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         Addiction And Recovery:     more books (107)
  1. Recovery from Addiction by John Finnegan, Daphne Gray, 1995-11-01
  2. When Good Things Become Addictions (The Recovery bookshelf) by Grant Martin, 1991-09
  3. Understanding Drugs of Abuse: The Processes of Addiction, Treatment, And Recovery by Mim J. Landry, 1994-01-11
  4. From Death Do I Part: How I Freed Myself From Addiction by Amy Lee Coy, 2010-07-26
  5. Art of Recovery: Transforming Shame and Addiction Mythology (Volume 2) by Paul Stiles Randak, 2009-06-29
  6. Light in the Darkness : A Guide to Recovery from Addiction by St. George, M.D. Lee, 2000-07-14
  7. Love, Hope & Recovery: Healing the Pain of Addiction by Joann E. Breeden, 1993-12

121. The Meadows - Trauma And Addiction Treatment - Wickenburg, AZ
Specializes in chemical dependency, obsessive compulsive disorder, codependency, sexual addiction, and related issues.

122. EAA's Home
Provides a 12 step recovery program for men and women recovering from all forms of eating and body image addiction.
EAA's Home Eating Addictions Anonymous - The SANE Fellowship TM Home
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Eating Addictions Anonymous is a 12 step recovery program for men and women recovering from all forms of eating and body image addiction.
    Welcome to EAA.
The Fellowship of Eating Addictions Anonymous EAA is a fellowship of people recovering from all aspects of eating addiction and body obsession. The only requirement for membership is the desire to stop abusing food and our bodies. We believe that our disease manifests itself in a variety of ways including: bingeing, purging, grazing, starving, obsession with: our bodies, weight, diet, muscular definition, etc. In our experience what, how, how much or how little you eat is irrelevant to the disease progression. What is important is that we have a warped relationship to food, and to our bodies. Since food is but a symptom we do not believe lasting recovery can be based on any particular plan of eating. It will only be achieved by a thorough working of the 12 steps. The honesty we develop through working the steps leads each of us to a manner of living, eating and relating to our bodies that allows us to be fully participating members of society. Most of us suffer from self hate, and find there is little support for a healthy relationship with our bodies or with food in the wider world. In EAA we uncover the tools to deal with both our addiction as well as the unhealthy messages we may receive about food and appearance.

123. Welcome To Psychiatry & Wellness, Behavior Medicine Associates
Psychiatry, wellness, addictions and recovery. Offers articles on various addiction issues.
Welcome Welcome to the web site of Behavioral Medicine Associates , a multidisciplinary private outpatient mental health practice with offices in Alpharetta and Atlanta, Georgia. We offer a broad range of modern mental health services, including:
  • Psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis Individual, couples and group psychotherapy Diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of addictive disorders Psychopharmacology(psychiatric medications) Diagnosis and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders Medical hypnosis for habit control Stress management, lifestyle and wellness counseling
The web site is provided as an informational resource for present and potential patients, as well as for other interested parties in search of information about addiction and recovery and modern mental health conditions and treatments. We hope you find something of value here - and we welcome your feedback and comments
Behavioral Medicine Associates
Comprehensive Modern Mental Health Services
What's New
New Article
The Experience of Deprivation and Loss in Early Recovery From Addiction

In the Online Store
The Light Within III: Guided Pathways to the Soul
Compact Disc

124. Drug Addiction Treatment Center Residential Alcohol Detox Program - Help/Support
Comprehensive listing of resources for alcoholism and addiction. Multiple topic specific message boards for support.
Cyber Recovery Fellowship
We stay sober and clean together - one day at a time!
Hurricane Katrina Resources

Hurricane Katrina Message Board

Need Help With Recovery From Alcohol Or Other Addictions? Need Help With Someone You Know Who Is An Alcoholic Or Addict? Stop By And Visit Us Today At Our Message Board - Click Here ! Let Us Know How We May Help You!
*If you are a teen seeking help/support, please visit us at Online Teen Recovery
Need help with a drinking problem right now
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Assistance is available 24 hours a day in many languages.
A member of the Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous 12th Step Committee will respond via e-mail almost immediately.
Treatment / Detox Centers Directory
Cyber Recovery Fellowship Message Boards Forums FAQ Search Memberlist Profile Private Messages Login Register Newcomers Place Message Board Alcoholics Anonymous Message Board ... Search Cyber Recovery site or the web powered by FreeFind Site search Web search Cyber Recovery Fellowship Message Board Online Teen Recovery Message Board Cyber Recovery Fellowship Chat My Favorite Links ... Recovery News - Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco

125. CNN - Substance Abuse Recovery Programs: Which One Is Right For You? - May 19, 1
Article compares several alcoholism and substance abuse support groups including AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous), MM, RR, SMART, SOS, and WFS. CNN with WebMD

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Substance abuse recovery programs: Which one is right for you?
May 19, 1999 Web posted at: 11:13 AM EDT (1513 GMT) In this story: Relying on a "higher power" Depending on yourself Cutting back instead of quitting For women only ... RELATEDS By Theresa A. Reed (WebMD) - Beating an addiction on your own is a tall order, and one which few people can achieve for any length of time. One of your best chances for a successful, long-term recovery is to seek help from a program designed to help you cope with the physical and psychological pressures of kicking a substance dependency. And there are a number of programs to choose from. Whichever program you settle on, keep in mind that what matters most is not the cost of the program (low-cost programs have been found just as effective as expensive ones) or how much publicity it has received, but how well it works for you. Relying on a "higher power" Perhaps the best-known recovery program is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), synonymous with the Twelve Steps of recovery and the longest existing self-help program in the United States and Canada. During its 60 years of existence, AA has become so well-respected that judges doling out punishments for crimes committed "under the influence" often mandate attendance. AA asks that its members attend meetings regularly and seek out sponsors people who have successfully stayed sober. AA is not a religious organization, but many AA members relinquish so-called control of their addiction over to a "Higher Power."

126. Open Minds Alcohol And Drug Rehabilitation Programme
addiction recovery programme designed to meet the needs of those seeking abstinencebased treatment for alcoholism and drug dependency.
OPEN MINDS OPENING MINDS TO CHANGE The Open Minds addiction recovery programme is designed to meet the needs of those seeking abstinence-based treatment for alcoholism and drug dependency. The phases of treatment range from the pre-detoxification services through to extended rehabilitation and back to work schedules. For clients needing residential treatment we offer a comfortable supported housing facility in order to provide full time care and supervision. Dependent on assessment and available client support, access is available to all the phases of treatment on an outpatient basis. The intensive treatment programme is delivered at the Open Minds centre, situated on the campus of the West Cheshire College of Further Education in the City of Chester.
Open Minds are able to support clients during their detoxification or their reduction programme. This is in preparation for engagement with Open Minds abstinence based treatment.
A supported community-based detoxification can be facilitated in accordance with client needs and following an assessment process.
Family therapy
The whole family can be affected by the addiction of one member. Support and education for family members is offered by Open Minds and can be accessed before, during and after the addicted member enters treatment.

127. Rehabilitation - Resources For Drug And Alcohol Treatment -
Drug addiction resources for drug abuse home addiction recovery. Alcohol and drug rehabilitation can restore a person to good health
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Alcohol and drug rehabilitation can restore a person to good health and useful life. However it requires the right mix of therapy and education along with a persons committed effort to recovery. can help provide basic information on substance abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, and where to find the right treatment program near you. Alcohol What is alcoholism? Is alcoholism a disease? Is alcoholism treatable? How can you tell if you or someone you know is an alcoholic? Involved in a dui or drunk driving incident?

128. SLUGS - Sobriety Simplified: A Snapshot Of Recovery That You Will Remember And U
This recovery path looks like the basepath. It's a new and easily remembered addiction recovery model. It features the Big 5 values/commitments and five levels of recovery.

129. Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center
Residential addiction treatment center for drug and alcohol abuse, located near Vancouver, British Columbia
A Residential Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center
A very private and confidential Residential Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center. The Orchard's highly trained staff are matched by personal commitment and compassion. We believe that all individuals can and will become responsible for their own recovery from drugs and alcohol when given the proper level and quality of treatment. With guidance and support, our clients learn how to put aside their fears, grief, resentments, and shame, and discover the new hope a clean and sober lifestyle offers. At the Orchard Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center, the counselors, support and medical staff are committed to providing each client with individual attention, care, and support. With a maximum of 24 clients our staff has the time to meet your needs. Our drug and alcohol rehab treatment team deals with alcoholism, substance abuse, and chemical dependency. We provide help to those in need of rehabilitation for drug addiction, alcoholism, Heroin, Opiates, Cocaine, Crack, Crystal-Meth, Prescription Drugs, and other self-defeating behaviors in a comfortable, intimate, respectful environment. The Orchard is an affordable alternative to the larger American institutional treatment settings. We are located near Vancouver, British Columbia, in the Pacific Northwest of Canada (approx. 2 hrs north of Seattle, Washington). The site is easily accessible by car and is approximately 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver, B.C. We welcome guests from around the world and will arrange for pick up at the Vancouver International airport.

