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         Heart Diseases:     more books (102)
  1. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure by Jr., M.D., Caldwell B. Esselstyn, 2008-01-31
  2. Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease: The Only System Scientifically Proven to Reverse Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery by Dean Ornish, 1995-12-30
  3. Pathophysiology of Heart Disease: A Collaborative Project of Medical Students and Faculty, 4th Edition
  4. NO More Heart Disease: How Nitric Oxide Can Prevent--Even Reverse--Heart Disease and Strokes by Louis Ignarro, 2006-01-24
  5. Reverse Heart Disease Now: Stop Deadly Cardiovascular Plaque Before It's Too Late by Stephen T. Sinatra, James C. Roberts, 2008-01-18
  6. Illustrated Field Guide to Congenital Heart Disease and Repair - LARGE FORMAT by Allen D. Everett, Scott Lim, 2008-01
  7. Braunwald's Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine, 2-Volume Set: Expert Consult Premium Edition - Enhanced Online Features and Print by Robert O. Bonow MD, Douglas L. Mann MDFACC, et all 2011-01-31
  8. Diagnosis and Management of Adult Congenital Heart Disease: Expert Consult - Online and Print by Michael A. Gatzoulis MDPhD, Gary D. Webb MD, et all 2010-10-29
  9. The First Year: Heart Disease: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed by Lawrence D. Chilnick, 2008-01-23
  10. Heart Disease for Dummies by James M. Rippe M.D., 2004-02-20
  11. Braunwald's Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine, Single Volume (Heart Disease (Braunwald) (Single Vol)) by Peter Libby MD, Robert O. Bonow MD, et all 2007-10-16
  12. Johns Hopkins Complete Guide to Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease by Johns Hopkins University Press, Peter M Kwiterovich Jr., 1998-06-24
  13. Braunwald's Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine, Single Volume: Expert Consult Premium Edition - Enhanced Online Features and Print by Robert O. Bonow MD, Douglas L. Mann MDFACC, et all 2011-01-31

1. Congenital Heart Disease Resource Page
Very extensive list of congenital heart diseases with links to sites dealing withthat particular disease. Information to help parents and provide support.
The Congenital Heart Disease Resource Page

2. MedlinePlus Heart Diseases
heart diseases

3. MedlinePlus Heart DiseasesPrevention
heart diseasesPrevention

4. MedlinePlus: Heart Diseases
Health Check Tools; Are You at Risk for Heart Disease or Stroke? Heart Diseaseand Stroke in Men (National Women s Health Information Center)
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Heart Diseases
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5. American Heart Association
Information and education about heart and stroke disease.

6. Diseases Conditions
Diseases Conditions. Learn more about diseases and conditions that affect your heart. Diabetes Do you have diabetes? Does someone you know?

7. National Heart, Lung, And Blood Institute (NHLBI)
Information for professionals and the general public about heart and vascular diseases, lung diseases, blood diseases and resources, and sleep

8. * Link Between Diets And Diseases (cancer, Heart Diseases, Kidney Problems, Etc.
Article discusses link between diets and diseases including cancer, heart diseases, and kidney problems.
Doctors say there is a link between diets and diseases (cancer, heart diseases, kidney problems, etc.)
Sugar replacements may cause diseases.
Read more
146 Reasons ...
Read more ...
A preliminary study, presented at the European Conference on Nutrition and Cancer
20 years of research and scientific studies
show fruits and vegetables help prevent diseases such as stroke and colorectal cancer and vegetables lowers the risk of heart disease.
Karin Michels, Lead researcher of the Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts: "The most important thing I want to get out is they should eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables in spite of all these findings. ...fruits and vegetables definitely protect for other important diseases such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and potentially other cancers. These are some of the best foods we can eat - there is no doubt about it." (the Journal of the National Cancer Institute)
While most health experts agree that poor eating habits are a major reason why more than half a million of Americans die of cancer each year.

9. Heart And Vascular Disease Information For Patients And The Public
Other heart diseases

10. / Your Life / Health Fitness / Diseases Treatments
Home Your Life Health Fitness Diseases Treatments Heart disease shouldn't be a surprise. By Marilynn Marchione, AP Medical Writer

11. The Howard Gilman Institute For Valvular Heart Diseases
Information on valve diseases, their diagnosis and treatment, and current research.Located in New York.
For more than 20 years, a team of physicians and researchers at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University has been pushing the frontiers of valvular heart disease research, evaluation and treatment. Today, the benefits of their labors are available at The Howard Gilman Institute for Valvular Heart Diseases of the Weill Medical College of Cornell University. The Institute and its William and Donna Acquavella Diagnostic Suite help cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons and other physicians take advantage of the most current concepts in evaluation and treatment of patients with heart valve diseases. The Howard Gilman Institute for Valvular Heart Diseases
..opening the doors to a healthy heart....
The Howard Gilman Institute for Valvular Heart Diseases
of the
Weill Medical College of Cornell University

New York - Presbyterian Hospital New York Weill Cornell Center
525 East 68th Street
New York, NY 10021

12. Heart Info - Heart News And Information. Plus Patient Guides About
Information about the cardiovascular system, healthy hearts, heart disease, treatment options and the latest news.

