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         Alcoholism:     more books (104)
  1. Alcoholism: Its Cause and Cure from the Viewpoint of Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, 2010-06-08
  2. Living With Alcoholism: Your Guide To Dealing With Alcohol Abuse And Addiction While Getting The Alcoholism Treatment You Need by K M S, 2010-01-04
  3. The Secret History of Alcoholism: The Story of Famous Alcoholics & Their Destructive Behavior by James Graham, 1996-02-01
  4. Handbook of Alcoholism Treatment Approaches (3rd Edition) by Reid K. Hester, William R. Miller, 2002-07-18
  5. Psychological Theories of Drinking and Alcoholism, Second Edition by Kenneth E. Leonard, Howard T. Blane, 1999-05-21
  6. Escaping the Self: Alcoholism, Spirituality, Masochism, and Other Flights from the Burden of Selfhood by Roy F. Baumeister, 1993-04
  7. Behavioral Couples Therapy for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse by Timothy J. O'Farrell PhDABPP, William Fals-Stewart PhD, 2006-08-16
  8. Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism by AAWS, 2002-02-10
  9. Clinical Neuropsychology of Alcoholism (Brain Damage, Behaviour and Cognition) by Robert G Kinght, Barry E. Longmore, 1996-04-01
  10. The disease concept of alcoholism: By E.M. Jellinek by E. M Jellinek, 1960
  11. The Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism: Orthomolecular Treatment of Addictions (Read How You Want) by Abram Hoffer, 2010-10-12
  12. Last Call: Alcoholism and Recovery by Jack H. Hedblom MSW PhD, 2007-11-05
  13. Alcoholism the Nutritional Approach by R. J. Williams, 1973-01
  14. The Dynamics and Treatment of Alcoholism: Essential Papers by Jerome D. Levin, 1993-12-01

21. Alcoholism: Clinical And Experimental Research - Home
Journal contents, abstracts and author instructions. Searchable. Subscriptionrequired for fulltext
  • ePrints/Reprints SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES This frequently cited multidisciplinary journal provides complete coverage of the etiology, treatment and prevention of alcohol-related disorders. Articles cover all aspects of biomedical alcohol research including genetics and molecular biology; pharmacology and cell metabolism; neurobiological, psychosocial, and developmental correlates of drinking; diagnosis and treatment; epidemiology and prevention; and alcohol effects on the fetus, brain, liver, and other organ systems.
    Important Message: Easily submit and review manuscripts online with LWW's Prompt/Editorial Manager . This automated, web-based tool simplifies the manuscript submission and review processes and enables users to electronically submit, review and track manuscripts and artwork online in a few easy steps.
    We invite contributors and reviewers to begin using the Prompt/Editorial Manager interface today at
  • 22. Illinois Alcoholism & Drug Dependence Association
    Statewide organization established in 1967 representing more than 100 prevention and treatment agencies. Includes resources on public policy, treatment and prevention services, news, members' only area, and contacts.
    Mark Your Calendar NOW!
    IADDA Annual Conference
    September 19-21, 2005
    Wyndham Drake Hotel
    Oak Brook, Illinois
    Click here for more information.
    Special Health Realization Training by Jack Pransky
    September 19-20, 2005
    Wyndham Drake Hotel
    Oak Brook, Illinois
    Click here for more information.
    IADDA 2005 Leadership Awards
    Click here for criteria and nomination form. Celebrate Recovery Month Attend the Recovery Olympics Click here for more information. Walk for Recovery 2005 Click here for more information. /* example call to CAdrawbox: CAdrawbox(size , width , titlebarcolor , contentcolor , bordercolor , titlefontcolor , contentfontcolor , titlegraphic); argument desciptions: size - small or large, or standard or custom with a width width - width in pixels titlebarcolor - hex color for the titlebar background contentcolor - hex color for the content background bordercolor - hex color for the border titlefontcolor - hex color for title bar text contentfontcolor - hex color for content text titlegraphic - url of image to use in place of titlebar */ CAdrawbox('standard', '600'); Illinois Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Association (IADDA) 937 South Second Street • Springfield, IL 62704