130. +Christian Wellness Group ++Kriscinda Morgan, Psy.Dip., LPCT, CPC, D.D.
Biblically based counseling for todays world. Experienced in counseling for individuals, families, children, preMarital, marital, addiction, abuse recovery, divorce recovery, and spiritual growth.
Home Counsel Forum Counselor's Notes Wedding Services ... I have questions
"Proper Bible-based counsel should challenge thinking with God's truths so that we evaluate our thinking and values with total Biblical perception." When you are faced with uncertainty from the world and factors that can weigh you down, it can often be hard to see through it enough to come to terms with the fact that you may need some one to talk to. This is the time when you realize that you can't do it alone.
But God says in His word, the Holy Bible, that "in the multitude of counselors there is safety" Proverbs 11:14
Confidential, bible based counseling is available online or at our Marietta, Georgia office. Sessions last about an hour, whether in person or online.
  • Family Counsel
  • Pre-Marital and Marital Counsel
  • Depression Counsel
  • Stress Management
  • Individual Counsel
To make an appointment, please call 404.557.7573 or EMAIL Have questions? Click here.
Christian Wellness Group
Kriscinda Morgan, LPCT, CPC, D.D.
3650 Canton Road
Marietta, Georgia 30066
PayPal is the preferred method of payment

131. Redeemed Life- Rob Reid Ministries
Gospel outreach ministry with a focus on educating the body of Christ about chemical dependency, addiction and recovery. Includes webcast and prayer aids.
WELCOME Welcome to Redeemed Life / Rob Reid Ministries. I am a licensed minister. My life has been radically changed by the power of Jesus Christ.I have been delivered from the depths of a hellish heroin and crack cocaine addiction, death, and prison by theWord of God and the blood of Jesus Christ . I was delivered not only from, but to a destiny in God . That destiny is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the World!
Rob has taken his ruthless determination and unbending drive from his past to propel the Gospel to the World. He also speaks in many diverse churches preaching 'deliverance to the captives and the opening of the prison to them that are bound. If you or your organization is interested in having Rob Reid at your next event
click here
We Believe We believe the Bible to be given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, infallible, and God's revealed word to man.

132. Success House
A nonprofit, supportive living recovery program for drug and alcohol addiction. Provides a link between intensive treatment and clean and sober independent living.
A Non-Profit, Supportive Living Recovery Program for Drug and Alcohol Addiction
1-800-586-8134 or 915-646-1903 Success House is a community-based facility which provides individuals everything necessary to develop and maintain their greatest capacity for a happier and more productive life. We provide the crucial link between intensive treatment and clean and sober independent living. Residents are provided a safe living environment, meals and assistance in obtaining employment. Residents are also provided with counseling and educational opportunities based on a graduating level system and mandatory participation in recovery programs relevant to their addictive disorder. We have a pay-as-you-go program with very little cost to residents. We can often provide work opportunities to assist them in paying their own way.
  • 80 bed capacity comprised of six residential homes.
  • Separate lodgings for men and women.
  • $80.00 per week including dinner M-F.
  • Only $160.00 in advance to move in. (negotiable)
  • Air conditioned rooms furnished with beds, closets and dressers.

133. 12 Step Drug And Alcohol Addiction Recovery In South Florida - Crossroads Club
Information about this drug and alcohol addiction recovery club in South Florida. Includes a schedule of meetings for 12 step groups, special events and contact details.
To provide a physically safe, properly maintained meeting facility for 12-step groups, and to develop and implement programs and seminars that support and enhance the recovery process. The Crossroads Club provides a safe haven for anyone whose life has been adversely affected by, or through, the use of addictive substances. In early 1982, a small group of recovering alcoholics decided to start a facility for people who earnestly desired to maintain their total abstinence from alcohol and other drugs. This refuge would be open seven days a week; it would be a place of fellowship and camaraderie; and, of even greater significance, a place to enhance both spirituality and the inner strength to cope with addiction. Because those who suffered were at a literal crossroads in their lives, the name "Crossroads Club" was chosen. Testimonials Special Events About Us
12-Step Meetings
... Home

