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  1. Acute progressive bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome after upper respiratory tract infection.(Case Report): An article from: Southern Medical Journal by Ihab I. El Hajj, Mohamad I. Harb, et all 2005-11-01
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  4. Ergonomics: Low - Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Upper Extremity Disorders in the Workplace by J. Steven Moore, 1992-01-01
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  9. NY: Misdiagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: `Unnecessary Surgeries' - Vicarious Liability.(Brief Article): An article from: Hospital Law's Regan Report by A. David Tammelleo, 2000-07-01
  10. Encyclopedia of Family Health; Vol 2: Bandages - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by Jacoby David B, 1998
  11. Occupational Therapy Practiced Guidelines for Adults With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Aota Practice Guidelines) by Aota, 2000-07
  12. OSHA Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, 10 Users by Daniel Farb, 2005-01-24
  13. Introduction to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by Tom Duncan, 2010-01-01
  14. Steroid injection helps in carpal tunnel syndrome.(Rheumatology)(Brief Article): An article from: Internal Medicine News by Bruce Jancin, 2004-10-15

81. Stop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
The result is a debilitating disorder called carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), How Does carpal tunnel syndrome Occur? The carpal tunnel is a narrow
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In This Article:
How It Occurs
Signs Preventing It Treating It ... Working Safely
The boom in computer use has spawned an epidemic of repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, a potentially disabling disorder of the wrist, hand and arm. You could be at risk if you to do repetitive tasks with your hands for long stretches of time. C omputer users, cashiers, assembly-line workers, meatpackers, sewing machine operators and musicians often get the same injury. What they all have in common are jobs that involve using their hands in repetitive motions that put a strain on the tendons of the wrist. The result is a debilitating disorder called carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), which affects hundreds of thousands of Americans and costs employers billions of dollars a year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, repetitive stress injuries, including CTS, are the fastest growing occupational illness.
The median nerve can become compressed as it passes through the carpal tunnel, causing pain and numbness and impairing movement of the hand and fingers.

82. NINDS Forwarding Page
Information sheet compiled by NINDS, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.
NINDS has redesigned its website and the URL for the page you were seeking has changed. The new URL for this page is /disorders/carpal_tunnel/carpal_tunnel.htm . Please update your bookmark to this page. You will be automatically taken to this page in 5 seconds, or you can click the link to go there now.

83. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Oral drug of choice in carpal tunnel syndrome. Neurology. 51(2)3903. Aug 1998.bullet, Dawson, DM, Hallett M, Wilbourn AJ. Entrapment Neuropathies.
Information for
health care professionals click on brain to return to index page Neuroland Search site Neuro Med Neuro Note Texas Dr ... YSL Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Overview Compression of the Median nerve by transverse carpal ligament (Flexor retinaculum). The most common entrapment neuropathy in the upper extremity. Affect women more than men. Usually bilateral, dominant hand tends to be more severely affected. Most cases are idiopathic. Epidemiological studies linked CTS to the following Job Tasks Electronics Assemblers Garment Workers Aircraft Builders Frozen food processor Keyboard use as cause of CTS is not confirmed by study. May be caused by other diseases Endocrine Hypothyroidism Acromegaly Diabetes Connective tissue disease: Rheumatoid Arthritis Tumors: Ganglion, Lipoma, Schwannoma, Neurofibroma Hemangioma Congenital Persistent median artery Congenital small carpal tunnel Anomalous muscles (palmaris longus, flexor digitorum sublimis) Infectious/Inflammatory: Sarcoid Histoplasmosis Septic arthritis Lyme Trauma Fractures (especially Colle's fracture) Hemorrhage (including anticoagulation) Miscellaneous Spasticity (persistent wrist flexion) Renal disease, hemodialysis