13. Oliver W. Caminos, M.D.
A most complete manual, text and graphics by Oliver W. Caminos M.D. (1999)
Graphics and text by Oliver W. Caminos M.D.
MCI Publications
Enter The Book

14. Congenital Heart Disease - Information And Resources
Interactive forums, Internet links, and peerreviewed informational materials for families, adults with CHD, and health professionals.

15. Healthy Lifestyles | Heart Care | Weight Management Control | Recipe Corner | We
Focuses on heart diseases, diabetes, stress, hypertension and obesity.
Healthy Lifestyles
Heart Care
Condition Care
Wellness Tools ... Products placeFlash("./images/home.swf","./images/home.gif",592,261,"","Flash movie./images", "yes", "#ffffff", "colorFlashVar_link=http%3A//") Supporting healthy lifestyles. Stay light with a smackin' egg'n'black olive salad. Food Myth: Margarine is less fattening than butter. An affair of the heart at the Golden Temple. ...
for the entire family.
Fitness tips, recipes and more, right in your mailbox
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Change your thinking!
Think Process, not Overnight Magic! About Us Contact Us Sitemap Powered by D'zine Garage ... Saffola Salt

16. Yale Heart Book
Yale University School of Medicine Heart Book. Provides information about the heart and heart disease, from diet to surgery. Requires Adobe Acrobat

17. Official Homepage Of The Children's Heart Foundation
This Foundation focuses on the improvement of care in children with heart diseases through patient education and support activities, financial support for patients requiring intervention, and purchase of medical equipment for surgery and diagnosis.
Last Updated ³Ì«á§ó·s¤é´Á
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18. Heart To Heart Foundation: News
Details about this Kenyan medical charity dedicated to the prevention, control and treatment of heart diseases in needy children. Offer program and event information as well as news and articles.
welcome the the heart to heart website Main Menu Home



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Search Heart to Heart Foundation Online Guests: 1
Members: On this page: 1 Members: 27, newest: patmacua JANUARY 29TH, HEART RUN 2005 JANUARY 29TH, HEART RUN 2005 The sun rose early on Saturday, January 29th 2005 as if to announce the 12th Annual Heart Run of the Heart-to-Heart Foundation. However, not earlier than the energetic Minister for Health, Hon. Charity Kaluki Ngilu who outsmarted all the walkers and arrived at the venue before 7am. She was clad in comfortable walking gear and appeared to have been practicing lately for the Annual fundraiser of the Heart-to-Heart Foundation. What an honour to be able to walk side by side with our very own Minster of Health Posted by Sammy Lusiola Read/Post Comment: 0 NASHIPAE TURERE Nashipae hails from Narok and is a last born in a family of 8 children who are all healthy. At the age of 12 year old girl who was brought to the Foundations office as she was suffering from heart related disease. Under the careful diagnosis of our cardiologists led by Dr. Betty Gikonyo, she was diagnosed to be suffering from rheumatic heart disease and to rectify this condition, Nashipae is scheduled to undergo an open heart surgery, Mitral Valve Replacement (MVR). Posted by Sammy Lusiola Read/Post Comment: 0 PHOTO GALLERY PHOTO GALLERY Click Here to view the Photos Collected over various events Articles Articles Front Page ...

19. PediHeart Website
Free membership for health professionals provides access to medical information on congenital heart diseases.
Welcome to PediHeart
Pediatric News The Kidzone A place for kids with heart disease. Learn about the heart. Meet other kids. Show us your stuff.
Parent's Place
. A place for parents. Learn about the heart. Meet other parents. Join a discussion. Ask us your questions. Advanced Information and Practitioner Area . Advanced, updated information on congenital heart disease. General considerations. Specific lesions.
Membership Required
Watch pediatric health videos We welcome your feedback and input Join our mailing list: The Pediheart Organization Mailing List is open to parents, patients, and practitioners. The list is moderated by specialists in congenital heart disease. We subscribe to the HONcode principles
of the Health On the Net Foundation Content written and site maintained by HA Hennein, MD
No part of this website may be reproduced without the consent of PediHeart Organization
Last revised: February 19, 2005

20. Nitric Oxide Website
Dr Weiming Xu's nitric oxide research in human diseases, such as cancer, Lazheimer's diseases, Parkinson's disease, heart diseases.
WELLCOME TO MY HOME PAGE Nitric Oxide Website Recent Research Breakthrough in NO Linking mitochondrial signalling to ER-stress by nitric oxide Nitric oxide induces coupling of mitochondrial signalling with the endoplasmic reticulum stress response. Xu W, Liu L, Charles IG, Moncada S. Nat Cell Biol. 2004 Nov;6(11):1129-34. Epub 2004 Oct 24. Recent Research Review This page is devoted to the nitric oxide user and researcher . There are t hree different type of nitric oxide synthases: neuronal nitric oxide synthase( inducible nitric oxide synthase(NOS2) and endothelium nitric oxide synthase(NOS3). Each of them have different tissue distributions and located on different human chromosomes. They may related to many human diseases, such as Alzheimer 's dieseases Parkinson's diabetes asthma heart disease, infection diseases.Some nitric oxide reagents, such as nitric oxide cDNAs , genomic DNAs, nitric oxide polymorphic markers , nitric oxide antibodies

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