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         Dementia:     more books (100)
  1. Inside Alzheimer's: How to Hear and Honor Connections with a Person who has Dementia by Nancy Pearce, 2007-08-01
  2. Reducing Stress-related Behaviours in People with Dementia: Care-based Therapy by Chris Bonner, 2005-06-21
  3. Treating Dementia: Do We Have a Pill for It?
  4. Perspectives on Rehabilitation and Dementia by Mary Marshall, 2004-08-15
  5. Challenging Behaviour in Dementia: A Person-centred Approach (Speechmark Editions) by Graham Stokes, 2000-07-14
  6. Embracing Dementia, A Call to Love: Finding Hope, Loving Someone with Alzheimer's or Other Dementias by Ellen Marie Edmonds, 2008
  7. Person-Centred Counselling for People With Dementia: Making Sense of Self by Danuta Lipinska, 2009-02-15
  8. Miles To Go: An Alzheimer Journal by B. J. Smith, 2008-01-23
  9. Dementia Care Training Manual for Staff Working in Nursing and Residential Settings (Jkp Resource Materials) by Danny Walsh, 2006-06-26
  10. Dementia and Social Work Practice: Research and Interventions
  11. LIVING WITH ALZHEIMER'S AND OTHER DEMENTIAS by Dr Kylie Ladd Rand, 2010-10-12
  12. Life in the Balance: A Physician's Memoir of Life, Love, and Loss with Parkinson's Disease and Dementia by Thomas Graboys MD, Peter Zheutlin, 2009-09-01
  13. An Alzheimer's Surprise Party: New Sentient Communication Skills and Insights for Understanding and Relating to People with Dementia by Stan Tomandl, Tom Richards, 2006-06-15
  14. A Caregiver's Guide to Lewy Body Dementia by Helen Buell Whitworth, Jim Whitworth, 2010-10-01

101. InteliHealth:
School s consumer health information. dementia is an umbrella term used todescribe a multitude of symptoms that all have some element of memory loss.
Advertisement Forgetfulness: It's Not Always What You Think
In the past, memory loss and confusion were considered a normal part of aging. This information from the National Institute on Aging explains why this stereotype is no longer true. Learn The Basics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) What Is Dementia?

102. The Lost Alzheimer's And Related Disorders Search Subject
Long article based on a search and rescue conference talk discusses the issue of people with dementia wandering away from their caregivers.
dbS Productions
SAR Research Essentials Rescue Store ... Consulting The Lost Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Search Subject:
By Robert J. Koester M.S.

Virginia Department of Emergency Management
Black Links under construction Keywords: Introduction: Wandering among the elderly, especially those suffering from possible Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders (ADRD) , has only recently begun receiving much attention. Possible Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders includes Alzheimer’s Disease and the less well known dementia causing disorders of Multi-Infarct Dementia, Parkinson's Dementia, Symptomatic Hydrocephalic, Korsakoff’s Syndrome, Pick’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, and Spongiform Encephalopathy. However, almost all studies have focused how these disorders cause wandering within the walls of an institution. Many other papers mention wandering, but only as a behavioral disturbance, management challenge in an institutional setting, or as a correlation with further loss of cognitive ability. Several other articles provide institutional care providers strategies for managing the wanderer.

