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         Down Syndrome:     more books (100)
  1. The Down's Syndrome Handbook: A Practical Guide for Parents and Carers by Dr. Richard Newton, 2003-04-01
  2. Down Syndrome: A Promising Future, Together
  3. Adolescents With Down Syndrome: Toward a More Fulfilling Life
  4. Down Syndrome (Compact Research Series) by Peggy J. Parks, 2008-12
  5. Jackie: The Heart Warming, Inspirational True Story of a Remarkable Down Syndrome Girl by Dan Junot, 2002-02-02
  6. Down Is Up for Aaron Eagle: A Mother's Spiritual Journey With Down Syndrome by Vicki Noble, 1993-10
  7. Down's Syndrome: The Essential Guide (Need2know) by Antonia Chitty, Victoria Dawson, 2010-06-01
  8. Families and Their Children With Down's Syndrome by Elizabeth Byrne, Cliff Cunningham, et all 1988-08
  9. Therapies and Rehabilitation in Down Syndrome
  10. Chris Burke: He Overcame Down Syndrome (Reaching Your Goal) by Gregory Lee, 1993-06
  11. I Know Someone with Down Syndrome (Understanding Health Issues) by Vic Parker, 2011-01-01
  12. Time to Begin, Early Education for Children with Down Syndrome by Valentine Dmitriev, 1983-06
  13. Early Education for Children With Down Syndrome: Time to Begin by Valentine Dmitriev, 2000-11
  14. For parents & professionals: Down syndrome by Catherine E Chamberlain, 2000

A nonprofit organization of families and professionals working together to improve the quality of life for persons with down syndrome.
MVDSA was established in 1977 as a non-profit organization of families and professionals working together to improve the quality of life for persons with Down syndrome and their families throughout the greater Miami Valley. If you would like to contact us,
please email the office or write to us
at the address below: Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association
1133 S. Edwin C. Moses Blvd. Suite 190
Dayton, OH 45408-2071
Directions Regular Map Satellite Map
  • To help families adjust to the birth of a child with Down Syndrome
  • To provide information to parents of children with Down Syndrome
  • To increase public awareness regarding Down Syndrome
Click on the image for full Buddy Walk Information SERVICES
  • Bi Monthly Newsletter (Mailer, Email, and PDF download from web)
  • Monthly meetings with guest speakers
  • Play groups
  • Up-to-date library
  • Family social functions
  • Projects to increase public awareness
  • Camperships and scholarship
  • Special Events especially geared for our kids.

82. CMBPD (Center For Motor Behavior & Pediatric Disabilities)
quality of functioning in people with various disabilities, including Downsyndrome and cerebral palsy. down syndrome, cerebral palsy, spina bifida
About Us
To Participate
To Donate
Current Funding
Parent Info Links Our Mission: To conduct and disseminate basic scientific research to better understand the complexity of individuals with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and spina bifida and to utilize this knowledge to design and test innovative clinical services We describe complexity as the dynamic interactions of biological and psychological factors that contribute to the overall quality of the individual's motor behavior. As we learn more about the relevant factors that may alter behavior, this information is used to design and test interventions to improve the quality of functioning in people with various disabilities, including Down syndrome and cerebral palsy. Our goal is to share this information with scientists, parents, and professionals around the world through presentations and publications of current research , discussion of review papers , and organization of seminars. As part of the University of Michigan and the Division of Kinesiology, we create interdisciplinary and collaborative learning opportunities for researchers at the undergraduate through post-doctoral levels. The ultimate outcome will be a significant increase in the number of people conducting research and scholarship related to individuals with various pediatric disabilities, hopefully leading to meaningful development of movement, play, and sport skills. Our center does not provide direct clinical services to children but does conduct clinical trials to test the functional outcomes of new innovative programs. Our mission also includes speaking to parent support groups on topics related to our research findings and to disseminate our new knowledge to professionals in physical therapy and occupational therapy. Many undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Michigan are invited to participate in many of our on-going research projects. Faculty members and graduate students at the center are involved in national and international collaborative research with other researchers who are studying cognitive and social development in children with disabilities. Our mission at the center is to have a positive impact on the whole child, recognizing that the child's physical functioning influences many other areas of their life including their families.

