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  1. Who Says I Can t?: A Two-Time Cancer-Surviving Amputee and Entrepreneur Who Fought Back, Survived and Thrived by Jothy Rosenberg, 2010-02-01
  2. Living with a Below-Knee Amputation: A Unique Insight from a Prosthetist/Amputee by Richard Lee Riley CPBS, 2005-03-28
  3. It's Just a Matter of Balance: A Very Personal Story Of Amputee Rehabilitation, An Autobiography, Prosthetic Education, Inspirational, Useful Story For Clinicians, And The Teenage Student by Kevin S. Garrison, 2005-09-19
  4. A LIFE RECLAIMED: How A Quadruple Amputee Regained Control Of Her Life
  5. The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Amputee by Lawrence W. Friedmann, 1978-06
  6. Without Regret: A Handbook for Owners of Canine Amputees by Susan Neal, 2002-07
  7. Therapy for Amputees
  8. The Troublesome Amputee by John Edward Lawson, 2006-06-30
  9. Amputees and Devotees by Grant C. Riddle, 1990-07
  10. You're Not Alone: With the Stories of 38 Remarkable Amputees Who Conquered the Challenges of a Lifetime by John Sabolich, 1996-03
  11. The Troublesome Amputee: Scarred Edition by John Edward Lawson, 2006-12-01
  12. Pre- and Post-Operative Services for the Amputee with Diabetes: What the health care provider needs to know to prepare and care for amputee patients by Sander Nassan, 2007-06-04
  13. The Leg and I : A Rollicking Autobiography of an Amputee by Marcia H. Porter, 1990-03
  14. Rehabilitation of Lower Limb Amputees by Unnamed Unnamed, 1977

161. Michigan Society To Advance Rehabilitation
Provides peer group support counseling to amputee's. Dedicated to helping those who have had, will have, or are undergoing amputation.
M-STAR provides support and counseling services to amputees. We are committed to help amputees deal with this traumatic experience so that they can live happy productive lives. Our services are designed to help those that will, have had or are currently undergoing an amputation. We are in the process of attaining our Michigan Non-Profit 501(c)3 organization status, and are dedicated to helping amputees. Our only goal is helping you reach yours.
About Us Services Dr. Morris ... Contact Us

162. Risk Factor Amputee
Risk Factor amputee. LISTS. Name, Occupation, Birth, Death, Known for. Rick Allen.Drummer. 1Nov-1963, Def Leppard s one-armed drummer. Artur Axmann

Site for Above Knee amputees that want to not only walk, but to walk well, and to be comfortable.
Welcome to™! We are THE site for Above Knee Amputees that want to not only walk, but to walk well, and to be comfortable! If you have been searching for information about above knee prosthetics, you don't have to look any further than this site! This site is maintained by amputees with help from their friends. This site's purpose is to help above knee amputees to achieve good results when they get their prosthesis. This site IS NOT maintained by any company or organization in the prosthetic industry. The money required to maintain this site is generated through advertisements on this site of products that™ finds beneficial to above knee amputees. We hope you find this site informative. We have added a new section to our site called . This is a section for amputees, by amputees. It will contain information about new technology amputees are successfully using, tips on how to take the stairs more easily, etc. Please check this site often, as we will be updating this section weekly. Also, feel free to email™

164. BBC News HEALTH Amputee S Battle For Artificial Limbs
The NHS has been heavily criticised for its provision of equipment to disabledpeople. BBC News Online looks at one woman s experience.

165. End 2 End With Mike And Diane
Diane Stuckey and Mike Pope (who is an above the knee amputee) are cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats to raise money for a new St Johns Ambulance in May/June 2004. Includes planned route.

166. Ossur Nat'l Leg Amputee Championships - Silver Strand Half Marathon
The Ossur National Leg amputee Championships is part of the Open Air MRI Centers The Leg amputee start is 715 am Some of the world’s fastest amputee

167. Good Shepherd 404
Good Shepherd s amputee Rehabilitation Program provides each of our patients For more information on the Good Shepherd amputee Rehabilitation Program,
Search by Service Amputee Rehab Arthritis Rehab Brain Injury Burn Care Complex Wound Continence Training Diabetic Care Dysphagia Program Fitness Program Hand Rehab Industrial Rehab Long-Term Care Lymphedema Massage Therapy Mental Illness Mild Brain Injury Movement Disorder Multiple Sclerosis Multi-Trauma Rehab Neurorehabilitation Occupational Therapy Oncology Rehab Orthopedic Rehab Osteoporosis Pain Rehabilitation Pediatric Rehab Physical Therapy Pulmonary Rehab Spina Bifida Spinal Cord Injury Stroke Rehab Ventilator Weaning Vestibular Rehab Video Fluoroscopy Women's Health Wound Care
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giving back about outcomes ... Financial Info

168. WHDH-TV - Boston - Amputee Swims 16 Hours To Raise Money For Jimmy
New England News Station Boston Channel 7 WHDHTV WHDH.
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169. Tarrant Amputee Network
Serving the DallasFort Worth area. Includes details of meeting times, location, and biographical information about David Norcott, group facilitator.
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We Are Here To Help Others
We strive in reaching out to other fellow amputees in our area as well as other areas!! We are reaching out to let them know that they are not alone and that there are support groups out there to help with their needs of adjusting to such a great loss as an amputation!! The individuals who need help and are there to give help gain strength from joining and participating in our support group as well!! We know what each one of us will go, has gone and is going through, therefore we can relate to every day situations and can discuss through and cope with the reality of situations together and over come the obstacles that have been laid before us!!
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    This is a special page dedicated to David Norcott, Group Facilitator!! Please stop by and read his story of how he surmounts the obstacles laid before him!! David was in our local magazine, Fort Worth, Magazine. His article is on a link on his page. Take the time to stop by and read his NEW article. There are also WEDDING pictures on a link on his page as well.
Come See Our Sponsors
We have dedicated pages to those who have shown their support and sponsorship to our group!! Click the link and it will take you to the first of their special pages!!