    23. Naltrexone Assisted Recovery From Alcoholism And Opiate Addiction
    Outpatient, non-12-step treatment program for recovery from alcoholism or opiate addiction. Locations in several US states.
    Help for Opiate

    Suboxone®. First, there was AA. Then, along came RR. And now, there's ARCA... Assisted Recovery Centers of America Offering the "State-of-
    the-Art" in the
    treatment of Alcohol
    Dependence and Opiate
    Addiction. Don't wait. Call today!
    If you want to stop drinking and start living...
    (or if someone you love wants to stop...) Naltrexone can help end the cravings for alcohol.
    Call 1-602-264-7897 or Toll Free 1-800-527-5344 email: Alcoholism treatment success rates improve dramatically with the use of modern anti-craving medications such as naltrexone (originally known by the brand name: ReVia®), and more recently, Zofran® (generic name: ondansetron) and Topamax® (generic name: topiramate) and most recently Campral (acamprosate). Considerable government and private research has proven this time and again. So why haven't more alcoholism treatment programs incorporated the use of safe and effective medications such as naltrexone? For the answer, let's look at a little history. From 1935 until recently, most people turned to Alcoholics Anonymous for help with quitting drinking, or to a treatment program based on The Minnesota Model of Recovery (so named because of where 12-Step based treatment got its start.) AA and the other 12-Step programs helped many people get started on the road to recovery, because it worked. For nearly 60 years, it was about the only thing that did work. But unfortunately, it didn't work for everyone. Just as unfortunately, the 12-Step recovery community has been slow to embrace the use of medications (including such things as anti-depressant medications) in the recovery process.

    24. MedicineNet Articles On Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism
    Two dozen questions and answers on alcoholism and problem drinking.

    25. Alcoholism: Clinical And Experimental Research - Abstract: Volume 28(11) Novembe
    alcoholism Clinical Experimental Research. 28(11)17321745, November 2004 . Copyright © 2005, Research Society on alcoholism. All rights reserved.
    LWWOnline LOGIN eALERTS REGISTER ... Ahead of Print Maternal Age, Alcohol Abuse History,... ARTICLE LINKS:
    PDF (343 K) Maternal Age, Alcohol Abuse History, and Quality of Parenting as Moderators of the Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure on 7.5-Year Intellectual Function.
    Jacobson, Sandra W.; Jacobson, Joseph L.; Sokol, Robert J.; Chiodo, Lisa M.; Corobana, Raluca Abstract:
    Background: In contrast to the extensive literature documenting IQ deficits in patients with fetal alcohol syndrome, effects on IQ have not generally been reported for children with alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorder (ARND). This study examined the role of maternal age, MAST, and quality of parenting in moderating the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on the WISC-III IQ test in moderate-to-heavily exposed children. Methods: A total of 337 inner-city African American children whose mothers were recruited prenatally were administered the WISC-III at 7.5 years. Alcohol exposure was assesed with a timeline follow-back interview administered at every prenatal clinic visit. Moderating effects of the three risk factors were examined by adding interaction terms to regression analyses and dichotomizing the moderators and performing separate regressions on the two groups. Results: Prenatal alcohol exposure was related to WISC-III Freedom from Distractibility but not to Full Scale IQ for the sample as a whole. However, among children born to older mothers, an alcohol effect emerged on Full Scale IQ and five of seven composite IQ scores. Similarly, adverse effects were seen among children of MAST-positive mothers and children whose parents provided less optimal cognitive stimulation. Each additional ounce of absolute alcohol consumed per day during pregnancy was associated with a 2.9-point decrease in Full Scale IQ and a 5.6-point decrement on Freedom from Distractibility.

    NAADAC is a professional association for counsellors.
    Your browser doesn't appear to support frames - please click here to view the site.

