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         Cerebral Palsy:     more books (100)
  1. More than an average guy: The story of Larry Patton (The True Story of a Cerebral Palsy Victim who Triumphs Over His Disability) by Janet Kastner, 1989-05-01
  2. I Can't Walk but I Can Crawl: A Long Life with Cerebral Palsy (Lucky Duck Books) by Joan Ross, 2005-10-18
  3. Daughter: A Life With Cerebral Palsy by Mark Stewart-jones, 2009-10-20
  4. Hyperbaric Oxygenation for Cerebral Palsy and the Brain Injured Child: A Promising Treatment by Richard A. Neubauer, 2003-02-01
  5. Everything You Need to Know About Cerebral Palsy (Need to Know Library) by Dion Pincus, 1999-11-15
  6. Gait Analysis in Cerebral Palsy (Clinics in Developmental Medicine (Mac Keith Press)) by James R. Gage, 1991-01-15
  7. The Sometime Physician: William John Little, Pioneer in Treatment of Cerebral Palsy and Orthopedic Surgery, 1810-1894 by Jay Schleichkorn, 1999-09
  8. The Child with Traumatic Brain Injury or Cerebral Palsy: A Context-Sensitive, Family-Based Approach to Development
  9. Cerebral Palsy by Nathan Aaseng, 1991-01-01
  10. Trends in Cerebral Palsy Research
  11. Unbroken Spirit: Learning to Live with Cerebral Palsy by Karen M. Watchus, 1999-08
  12. Treating Cerebral Palsy: For Clinicians by Clinicians
  13. Early Diagnosis and Therapy in Cerebral Palsy: A Primer on Infant Developmental Problems (Pediatric Habilitation, Vol 6) by Alfred L. Scherzer, 1990-06-15
  14. Language and motor speech skills in children with cerebral palsy [An article from: Journal of Communication Disorders] by S. Pirila, J. van der Meere, et all

61. Cerebral Palsy Connection (CPC)
cerebral palsy Connection exists to allow those with cerebral palsy or thosecaring for someone with CP to communicate with each other.
Visitors since August 1998
Updated on: April 28, 2005 Updates "Communication Helps Those with Cerebral Palsy Help Themselves and Each Other"
Page Descriptions (Index 1) Page 1 of 2 I would like to apologize to all of you who have been sending email to me and have not yet received a response to your message. Over the past few months my mailbox has been overflowing with SPAM and even with filers in place some legit messages do slip though the cracks and get filtered as SPAM. As a measure to combat this problem I would like to ask all of you to include the letters "CPC" in the subject of your message. This will allow me to better filter messages that are honest questions and comments you may have. Also note that the site mailbox will no longer accept attachments. Any attachment you send will filter your mail as JUNK. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but I feel it is necessary in order to maintain the stability of the website. (This change does not affect messages sent though the miscellaneous forms thought the website.) JP - 04/28/2005
Come join our email family.

62. "Scraping The Surface" By Lyle Victor Albert
Canadian playwright/performer shares his experiences as a teenager with cerebral palsy in an autobiographical oneman show, Scraping the Surface
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Scraping The Surface A one-person show written and performed by Lyle Victor Albert
Click on the links below to view the performance Scraping the Surface
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View the performance

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View the audio-described performance
Scraping the Surface is an autobiographical one-man show, written and performed as a monologue by Canadian playwright/performer Lyle Victor Albert "Vic." Vic shares his experiences as a teenager with cerebral palsy. For Vic, the seemingly simple act of shaving becomes a turning point in accepting his cerebral palsy and pushing himself and his physical abilities. The challenge of shaving propels Vic to explore growing pains common to teenagers: parents, high school, and decisions about life after high school. "To shave...or not to shave..." Doesn't seem like a life-altering dilemma. But for Vic, "shaving isn't just a function of good personal's an adventure." Because Vic is no ordinary guy...Vic is "jumpy." With great skill and good humor, Scraping the Surface leads us into the world of a young man with cerebral palsy as he wrestles with the age old problem of "what to do with the rest of my life." Join performer/playwright Lyle Victor Albert in this hilarious personal account of the challenges and victories that are part and parcel of the process of stepping into adulthood and discovering both who we are and who we would like to be.