83. Health Care For Adults With Down Syndrome
Recommendations on their specific health maintenance needs.
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Health Care for Adults With Down Syndrome
Down syndrome occurs in about one in 1,000 live births and affects about 250,000 families in the United States. The syndrome is a congenital condition caused by an extra chromosome. It is characterized by cognitive delays (or mental retardation) and certain facial features. Adults who have Down syndrome can present diagnostic and treatment challenges. Patients with Down syndrome are more prone to certain health conditions, but may have difficulty expressing their symptoms and following treatment directions. Furthermore, symptoms may be incorrectly attributed to the condition of Down syndrome. An overall, holistic approach forms the basis of good health care for adults with Down syndrome. Adults with Down syndrome have the same basic health care needs as typically developed people and should receive the same age-appropriate preventive care as unaffected persons. Immunization schedules are the same and screening for high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and dental disease is no different. However, people with Down syndrome are likely to have a number of conditions, such as diabetes, thyroid disease, depression, hearing loss, obsessive-compulsive disorder, sleep apnea, compression of the spine in the neck area, and Alzheimer's disease.

84. Down Syndrome Association Of Atlanta
Provides support and information to families . Offers educational and socialprograms, publishes a quarterly newsletter, sponsors a biannaul conference.
Membership Donate/Volunteer Contact Site Map ... News
News, Notes and Happenings Update to the Katie Beckett / Deeming Waiver . Please click here for more info
DSAA will be presenting six educational workshops that focus on a range of ages on Saturday, September 17 from 1:30 to 4:00 at New Hope Baptist Church North Campus in Fayetteville. For directions and more detailed info please click here
Save That Date : DSAA is excited to announce that Governor Sonny Perdue will be signing an official proclamation proclaiming October as Down Syndrome Awareness Month on October 4 at 9:45am
SAVE THAT DATE: DSAA's st Annual "Betting on the Future" Casino Night is scheduled for November 12th at Atlanta National Golf Club in Alpharetta. We are still looking for volunteers Click here for more info
SAVE THAT DATE : The Annual DSAA Buddy Walk is right around the corner on Saturday October 15, 2005 from 9am to 12pm at the Duluth Festival Center DSAA has extended the registration but you must get your registration forms in immediately in order to guarantee your t-shirts. more info click here
DSAA had over 500 members attend a Family Luau at Stone Mountain Park on April 23, 2005

85. Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21), Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati Children s Hospital Medical Center provides information about DownSyndrome (Trisomy 21) and its characteristics, problems, signs, treatment,
Home Contact Us Site Map Go to Advanced Search ... Noonan Syndrome Down Syndrome Marfan Syndrome Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome VACTERL or VATER Association Signs and Symptoms ... Contact Us
Heart-Related Syndromes
Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21)
Explanation Characteristics Non-Cardiac Problems Cardiac Problems ... Links
What is Down syndrome?
Down syndrome, also known as Trisomy 21, is the single most common genetic pattern of malformation in man. Most text books quote the incidence of Down syndrome to be between one in 700 to 800 live births. In 1866, John Langdon Haydon Down described the physical features and associated medical problems that have come to be known as Down syndrome. In the 1930s, physicians established a relationship between advanced maternal age and Down syndrome. The chromosomal, or genetic, basis of Down syndrome was not established until 1959. A normal human cell contains 23 pairs of chromosomes which carry all of a person's genetic information. Due to several possible abnormal mechanisms of cell reproduction, patients with Down syndrome have an extra (third) copy of the 21st chromosome. Thus, Down syndrome is also called Trisomy 21. Advanced maternal age is associated with a high incidence of Trisomy 21, but even women of typical child bearing age can have affected babies.

86. Down Syndrome / Family Village Library
The Canadian down syndrome Society (CDSS) is a national, The National DownSyndrome Society s mission is to increase public awareness about and
Down Syndrome
Who to Contact
Where to Go to Chat with Others

Learn More About It

Web Sites
Search Google for "Down Syndrome"
Who to Contact
Canadian Down Syndrome Society
811 14th Street, N.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 2A4
1-800-883-5608 (in Canada)
(403) 270-8291 (fax)
The Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) is a national, non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the quality of life for all individuals who have Down syndrome. The Society accomplishes this mission by providing information and assistance to all those with an interest in Down syndrome, by advocating on behalf of individuals with Down syndrome in the areas of education, employment and healthcare and by providing networking opportunities for parents and professionals in relevant fields.
National Down Syndrome Congress 1370 Center Drive, Suite 102 Atlanta, GA 30338 Web:
NDSC's purpose is to create a national climate in which all persons will recognize and embrace the value and dignity of persons with Down syndrome. They are committed to promoting the availability of and accessibility to a full range of opportunities and/or recourses that meet individual and family needs, and to educating professionals, parents and the community in all aspects relating to Down syndrome. NDSC provides support for local groups by sending out a state sheet of area groups/organizations who are affiliates of the NDSC, and sometimes put parent contacts in a section of their newsletter

87. Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona
Sharing DS Arizona. Please utilize the new website address by clicking Do not forget to change your bookmark.