    27. Welcome To Long Island Council On Alcohol & Drug Dependence - LICADD
    The primary mission of LICADD is to reduce the incidence and prevalence of the disease of alcoholism, other drug  addictions, and related problems.
    "Helping families and individual find the path to recovery from Alcoholism and other drug addictions."

    Maintained by: Mr. Webmaster

    28. National Council On Alcoholism And Drug Dependence - NCADD -
    The National Council on alcoholism and Drug Dependence is a volunteer health organization providing education, information, help and hope. Includes

    29. American Council On Alcoholism And Treatment Locator Helpline
    The ACA educates the public about the effects of alcohol and alcoholism.Free Treatment HelpLine. A nonprofit organization.
    Nationwide HelpLine
    Media Inquires: 800.527.5344 or
    As there many different types of people, there are many different types of support groups and meetings. Find what works best for you. From 12 STEP to STEP FREE. news flash
    New Medications Help Addicts Battle Drugs and Alcohol

    Of the Post-Dispatch

    Experts say a major shift in thinking about how alcohol and drugs affect the brain is producing more and better medications to treat addiction to drugs and alcohol..
    Alcoholism is a treatable disease that responds to intervention and treatment. We know that alcoholism treatment works and the problem drinker can recover.
    Take the CAGE Assessment Test

    One of the most widely used screening tests for alcoholism. Also, answers to the most Frequently Ask Questions and more screening tests.

    30. Missouri Alcoholism Research Center
    About the organization, publications, news, upcoming events and related links.

    31. Drug And Alcohol Abuse, Treatment, Prevention At SAMHSA's National
    science, methodology, and effectiveness of medicationassisted therapies for both opioid dependence and alcoholism and their implications for

    32. About Me
    Personal addiction and how it helped work in the field of recovery for 13 years.
    Free Web Hosting Provider Web Hosting E-commerce High Speed Internet ... Photo Sharing if(window.ivnRotate) window.ivnRotate1 = new window.ivnRotate('ivnRotate1',0,document.awsSearch1.Keywords) Popular Searches:
    About Me
    I have found it to be beneficial to provide some history about myself so that people will relate to who I am. I am John G. Banks, and I was born in December of 1950 (which makes me 54 years of age). I was raised in Sacramento attending Ethel I. Baker elementary, Fern Bacon Junior High, and Luther Burbank High School. I graduated from there in 1968. I went to work for Lucky Stores in 1967 and remained there until I was drafted into the Army in 1970. I was discharged in 1972 and went back to work with Luckys. The military made a man out of me and by doing so, taught me to drink like a man. It is important to note that someone in recovery needing spiritual values did not find them through religion. It was very clear to me that religion and I did not mix very well. I became a Christian in 1994 even though Alcoholics Anonymous had given me some positive insight into a God of my understanding. I still struggled with a 21 year history of drug and alcohol abuse. I had come to the point in my life that reality and my way of life collided with one another. Here I was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, a recovering addict/alcoholic, codependent to the bone and not a clue where I was heading. Joining the church did provide the guidance that I needed and it was there that I found a loving God who would forgive me.

    33. Alcoholism, Children Of Alcoholics At SAMHSA's NCADI
    A factual article about the risk factors of children of alcoholics.
    Skip Navigation Site Map Help Account ... NCADI Home
    Your browser does not support JavaScript The Fact is...
    Tends to Run in Families
    What’s important about Children of Alcoholics? Children of alcoholics (COAs):
    • are at high risk for alcohol and other drug problems
    • often live with pervasive tension and stress
    • have higher levels of anxiety and depression
    • do poorly in school
    • experience problems with coping
    The good news is that they can be helped to bounce back from the effects of their families’ problems. When family members (parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles), guardians, or other adults in charge of children are alcoholics, there is strong evidence that children in these families are more likely to develop the disease of alcoholism as well. The fact is, alcoholism tends to run in families. What causes COAs to have increased risk? Children of alcoholics may or may not be raised by alcoholics. Either way, every COA is at risk for alcoholism or alcoholism-related problems.
    • Children living with alcoholics
      Children who live with alcoholics are at increased risk because of genetic and/or environmental factors. They may be at more risk for alcoholism just as children of diabetics are at higher risk for diabetes. Children living with alcoholics often develop unhealthy living patterns. They may not learn how to trust themselves or others, how to handle uncomfortable feelings, or how to build positive relationships. COAs who lack these skills are also at higher risk for school failure, depression, increased anxiety, as well as trouble with alcohol and other drugs.