103. Alumat-Or Live-in Home Care Provider àìåîú àåø òåáãéí æøéí ì
Livein home care providers for assisted living, elderly or persons with dementia. Caregiver providers for residential eldercare, disabled, or people in the rehabilitation process
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104. Causes Of Dementia - EMedicine Health
Learn about the many different causes of dementia. The causes of dementia canoften be difficult to tell apart. Many medical conditions can cause dementia
Search September 8, 2005 Registration Healthcare Professionals You are in: Dementia
Dementia Overview
Dementia Causes
Dementia has many different causes, some of which are difficult to tell apart. Many medical conditions can cause dementia symptoms, especially in older people.
  • The causes of dementia include various diseases and infections, strokes, head injuries, drugs, and nutritional deficiencies.
    All dementias reflect dysfunction in the cerebral cortex, or brain tissue. Some disease processes damage the cortex directly; others disrupt subcortical areas that normally regulate the function of the cortex.
    When the underlying process does not permanently damage the cortical tissue, the dementia may sometimes be stopped or reversed.
    In classifying dementias, medical professionals may either separate cortical or subcortical dementias or divide reversible and irreversible dementias.
Irreversible causes The main irreversible causes of dementia are described here. These damage brain cells in both cortical and subcortical areas. Treatment focuses on slowing progress of the underlying condition and relieving symptoms.
  • Alzheimer disease: This is the most common cause of dementia, accounting for about half of all cases. Alzheimer disease is at least partly hereditary in that it tends to run in families. (Just because a relative has Alzheimer disease, however, does not mean that another family member will have the disease.) In this disease, abnormal protein deposits in the brain destroy cells in the areas of the brain that control memory and mental functions. People with Alzheimer disease also have lower-than-normal levels of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters that control important brain functions. Alzheimer disease is not reversible, and no known cure exists. However, certain medications can slow its progress.

105. Evergreen Adult Family Homes
Offers 4 homes in Seattle that are designed for the specific needs of Alzheimer's and dementia patients.
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106. OI: Dementia -- ÆGIS
A comprehensive guide to this condition called ADC, dementia, sub acute encephalitisor HIV encephalitis from AEGIS.
AIDS Dementia Complex
"sub acute encephalitis"
"HIV encephalitis" This is part of a series on Opportunistic Infections . Please note that
  • This Page Is Just A Starting Point: who specializes in treating HIV.
  • Finding The Latest Information: Advances in treating opportunistic infections can happen at any time, so the material on this page may be outdated. Some links in the see also section at the bottom of this page are actually special database links. They may contain information published after this page was written.
    • AIDS Dementia Comples (ADS) is not a true opportunistic infection. It is one of the few conditions caused directly by the HIV virus.
    • The central nervous system can be damaged by a number of things
      • opportunistic infections;
      • direct effects of HIV in the brain;
      • toxic effects of drug treatments.
    • Those with ADC have HIV-infected macrophages in the brain. That means HIV is actively infecting brain cells.
    • Symptoms: Early symptoms of AIDS Dementia can be confused with general manifestations of clinical depression. These include apathy, loss of interest in one's surroundings and the like. Later symptoms involve cognitive and motor problems. Memory loss, as well as mobility problems, come into the picture. ( Being Alive
    • The US Centers For Disease Control considers HIV encephalopathy (dementia) an AIDS-defining condition
    Danger Zone
    • A.D.C. can happen at
  • 107. THE DOCTOR IS IN!
    Homepage for the newsgroup. Reviews, articles, biographies, email addresses and links.
    Welcome to the homepage for the newsgroup. This is the unofficial web site for information about "The Dr. Demento Show" - a weekly syndicated radio program. The files on this site were created by fans of the show, and the information contained herein should not be considered to be endorsed by Dr. Demento, The Demento Society, or Talonian Productions. To get the official scoop on things like membership in the Demento Society, as well as their catalog of CD's, tapes, T-shirts, and more, please check out the official web site But as long as you're here , why not peruse our wealth of information? Popular pages
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    (not affiliated with this site or The Dr. Demento Show)
  • 108.
    MultiInfarct dementia Fact Sheet - Alzheimer s Disease Education General information, treatment and research of Alzheimer s Disease.

    109. Alzheimer's Foundation Of America
    Provides care and services to individuals confronting dementia and Alzheimer's disease, caregivers and families through member organizations. Dedicated to meeting the educational, social and emotional needs and raising public awareness and lending expertise to healthcare professionals.
    AFA Together for Care Care Professionals AFA Teens ... Visit our Network of Websites
    Reach Out for Care
    866.AFA.8484 (toll-free)
    866.232.8484 (toll-free)
    About Us
    AFA Services AFA Events Members ... Contact Us
    Help AFA Care for Others
    Make a Contribution
    AFA Receives
    "Best in America"
    Seal of Excellence
    Click here for more information

    AFA Features...
    AFA Junior Committee

    Inaugural Event

    New Dementia ID Bracelet New Strategic Partner Free Phone Coaching Service for Caregivers... Connect with Experts and other Caregivers For Caregivers of Persons with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Illnesses An AFA Network Website
    Select Text Size: a a a Reach out for care: 866.AFA.8484 AFA counseling services, click here Practical advice for caregivers, click here Our thoughts are with you. The Alzheimer's Foundation of America
    • Care for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related illnesses
    • Care for family members and others caring for those with brain disorders
    • Care for healthcare professionals in the dementia field
    • Care for Alzheimer's-related community organizations
    No one should face this disease alone.