Focus on occupational safety, office ergonomics consulting and training, office injury prevention, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive motion injuries. San Rafael, California.
Ergonomics Consulting
The principal ergonomics consultant of Ergofactors, Shea Dismukes, board certified professional ergonomist. Shea has a Master's degree in industrial engineering specializing in ergonomics and occupational safety. As the former corporate ergonomist for Chevron Petroleum Company, she has a wide variety of experience ranging from office environments to offshore platforms.
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For additional information on the services provided to these companies or referrals, please contact us.
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85. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Information And Links
carpal tunnel syndrome, The Chicago Personal Injury Law Firm of Attorney Donald W.Fohrman concentrating in Workers Compensation, carpal tunnel syndrome,
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86. Colonia Chiropractic Center - Doctor Stiso
Treats a wide range of conditions including neck and back pain, sciatica, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, asthma, sports injuries, tennis elbow, pediatric illnesses, scoliosis, arthritis pain, numbness and tingling in the arms and legs, and disc problems.
O ur doctors treat a wide range of conditions including, neck and back pain, sciatica, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, automobile and work related injuries, pediatric problems, arthritis pain, sports injuries, tennis elbow, scoliosis, numbness and tingling in the arms and legs, and disc problems. The Colonia Chiropractic Center has been providing quality health care to thousands of families throughout the Middlesex and Union county area for over 35 years. Our office participates in over 60 insurance plans and is a long time provider of second opinion independent examinations. The Colonia Chiropractic Center utilizes state of the art diagnostic equipment including X-ray, electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, long axis traction, and hydro/cryo therapies. Welcome to DrStiso.Com Over the years our primary concern has been the well-being of our patients. Our doctors render quality health care with the highest respect and ethical standards. We encourage questions and rely on our patients’ concerns to make them feel as comfortable as possible while under our care. Located on Inman Avenue in the Colonia section of Woodbridge Township, we are just minutes away from the Garden State Parkway. Click for

87. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Neurologychannel
carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition caused by compression, or entrapment,of the median nerve often associated with repetitive activities .
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... Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cephalic Disorders Cerebral Palsy Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Chronic Pain Dementia Encephalitis Epilepsy ... Guillain-Barre Syndrome Headache Huntington's Disease Hydrocephalus Lou Gehrig's Disease ... Traumatic Brain Injury Vertigo DIAGNOSTIC TESTS CT Scan MRI Scan TREATMENT OPTIONS
Botulinum Toxin Therapy Epidural Injection Trigger Point Injection Vagus Nerve Stimulation RESOURCES Clinical Trials Glossary Links MDLocator ... What Is a Neurologist? Videos FOR DOCTORS ONLY Website Services Get Listed in MDLocator CME ABOUT US Testimonials print this email this Overview Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition caused by compression, or entrapment, of the motor and sensory nerve in the wrist (median nerve), resulting in pain, muscle weakness, impaired reflexes, numbness, and tingling in the hand. Nerve compression is often associated with repetitive activities (e.g., typing, painting, hammering) that cause stress injury, swelling, and inflammation. The carpal tunnel is a canal in the wrist through which fibrous connective tissue (tendons), nerves, and blood vessels pass. The transverse carpal ligament covers the carpal tunnel.

88. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Home Page: FLEXTEND.NET
carpal tunnel syndrome, cumulative trauma disorder and repetitive strain injury information.





Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
How Serious Are They?
Currently, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects over 8-million Americans, and is costing the private business sector, government agencies and insurance companies more than 20 billion dollars annually in workers compensation alone. The overall cost of treating these disorders exceeds 60 billion annually when considering the cost of implementing ergonomic products, rehabilitation, physician visits, surgery, lost time from work, temporary help and job retraining. Musculoskeletal disorders, including carpal tunnel syndrome, are among the most prevalent medical conditions in the U.S., affecting 7% of the population. They account for 14% of physician visits and 19% of hospital stays. 62% of the persons with musculoskeletal disorders report some degree of limitation on activity, compared with 14% of the population at large, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
  • The U.S. Department of Labor has concluded that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is the "chief occupational hazard of the 90's"- disabling workers in epidemic proportions.

