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         Amputee:     more books (100)
  1. Rehabilitation of the Lower Limb Amputee by W. Humm, 1977
  2. Rehabilitation Management of Amputees (Rehabilitation Medicine Library)
  3. Prehension assessment, prosthetic therapy for the upper-limb child amputee
  4. Amputee: Webster's Timeline History, 1923 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-07-10
  5. AMPUTEE DEVOTEE 1 by Foto Fetish Studios, 2010-08-03
  6. The Amputee's Guide to Sex by Jillian Weise, 2007-02-22
  7. Back in Action: The Inspiring True Story of the First Amputee to Return to Active Command in Iraq [With Earbuds] (Playaway Adult Nonfiction) by David Rozelle, 2009-12
  8. AMPUTEE DEVOTEE 2 by Foto Fetish Studios, 2010-08-03
  9. The Life And Times Of A Young Amputee by Betty I Ledbetter, 2010-05-26
  10. Robo-legs: new prosthetic limbs are providing increased mobility for many amputees--and blurring the line between humans and machines.(NATIONAL): An article from: New York Times Upfront by Michael Marriott, 2005-10-10
  11. High Society Magazine July 2000 Paul McCartney's Amputee Girlfriend Nude, Scratch and Sniff by High Society, 2000
  12. Mexican Amputees: Frida Kahlo, Álvaro Obregón, Antonio López de Santa Anna, José Clemente Orozco
  13. Amputee's 'other leg' is injured by nurses & amputated.: An article from: Nursing Law's Regan Report by A. David Tammelleo, 2003-09-01
  14. Physical Therapy for Lower-Extremity Amputees by Department of the Army, 1968-01-01

41. Western Amputee Support Alliance Home Page
The Western amputee Support Alliance(WASA) is an informal association of amputeesupport groups HEALTHSOUTH amputee Support Group Scottsdale, Arizona

42. Welcome | Dana Bowman, No Limits!
Motivational speaker tells story of becoming a double amputee in a parachuting accident and his comeback.
Dana Bowman Online Dana Bowman Online Bowman Siciliano Limb Bank Foundation

43. Amputee Resource Center
ARC is an outgrowth of the Western amputee Support Alliance (WASA). The amputeeSupport Group Leaders Guide, previously posted at this site,

44. Amputee On Call Of Pensacola
Brief tributes to amputees, veterans, and the disabled. Includes sales promotion for prosthetic devices.
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Amputee On Call of Pensacola
Welcome to AOC. Our goal is to provide information, education and referrals to all persons with disabilities. Although our primary focus is on the amputee, please feel free to contact us for any disability question. Our Services are FREE, however we do accept donations.
Empowerment Through Knowledge
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45. Amputee And Disability Resource Directory For Canadian Amputees
amputee and Disability Resource Directory including amputee Phantom Pain SupportGroup, Amp Humor, Stories, News and more for the active or new amputee.

46. Windsor Classic Indoor Games
Registration and classification information for this 3 day competition featuring track and field, swimming, rugby, boccia, powerlifting, sledge hockey, tennis, and amputee volleyball; held in Canada.
//Top Navigational Bar III v3.4.1.1b (By BrotherCake @ //Permission granted/modified by to include script in archive //For this and 100's more DHTML scripts, visit //This notice MUST stay intact for legal use Group of Seven Exhibition, Art Gallery of Windsor, June 25 - Oct 30 Walker Rd/CP Railway Project, Howard Ave Construction Air Quality, Art Cart Tours, Bike Trails and more... More Events More Projects More Services 2004 Service Report ... Walker Rd / CP Rail
NEWS NOTES Thursday, September 08, 2005 Hurricane Katrina Relief
Relief efforts are underway for the hurricane battered coasts of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. To find out how you can make a contribution, please visit the Canadian Red Cross at
Windsor 311 Connects Residents to City Services
See the news release or visit the 311 homepage for details.
Honouring the 65th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain
Veterans of World War II, friends and family will gather in Jackson Park on Sunday, Sept 11 at 2:00 p.m. to honour veterans of the Battle of Britain. See the

Paralympics amputee and wheelchair athletes sources, pictures, comprehensivereview of links and books related to disability, amputation, rehabilitation.

48. Warren Macdonald: Inspiring Teamwork And Organizational Change. Adventurer, Moti
Personal page of Warren Macdonald, an amputee; offers for sale books and photos of the climber.
We a ll of have the ability to pull off some pretty incredible things, the difference is, some people are afraid of taking that first step.
Warren Macdonald
Warren Macdonald: Inspiring teamwork and organizational change. Adventurer, Motivational speaker, and author of A Test of Will. Amputee and survivor of a tragic mountaineering accident, overcoming adversity to become leading disabled climber, with ascents of Kilimanjaro and El Capitan. Change Management, Organizational, Amputee, Survivor, Adversity, Disabled, Disability, Mountaineer, Inspire, Inspirational, Motivate, Climber, Author, Overcome, Obstacles, Teamwork, Kilimanjaro Speaking Adventurer Books / Videos Media ... Contact

49. Deviant Desires Kink Of The Month Amputee Devotees
amputee devotees (a term they use for themeselves) get a powerful erotic charge Devotees may imagine that the amputee is more saintly or pure than an

50. Index
United Kingdom foundation for physically disabled people who have to be seated to play all golf shots. Tournaments also involve other disabled groups such as amputee, onearm and blind golfers.
Now everybody can enjoy the great game of golf Click picture to enter Designed and created by Jim Hagan document.write('');

51. National Amputee Golf Association
Homepage of amputee Golfer, NAGA s official magazine and the best source ofinformation for amputees interested in playing golf again or for the first time.