63. Professional Drummer Sydney Australia - Andrew Hewitt - Drummers - Bands - Drum
The Man behind the Stix, a drummer born with cerebral palsy living in Sydney, Australia.
Latest Press:
Modern Drummer magazine (USA)
June 2005
Andrew Hewitt
PO Box 711
For Bookings Call:
Alison McGuire,
Ph: 0421 883 168 Email:
Andrew Hewitt
Disabled Drummer. Sydney, Australia. 15 Years Live Band Experience. Rock, Hard Rock and Blues.
"You can do anything if you put your mind to it!"
Andy is proudly endorsed by Adelaide Clinic Tour - March 2005 9th March - 17th March 2005 Click here for a run-down International Day for People with a Disability Erina Centre, Erina 3rd December 2004 Click here for a run-down Billy Hyde Drummer Playoff Australian Institute of Music, Sydney 21st August 2004 Click here for a run-down Click here for a run-down
April 2004
Raven Drum Foundations' Spirit of the Month Andrew Hewitt, a drummer with Cerebral Palsy, has lived his life and pursued his dreams in a manner that inspires all who meet him. For more information Click here To keep posted regularly

64. Tuton, Brandon
A site by Jonathan Gillette, Brandon's father. Family photos and links to information about cerebral palsy and seizure disorders.

65. Cerebral Palsy Treatment - Kozijavkin Method
was founded in 1990 to provid care for the patients with cerebral palsy and vertebrological problems. The manual therapy method, elaborated by doctor Vladimir Kozijavkin, made the basis of treatment. The method served as a foundation for creation of the system of intensive neurophysiological rehabilitation.
Our New Page
Meetings with Prof.Kozijavkin October 2004 in the USA Video on our page ... Article in the Cerebral Palsy Magazine

Rehabilitation of patients
with cerebral palsy (CP)
Kozijavkin Method Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System ) - is a highly effective treatment for patients with Cerebral Palsy, low back pain and consequences of trauma and organic lesions of the nervous system. Its main component is a biomechanical correction of the spine and large joints in combination with a set of treatment modalities: reflexotherapy, physical therapy, special massage therapy, rhythmical group exercises, mechanotherapy, apitherapy and the use of suit "Spiral". The Kozijavkin Method was created 15 years ago in the Ukraine and was officially approved by Ukrainian Government. Due to the tremendous success of this method, it has gained recognition in many countries. More than 15000 patients have been treated by this method, including around 7000 from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, USA and other counties of the world. Research work has proven the effectiveness of the Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System.

66. Cerebral Palsy Association Of BC (CPABC)
Provides information about cerebral palsy and describes services, includingeducation, advocacy, support, and a recycled clothing program.
Realize Equality
in a Diverse Society

Site Map

Contact Us
What is Cerebral Palsy? ...
Frequently Asked Questions
Celebrating 51 Years
Learn more about the Cerebral Palsy Association and what we can do for you. Download brochure (PDF 165KB)
Hi-res version
(PDF 2,272 KB)
Are You a Victim of Fraud?
For more info, read the press release Fraud Artists Imperil Funding For Cerebral Palsy (PDF 74KB) Top 10 Scams - Avoid Being Victimized (PDF 76KB) To view PDF documents, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher. Download Acrobat Reader for free.
Supporting youth with physical disabilities in making the transition into adulthood Find out more (PDF 112KB)
Visit the web site

The Cerebral Palsy Association of British Columbia (CPABC) is an independent, not-for-profit Association led by a Volunteer Board of Directors. The CPABC was founded in 1954 by a group of concerned parents who wanted the best possible opportunities for their children living with Cerebral Palsy (CP). We have evolved into a provincial Association that supports individuals, families, caregivers, professionals, students and other organizations whose lives are touched by Cerebral Palsy. Today, there are between 8000 - 12000 people across the province of British Columbia who live with Cerebral Palsy.

67. Tzaad_kadima.gif
Advancement of conductive education in Israel for children with cerebral palsy.
Profile Tsad Kadima is a non-profit association of parents and professionals who have broght the system of Conductive Education (the Peto method) from Hungary to Israel.
Tsad Kadima operates a system that provides high quality educational- rehabilitative services for children with cerebral palsy, with a commitment to allowing every boy and girl to fullfil their inherent potential.
Frequently Asked Questions

questions, answers, clarifications ...
We know you must have so many questions.
We gathered the frequently asked ones and published some answers for them.
We hope this will assist you. If not, you can always contact us or post a question in one of the forums. Donations
donations and donors ...
Tsad Kadima is an association funded mainly by charitabe donations.
Read about our donors and their contributions.
If you want to take part or donate, this is where you can send us your details and we will contact you.