89. Encyclopaedia Topic : Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Section : Introduction
NHS Direct Online Health Encyclopaedia. carpal tunnel syndrome Carpal tunnelsyndrome is numbness, tingling and pain in the thumb and fingers of one or

90. Peripheral Nerve Center
Outpatient clinic specializing in peripheral nerve surgery for patients suffering from neuropathy, including diabetic numbness, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
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91. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Family Guide To Neuromedicine
carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a painful syndrome that involves the hand, wristand sometimes arm. It is seen more often in women than men and usually
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Carpal tunnel syndrome
Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a painful syndrome that involves the hand, wrist and sometimes arm. It is seen more often in women than men and usually occurs between 40 and 60 years of age. Several nerves travel from the spine, down the arm and into the hand which allows fine movements of the hand and fingers (i.e. handwriting, buttoning and fine coordination). One of these nerves, called the median nerve, is the one most affected in CTS. The median nerve travels through a very small space at the wrist, called the carpal tunnel. The nerve is surrounded by the carpal ligament, which is a thick band of fiber that gives strength and support to the wrist and hand. When this carpal ligament hardens, the nerve is pressed into the small space of the carpal tunnel. The nerve then becomes trapped in the tunnel, causing the symptoms you may experience.
Signs and symptoms
  • Numbness in the hand and/or fingers which often occurs at night and may awaken the person from sleep.

92. Search Directory Page
A look at CTS is, the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and surgery. By Edward M. Staub, M.D.
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93. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Preventing The Pain In Your Hands And Wrists
Ask Your Family Doctor Developed by the College of Family Physicians of CanadaWhat is carpal tunnel syndrome ? carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful disorder education/carpal/default.asp?s=

Information about a wrist brace which assists in treatment and prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome.
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The Place to Get Info About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Order The Brace
Most Recent Update Posted September 2005
Do you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) which causes you wrist pain? The patented M BRACE RCA may be part of your solution! Have you experienced numbness on the top of your wrist? Have you rubbed the hair right off the back of your wrist in a futile attempt to get rid of the pain? I did! But through sheer luck, I found a small brace the size of a watchband which works, and has made the numbness and pain go away for over five years. And I bang away on a keyboard all day long as a magazine writer and in my other career pursuits. Without the M BRACE RCA, I would be unable to do my job. That's why I convinced the owners of two US Patents on the device to let me sell their product beginning in April 1999. You can read all about my personal wrist pain battle at this site by clicking here . And you can browse the various topics in the Table of Contents below, become informed, and then consider trying the M BRACE RCA solution yourself. Thousands of satisfied customers know it works.

95. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the name for a group of problems that For moreinformation on carpal tunnel syndrome, contact the National Women’s
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Printer-friendly version PDF file, 64 Kb] What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)?
What are the symptoms of CTS?

What causes CTS and who is more likely to develop it?

How is CTS treated?
What is the best way to prevent CTS?
What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)?
CTS has become more common in the U.S. and is quite costly in terms of time lost from work and expensive medical treatment. The U.S. Department of Labor reported that in 2003 the average number of missed days of work due to CTS was 23 days, costing over $2 billion a year. It is thought that about 3.7 percent of the general public in this country suffer from CTS.
What are the symptoms of CTS?
Typically, CTS begins slowly with feelings of burning, tingling, and numbness in the wrist and hand. The areas most affected are the thumb, index and middle fingers. At first, symptoms may happen more often at night. Many CTS sufferers do not make the connection between a daytime activity that might be causing the CTS and the delayed symptoms. Also, many people sleep with their wrist bent, which may cause more pain and symptoms at night. As CTS gets worse, the tingling may be felt during the daytime too, along with pain moving from the wrist to your arm or down to your fingers. Pain is usually felt more on the palm side of the hand. Another symptom of CTS is weakness of the hands that gets worse over time. Some people with CTS find it difficult to grasp an object, make a fist, or hold onto something small. The fingers may even feel like they are swollen even though they are not. Over time, this feeling will usually happen more often.

