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         Esophageal Diseases:     more books (100)
  1. Management of Esophageal Disease by David B. Skinner MD, Ronald H. R. Belsey MSFRCSFRCSI, 1988-07-19
  2. Esophageal Disease and Testing by Cedric G. Bremner, Tom R. DeMeester, et all 2005-08-23
  3. Esophageal Function in Health and Disease (Developments in Biochemistry)
  4. An Update on Esophageal Diseases, An Issue of Gastroenterology Clinics (The Clinics: Internal Medicine) by Gary Falk, 2008-12-22
  5. Modern Approach to Benign Esophageal Disease: Diagnosis and Surgical Therapy by Bremner, M.D. Alberto Peracchia, et all 1995-01-15
  6. Functional Investigation of Esophageal Disease (Frontiers of Gastrointestinal Research) by C. Scarpignato, 1994-04
  7. Benign esophageal disease (International trends in general thoracic surgery) by Tom R. DeMeester, Hugoe R. Matthews, 1987
  8. Esophageal Diseases: An Atlas of Investigation and Management by Michael F. Vaezi, 2006-08-30
  9. Atlas of Esophageal Diseases
  10. The Esophageal Mucosa: 300 Questions--300 Answers (International Congress Series) by R. Giuli, 1994-10
  11. Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, Therapy
  12. Injuries and diseases of the oesophagus,: Being the George Haliburton Hume Memorial Lectures by G. Grey Turner, 1946
  13. Recent Advances in Diseases of the Esophagus: Selected Papers in 5th World Congress of the International Society for Diseases of the Esophagus Kyot by K. Nabeya, T. Hanaoka, 1994-03
  14. Pediatric Esophageal Surgery (The Principles and practice of the pediatric surgical specialties)

1. Digestive System Diseases
esophageal diseases The Family Practice Handbook, University of Iowa (US) The Longitudinal Muscle in Esophageal Disease OA Stiennon
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Diseases and Disorders Links pertaining to Digestive System Diseases Alert! Patients and laypersons looking for guidance among the target sources of this collection of links are strongly advised to review the information retrieved with their professional health care provider. Start Page Contents: Adenomatous Polyposis Coli Adenomatous Polyposis Coli Adenomatous Polyposis Coli Adenomatous Polyposis Coli ... Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome
Digestive System Diseases Brief overview of the Digestive System [DR Johnson] - University of Leeds (UK) Pathophysiology of the Digestive System - Colorado State University (US) A collection of Patient Pamphlets from Three Rivers Endoscopy C. (US) Documents on Digestive Diseases for patients - NIDDK (US) A set of Practice Parameters from the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons Notes on Cyber Gastroenterology [JA Murra Saca] and an Atlas of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy GastroTrainer [self-study modules; in German] - Medical Tribune Societe Nationale Francaise de Gastroenterologie - (FR) Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy [A Freytag] - (DE) Patient Information Resources in Gastroenterology - American Gastroenterological Association A warning about Colon cleansing - MayoClinic About Electrogastrography including the Anatomy of the Stomach - Univ. of Alberta (CA)

2. WSAVA 2001 - Diagnosis And Management Of Feline Esophageal Disease
Clinical signs of esophagitis are similar to other esophageal diseases, including dysphagia, regurgitation, odynophagia, repeated swallowing

3. Virtual Hospital: University Of Iowa Family Practice Handbook, Fourth Edition: G
This is a common presenting complaint of many esophageal diseases. Esophageal diseasemay also present as cardiaclike chest pain
University of Iowa Family Practice Handbook, Fourth Edition, Chapter 5
Gastroenterology And Hepatology: Esophageal Diseases
Jatinder P. S. Ahluwalia, MD, Mark A. Graber, MD, and William B. Silverman, MD
Division of Gastroenterlogy and Hepatology and Departments of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Emergency Medicine
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and College of Medicine

