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  1. Different rhythms.(Lifestyle)(Men with cerebral palsy and a woman amputee star in new dance): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) by Gale Reference Team, 2007-05-03
  2. No Excuses The True Story of a Congenital Amputee Who Became a Champion in Wrestling and in Life by KyleMaynard, 2006

141. Rocky Mountain News America At War
amputee heading back to battlefield. Fort Carson captain prepares for Future duty amputee Care Program military administrator at Walter Reed Army,1299,DRMN_2116_35

142. Amputee Phantom Limb Pain Relief With Farabloc High Tech Clothing.
Pain management clothing and products. Natural pain management for chronic pain, amputee phantom pain and sports related muscle injuries.
You need the Flash player to see our Logo Farabloc for Amputation Pain Management
20 Years of Pain Research at your Service!
Originally invented to help amputees suffering from amputation related phantom pain.
VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE HERE!. Farabloc Therapeutic Clothing is now available in wraps and blankets, socks, mitts, jackets and belts for lower back pain. View our online catalog for pain relief naturally. View our extensive list of Amputation Links for more amputee information. British Columbia Chiropractic Association
We are pleased to announce the endorsement by the British Columbia Chiropractic Association. Prosthetic Limb Cover Design with Farabloc
After using Farabloc successfully in the "traditional" fashion for many years, some amputation patients were asking if the cloth could be worn inside the prosthesis during the day... read complete article here "I was able to help my father with his above knee amputation and phantom pains, therefore I am thankful."
Frieder Kempe - the Originator of Farabloc From the agonizing phantom pains of an amputee, arose

143. By Sierra Orthopedic Laboratory, Inc.
Collection of short video clips and instructions to help amputees perform specific tasks and activities.
Current Instructional Videos that include gait training, activities of daily living and sports and recreation are: Below the Knee Amputee Unilateral Above the Knee Amputee Bilateral Above the Knee Amputee Unilateral Below the Elbow Amputee Unilateral How To... Instructional Videos Welcome to This site is filled with short video clips and instructions to illustrate how people with a specific disability perform tasks like gait training, activities of daily living and sports and recreation. The site's instructional video selection will grow as we expand the site. Try it, and give us your feedback. We are also adding a collection of . Be inspired by people who won't be limited by their disabilities. Thank you, Jonathan Batzdorff, CPO
Sierra Orthopedic Laboratory, Inc.
Home Instructional Videos Links Contact Us Site Map
Web site by Nu-Designs Web Development

144. CBS News Amputee Takes Heroism To New Level January 6, 2005 16
Marlon Shirley competing in 200meter amputee race at World Athletics He decided to take on a new mission inspiring amputee veterans of the war in Iraq

145. We Need To Rebuild Self Confidence In Our Patients - Land Mine Victims
The International Institute of Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Land mine Survivors. News of vertical amputee hockey in Russia.
boes .org
"Valuable members of our society"
Hockey on Prostheses

Tough Rehabilitation

Fighting the destiny

Valuable Members

Vertical Amputee Hockey
Our history in pictures

Next Generation
My leg was twisted and very dirty

Text Source: Boston Courier -We need to rebuild self confidence in our patients IPRLS - International Institute of Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Land mine Survivors, was founded at Tafts University, Boston, MA in April, 1998. Founder was Dr. Mark Pitkin, formerly of St. Petersburg, Russia - currently professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Tafts. In June of 1998 First International Conference was held by IPRLS which discussed the Program of the US-Russian Prosthetic Rehabilitation Bridge. Russian side was represented by St. Petersburg Institute of Prosthetics, the oldest institution of this profile in the country. 12 patients , including 4 children , are completely rehabilitated now as a result of the unification by Bridge of American technology and Russian experience. But this program is aimed not only on physical rehabilitation after the reconstructive surgery and prosthetic fitting." "We need to rebuild self confidence in our patients. We would like them to believe and to prove to them that they don't need to distance themselves from any kind of activity, that they are valuable members of our society", says Russian specialist Konstantin Scherbina.

146. CBS News Amputee Soldiers On March 2, 2005 043557
Rozelle ist he first amputee given a combat command. (Photo CBS) He is thefirst amputee not only to be deemed fit for combat but the first to be

147. LeTourneau Prosthetics - Welcome
Provides services to amputees and their families throughout Eastern Texas and Western Louisiana.

148. Amputee Displays Hands That Can 'feel'
PhysOrg news amputee displays hands that can feel
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Amputee displays hands that can 'feel'
June 24, 2005 A rehabilitation center in Chicago has equipped a man who lost both arms with prosthetics that can sense hot and cold and allow him to pick up objects. Today's news: Electronic Devices News archive Breaking news: Study: The human brain is still evolving University of Chicago researchers say they've discovered the human brain is apparently still evolving.

