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  1. Austrian Amputees: Paul Wittgenstein, Franz Fuchs, Matthias Lanzinger, Helmut Zilk
  2. Italian People With Disabilities: Italian Amputees, Alex Zanardi, Alessandro Nannini, Orazio Fagone
  3. Indian People With Disabilities: Indian Amputees, Rana Sanga, George Abraham, Sudha Chandran
  4. Whole Again: An Amputee's Awesome,ten Year Battle Against continuous Pain by Lee Whipple, 1980-01-01
  5. This prosthesis recycles: artificial foot captures and releases energy for amputees.: An article from: Industrial Engineer by Unavailable, 2010-04-01
  6. Japanese Amputees: Mori Koben, Okuma Shigenobu, Terauchi Masatake, Shigeru Mizuki, Mamoru Shigemitsu, Kenkichi Ueda, Gyoshu Hayami
  7. 2009 Empowered Patient's Complete Reference to Amputees and Prostheses (Two CD-ROM Set) by PM Medical Health News, 2009-03-14
  8. Spanish Amputees: Miguel de Cervantes
  9. Dutch Amputees: Peter Stuyvesant, Philip Verheyen, Bas Van Der Voort
  10. Evolution of Va-Dod Collaboration in Research and Amputee Care for Veterans of Current and Past Conflicts, as Well as Needed Reforms in Va Blind Rehab
  11. Rick Monroe awarded commander's trophy at National Amputee Golf Association Tournament.: An article from: DAV Magazine by Jim Hall, 2005-11-01
  12. New Zealand People With Disabilities: New Zealand Amputees, Charlotte Cleverley-Bisman, Mark Inglis, Tawera Nikau, Charles Chilton, Terry Wiles
  13. Apparatus used in teaching swimming to quadriplegic amputees.: An article from: Palaestra by Christine F. Summerford, 1993-03-22
  14. One step ahead: An integrated approach to lower extremity prosthetics and amputee rehabilitation by Robert S Gailey, 1994

81. The War Amps Life As A New Amputee
If you are about to become an amputee, or have recently gone through an amputation,you are entering new territory and may (understandably) not know what to

82. Skiing About Skiing Ski Vacations & Ski Resort Guides, Skiing Gear
Former ski instructor and model, now a disabled skier who skis with an artificial limb, inspires other amputees to enjoy adaptive sports with prosthetics.
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Sports Skiing Sports ... Help zau(256,140,140,'el','','');w(xb+xb+' ');zau(256,140,140,'von','','');w(xb+xb);
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Your Guide to Skiing
FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now! Ski film time at Breckenridge and Telluride
It’s film festival time at some of the major ski resorts so get ready for the ski season by visiting Telluride September 2-5 or Breckenridge September 8-11 . Also, on September 15 at Whistler you can see the premiere of “The Hit List” a new film by Matchstick Productions. If you want nail biting skiing off some of the steepest Terrain in the world you probably should catch this. Start looking for vacation deals today.
Friday September 02, 2005
Start thinking about skiing
Once Labor day rolls around you should start thinkng about winter and stop thinking about the heat. Early planning usually means substantial savings on ski holidays. Start planning your ski vacation today.

83. The War Amps - National Amputee Centre Home
One of the primary goals of The War Amps National amputee Centre is to educateamputees and their family members about all aspects of amputation.

84. About I-CAN And Our Mission
Bill Baughn and his wife, Joyce, a bilateral below elbow amputee since age six, If you are a congenital amputee or became an amputee as a child,

85. Amputee Sports For Amputees With An Active Lifestyle.
Clearing house of information on amputee sports, adaptive sports, disability sports and activities for amputees who have or want an active lifestyle.

Amputee Sports



Children's Resources
Still doing inverts!
Amps Form
Skateboard Assn.
Skateboarding is one of those true American sports.
Born of a wildly creative spirit, an often maverick attitude and a test pilot's urge to push the enveleope, skateboarders have become a bright thread in the fabric of the American culture.
It's no wonder the sport is gaining momentum in the adaptive community. So much so that amputee skateboarders now have their own sport association.
Amped Riders is the brainchild of Pennsylvanian Garry Moore. Garry, a self-professed "avid" skateboarder, lost his leg as the result of an industrial accident in 1997. At first he though he'd never go boarding again.
Then he changed his mind. Hot News! After getting back up on the board and finding he could "still go," he began finding other like minded amps of all ages. The result was the formation of Amped Riders. If you or someone you know wants to get back on the board, go to

86. Jwz - Amputee Happy To Be Reunited With Foot

87. Template2
Tournaments, gallery, results, how to join and links to disabled golf events.
English English

88. National Amputee Statistical Database. Home Page
NASDAB, The National amputee Statistical Database for the UK contains informationon new referrals to prosthetic service centres for the fitting of

89. Alatheia Prosthetics - Prosthetic Limbs For Amputees.
Creates highly functional lifelike silicone prosthetics for amputees worldwide.
Site Map
Alatheia Prosthetics
Alatheia creates custom made life-like prosthetics for amputees throughout the world. Dermatos prosthetic devices, prosthetics and artificial skin are recommended by hand surgeons, hand therapists, case managers, orthopedic surgeons, and prosthetists to amputees desiring rehabilitation through realistic prosthetic restoration. To view samples of Dermatos prosthetic devices and, prosthetic skin, or to learn more about Alatheia's mission, click on the appropriate icon above. Alatheia creates prosthetics for the amputee. Amputees from all over the world visit our center to be fitted with dermatos prosthetic devices and artificial skin. Keywords for searching the web for this category are:
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90. Amputee Treatment Center
Site providing information on prosthetic devices for amputees Forum and onlinesurvey, chat room, photos and links.