    110. Toronto Dementia Network - About Us
    Information about organizations that offer dementia services in Toronto.
    @import url(styles.css); /*IE and NN6x styles*/ Home Organizations Services About Dementia ... FAQs
    Welcome to the Toronto Dementia Network website
    This site provides information on the wide range of dementia-specific and dementia-friendly supportive services in Toronto.
    A list of dementia services arranged alphabetically or by category Definitions for all services are provided. Clicking on a service shows a map and a list of all organizations providing that service.
    A list of organizations in Toronto that provide dementia-specific or dementia-friendly services. Clicking on the name of an organization provides information on all dementia services offered by that organization.
    Education, Workshops and Events
    Dementia specific workshops and educational events across Toronto.
    About Dementia
    Basic information about Alzheimer Disease and other dementias
    About the Toronto Dementia Network
    How the Toronto Dementia Network was created, its

    111. Alzheimers Talking Point - Powered By VBulletin
    Share information and experiences about all forms of dementia. Available through the Alzheimer's Society website but is run and hosted by discussion forum members themselves.
    Home Factsheets
    Alzheimers Talking Point User Name Remember Me? Password Register FAQ Members List Calendar ... Mark Forums Read
    The aim of this discussion forum is to share information and experiences about all forms of dementia. It is available through the Alzheimer's Society website but is run and hosted by a group of Talking Point members. Alzheimer's Society staff and members posting messages to the board do so as individuals and their views do not necessarily represent those of the Alzheimer's Society.
    This discussion forum is not designed to answer specific questions. Should you need information on a particular subject, please see our list of factsheets or telephone the national helpline on 0845 300 0336
    Welcome to the Alzheimers Talking Point. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Forum Last Post Threads Posts Discuss Anyone can view messages and anyone can 'register' in order to post messages.

    112. Dispensationalist Dementia
    DISPENSATIONAL dementia prophecy paranoia. Charles D. Alexander dementia (whichseems to drive men to embrace any extreme to protect the scheme)
    WWW Preterist Archive SEARCH THE ARCHIVE FOR YOUR RESEARCH TOPICS HERE Greek NT Aramaic Bible Lex Concordance Words/Verses: Located Where: Whole Bible Old Testament New Testament Books of Law Books of History Books of Wisdom Major Prophets Minor Prophets The Gospels Pauline Epistles General Epistles Apocalyptic Books Which Version: The New American Standard Bible The American Standard Version The New King James Version The King James Version (Authorized) Third Millennium Bible The New Living Translation The New Revised Standard Version The Revised Standard Version The Good News Bible in Today's English Version The Douay-Rheims Bible The KJV Strong's Version The NAS Strong's Version New Century Version GOD'S WORD World English Bible The Bible in Basic English The Darby Translation Hebrew Names Version of World English Bible Webster's Bible Translation The Latin Vulgate Young's Literal Translation Wesley's New Testament Tools! HELP FRAMES
    Bible Gateway ...
    Preterism Chat

    J. Ligon Duncan
    President, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

    113. Martham Lodge Residential Care Home Norfolk
    A residential care home for the elderly in the heart of the Norfolk Broads. Offering information on specialist care for those with dementia and altzhimers.
    Martham Lodge Residential home for the elderly is situated in a quite lane overlooking the village green in the beautiful village of Martham. On the edge of the Norfolk Broads and close to the coast. Martham Lodge offers a comfortable and secure environment for all it residents. The home is an old victorian country house with a modern purpose-built extension providing most of the residents bedrooms. At the rear of the property is a safe enclosed garden for the residents use. Martham Lodge is an Elderly Mentally infirm home, offering specialist care for those with dementia and altzhimers. The staff are specialy trained in dealing with clients falling into this category
    "We aim to provide a professional standard of care and service to the elderly within a safe, homely and warm environment. Martham Lodge provides a home for 20 residents which is a relatively small number, allowing us to provide a caring and relaxed environment, in which a resident can live with dignity and maintain a lifestyle which would be enjoyed in their own home." Staff training is one of the things that have enabled Martham Lodge to achieve the Investors in People Award.