68. United Cerebral Palsy Cleveland Home Page
Provides residential, vocational and children s services. Includes contacts andemployment opportunities.
A Tradition of Innovation
Advancing the independence of people with disabilities since 1950
10011 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-4701 Privacy Statement Mission Statement The mission of United Cerebral Palsy is
to advance the independence,
productivity and full citizenship of
people with cerebral palsy and other
disabilities. Advancing the independence of people
with disabilities since 1950 We serve individuals
with the following disabilities: Cerebral Palsy
Mental Retardation Acquired Brain Injury Spina Bifida Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Muscular Dystrophy (MD) Fragile X Syndrome Learning Disabilities Please support UCP at the Mr. Hero/Arabica 15th Annual Charity Golf Outing 10011 Euclid Avenue * Cleveland, OH 44106 * (216) 791-8363 * Fax: (216) 721-3372 Directions from MapQuest

69. Arthur's South Africa Cerebral Palsy Home
cerebral palsy in South Africa, including listings of institutions, schools, societies, government departments, cerebral palsy centres, support groups and toy libraries.
ARTHUR'S SOUTH AFRICA CEREBRAL PALSY HOME PAGE Home Page CP Associations CP Schools Index to S.A. Institutions ... LINKS TO OTHER CEREBRAL PALSY AND MEDICAL SITES Go to Arthur's FREE Clipart Home Pages LE FastCounter Pages updated 26th January, 2001by Webmaster E-Mail

70. Home Page
Form for donating a vehicle to United cerebral palsy of Greater Sacramento, California.

71. United Cerebral Palsy Of New York City, Inc.
Nonprofit agency in New York City providing direct services, technology andadvocacy to children and adults of all ages with cerebral palsy and related
More than 650 Guests Attend Doorways to Independence Reception at Gracie Mansion to Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of ADA
On August 16, 2005, the gardens of Gracie Mansion ... REGISTER TODAY for TechWorksExpo2005, November 29-30, 2005
You can now download the registration form for Uni... Women Who Care in the Limelight at UCP/NYC Luncheon
New York, NY (May 5, 2005): United Cerebral Palsy ... Monday, August 22, 2005
2005 Tony Darrow Golf Tournament

72. RSSI Of Charlotte, North Carolina
A nonprofit organization that provides residential services and community support to individuals with developmental disabilities including mental retardation, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and traumatic brain injuries.
Residential Support Services Inc.
RSS Inc.

Our History

Donations, Directions, Contacts

Group Homes
Favorite Links

Residential Support Services Inc.: RSS Inc.
Virtual Office of
Welcome to Residential Support Services Web Site
Serving People with Developmental Disabilities.

Our Mission Statement
Residential Support Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality services and housing to individuals with developmental disabilities.We are committed to supporting the individual in his or her effort to: *Develop self-reliance *Exercise freedom of choice *Achieve personal fulfillment *Establish and maintain relationships *Participate in community life Residential Support Services believes in joining with others to utilize all resources effectively for the benefit of individuals we serve, our employees, and the community.

73. Pediatric Oncall-Cerebral Palsy Information Page.
Describes and answers questions about causes, prevention, and treatment.
PARENT CORNER Search GO Home Back Search for Pediatricians Hospitals Special Schools Baby Names Holistic Medicines Alternative Medicine Home Made Remedies Guest Book Guest Book Discussion Boards Share Experience Post Query ... Specialist Answers
CEREBRAL PALSY / SPASTIC CHILD Q: What is ce rebr al palsy?
Cerebral palsy (CP) is a general term used to describe a group of disorders that impair muscle control due to damage to the developing brain.
Q. What are the symptoms of CP?
CP may present from extreme clumsiness to extensive spasticity. Parents may first notice that their child is not developing motor milestones normally i.e. the baby may have delayed rolling over or the baby may be late to sit, crawl or walk. The child may also show an unusual posture or favor one side of their body. Though spastic children are universally identified as children with CP, there are actually 4 types of CP Spastic CP Dyskinetic CP(Athetotic CP) - Patients with this type of CP have bizarre twisting motions or unusual posturing.

