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         Communication Disorders:     more books (100)
  1. Communicative Disorders Related to Cleft Lip and Palate
  2. Case Studies in Communication Sciences and Disorders by Dennis C. Tanner, 2005-04-03
  3. Communication Disorders In Spanish Speak (Communication Disorders Across Languages) by Jose Centeno, Raquel Anderson, 2007-06-30
  4. Right Hemisphere Damage: Disorders of Communication and Cognition by Penelope S. Myers, 1998-10-11
  5. Research Methods in Communication Disorders by Tim Pring, 2005-11-28
  6. Stuttering and Other Fluency Disorders, Third Edition by Franklin H. Silverman, 2003-08
  7. Developmental Motor Speech Disorders (Neurogenic Communication Disorders) by Michael A. Crary, 1993-06-01
  8. Introduction to Communication Disorders: A Multicultural Approach by Charlena M. Seymour, E. Harris Nober, 1998-01-15
  9. Genetics, Syndromes and Communication Disorders by Robert J. Shprintzen, 1997-10-01
  10. Childhood Communication Disorders: Organic Bases by Lisa Schoenbrodt, 2003-07-07
  11. INTRO: A Guide to Communication Sciences and Disorders by Michael P. Robb, 2010-01-31
  12. Medical Genetics: Its Application to Speech, Hearing, and Craniofacial Disorders (Genetics and Communication Disorders) by Nathaniel H. Robin, 2008-02-01
  13. Augmentative Communication Strategies for Adults With Acute or Chronic Medical Conditions by David R. Beukelman, 2007-05-24
  14. Semantic and Pragmatic Language Disorders by Ellyn Lucas Arwood, 1991-10

101. Zoe Watt Speech & Language Therapist
Offers assessments and therapies for childhood communication disorders. Information about services available, fee structure and means of contact.

102. Welcome To The Communication Disorders Web Site
Contact the Department of communication disorders at 270.745.4541 to see how you can help the WKU Chapter of NSSLHA!
QuickLinks for CD Program Quick Links... KCVU... NSSLHA... ASHA... CourseInfo... Faculty... Students... Alumni... Bios... Newsletter... Events... Course Sequence... Phone #s... Email Webmaster... Students Graduate Undergraduate NSSLHA Events ... Photo Album Information For Introduction to CD Program Course Sequence Faculty WKU Alumni ... PRAXIS Resources ASHA SLP Help Pages CourseInfo WKU ... Announcements Check out the new links section for great photos and bios of the faculty, staff, and students! The online Program We are growing all the time! Follow the link to see what's going on! Hold the phones! Here are some phone numbers that may help you in your academic pursuits Semester News Congratulations! To the new WKU graduates of 2005! The CD Department wishes each of you the best of luck. Praxis more difficult than previous years say professors. Difficu lty increased to lower pass rate. Email, Email, Email! Follow the email box to get a list of all important faculty and staff email addresses!

103. Neurology, Pediatric - Washington, DC
Provides details of specialist clinics for childhood headaches, genetic/behavioral syndromes, autism, and communication disorders. Includes research information and an article about dyslexia. Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, D.C., USA.

104. Redirect SPED
Special Education and communication disorders. Mission Statement - Academic Programs - Faculty - Special Programs
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105. Parent-Child Services Group, Inc.
Team of pediatric speech pathologists, occupational therapists and physical therapists. Locations in Knoxville and Farragut. Information about staff and services, plus a large collection of handouts about children's communication disorders and their treatment.
We are a team of pediatric speech pathologists, occupational therapists and physical therapists with allied professionals. We provide services of the highest quality with an emphasis on providing parents with information to enhance their knowledge of their children's development and to provide assistance in maximizing their children's potential. Our team joins with parents to seek solutions to parent-child concerns. PARENT-CHILD SERVICES GROUP - one of East Tennessee's oldest and finest pediatric therapy practices! Main Office
Suite 180 South
1225 E. Weisgarber Rd.
Knoxville, TN 37909 West Office
St. Mary's Farragut, Suite E
11416 Grigsby Chapel Road
Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone
Fax: (865) 584-6607 The PCSG website uses frames, and your browser doesn't support them.
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106. Communication Disorders SuperSite
Companion Website. Coming soon there will be a noframes version.,6776,59760-,00.html
Coming soon: there will be a noframes version.

