in antibiotics, anesthesia, and blood transfusions that ushered in the age of modern surgery.
  • Treating a Sick Heart
    Read this overview of how the heart works, what heart failure is, and how to treat it, from noted physician Robert Soufer.
  • Troubled Hearts
    Explore annotated photos of diseased hearts and find out what ails them.
  • Map of the Human Heart (Hot Science)
    See exactly how blood flows through the amazing muscle called the human heart and learn fascinating heart facts.
Text Heart Home Pioneers Treating Troubled Hearts ... Shop
NOVA is produced for PBS by the WGBH Science Unit

151. Postgraduate Medicine: Congestive Heart Failure Symposium: Causes Of Congestive
This is the first of four articles on congestive heart failure An estimated2 million Americans have congestive heart failure (CHF).
Causes of congestive heart failure
Prompt diagnosis may affect prognosis Amy C. Bales, MD, Matthew J. Sorrentino, MD VOL 101 / NO 1 / JANUARY 1997 / POSTGRADUATE MEDICINE This is the first of four articles on congestive heart failure Preview : Dyspnea on exertion is a well-recognized symptom of congestive heart failure (CHF) but is nonspecific in that it can also result from pulmonary diseases, obesity, anxiety, and other conditions. Physical examination findings can be similarly nonspecific in cases of CHF. However, establishing the diagnosis as either systolic or diastolic heart failure and determining the underlying cause are important, since treatment can reverse the disease in some cases. The authors describe the conditions that lead to this progressive disease and summarize cost-effective patient evaluation. A n estimated 2 million Americans have congestive heart failure (CHF). Each year, nearly 500,000 new cases are diagnosed (1) and about $10 billion goes to direct healthcare expenditures (2). CHF morbidity and mortality rates are high; after onset of clinical symptoms, patients often have a marked decline in quality of life and functional status, and more than a third die within 2 years (1). The clinical syndrome of CHF occurs when cardiac dysfunction prevents adequate perfusion of peripheral tissues. Inadequate perfusion leads to stimulation of compensatory mechanisms, which are responsible for many of the clinical signs and symptoms of the condition. The different forms of heart failure are listed in table 1. The most common of these and the focus of this article is systolic heart failure, caused by contractile failure of the myocardium. Diastolic heart failure (see article

152. Cardiology Online - International Academy Of Cardiology
Clinical Profile of PregnancyAssociated Cardiomyopathy - heart failure Their results indicated that in patients with heart failure and cardiac
IAC Awards

The International Academy of Cardiology is dedicated to the advancement of global research in cardiovascular medicine through the support of scientific meetings and publications.

... Blood Pressure Lowering Regimen Delays the Progression of White Matter Hyperintensities in Patients With Stroke
White matter hyperintensities (WMHs) are observed on brain MRI’s in elderly people and people with stroke. They are areas of demyelination and infarct that manifest in clinical outcomes such as dementia, depression and gait disturbances. High blood pressure is known to be a risk factor for WMH and they are said to increase over time. Carole Dufouil, PhD et al from the INSERM in France studied whether lowering blood pressure would reduce the incidence of WHMs. This study, published in the September 13, 2005 issue of Circulation journal found that an active blood pressure-lowering regimen stopped or delayed the progression of WHMs in patients with cerebrovascular disease. MORE...

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Precise diagnosis and therapy restore function and extend life for patients with congestive heart failure. Jesse Green, PhD; Senior Director, Clinical Evaluation and Outcomes Research.
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154. Health: Congestive Heart Failure: Overview
heart failure occurs equally in men and women and is more prevalent among The rising incidence of heart failure is related to several factors,

Causes Risk Factors
The term "heart failure" suggests that the heart has stopped working or has "failed." This is not the case. What it actually means is that the heart is working inefficiently, pumping too weakly. When this happens, fluid builds up in the lungs, among other organs, creating a feeling of breathlessness. Heart failure often is referred to as congestive heart failure, or CHF. Choose another disease or condition... Asthma Hay Fever Osteoporosis Alzheimer's Disease Cancer Breast Cancer Colorectal Cancer Prostate Cancer Heart Coronary Artery Disease Congestive Heart Failure What is your heart risk? Use our calculator to find out. See the top five online resources for heart information Email this page Print this section The rising incidence of heart failure is related to several factors, including an aging population and a lowered death rate for people who have heart attacks. Although treatments for heart attacks have improved, they often damage the left ventricle, the heart's main pumping chamber. In addition, the high rate of obesity in America has escalated the incidence of diabetes and high blood pressure. Both of these conditions make the heart work harder, increasing the risk of heart failure. Content last updated: 7/1/05 Next Page
U.S. News