52. Stumps R Us // An Amputee Support Group
A site for amputees and other with disablilites.
Stumps 'R Us
"A Whimsical Support Group of Cheerful Cripples Who Can Answer almost ANY question you might have about life without one, two, three or four limbs"
Guestbook Resource Stumps Gathering Pics Gimpy Magazine Contact Information ... About Us :: News Worth Sharing Ossur National Leg Amputee Championships ::
Some of the world's fastest amputee athletes will line up at the starting line. Athletes will compete for a prize purse of $5,000. Details ... Press Release ::
Amputees to benefit from Harley Davidson 100th Year Anniversary Campground Press Release Tuesday 1/04/05 ::
Stumps `R Us In the Press
InMotion Magazine
Monday July 25, 2005 ::
The Summer issue of GIMPY Magazine Now Available :: Contact Information Read It Here Chief Stump
Dan Sorkin Organization
Stumps R Us Street
2109 Skycrest Drive #1 Walnut Creek
CA, 94595 :. The Ertl Procedure A Tony Barr Must Read Neg Reg: We Have Met the Enemy, and It Is Us! Order your copies directly from OANDP Read About Dr. Ertl's work on their new website: Ertl Construction Chief Stump Stumps 'R Us is pleased to announce a new challenge "Stump the Prosthetist" Open to Members and Guests alike Questions and Answers will be published the Guestbook as well as in Gimpy Share your challenge here Chief Stump :. Anything is Possible - What's YOUR Handicap?

53. Eastern Amputee Golf Association
Eastern amputee Golf Association amputee Golf Organization.

54. The Canadian Amputee Hockey Committee
Put your disability on ice with the Canadian amputee Hockey Committee Play Icehockey with other amputee players in a world wide organization.

55. REHABTech - Monash University
Catalogue of prosthetic, orthotic, and rehabilitative devices developed by REHABTech and available for the industry. Information for amputees advice and links to support groups. Information for the health professional, continuing education, reports, relevant research, practice forms, discussion groups.
The information on this site is continuously updated.
If it appears that new information is not available here, please contact us directly Site last updated: 1st September What devices are safe for
clients over 100kg?


r egister
for the e- Tech LINK here REHAB Tech s Calendar of Events
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register for the e- Tech LINK here Information for the health professional
Resources linked to our services

Continuing education, reports, relevant research, practice forms, discussion groups, Information for Amputees Osseointegration update Resource Kit Generation System Resources and links to support groups Education, Seminars and Workshops

56. Esmerel S List Of Amputee Resources Alberta amputee Sport and Recreation Association amputee Resources for Canadian amputees Canada s newest online resource for news

57. P I E R E T T I . C O M
amputee trick skater and motivational speaker who skated across the U.S. on a prosthetic leg. Includes photos and personal history.

58. Arm Amputee Forum - Message Index
Re my Dads an amputee (views 110) Peter Calcagno Friday, 27 May 2005, at932 pm. Re Advice for new finger amputee (views 203)

59. American Amputee Hockey Association
Disabled ice hockey. Training camps, news from around the world, events, articlesand history.

60. - Amputee Athlete: 'I Just Tried To Stay Positive' - Sep. 19, 2003
Fourteen bodies found Thursday inside the flooded Memorial Hospital in New Orleans. The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-mail Newsletters CNNtoGO SEARCH Web
Amputee athlete: 'I just tried to stay positive'
Neil Parry: "Being down, you know, that's not going to get me anywhere." Story Tools RELATED Amputee ready for comeback (CNN) Neil Parry achieved his dream when he became a walk-on for the San Jose State Spartans football team. But during a game in his second year, he broke his leg in two places. Infection set in, and his leg was amputated. Twenty-five surgeries, 15 prosthetic legs and untold hours of painful rehabilitation later, Parry returned to the gridiron. He spoke with CNN anchor Paula Zahn the following day. ZAHN: Neil, tell us a little bit about the feeling once you got out there on the field for the first time in three years. PARRY: Well, just being out there, being out there with the team warming up, you know, it's just a different feeling than going out and just watching the game. So I was excited to be with the team again, you know, just knowing I was going to get in the game was it was overwhelming. ZAHN: I've got to tell you, I'm looking at these pictures and I'm looking at your speed and I'm looking at your agility, and it seems almost like a miracle you can do what you're doing today.

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