96. Compuhealth
Offers solutions for the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome and other computer related repetitive strain injuries (RSIs).
Home About Compuhealth Software for computer injury prevention Corporate ...
Bring your most difficult patients! The Harwin Clinic is An Opportunity For You to fill in the gaps that you have been missing in your approach to treatment.
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Compuhealth Solutions for the Prevention of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Other Computer Related Repetitive Strain Injuries R eliance on computers in the workplace has resulted in a virtual epidemic of injury to workers who perform intensive computer work. These injuries, commonly called Repetitive Strain Injuries or RSI 's , have emerged as the number one occupational hazard of the 90's and now in the millennium. Carpal Tunnel, headaches, stress, eyestrain, thoracic outlet syndrome, shoulder, neck, back, wrist, and elbow pain are just some of the injuries that are commonly seen with improper computer work habits. CompuHealth provides solutions to these types of computer-related injuries This is accomplished with specific solutions which utilizes ergonomic assessment and treatment protocols to help prevent these types of injuries from occurring through: The Healthy Computing Book:
The first book of its kind

97. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Free Classes For Non Surgical Treatment
carpal tunnel syndrome free classes for the non surgical treatment of thisrepetitive stress disorder. Site contains pictures of exercises and anatomy in a Theory : Carpal Tunnel
Click on the scientist to go to the Carpal Tunnel Lab
Welcome to’s class on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Today we will be discussing the anatomical occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrists, what we can do to prevent it and treat it. Let’s begin. What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition that occurs when too much pressure is placed on the median nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel. The carpal tunnel is a small passageway through which the median nerve, as well as the tendons that operate the thumb and fingers must pass. The location of the carpal tunnel is right at the base of the palm and wrist and it creates a tight fit even in a healthy structure. Sometimes, through repetitive and improper use of the hand and wrist, the tendons can become inflamed. When the tendons swell within the tight carpal tunnel, there is no longer enough room for everything to fit comfortably and this places pressure on the median nerve. This pressure creates tingling and loss of feeling in the hand. It can also inhibit your ability to pinch you thumb to your fingers.

98. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome -
A description of the condition as well as symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

99. WristWand - Relieves Wrist, Hand, Elbow Pain Due To Repetitive Stress Injury - P
A new tool and technique in the prevention and treatment of Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI), or Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD) such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow, Arthritis.
Attention Wristwand Radio Responders:
(1-866-EZ-STRETCH) Click Here for Offer Details protect and relieve these painful disorders by stretching key muscle groups of the hands, wrists, forearms and upper arms. The small amount spent in prevention can save thousands in costly medical interventions and lost work.
California Chiropractic Association
Partners Club The Wristwand was tested and recommended by members of the Partners Club.
" "
Bob Koczor - Publisher / Editor
Golf Today Magazine, March 2000 Quote of the Month: " I attended the Region 9 VPPPA conference In Scottsdale. While there, I came across your very basic but wonderful stretching device, WristWand. Almost all of the other vendors, and many of the participants were singing the praises of the WristWand. I had been having some soreness in my wrist, from mouse use and fishing. I tried the WristWand stretch and within 2 days, the soreness was gone, and with this regular simple exercise daily, it has not come back. I returned with one for my office, and it makes an incredible difference. All companies should consider it, given the ergonomic exposures they have. "

100. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Exercises
Here are some exercises intended to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.Remember doing a quick five minute exercise warmup before starting work,
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Exercises These exercises have been developed and tested by Dr. Housang Seradge at the . Studies there indicate that two out of three patients with mild to moderate carpal tunnel symptoms were able to avoid surgery by using these exercises - twice the success rate of other nonsurgical treatments. These exercises are more successful in patients with mild symptoms, and are not recommended for patients with severe symptoms. Patients who have persistent symptoms despite these exercises should discuss surgical treatment with their physician. The latest version of these exercises can be found at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons web site: Here are some exercises intended to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Remember doing a quick five minute exercise warm-up before starting work, just as runners stretch before a run, can help prevent work-related injuries.
Extend and stretch both wrists and fingers acutely as if they are in a hand-stand position. Hold for a count of 5. Straighten both wrists and relax fingers.

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