155. What Is Congestive Heart Failure? Left Sided Heart Failure?
Explains left and right sided heart failure. The causes, diagnosing, treatment and management are discussed.
What Is Congestive Heart Failure?
Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a problem in which the heart does not pump as well as it should. Fluid backs up in the lungs or the legs because of the flow of blood is slowed down. Are You Interested in Being Contacted for an Appointment? Support Groups Atrial Fibrillation COPD ...
and Defects
What Is Left Sided Heart Failure ?
People with left sided heart failure have fluid that backs up in the lungs causing these symptoms. You might have any or all of these symptoms: Shortness of breath Coughing (sometimes coughing up frothy pink-tinged sputum) Difficulty breathing when lying down.
What Is Right Sided Heart Failure ?
Right-sided heart failure can cause any or all of the following symptoms due to fluid retention:
1. Swollen legs and feet
2. Upset stomach
3. Loss of appetite
4. Nausea and vomiting
5. Low blood pressure
6. Sudden weight gain (10 pounds or more). It is possible to have both left and right sided heart failure. If this happens, the following symptoms may appear:
1. Fast heart rate

156. Heart Failure - Symptoms, Treatment, Causes, Coronary Artery Disease, Arrhythmia
heart failure information relating to symptoms, treatment, causes, coronary arterydisease and arrhythmias.
Skip to content Home Body map List of conditions ... Home Heart failure Heart Failure What is Heart Failure?
Heart failure occurs when the heart can’t pump enough blood to satisfy the needs of the body. The pumping power of the heart is reduced to below normal levels, which results in inadequate blood supply to other organs, such as the brain, liver and kidneys. Heart failure News Facts and figures Living with heart failure Treatment ... Feature articles The signs and symptoms of heart failure depend on which side of the heart is affected, but can include:
  • Shortness of breath, either on exertion, or when lying down. Tiredness and fatigue. Asthma due to the heart problem. Swelling due to excess water in the body (particularly swollen ankles). Blueness (or duskiness) of the skin. Enlargement of the heart.
How do you get Heart Failure?
Heart failure has many causes. The main causes include coronary artery disease (hardening of the arteries), which can lead to a heart attack and/or weakness of the heart muscle, and untreated or uncontrolled high blood pressure, which can cause heart failure even without a heart attack. Other causes may include diseases of the heart valves and weakened heart muscle due to viral infections or their poisonous products (called toxins).
How serious is Heart Failure?

157. Department Of Academic Cardiology
Contains list of articles on the heart, heart failure, heart diseases and research on cardiology.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

158. CNN - Study Suggests Inexpensive Drug Cuts Heart-failure Deaths By One-third - J
The Effect of Spironolactone on Morbidity and Mortality in Patients with Severeheart failure Editorial Aldosterone and Spironolactone in heart failure

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Study suggests inexpensive drug cuts heart-failure deaths by one-third
From the New England Journal of Medicine Online: Article: The Effect of Spironolactone on Morbidity and Mortality in Patients with Severe Heart Failure Editorial: Aldosterone and Spironolactone in Heart Failure VIDEO CNN's Rhonda Rowland reports on a study that suggests an inexpensive drug, Aldactone, cuts heart-failure deaths Windows Media July 20, 1999 Web posted at: 10:17 a.m. EDT (1417 GMT) From Medical Correspondent Rhonda Rowland ATLANTA (CNN) Deeming the news important enough to release ahead of scheduled publication, a major medical journal on Monday is quoting a study that suggests an inexpensive drug could save lives in the treatment of heart patients.

159. The St. Luke's Heart Failure Program
Offers information on the most recent treatment options available. Among these are proven medications, mechanical heart assist devices, and surgical interventions including transplantation.
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160. MGH Heart Failure Services- Congestive Heart Failure, Transplants, And More
The MGH heart failure Service is recognized internationally for its research,education, and oneon-one patient care. Learn about congestive heart failure,
Expertise in Heart Failure and Heart Transplantation Five million Americans have Congestive Heart Failure
Our team works with referring physicians to help patients cope with congestive heart failure on a daily basis. They also evaluate and manage a spectrum of heart disease that results in CHF, including:
(weakened heart muscle)
In some cases, patients may require Heart transplantation . Massachusetts General Hospital experts in heart failure work closely with the Mass General Cardiac Transplantation Program. For more information, please call the Massachusetts General Hospital Heart Center at 866-MGH-8910. Or for self-referral, please call 617-726-1843 or e-mail Kate Traynor, RN at . For hospital transfers, please call the cardiology answering service at 617-726-9292 and ask to page Maryanne Kiely, the MGH Cardiac Access Nurse.
Heart Failure and Transplantation Information for Patients
What is Congestive Heart Failure?
Diseases That Cause Congestive Heart Failure

What is a Cardiac Cardiomyopathy?
... General Information
Information for Patients back to top What is Congestive Heart Failure?

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