A ministry of Olive Drive Church that aims to provide food to an amputee camp in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

92. Amputee On CAll - Help When You Need It
A helping hand to those who are an amputee or the family of amputees. Also adisability advocate for all disabilities.

News and stories of amputees throughout the world.
design by PHOTOS PARALYMPIC ATHLETES AMPUTEE WEB ... CLICK TO VISIT THE PHOTO GALLERY BERLIN ATHLETICS 2005 amputee pictures amputee videos amputee sports This year's International German Open for amputee athletes and athletes with other disabilities took part from August 12 to 14. More than 400 athletes from Germany, Austria, Australia, Ireland, Great Britain, the United Arab Emirates, India and other countries came to Berlin, where the competition was held in the city's trendy Prenzlauer Berg district. Among the many participants was also Dennis Wliszczak of Austria, here seen during the high jump competition. Please visit our TALBRONSTEIN.NET

94. Former Patients Pave The Way For Amputee Hockey And A Future
Former patients pave the way for amputee hockey and a future Paralympic Team.

95. - Retired Police Officer & Above Knee Amputee
Above the knee amputee gives practical advice for those who wish to cycle, including pedals, mounting and dismounting, seat height and prosthetics.
Welcome to This is the personal home page of Tim McCarthey, Retired Police Officer & Above Knee Amputee. At the age of 25, I was injured in the line of duty, which resulted in the amputation of my left leg above the knee. The purpose of this website is to share my experiences with other amputee, police officers, and their family members. If you'd like to ride a bicycle again or maybe even a motorcycle but you don't quit know if you can do it, you need to read the "How to Ride" page. Thanks for coming and enjoy your visit. Because of the amount of spam that I was receiving as the result of posting my email address on this website, I have removed any link to my email address and ask that you use the guest book if you would like to contact me. View My Guest Book Sign My Guest Book

96. Amputee Phantom Limb Pain Relief With Farabloc High Tech Clothing.
Pain management clothing and products. Natural pain management for chronic pain,amputee phantom pain and sports related muscle injuries.

97. Queensland Amputee Golf Association - The Official QAGA Web Site
Events, history and photo galleries plus members, forum, and news.
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QAGA INFO SECT Contact Us Membership Our Committee Our History ... QAGA Supporters WHATS ON SECT Latest News Upcoming Events Events Calendar BE HEARD ... Archives QAGA ATTENDS THE PGA GOLF SHOW Pages 07-08-2005: 21:59 by dwoodrow - Comments : The annual PGA Golf Show was held this weekend 6-7 August at the Gold Coast Convention Centre and the QAGA stand was a huge success. Read more... INAUGURAL QUEENSLAND AMPUTEE OPEN TEES OFF Pages 10-03-2005: 00:31 by dwoodrow - Comments : The inaugural Queensland Amputee Open Golf Tournament got underway at Royal Queensland Golf Club. Read more... QAGA GRANTED CHARITY STATUS Pages 27-01-2005: 19:59 by dwoodrow - Comments : After nearly 3 months of a very difficult application process and dealing with a lot of government red tape along the way the QAGA was today approved as being a registered DGR charity. Read more...

98. Amputee Online Index
amputee Online Forum Index, amputee Online Welcome to the amputee Online forum promote your new amputee online resource here

99. Artificial Limb Specialists Prosthetic Center For Amputee Rehabilitaion
An independent prosthetic facility in Arizona which focuses on patient care. amputee information on the latest in technology.
Artificial Limb Specialists, Inc. was founded out of necessity. The days of quality patient care were slowly being replaced by prosthetic facilities that focused on revenue instead of the finished product. With a strong desire to improve the prosthetic care for amputees in Arizona, our organization was born. In 1999 we opened our first office in Phoenix, and just as expected we were greeted with open arms. Two years later we opened our second clinic in Mesa, Arizona with similar results.
Our history goes back three generations. Kevin Kohler’s grandfather and father were both prosthetists in Arizona. The Kohler name has long been synonymous with quality. It is this tradition that is continued today through Artificial Limb Specialists. With Randy Whiteside, Owen Larson, Michael Pack, and Kevin Kohler, no other company in Arizona can boast of more experience in the prosthetic field. This experience, combined with quality craftsmanship and modern technology, allows us to produce the most functional, technologically advanced prosthesis possible.
If you are an amputee, call our clinic to schedule a free evaluation with one of our ABC certified clinicians. It just might change your life.

100. Boing Boing Amputee Wannabes
amputee wannabes The New York Times delves into body integrity identity To want to go from a fourlimbed person to an amputee feels more problematic.

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