88. Down Syndrome Association Of Houston
The down syndrome Association of Houston is a nonprofit organization. We wish to bring together those interested in down syndrome and attempt to create
Down Syndrome Association of Houston Home Down Syndrome CLINIC Board Members Monthly Meetings ... Contact Us 5th Annual Buddy Walk
To Raise Awareness and Acceptance of Individuals with Down Syndrome
Saturday, October 8 10 am
The Down Syndrome Association of Houston is a non-profit organization. Our goal is to provide information and support to anyone interested in Down Syndrome.
Our monthly meetings are held the second Thursday of every month. The meetings are held at the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center at 1475 West Gray from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. We gather at 6 for a light meal usually pizza and the program starts at 6:30. We'd love to see you there.
For info on our next meeting, click here.
Click on the PayPal button on the left to make a donation to DSAH with Visa, Mastercard, or your PayPal account. Contact us at:
Down Syndrome Association of Houston
P.O. Box 303
Houston, TX 77001-0303
Para Espanol, llama por favor 713.382.4134. Spanish Support Group Website Please look around and let us know if our website is helpful to you.

89. Brain Solutions - The Developmental Re-education Centre
Trains parents in multisensory stimulation therapy for children with intellectual and physical disabilities including down syndrome, fragile X, Rubinstein Taybi, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, and other kinds of brain injury or damage.
Brain Solutions
The Developmental Re-education Centre


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90. Contents
People with down syndrome can succeed. They can learn, love, and become independent.This site is in the celebration of their evergrowing potential.
People with Down syndrome can succeed.
They can learn, love, and become independent.
This site is in the celebration of their ever-growing potential.
Basics Store New Baby People ... Links More soon...
Click Here
for more on Joel. Quote This... "We all have goals and ideas. We have jobs. We have a place in the larger community.
It's about ability, not disability." -Christopher Burke, actor w/ DS Tell A Friend About This Site! Your Name:
Your E-mail:
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Recieve email updates about
Support Board
Looking for Support?
DSyndrome has updated the Support Board to offer families of children with Down syndrome an exceptional source for online support!
Please, join us! Click Here! Click Here for more on DSAU.

91. Down Syndrome Webring
The down syndrome Webring is a site dedicated to sharing information about DownSyndrome. Similar sites are grouped together in Rings and each site is
Down Syndrome Guidelines Ryan's Story Lee Family HomePage Email
Welcome The Down Syndrome Webring is a site dedicated to sharing information about Down Syndrome. Similar sites are grouped together in Rings and each site is linked to another by a simple navigation bar. Rings are created and maintained by the RingMaster, who determines the look and feel of the Ring, approves sites submitted to the Ring, and encourages others to join. To become a member of this Ring, visit this URL:
Need Help? Visit WebRing online help:

This site is a member of WebRing.
To browse visit Here

92. Down Syndrome - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
down syndrome (also called Down s syndrome) encompasses a number of On theone hand, down syndrome shows that some genetic limitations can not be
You did it! Over US$240,000 was donated in the 21 day fund drive. Thank you for your generosity! You are still welcome to make a donation or purchase Wikimedia merchandise
Down syndrome
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
A child with down syndrome Down syndrome encompasses a number of genetic disorders , of which trisomy 21 (a nondisjunction ) is the most representative, causing highly variable degrees of learning difficulties as well as physical disabilities . It is named for John Langdon-Down , the British doctor who first described it in the late 19th century
Incidence of Down syndrome is estimated at 1 per 660 births, making it the most common chromosomal abnormality. The maternal age effect influences the risk of conceiving a baby with the syndrome. At age 20 to 24, it is 1/1490, while at age 40 it is 1/106, and at age 49 is 1/11. (Source: Hook EB. Rates of chromosomal abnormalities at different maternal ages. Obstet Gynecol Genetic counseling and genetic testing such as amniocentesis are usually offered for families who may be at increased risk to have a child with Down syndrome. Many children with Down syndrome are born to women under the age of 35 because testing is not usually offered to women under the age of 35. Women over 35 are often given an amniocentisis and 9 out of 10 choose to abort the affected fetus.