107. Treehouse Website: Home Page
Run a primary school for children with autism and related communication disorders. Includes information techniques used in the school, and their national support services.
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What is TreeHouse?
What is autism? What is ABA? How can you help? ... Contact us Home page A day at TreeHouse Make a gift today Parents case studies How you can help ... Sitemap A-Z Site content A... ABA Accreditation Admission info Annual Report Autism B... Buying Products C... Case studies Contact us Corporate support D... Day @ TreeHouse Donations Donating shares E... External links F... Funding Fundraising Future plans G... Gift aid Gift aid form Goals H... Help us Home page I... J... Jobs K... L... Legacy M... Make a gift N... National centre New schools News O... Our success P... Publications Q... R... Recent press Research S... Sharing our work School dates Shopping list Sitemap Sponsors T... Training Treehouse Trustees U... V... Vacancies Volunteers W... Who's who XYZ... Latest news items from TreeHouse TreeHouse is looking for a new School Administrator and Receptionist TreeHouse has new vacancies in the Fundraising Department TreeHouse is looking for a new Class Leader ... Buy Nick Hornby's books and support TreeHouse Welcome to the TreeHouse web site
The TreeHouse Trust (TreeHouse) is a London-based UK charity, established in 1997 to provide an educational Centre of Excellence for children with

108. Welcome To The Department Of Communication Disorders
The primary outcome of the Programs in communication disorders is students who are wellprepared, academically and clinically, to excel in graduate school
Welcome to the Department of Communication Disorders Mission: The Programs in Communication Disorders fill a regional need for liberal arts and professional education in communication disorders at the undergraduate and graduate levels, offering humanistic, multi-disciplinary preparation in speech-language pathology and audiology that emphasizes the nature of communication disorders across the life span, the scientific bases of clinical work, cultural diversity, professional ethics, and health care delivery systems. The SUNY New Paltz Speech and Hearing Center serves the campus and the surrounding community, provides a full range of speech-language pathology and audiology services on a non-profit basis, and offers technical assistance and community outreach. The Center involves students in all of its core activities under the supervision of certified and licensed clinical staff in the appropriate disciplines. The primary outcome of the Programs in Communication Disorders is students who are well-prepared, academically and clinically, to excel in graduate school in communication disorders and related fields, and/or as qualified, licensed, certified professionals in diverse educational and health care settings. Other key outcomes include advancement of knowledge in the fields of speech-language pathology, audiology, and the speech, language, and hearing sciences; and provision of clinical and outreach services to the community.

109. Communication Sciences And Disorders Speech Pathology
The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders offers the Master of communication disorders (MCD) degree via Distance Education.
... COCHLEAR IMPLANT PROGRAM MASTER OF COMMUNICATION DISORDERS For students with undergraduate degrees in speech-language pathology, the MCD is a seven-semester program beginning in June of each year. Applicants with undergraduate degrees in other disciplines begin their graduate program in August and complete a nine-semester curriculum. Applications must be submitted no later than February 1 of the year in which they wish to enroll. M.C.D. Degree Curriculum
Admission Requirements
To be admitted to graduate study in the MCD program, the applicant must meet the requirements of both the Graduate School and the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Questions concerning admission to the M.C.D. Program may be directed to Teresa Boyett, Graduate Admission Counselor, by calling 803-777-3080 or emailing her at . Alternatively, the Application for admission may be downloaded from the Graduate School Application
Questions about the program itself may be directed to Ms. Crystal Murphree-Holden at 803-777-1170 or

110. Admission Information - Department Of Communication Disorders - Central Michigan
Program information, schedules and application materials for summer programs designed to aid children with communication disorders (speech and hearing challenges).