149. IRSC - Musculoskeletal Disorders, Amputees
National, nonprofit amputee consumer educational organization representing The ACA includes individual amputees, amputee education and support groups,

150. Janson Media: Video And DVD: The Tom Whittaker Story
Story of 49 yearold amputee Tom Whittaker's record-breaking 1998 summit of Everest.
The Tom Whittaker Story: One Step at a Time An Everest summit attempt is a high stakes gamble. Over the years, 160 people have died making the attempt; never to return from one of the harshest environments on earth. 1998 was no exception. Several experienced climbers lost their lives. Climbing Everest couldn't be a more difficult or dangerous human undertaking, for even the strongest, healthiest, and most-experienced mountaineers. Which is why 49 year-old amputee Tom Whittaker's record-breaking 1998 summit of Everest has been called "one of the year's most amazing and inspiring stories."
The Tom Whittaker Story is a tale of remarkable resolve, tenacity and courage. Having failed twice before, 49 year-old amputee Tom Whittaker, missing his right foot and kneecap, sets out one more time for the "holy grail" of mountaineering. Award-winning producers Stephen Janson and M. D. Morgan take viewers on a fascinating and illuminating journey with Whittaker from beginning to end. The film features exclusive footage shot throughout Whittaker's incredible and difficult pilgrimage to the highest place on earth.
On the mountain, repeated failures and setbacks take their toll on the team. Longstanding friendships are on the verge of breaking apart. Whittaker's body twice betrays him. Finally, with time running out on his climbing permit, in the eleventh hour, Whittaker makes one final push for the summit. The expedition dramatically results in three major records inked in the tally books of Everest, and the human spirit's conquest of an enduring and monumental goal sculpted in ice, snow, and cold gray rock.

151. Dealing With Amputee Phantom Pain
Whenever I meet another amputee, the subject of phantom pain eventually comes up . amputee pain can be quite devastating, but pain relief and pain

152. Amputation And Amputee Info From The Cripworld Guide To Amputation By Cripworld.
Includes message board, articles, resources, prosthetist and practitioners database.
TOOLS AND INFO The Cripworld Guide to Amputation

welcomes approximately 3000 visitors
per week
is linked to by more than 700 distinct
has space for YOUR company here!
Cripworld is brought to you by:
Cripworld Guide to Amputation
From here you can find information regarding amputation, components, prosthetists and you can access the various boards that are available to you. General Info Cripworld Community Amputation Message Board
Connect with other amps and people in the community. Pain Discussion Articles
If you have the tinglies, phantoms or other amputation related pain, these articles may help. Glossary of Terms Definitions of common (and not so common) terms used in prosthetics and relating to amputation. Choosing a Prosthetist In the market for a Prosthetist? Check here for some tips and information including an interview question list. Amputee Rights and Obligations Yup, we have both. Prosthetic L-Codes Codes, descriptions and dollar values. Canons of Ethical Conduct The rules for prosthetists. Need to file a complaint?

153. Capital News 9 24 Hour Local News HEADLINES Amputee Swims 16
A Massachusetts man spent 16 hours in New Hampshire s Lake Winnipesaukee thisweekend all for a good cause to raise money for the Jimmy Fund.

154. Amputee Bob Mortimer - Inspirational Motivational Speaker
Bob Mortimer, a triple amputee, inspires audiences with his talks on how we can overcome life's real handicaps of attitude, low selfesteem, prejudice and substance abuse.
"Life's only handicaps are the ones we put on ourselves."
Click to learn more about how Bob's
messages inspire audiences of all ages.
Bob's story, one of turning tragedy into triumph, is a message of hope for individuals and families being ravaged by the affects of alcohol and drug use. More...
What Others Say about Bob
Read testimonial letters from teachers, principals, police oficers and church leaders regarding Bob's speaking program. Go there...
A Message of Hope and of Being Our Best
Bob's inspiring talks show how we can be our best, overcoming real handicaps of attitude, low self-esteem, prejudice, bullying and substance abuse. Contact...
About Bob Mortmer
Testimonials Speaker's Requirements ... Contact Info.

155. NPR : Technology Helps Triple Amputee Run Again
Technology reporter Xeni Jardin profiles Cameron Clapp, who lost both legs andhis right arm in an accident in September 2001.

156. Western Amputee Support Alliance Home Page
An informal association of amputee support groups located in the western United States that have voluntarily banded together.

157. NPR : An Amputee's Long Walk Back To Flight Duty
Maj. Tammy Duckworth lost her legs when her helicopter was attacked in Iraq.Now she wants to fly again. But first she has to get up on a new pair of

158. Blesma
The British Limbless ExService Men's Association provides support and care for amputees and other disabled ex service personnel.
nothing in here for now British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association
"STOP PRESS" The BLESMA Atlantic Challenge 2005 gets underway. Check out the site page opposite left.

BLESMA is a National Charity, Registered Charity Number 1084189 for Limbless and Ex-Service Men and Women, their dependants and Widows. The objectives of the Association are to promote the welfare of all those of either sex who have lost a limb or limbs, or one or both eyes, or the use of limbs as a result of service in any branch of Her Majesty's Forces or Auxiliary Forces and to assist needy dependants of such service limbless. We will also help those who lose a limb after service.
Today, BLESMA are aiding thousands of amputees of all ages. From those who served during WWII, to recent conflicts and peace keeping missions.
Categories of Membership are:
Ordinary Member Shall be open to all those Serving and Ex-Serving Men and Women who, whilst serving or as a result of Service in any branch of HM Forces or Auxiliary Forces:
Have lost a limb or an eye
Have permanent loss of speech, hearing or sight of an eye or the use of a limb. Within the context of Membership, "permanent" shall mean not less than 80% loss of speech, hearing or sight

159. Amputee
amputee Updated April 4, 2004 NOAH Disabilities Specific Disabilities amputee. NOAH Logo, Health Topics Index A to Z Page of the Month

160. Search Result For "Amputee"
http//; amputee Coalition of America; Codes of Ethical Conduct;

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