93. Potty Training Children With Special Needs
Learn about potty training children with special needs, such as autism and down syndrome, including signs of readiness and how to avoid resistance.
var zLb=9; var zIoa1 = new Array('Parenting Resources','Children with Special Needs','','Take a Quiz','','Ask a Pediatrician',''); var zIoa2 = new Array('Potty Training','Potty Training Readiness Quiz','','Potty Training',''); var zIoa3 = new Array('Elsewhere on the Web','Toilet Training Autistic Children','','Toilet Training Made Semi-Easy','','Potty Training',''); zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') zfs=0;zCMt='a12' About Pediatrics Medical Advice General Pediatric Topics ... Special Needs Kids Potty Training Children with Special Needs Pediatrics Essentials Baby Names Ideal Body Weight Calculator ... Help zau(256,140,140,'el','','');w(xb+xb+' ');zau(256,140,140,'von','','');w(xb+xb);
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94. Japan Down Syndrome Network Handicap Children Education Health
A nonprofit organaization to support people with down syndrome and their families.
by JDSN InJanuary 8th, 2002, the Cabinet Office of Japanese Goverment certified JDSN as NPO Foundation.
Welcome to the JDSN homeme Page
Presented by
apan D own ... etwork
JDSN is the Non-Profit Organaization (NPO Foundation)
to support People with Down syndrome and their families
JDSN is a member of the International Federation of Down Syndrome (FIDS) and
the Asia-Pacific Association of Down Syndrome.
-Click here for Japanese home page-
*To read Japanese page, you need Japanese character set in your computer.
Please tell the useful page to your Japanese friends.
The 7th Japan Down Syndrome Forum The 7th Japan Down Syndrome Forum was hold in Tokyo in August 25, 2002.
This is the biggest annual meeting for DS people, families and progessionals in Japan. The 8th Japan Down Syndrome Forum will be hold in Fukuoka prefecture. in 2003
Memory of 5th Japan DS Forum in Saitama in Oct. 2000

95. Triangle Down Syndrome Network
For families in central North Carolina. Online newsletter and stories about their kids.
Triangle Down Syndrome Network Raleigh/Cary, North Carolina
TDSN Info Line - (919) 788-3646 Email: tdsn @ or Contact Us Regular Mail: TDSN, P O Box 37190, Raleigh, NC 27627-7190 Event Calendar Information: Board Meetings Buddy Walk Holiday parties Monthly Support Meetings ... Teen Socials TDSN Resources: Brochures Mission Statement New Parent Handbooks Newsletters General Information: Moving to the area? Medical Information Resource list (includes Spanish links) Our Scrapbook: Our Kids Our Buddy Walks Our Picnics Our Socials Triangle Down Syndrome Network exists to support and connect families of children with Down syndrome by organizing and promoting activities. TDSN is striving to make a presence in the community. We want to ensure all people with Down syndrome have happy and productive lives. What's new?: Buddy Walk information and registration Sept / Oct newsletter Member recommendations as captured from our list-serv ... Hurricane Katrina - Reach out to families of special needs children Buddy Walk 2004 New Parent Social - Join Us Sat, Sept 17

96. DSAT
DSAT is a not profit organization provides support and information to parentsparents of children with down syndrome, students and teachers.
Welcome to DSAT We are a non-profit organization providing support and information to parents of children with Down syndrome, students and teachers. Our objective is to make information accessible to as many people as possible around the world. DSAT Provides the Following:
  • New Parent Kits Educators Resource Guide Resources, books/magazines Mini-Conferences/Workshops "The DownWrite Special" Newsletter Camp-Talk-a-lot Speech Program After Four Friendship Club West End Friendship Club Youth, Teen and Adult Groups Parent Support Hospital/new family visits Members available to speak to groups/schools about Down syndrome Social Events Teen Dance Fundraising events Web site -