Peer Review Status: Externally Peer Reviewed by Mosby
  • Dysphagia is the sensation of difficulty swallowing and feeling as though food is getting stuck in the esophagus. This is a common presenting complaint of many esophageal diseases. Esophageal disease may also present as "cardiac-like" chest pain
  • Consider infectious esophagitis (e.g., candida, Herpes simplex) in the appropriate setting. Always consider esophageal malignancy when dysphagia is present. See also specific disease entities below. Esophageal Foreign Bodies
  • Clinically presents as inability to swallow, including the inability to swallow saliva; everything is regurgitated.
  • Usually occurs after eating a large bolus of meat.
  • 4. MedlinePlus Esophagus Disorders esophageal diseases (National Institutes of Health) Anatomy/Physiology

    5. Virtual Hospital: GI Atlas: Gastrointestinal Imaging: CT Findings In Esophageal
    CT Findings in esophageal diseases. Klaus Bielefeldt, MD, Ph.D. William Silverman,MD Piush Gupta, MD. Peer Review Status Internally Peer Reviewed
    GI Endoscopy Atlas: Gatstrointestinal Imaging
    CT Findings in Esophageal Diseases
    Klaus Bielefeldt, M.D., Ph.D.
    William Silverman, M.D.
    Piush Gupta, M.D. Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed
    Creation Date: May 1998
    Last Revision Date: February 2002 In healthy individuals, the esophagus can be seen as a small structure in the posterior mediastinum ( figure 1 ). It normally collapses, although traces of enteric contrast may allow the identification of the lumen ( figure 2 ). An air or contrast filled, dilated esophagus suggests distal obstruction ( figure 3 ). This may be due to neoplasms ( figure 4 figure 5 ), motility disorders ( figure 6 ) or extraluminal structures, such as lymph nodes ( figure 7 CT scans play an important role in the staging of esophageal malignancies. Cancer may lead to symmetrical wall thickening of the esophageal wall ( figure 8 ). In earlier stages, the primary focus may be seen as polypoid structure or partial wall thickening ( figure 9 ). The main indication for CT scanning is the detection of regional lymph node or distant metastases ( figure 10 ). However, lymphadenopathy is not recognized by CT in up to 40 % of patients with esophageal carcinoma.

    6. MedWebPlus Subject Esophageal Diseases
    esophageal diseases Broader Terms Digestive System Diseases Related Terms

    7. MedWebPlus Subject Mucopolysaccharidoses Enzymology Esophageal
    Mucopolysaccharidoses Enzymology esophageal diseases Esophageal Neoplasms Broader Terms

    8. Esophageal Diseases
    esophageal diseases. esophageal diseases; esophageal diseases / diagnosis Longitudinal muscle in esophageal disease. A text, without illustrations,
    low graphics
    Esophageal Diseases
    Esophageal Diseases Esophageal Diseases / diagnosis broader: Gastrointestinal Diseases other: Gastroenteritis Gastrointestinal Neoplasms Hernia Intestinal Diseases ... Stomach Diseases narrower: Barrett Esophagus Deglutition Disorders Esophageal Atresia Esophageal Neoplasms ... Esophageal and Gastric Varices
    Esophageal Diseases
    Longitudinal muscle in esophageal disease A text, without illustrations, of a detailed monograph on the longitudinal muscle and its effect on the functioning of the oesophagus written by O. Arthur Stiennon. Topics covered include hiatus hernia, longitudinal muscle contraction, lower oesophageal ring, Mallory-Weiss syndrome and the sphincter. The original printed edition was published by WRS Press in 1994, and is retained for its relevance. Can also be downloaded in PDF which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Monograph [Publication Type] Esophagus Esophageal Diseases
    Esophageal Diseases / diagnosis
    Guidelines for oesophageal manometry and pH monitoring Practice guidelines for oesophageal manometry and pH monitoring in the assessment of patients with disorders of oesophageal function, dated 1996. An introduction is available in HTML, with the full document in PDF format (requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader software). Published by The British Society of Gastroenterology. Practice Guideline [Publication Type] Manometry Hydrogen-Ion Concentration Gastroesophageal Reflux ... Esophageal Diseases / diagnosis
    Last modified: 02 Sep 2005

    DISEASES OF THE ESOPHAGUS Organ of transport, by peristalsis Upper Esophageal Sphincter (UES) is an actual muscular sphincter.