Clinical Programs

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Summer Speech-Language Specialty Clinics
For more than half a century, the CMU Department of Communication Disorders has conducted Summer Specialty Clinics for children between the ages of 3 and 17 years with communicative impairments. This unique residential and day program has been maintained to provide:
a combination of communication intervention, social skills instruction, and recreation experiences for children who are communicatively challenged; and educational experience for students in the Department of Communication Disorders. Over the years, this highly regarded program has served more than 5000 children, and has provided practical experience to more than 2000 students pursuing careers in speech-language pathology and audiology.
The Summer Speech-Language Specialty Clinics are designed for children and adolescents with communication disorders who can benefit from an intensive intervention program.
Individuals enrolled in the Summer Specialty Clinics typically receive more intervention sessions in the five-week program than they do in a nine-month school year.

111. Gus Communications, Speech Software, Speech Devices, ALS, Stroke, Aphasia, AAC,
Develops software for people with communication disorders and physical limitations.
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112. Children With Communication Disorders
FAQ Children with speech, language or communication disorders.
Children with Communication Disorders
What is Meant by "Communication Disorders"? The term "communication disorders" encompasses a wide variety of problems in language, speech, and hearing. Speech and language impairments include articulation problems, voice disorders, fluency problems (such as stuttering), aphasia (difficulty in using words, usually as a result of a brain injury), and delays in speech and/or language. Speech and language delays may be due to many factors, including environmental factors or hearing loss.
Hearing impairments include partial hearing and deafness. Deafness may be defined as a loss sufficient to make auditory communication difficult or impossible without amplification. There are four types of hearing loss. Conductive hearing losses are caused by diseases or obstructions in the outer or middle ear and can usually be helped with a hearing aid. Sensorineural losses result from damage to the sensory hair cells of the inner ear or the nerves that supply it and may not respond to the use of a hearing aid. Mixed hearing losses are those in which the problem occurs both in the outer or middle ear and in the inner ear. A central hearing loss results from damage to the nerves or brain.
Many communication disorders result from other conditions such as learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, or cleft lip or cleft palate.

113. Murray State University, The College Of Health Sciences & Human Services, Commun
Division of communication disorders. A word is dead when it is said, The Division of communication disorders (CDI) explores the study of speech,
  • Home Text only Division of Communication Disorders A word is dead when it is said,
    some say. I say it just begins to live that day.
    Emily Dickson The Division of Communication Disorders (CDI) explores the study of speech, language, and hearing disorders. The Division provides pre-professional and professional academic programs. The undergraduate program provides scientific and clinical course work for the acquisition of knowledge in the scientific bases, normal processes, and development of speech, language, and hearing. In addition to these background courses, introductory study of communication disorders and clinical practice is provided. var sc_project=213668; var sc_invisible=1;

114. OSU College Of Arts & Sciences
The College of Arts and Sciences houses the Department of communication disorders, the Department of Speech Communication, and the School of Journalism and Broadcasting.
Advertising Aerospace Studies - Air Force ROTC Art Botany Botany - Biotechnology Network Chemistry Computer Science Ecology Ecology - Ordination Methods English Geography Geology History Mathematics Graduate Mathematics Military Science - Army ROTC Music Philosophy Physics Plant Science - Multidisciplinary Graduate Program Political Science Psychology Center for Science Literacy Sociology Speech Communication Statistics Theatre Zoology Botany Courses CDIS Courses CHEM-1413 English Courses Foreign Language Courses GermanOnline History Courses Physics Courses Political Science Courses POLS-1113 Online Sociology Courses SpanishOnline Statistics Courses Theatre Courses Traditional World Music Chemistry's Berlin wins Medal for Teaching Excellence Use our new Online Academic Advising Appointment system!