    114. Dementia
    Definition. dementia refers to a group of symptoms involving progressive impairmentof brain function. Alternative Names. Chronic brain syndrome
    Dr. Dean TV Specials Newsletters Home ... Health Tools Search Choose a Health Topic * All Health Topics * Acne Addictions AIDS/HIV Alcohol Abuse Allergies Alternative Medicine Alzheimer's Arthritis Asthma Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) Backache Bipolar Affective Disorder Birth Control Blood Blood Pressure Bone/Joint/Tendon Bowel Brain Breast cancer Cancer Cerebral Palsy Cholesterol Cramps Crohn's Disease Cysts Dental/Oral Depression Diabetes Diet, Fitness, Looks Disabled/Special Needs Drug Abuse Ear/Nose/Throat Eating/Appetite Eczema Encephalitis Eye/Vision Fatigue Fever Flu Food Poisoning Foot Gallbladder Gastrointestinal Genetic/Congenital GERD/Heartburn Hair Loss Hair/Scalp Headache Hearing Heart Disease, Stroke Heat/Sunstroke Hepatitis Hernia Herpes High Blood Pressure Hormonal Immune Disorders Immunizations/Vaccines Impotence Incontinence/Bladder Infections Injuries Kidney/Urinary Kids Learning Disabilities Liver Lung Cancer Men Menopause, Postmenopause Migraine Mobility/Balance Multiple Sclerosis Muscle Neural Nosebleeds Pain Parasites Pituitary PMS Pregnancy Prostate Cancer Prostate Disorders Psoriasis Psychological Raynaud's Disease Respiratory Reye Syndrome Rheumatoid Arthritis Schizophrenia Seniors Sensory Sexually Transmitted Disease Skin Sleep Speech Disorders Spinal Thyroid Trauma Weight Loss Women Yeast Infections
    Health Encyclopedia Dementia
    Injury Disease Nutrition Poison ... Prevention
    Definition: Dementia refers to a group of symptoms involving progressive impairment of brain function.

    115. Drinking Wine May Lower Risk Of Dementia
    A study by the Institute of Preventive Medicine in Denmark, reported in the scientific journal Neurology, shows that flavonoids in wine may protect against Alzheimer's disease and strokecaused mental deterioration.
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    Latest News
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    Source American Academy Of Neurology Date Print this page Email to friend
    Drinking Wine May Lower Risk Of Dementia
    ST. PAUL, MN – People who drink wine occasionally may have a lower risk of developing dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, according to a study published in the November 12 issue of Neurology, the scientific journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Related News Stories (April 18, 2002) full story Drinking Wine Or Beer Has Same Result: Higher Blood Pressure (April 20, 2005) Whether the drink of choice is a frosty beer or a full-bodied red wine, the effect is the same higher blood pressure, according to research reported in Hypertension: Journal of the American Heart ... full story (December 25, 2001) full story (November 24, 2000) full story related stories Related sections: People who drank wine weekly or monthly were more than two times less likely to develop dementia in the study. "These results don't mean that people should start drinking wine or drink more wine than they usually do," said study author Thomas Truelsen, MD, PhD, of the Institute of Preventive Medicine at Kommunehospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    116. BUBL LINK: Dementia
    forms of dementia, advice and help for carers, related news and events.The Society provides information for people with dementia, support for carers,
    BUBL LINK Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus Countries ... Z
    Titles Descriptions
  • Alzheimer's Association Alzheimer's Disease Society Brain Connections Online Dementia Web ... OMNI Subject Listing for Geriatrics
  • Comments:
    Alzheimer's Association
    Information about Alzheimer's disease, support organisations, and research.
    Author: Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association
    Subjects: alzheimer's disease, dementia, health charities
    Resource type: documents
    Alzheimer's Disease Society
    Information about Alzheimer's disease and other common forms of dementia, advice and help for carers, related news and events. The Society provides information for people with dementia, support for carers, day and home care, and funds medical and scientific research for improved health and social services and greater public understanding of dementia.
    Author: Alzheimer's Disease Society
    Subjects: alzheimer's disease, dementia
    Resource type: documents, institution
    Brain Connections Online
    Pointers to organisations that provide information on brain disorders. Covers a wide range of conditions from alcohol and drug abuse and Alzheimer's disease, to Tourette Syndrome and Tuberous Sclerosis.
    Author: Lester, John