74. Cerebral Palsy League Of Queensland
Provides services to children and adults with cerebral palsy and related disabilitiesand their families who live in Australia.
Home Services Information Careers ... Home
League Home
What is Cerebral Palsy? ETS Australia Tech Support Services Library Human Resources League News How You Can Help CP Week 2005 Capability Queensland Contact Us
League Mission Statement
"The Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland will provide quality services and supports which will enable and empower people with cerebral palsy and related disabilities to create and access opportunities to lead valued lives as respected and equal members of society within their family and community." Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week

Parliament House Charity Golf Challenge

The Queensland Parliamentary Lions Club invites you to participate in the Parliament House Charity Golf Challenge at Wynnum Golf Club on Friday 26th August 2005. The Challenge is an annual event organised by the Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland. Compete in a four-ball ambrose game with shotgun start, and enjoy all-day inclusive drinks (beer and wine), BBQ lunch and a two-course gourmet dinner and awards ceremony. The cost will be $100 per person, $400 per team. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Phone 1800 819 086 for more information.
Disability Sector Quality System

The Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland has been selected as a preferred supplier of learning and organisational development services during the implementation of the Disability Sector Quality System (DSQS) across Queensland. The DSQS aims to assure and improve service delivery to Queenslanders with a disability. Providers of disability services are required to establish internal management systems that support effective service delivery and demonstrate how they meet the Queensland Disability Service Standards*. Explore

75. Basic Etiquette People With Disabilities
Guidelines from a Handout by United cerebral palsy (UCPA)/Access AmeriCorps.

76. Welcome To CPRF!!
cerebral palsy Research Foundation PO Box 8217 5111 East 21st Street Wichita,Kansas 67208 Phone (316) cerebral palsy Research Foundation

77. Seeing Disabilities From A Different Perspective
Fourth and fifth graders provide information on autism, blindness, cerebral palsy, and deafness. Includes causes, effects, and famous people who have suffered from these conditions.

78. Center For Cerebral Palsy: Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy Surgery For Pediatric Spas
The Center for cerebral palsy Spasticity located at St. Louis Children’s Hospitaluses selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery to treat pediatric spastic
home find a doctor services hospital visit ... articles Cerebral Palsy Spasticity Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy Arabic Version
Portuguese Version
Spanish Version
SDR Family Message Board About Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy Patient Selection ... Patient Information Form This site provides up-to-date information about selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR), an accepted method for treatment of spastic cerebral palsy (CP). It also includes recommendations from the Center for Cerebral Palsy Spasticity at the St. Louis Children's Hospital. The content of this web site is based on medical literature and our own experience. Since its inception in 1987, Dr. Park has performed SDR on more than 1,350 children and adults for treatment of CP spasticity. Parents and patients with CP need to be fully informed of all options, including SDR. It is our hope that the information here will help you make the best possible decisions for your children if you are parents and for yourself if you are an adult with CP. Cerebral Palsy
Cause of Spasticity

Prevalence of Spasticity

Effects of Spasticity
Contact Us
Cerebral Palsy
CP affects movement and posture and is caused by brain damage before, during, or after birth. The brain damage underlying CP cannot be reversed and produces life-long disabilities. Despite remarkable medical advances, the incidence of CP has not decreased, with one out of 500 children being afflicted with the disorder.

79. Brain Solutions - The Developmental Re-education Centre
Trains parents in multisensory stimulation therapy for children with intellectual and physical disabilities including Down syndrome, fragile X, Rubinstein Taybi, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, and other kinds of brain injury or damage.
Brain Solutions
The Developmental Re-education Centre


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The national United Cerebral Palsy in the USA The U.S. Cerebral Palsy Athletic Association has a home page on the www. Cerebral Palsy and Birth Trauma Litigation This educational guide discusses the medical and legal questions that have to be considered by an attorney who is asked by the parents of a child with cerebral palsy to determine if the child's brain injury was caused by the negligence of a physician, nurse or hospital. cerebralpalsy and Acupuncture results statistics Journey Out of Silence an autobiography by William Rush, a journalist with cerebral palsy SCOPE - For People with Cerebral Palsy formerly The Spastics Society Webmaster . Site Design by Ability "see the ability, not the disability" Acknowledgments

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