    10. Postgraduate Medicine Esophageal Diseases Symposium Introduction
    esophageal diseases

    11. The Health Library — Digestive System
    esophageal diseases. (Jump to General Information Esophageal Surgery Achalasia Barrett s Esophagus Difficulty Swallowing Dysphagia
    Diseases and Disorders Use these links to jump directly to your topic of interest in Digestive System: Diseases: Anal and Rectal Diseases Appendicitis Bile Duct Diseases Eosinophilic Disorders ... Stomach Diseases Symptoms: Abdominal Pain Bleeding Constipation Diarrhea ... Vomiting Other Topics: General Digestive System Anatomy Diagnostic Procedures Digestive Organ Transplantation ... Surgery Esophageal Diseases (Jump to: General Information Esophageal Surgery Achalasia Barrett's Esophagus ... Other Esophageal Disorders General Information Introduction to Esophageal Disorders:Merck Manual Abnormal Propulsion of Food:Merck Manual Esophagus Disorders:MedlinePlus Esophageal Surgery Esophageal Dilatation:Jackson Gastroenterology Surgical Treatment of Reflux Esophagitis:SSAT Correction of Acid Reflux by Laparoscopy:Jackson Gastroenterology Fundoplication Surgery for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease:WebMD ... Minimally Invasive Surgery for Gastroesophageal Reflux:University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, MD [Video] Nissen Fundoplication Procedure:Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE [Video] Hiatal Hernia Repair Illustrations:MedlinePlus Encyclopedia Esophagectomy (Removal of the Esophagus):University of Maryland Medicine Achalasia Achalasia and Esophageal Motility Disorders:Society of Thoracic Surgeons Achalasia:UpToDate Patient Information Esophageal Achalasia:SSAT Barrett's Esophagus Barrett's Esophagus:NIDDK Barrett's Esophagus:Society of Thoracic Surgeons Barrett's Esophagus:American Academy of Family Physicians Management of Barrett's Esophagus:SSAT Dysphagia (Difficulty in Swallowing)

    12. Postgraduate Medicine Esophageal Diseases Symposium When It's
    Symposium Index esophageal diseases Commentary on a threearticle symposium by Joseph A. Murray, MD

    13. Esophagus Overview
    Outline of esophageal diseases. Normal anatomy of the esophagus Case 1Dysphagia Esophagitis and cancer of the esophagus

    14. Disease Mayo Clinic Provides New Treatment Options For
    esophageal diseases TreatmentMayo Clinic is among the first medical centers in the nation to treat e

    15. Postgraduate Medicine: Esophageal Diseases Symposium Introduction
    esophageal diseases Commentary on a threearticle symposium by Joseph A. Murray,MD; PRACTICAL POINTERS FOR GRAPPLING WITH GERD Heartburn gnaws at quality
    Esophageal diseases
    A three-article symposium
    Symposium coordinator Joseph A. Murray, MD
    Associate Professor of Medicine
    Gastroenterology, and Hepatology
    Mayo Medical School
    Rochester, Minnesota VOL 105 / NO 7 / JUNE 1999 / POSTGRADUATE MEDICINE
    The esophagus is a humble organ that consists of a hollow muscular tube bounded at both ends by sphincters. It has two relatively simple functions: It is a conduit for food and liquids, and it provides a barrier that protects the airway from reflux of damaging gastric contents. Despite its relative simplicity of structure and function, the esophagus gives rise to a surprisingly diverse collection of disorders, ranging from mild, uncomplicated heartburn to devastating esophageal cancer. The organ is relatively inaccessible, being tucked away in the posterior mediastinum behind the heart. Its proximity to the heart and its shared visceral enervation have given the esophagus the sometimes undeserved blame for so-called noncardiac chest pain.