97. CT Down Syndrome Congress - Home
Dedicated to improving the lives of persons with down syndrome. Includes informationon scholarships, and resources.
Home HOT TOPICS! About Us Membership Info ... Search Home
Looking for something to do this summer?
Start your own playgroup today and meet other families! We've
got everything you need to get started.
Don't forget to check out the Recreational Links on our Resources
page and take a look at all the exciting things to do around CT.
Links to museums, farms, playgrounds, aquariums, zoos,
town and amusement parks, etc. You may even find a place
you never knew existed in your own backyard. Check out the For Sale page to buy your copy of the Shorty DVD.
Did You Know? Did you know that some persons with Down syndrome develop many symptoms of "old age" hearing loss as early as their late teens? Quick Notes Photo Opportunity Have a photograph you'd like us to consider for our website or the convention brochure? This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it Save the Date: 2005 Convention Saturday November 5th, 2005 at the Omni Hotel in New Haven. Keynote speaker will be Carol Tashie. Check out the Convention link for up-to-date information.

98. Teaching Reading To Children With Special Needs, Including Down Syndrome, Autism
Teaching reading to children with special needs, including down syndrome, Autism, visual impairment, and developmental delays.
for your child
Special Needs "I attended your presentation on reading in Dayton last Spring, and I want to tell you that my son Reid is doing fabulously. He has Down syndrome and is 6 years old; because of your reading program, he'll be entering kindergarten reading! I'm really excited with his progress. He's done very well with your Spaghetti book and all your other Step One books; and because of your So Many Colors book, now knows and can read all his colors. And the whole family enjoys listening to the "Brain Music"! I'm very, very pleased and tell everyone I can about your reading program."
Elizabeth H., Dayton, OH
Limited Time Offer:

5% off Starter Set of Step One Materials

Designed for quick success, confidence, and fun! FOR SIBLINGS OH, BROTHER! Growing Up with a Special Needs Sibling Finally a book for sibs that offers honesty, humor, and coping tips that WORK! MONEY MANAGEMENT SERIES MY MONEY: Banking for Beginners BOOK TWO: KEEPING A BUDGET The second in a series of three workbooks to teach basic money management skills to individuals with special needs. Simple, clear, user-friendly, step-by-step approach to a usually difficult subject.

99. Down Syndrome Association Of Victoria : Welcome
The down syndrome Association of Victoria C . Media Release Tony McDonaldOAM awarded Tattersall s Unsung Heroes recognition.
Welcome Friday 09 September 2005
About DSAV
About Down syndrome
Articles / News / Events
DSAV Shop ...
DSAV Video (4.7 mb)
Right-click on this link, choose "Save Target As..." and save the video to your computer to play Latest News
Can you help? - Sleep position problem.

Des has a daughter with Down syndrome 24 years of age with painful neck aches. He thinks it is because of her unusual sleep position. She .... Metro Access - Making Local Communities Accessible.
Every metropolitan local government area will employ a MetroAccess officer to examine how access for people with disabilities to local services and de .... CAMP AMERICA is looking for Special People!
CAMP AMERICA IS LOOKING FOR SPECIAL PEOPLE! If you've previously worked with special needs populations or would like .... DSAV Conference 2005 - Family Matters
DSAV 2005 Conference Family Matters Saturday 22 October 2005 University of Melbourne, Hawthorn Campus. The Down Syndrome Association of Victoria C .... Media Release - Tony McDonald OAM awarded Tattersall's Unsung Heroes recognition.

100. New Attitudes Enhance Care Of Adults With Down Syndrome
A short MCW healthlink article by Dr. David Smith regarding successful health care management of people with down syndrome.
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New Attitudes Enhance Care of Adults with Down Syndrome
Along with the good news that the life expectancy of people with Down syndrome has more than doubled since the 1950s comes a unique set of health care management challenges. On average, infants born with Down syndrome now live into their mid-fifties. Some medical conditions occur more commonly in adults with Down syndrome, but their response to those conditions can make diagnosis and treatment more difficult. David S. Smith, MD , is a proponent of a modern-day attitude and holistic practices on the part of physicians, family members and others who interact with people with Down syndrome. "Improved health care is probably the biggest reason for the increased life expectancy," said Dr. Smith, Medical Director of the Down Syndrome Clinic of Wisconsin. "There's a much greater willingness now to say that we're going to take care of their other medical conditions, not just shove them off and let them die," said Dr. Smith. "For example, heart conditions and serious gastrointestinal problems used to be ignored in people with Down syndrome."

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