    34. Welcome To Al-Anon And Alateen
    Official site for the support group for friends and family of alcoholics. Includes information, meeting schedules, events.

    35. Home Page
    Research Society on alcoholism. The RSA serves as a meeting ground for scientistsin the broad areas of alcoholism and alcoholrelated problems.
    The Research Society on Alcoholism The RSA serves as a meeting ground for scientists in the broad areas of alcoholism and alcohol-related problems. The Society promotes research and the acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge. STAFF: Debra Sharp, Director
    Rae Peurifoy, Administrative Assistant
    Pamela Marett, Administrative Assistant
    Rebecca Thomas, Administrative Assistant
    Research Society on Alcoholism
    7801 North Lamar Blvd., Suite D-89
    Austin, Texas 78752-1038

    36. MedlinePlus Alcoholism
    Offers extensive information about alcoholism. From the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

    37. NAADAC - The Association For Addiction Professionals
    Professional membership organization that serves counselors who specialize in addiction treatment.

    38. Alcoholism -
    alcoholism is a physical and psychological dependence on alcohol, often leadingto serious health and social problems. Alcoholics usually must be persuaded

    39. Light-to-moderate Drinking Appears To Have Little Effect On The Risk For Breast
    A new study in 'alcoholism Clinical Experimental Research' confirms that heavy drinking increases risk for breast cancer, but that light to moderate drinking appears to have little effect on a woman's risk for breast cancer.
    Public release date: 14-Jul-2004
    E-mail Article

    Contact: Morten Grønbæk, Dr.Med.Sci., Ph.D.

    National Institute of Public Health
    Additional Contact: R. Curtis Ellison, M.D.

    Boston University School of Medicine
    Light-to-moderate drinking appears to have little effect on the risk for breast cancer
    • The relationship between alcohol consumption and breast cancer remains complicated.
    • A new study confirms earlier findings that heavy drinking increases risk for breast cancer, in this case, predominantly among premenopausal women.
    • This risk exists independent of alcohol type (beer, wine or spirits).
    • Light-to-moderate drinking appears to have little effect on a woman's risk for breast cancer.
    In an effort to clarify the relationship between alcohol consumption and the risk of developing breast cancer, a study in the July issue of examines the influence of alcohol intake and type of beverage (beer, wine or spirits) on breast cancer in relation to menopausal status. Findings support previous research showing that heavy drinking increases risk for breast cancer, predominantly among premenopausal women; however, this risk exists independent of alcohol type. Light-to-moderate drinking appears to have little effect on a woman's risk for breast cancer. "For a number of years, it has been known that a high alcohol intake implies an increased risk of breast cancer," said Morten Grønbæk, professor of alcohol research at the Centre for Alcohol Research at the National Institute of Public Health in Denmark. "The ongoing discussion has been whether or not there is an increased risk among light-to-moderate drinkers as well."

    40. Dual Diagnosis
    Email support group for persons diagnosed with alcoholism / addictions and bipolar / deppression / anxiety.
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    Dual Diagnosis
    Welcome to The dual diagnosis email group. This group is dedicated to offering experience, strength, hope, and support for those suffering from alcoholism/addictions and mental illness. Feel free to join, post, lurk...Topics may include aa principals, spirituality, mental health, medications etc...just please try to stay close to the subject of dual diagnosis and how it affects your life. Subscribe to dualdiagnosis Powered by Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook More info on alcoholism and bipolar manic moments
    AA forum

    recovery resources

    Dual Diagnosis Pages
    My Story

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