    16. Virtual Hospital University Of Iowa Family Practice Handbook
    Gastroenterology And Hepatology esophageal diseases

    17. Postgraduate Medicine: Esophageal Diseases Symposium: When It's Hard To Swallow
    This is the third of three articles on esophageal diseases esophageal diseasesCommentary on a threearticle symposium by Joseph A. Murray, MD
    When it's hard to swallow
    What to look for in patients with dysphagia
    Victor R. Mujica, MD; Jeffrey Conklin, MD VOL 105 / NO 7 / JUNE 1999 / POSTGRADUATE MEDICINE CME learning objectives
    • To review oropharyngeal and esophageal anatomy and physiologic components of normal swallowing
    • To summarize important information to seek during history taking and physical examination for dysphagia
    • To describe diagnostic studies and their most appropriate uses in assessing dysphagia
    This is the third of three articles on esophageal diseases This page is best viewed with a browser that supports tables Preview : Sometimes the remark "I find that hard to swallow" is not a wisecrack reflecting disbelief but rather a statement of fact. A wide variety of causes, from an obstructive foreign body to a cerebrovascular accident, can disrupt the complicated processes that make up a swallow. In this article, the authors describe the many symptoms and other factors (eg, onset, progression, exacerbating conditions) that can provide clues to the cause of dysphagia. They also discuss useful diagnostic studies and how to choose among them on the basis of findings during history taking. D ysphagia (from the Greek dys

    18. LookSmart - Directory - Esophageal Diseases And Conditions
    esophageal diseases and Conditions Explore these disorders of the esophagus. Find out the causes, prevention strategies and treatments.

    19. Mayo Clinic - Mayo Clinic Provides New Treatment Options For Esophageal Diseases
    Mayo Clinic Provides New Treatment Options for esophageal diseases. RadiofrequencyAblation and Photodynamic Therapy Now Available for Barrett Esophagus or
    Home About Mayo Clinic Jobs Contact Us Mayo Clinic Locations: Arizona Florida Minnesota Mayo Clinic News News Current Releases Rochester, Minn. Jacksonville, Fla. Arizona ... Medical Services Mayo Clinic in Arizona Tuesday, May 03, 2005
    Mayo Clinic Provides New Treatment Options for Esophageal Diseases
    Radiofrequency Ablation and Photodynamic Therapy Now Available for Barrett Esophagus or Early Esophageal Cancer Additional Resources Becoming a Patient Journalists:
    For more information, contact:
    Jenny Ho
    Public Affairs
    Mayo Clinic Arizona
    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. Mayo Clinic is among the first medical centers in the nation to treat early cancers of the esophagus, including Barrett esophagus, with two new treatment options photodynamic therapy (PDT) and radiofrequency ablation (RFA). Barrett esophagus is a premalignant condition that may result in esophageal cancer. It can occur after chronic damage from acid reflux when the normal lining of the esophagus is replaced with a red lining called "Barrett." This red lining secretes mucus and is therefore more resistant to acid than the normal white lining and it can become cancerous in some cases. Until now, there have been few treatment options for Barrett esophagus. The primary option has been surveillance by endoscopy to search for changes in the lining of the esophagus so that cancer or dysplasia, a pre-cancerous condition, can be detected in the earliest stages. The incidence of esophageal cancer has tripled in the last 20 years, with early stages of it occurring in younger patients. Esophageal cancer arising from Barrett esophagus is the second fastest rising cancer in the U.S. Approximately 5-10 percent of patients with Barrett esophagus develop cancer.

    20. Images.MD: View Collection
    To subscribe to the esophageal diseases collection (818 images) for an annualprice of US $99, click here. To subscribe to the entire images.

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