115. Communication Disorders And Sciences Program - What Is A Communication Disorder?
communication disorders can range from hearing impairment to stuttering, Children with autism have a broad range of communication disorders including
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Communication Disorders and Sciences Program - What is a Communication Disorder?
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You Are Here: Plattsburgh State Academics Communication Disorders
What are Communication Disorders?
Communication disorders can range from hearing impairment to stuttering, from problems with articulation to language or learning problems.
  • Children with autism have a broad range of communication disorders including poor social pragmatics. Adults who have had a stroke often need speech and language therapy.

116. Communicative Arts And Sciences
Department of Communicative Arts Sciences offers programs in Broadcast Journalism, Broadcast Production, Journalism, Public Relations Speech, and communication disorders.
ENMU Academics Undergraduate Programs Colleges and Departments ... College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Communicative Arts and Sciences
Degree Programs



and Research

The Department of Communicative Arts and Sciences at Eastern New Mexico University offer students a core foundation in understanding mass communication and specialized fields. Theory and research are combined with hands-on experience to enhance student learning. Through dedication, individual attention, and career guidance, the faculty want to help students succeed. Each member of the staff is highly qualified and brings personal experience to the classroom. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the department at 505.562.2130, or email or write: Department of Communicative Arts and Sciences
ENMU Station 3
1500 S. Ave. K
Portales, NM 88130 Now Available: Information for the 30th Annual Student Research Conference Communicative Arts and Sciences Faculty Margaret Kirby
Assistant Professor of Communication Office: College of Business 186 Phone: 505.562.2415

117. Recognising Communication Disorders
A SpeechLanguage Therapist helps people with communication disorders They provide assistance and therapy for communication disorders in
New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists Association Last modified:
What are Communication Disorders?
People may have speech disorders causing intelligibility problems. These may be due to: delay in sounds being acquired disordered development dysarthria (words are slurred) dyspraxia of speech (sounds are incorrectly or inconsistently used) post-operative conditions, usually as a result of cancer. (One cause is the loss of the voice box).
People may have language disorder affecting both expression and understanding of written and spoken language. This may be due to: delay in sounds being acquired developmental delay disordered development stroke head injury neurological disorders.
When people have a total or partial loss of voice, or a change in voice quality it may be due to: delay in sounds being acquired vocal abuse emotional problems disease
young children often have simple repetitions of sounds, words or phrases in speech which characterise early or developmental dysfluency. advanced dysfluency is a disorder characterised by hesitations, repetitions or prolongations of sounds, syllables, words or phrases.

communication disorders MAIN PAGE. Based on the work done by the Speech and of the field of communication disorders and some specific recommendations on
COMMUNICATION DISORDERS MAIN PAGE Based on the work done by the Speech and Language Therapy Working Group during the years 1997-2000, some general recommendations regarding the future development of the field of communication disorders and some specific recommendations on curricula are being proposed.
Anu Klippi 20.10.2000

119. Florida State University College Of Communication College Home
The College of Communication consists of the Departments of Communication and communication disorders, with programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

120. Distance Learning - Communication Disorders
Learn about communication disorders in our online courses and programs. The School of Social Sciences is completely online! Our expert instructors will
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  • Early Mental Health: Womb Baby Learning I- what every parent should know (Hot Class!) 3 Stars. Womb baby learning is a class for parents, caregivers, or practitioners to help stimulate the emotional, psychological, social and cognitive development of a child in the womb. Prenatal learning optimizes mental and sensory development as well as promoting the bond between baby and mother/father. People often wonder about the ability to learn in the womb. Is the baby conscious? Does he or she hear me? Can he or she remember? The latest scientific studies and research show active and retainable memory in the first years of life, including the prenatal period. Education on the background of perinatal development as well as exercises on supporting early mental health and social-emotional stimulation is addressed in this interactive learning experience. This class can be taken during pregnancy.
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