    117. Alzheimer Disease: Related Dementias, Vascular Dementia, Stroke
    Alzheimer Disease what it is, warning signs, diagnosis and causes. The latestinformation from the Alzheimer Society of Canada.
    In this section: Introduction Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Lewy body Dementia Frontotemporal Dementia ... Vascular Dementia Related page: What Is Alzheimer Disease?
    Vascular Dementia
    [Note: If you plan to print this page, please also print the introduction page to Related Dementias. It provides an overview of dementias related to Alzheimer Disease.]
    What is Vascular Dementia?
    Vascular Dementia (VaD) is the result of a single or multiple strokes. A stroke is the main area of damaged brain caused by a loss of blood flow. Strokes can be large or small, and can have a cumulative effect (each stroke adding further to the problem). Strokes may alter the person's ability to walk, cause weakness in an arm or leg, slurred speech or emotional outbursts.
    How does Vascular Dementia affect the person?

    118. Dementia13
    Brief review (neutral), and rating.
    Dementia 13 After the death of John Halloran his wife Louise fears she won't get any of his inheritance after his mother dies. She forges a letter in his name and travels to the family castle in Ireland. While there we meet the excentric family and learn about the death of John's sister as a child. Soon there after we're introduced to a axe murder in whats best known as Francis Ford Coppola's directoral debut. Dementia 13 is an old fashioned slow paced black and white horror flick produced by Roger Corman. Coppola doens't show any of the style that we've come to expect from him, but he is able to create a some what creepy and bleak back drop for the film. Dementia 13 is a slasher/murder mystery type flick. But really its more like a character study in the vein of Psycho. The slashings take place about an hour into the flick and there is only two that I counted. The murder mystery really isn't a mystery at all.
    What we have is a fairly decent flick with a cool moment here and there. Dementia 13 moves slow and doesn't give the viewer much to keep them interested. If you're a murder mystery fan or interested in seeing an early Coppola film I'd say check it out. But you gorehound slasher freaks will most likely find Dementia 13 too slow and plot heavy for your bloody taste, even though there is a decapitation. I found the film to be some what enjoyable as a time waster. MY RATING: home message board guest book

    119. Early Diagnosis Of Dementia - February 15, 2001 - American Family Physician
    A patient information handout on dementia, provided by an AAFP staff The earlydiagnosis of dementia requires careful questioning to elicit clues to the

    Advanced Search

    AAFP Home Page
    Journals Vol. 63/No. 4 (February 15, 2001)
    Early Diagnosis of Dementia
    University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas
    A patient information handout on dementia, provided by an AAFP staff patient education writer, is presented on page 717.
    A PDF version of this document is available. Download PDF now (11 page(s) / 105 KB). More information on using PDF files. T he prevalence of dementia is expected to increase dramatically in future years as life expectancy continues to increase and the baby-boomer population ages. The cumulative incidence of Alzheimer's disease has been estimated to be as high as 4.7 percent by age 70, 18.2 percent by age 80 and 49.6 percent by age 90. Proposed risk factors for dementia include a family history of dementia, previous head injury, lower educational level and female sex. Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia; many of the remaining cases of dementia are caused by vascular disease and Lewy body disease. Vascular disease and Lewy body disease often occur in combination with Alzheimer's disease. See editorial
    on page 620.

    120. Carefree Senior Living - Assisted Living Facilities For Family Members With Alzh
    Assisted living for people with Alzheimer's and dementia, in Santa Barbara, CA. and Sierra Vista, AZ. Site includes services, amenities, photos and contact information for each site.


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