170. Research Aims To Restore Amputee Limb Function - MIT News Office
An MIT professor and colleagues from Brown University and the Providence VeteransAffairs Medical Center have begun a fiveyear, multidisciplinary research

171. United Way For Southeastern Michigan
Providing presurgical counseling to amputees and their families as well as followup after the amputation to help the amputee cope with limb loss.
Home Login Search Spotlight ... About Us
M-STAR Michigan Society To Advance Rehabilitation
powered by United eWay
Warning: This listing is no longer actively maintained. The information below is likely to be out of date. Last updated on November 6, 2002
Provide presurgical counseling to amputees and their families as well as followup after the amputation to help the amputee cope with limb loss. Description:
Provide peer counseling to new amputees and their families as well as guidance and counseling after their amputation. Provide guidance in prosthetics and other needs that are encountered by amputees.
(M-STAR) Michigan Society To Advance Rehabilitation is the only amputee peer counseling organization in Michigan. It is run by an amputee to help amputees reach their goal of becoming useful to themselves, their families and society. There are many amputee support groups in Michigan but none other than M-STAR that provide amputee peer support prior to the amputation and after the amputation. We will go to the hospital upon request of the amputees family or on the request of a medical professional to do counseling.
Contact person: Dr. Saul Morris, President/CEO, 586-757-6002

172. Noticias - Research Aims To Restore Amputee Limb Function, Research Aims To Rest
/ An MIT professor and colleagues from Brown University and theProvidence Veterans Affairs Medical Center have begun a fiveyear,

173. Amputee On CAll - Help When You Need It
A helping hand to those who are an amputee or the family of amputees. Also a disability advocate for all disabilities.
A m p u t e e O n C a l l Home About Us Projects Contact Us ... Links Sponsored by Universal Our Mission: To assist any person with problems or questions about disabilities. We are a free service and never ask for a fee. If you have a problem we can find the answers. Some of our Projects: Former member of the Florida Governors Americans with Disabilities Act Working Group, member; Internet Society Disability and Special Needs Chapter: International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet: Advocate for Accessible Web Design: You may find links to our work on the Links page listed in the navigation bar. Although our name is Amputee On Call, we offer assistance to family, friends, and anyone with a disability. Our first focus was the amputee and we sill do peer counseling in the Daytona Beach, Florida area and over the internet. If you have a question, we will find the answer. Our data base is large and our scope is international. Dana Bowman’s Limb Bank Foundation acts as a ready resource for artificial limbs for those in need.

174. BR - Amputee Program
Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital amputee Program. Admission to the BMRH amputeeProgram can be directly from the acute care hospital after an evaluation by the

175. Welcome To Cameron's Web Site, Cameron Clapp
Cameron Clapp, a teenage triple amputee. See history, press releases, prosthetics, and contact information.

176. Einstein - Amputee Team
Albert Esquenazi, MD, heads the amputee team at MossRehab. Other rehabilitationprofessionals on the team include. Physical, occupational and recreational

177. Amputee Treatment Center
Site providing information on prosthetic devices for amputees Forum and online survey, chat room, photos and links.
Amputee Treatment Center
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178. :: Quimby's :: Amputee ::
amputee Larry Green Quimby s Bookstore. amputee, $5.00. by Larry Green.amputee Click to enlarge Continue. Thursday 04 August, 2005, 8468907 requests
1854 W. North Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

tel. 773/342-0910

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179. Qstart_techie
A life story of a diabetic amputee and how diabetic foot problems develop and eventually lead to amputation.
Amputation  in Diabetes. Well, If you think it could not happen to you, think again and read my story.
I have been diabetic for over 11 years. I have never thought and imagined how
diabetics could lose the leg. As long as I take good care of myself and see the doctor
regularly how I could possibly get into the situation I am at now?
How Did It Happen to Me?
Some time ago, I developed feelings of tingling,burning, numbing and needlesensations in my feet. Doctors told me "It's your diabetes!". I asked what I should do about it. "Well, be careful" my doctor told me. Is it OK to wear these shoes? Is it OK with a calluse at the bottom of my feet? What about my toenails? I never got straight answers and no one seemed to know or have clear knowledge until I developed a blister from a new pair of shoes I bought and wore for several hours. The blister gave me so much trouble for almost two years. Exactly two years since I developed a small blister, my leg was amputated. Can you believe a little blister cost me my leg?
Educate Yourself If You Are Diabetic
I have found many educational resources on the web since my mishap. Could I have prevented amputation? I think so. When I had developed foot ulcer from the blister, why my doctor never bother to check the bone under the ulcer was infected? When I got a second opinion the second doctor's first concern was a bone infection. When he ordered MRI of my foot then they finally realized my bones were mangled from infection which had to be present several months. Why my doctor never bother to refer me to a foot specialist?

180. Health Information Resource Database: American Amputee Foundation, Inc
The American amputee Foundation Inc., (AAF) began in 1975 as a national informationclearinghouse and referral center, serving primarily amputees and their

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