134. RECOVERY CHAT.COMĀ® - Chat With People In Recovery From All Over The World
Online recovery chat room services for those afflicted with or impacted by addiction of any form. Multiple meeting rooms with scheduled meetings as well as user photos and a bulletin board are offered. All are welcome!
Message Board User Pictures Meeting Schedule Help Us! ... Contact Us
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135. SAARA Home
Substance Abuse and addiction recovery Alliance. A nonprofit addiction supportorganization, located in Fairfax, VA, helping alcohol and drug addicts
Mission Statement:
SAARA maximizes the power of the people to advocate for treatment and recovery in order to prevent the harmful effects of substance abuse upon families, businesses, and the community.
Visit the 2005 Website NOW!
SAARA of Virginia
4202 Park Place Court, Suite B
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060 (804) 762-4445 (voice)
(804) 762-4333 (fax)
"Supported by the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant by contract with the Virginia Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services." As a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) organization, all membership/organizational dues and contributions to SAARA of VIRGINIA are fully tax deductible. To receive a copy of our Financial Report, write the Office of Consumer Affairs Daily News! To the News Page
U-Turn Youth Program
The Real Deal IV
Gary Clark Special Events!

136. The Jimmie Hale Mission
Birmingham, Alabama. Providing help for homeless men, women and children. Has a basic 16week program consisting of weekday Bible studies, addiction recovery classes, individual graded Bible studies, weekly counseling sessions.
The Jimmie Hale Mission was founded in March 1944 by a converted alcoholic named Jimmie Hale. He wanted to help others who were struggling with life as he had. The Mission started out as a storefront chapel and over the years grew to include a shelter for men, community soup kitchen, alcohol and drug recovery program, a shelter for women and children, two thrift stores, and a learning center. We now have six facilities: Brother Leo Men's Center houses our Homeless Shelter for men, our Downtown Recovery Program, Community Soup Kitchen, Men's Clothing Distribution and our nightly Chapel Service Program. Royal Pines Center is our 16-week, Bible-based, in-residence alcohol and drug recovery program. It is a 28-bed facility located in the Bangor area of Blount County. On March 30, 1998, we opened Jessie's Place, our shelter for women and children. It is a 30-bed facility located at 2305 5th Avenue North. We named it Jessie's Place in honor of Mrs. Jessie Hale Downs. We opened our first thrift store on April 17, 2000. We named it Mission Possible Bargain Center. It is located near Eastwood Mall at the corner of Oporto-Madrid and Montclair Road.

137. Sex Addiction/Healing/Recovery/Restoration Resources (Secular And Faith-Based)
Books on General recovery. addiction and Grace By Gerald May The PureRestoration recovery Workshop is an intensive, 4 day, addiction recovery program
Internet Dangers Parent's Safety Guide Youth Safety Guide Safety Tools ... MouseClick Maze (home)
Sex Addiction/Healing/
Recovery/Restoration Resources
(Secular and Faith-Based)
    Books on Sexual Addiction
    • Addicted to Love
      By Stephen Arterburn
      An Affair of the Mind By Laurie Hall Focus on the Family Publishing Breaking Free: Understanding Sexual Addiction and the Healing Power of Jesus By Bob Davies and Russell Willingham InterVarsity Caught in the Net: How to Recognize the Signs of Internet Addiction By Kimberly S. Young Contrary to Love By Patrick Carnes CompCare Publishing Crisis in Masculinity (Homosexuality) By Leanne Payne
    • Don't Call it Love By Patrick Carnes Bantam Books
    • The Drug of the New Millennium: The Science of How Internet Pornography Radically Alters the Human Brain and Body By Mark Kastleman Granite Publishing and Distribution, LLC

138. SERENITY'S WEB PAGE - Begin Your Journey Of Healing Here !.
This site is the doorway into recovery from addiction and self destructive behavior.
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sexual disorders,domestic violence,verbal abuse,abusive relationships, incest,incest survivors,compulsive behaviors,treatment,personal growth
Click here to find Recovery
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139. Counselor: The Magazine For Addiction Professionals
Women, addiction, and recovery A Historical Review Slaying the Dragon TheHistory of addiction Treatment and recovery in America.

140. Grant Me The Serenity... Self-help, Addiction And Recovery
Directory of addiction, abuse, selfhelp, mental health and recovery resources. Includes self-help books, recovery related gifts, daily meditations, prayers, quotes, affirmation and free downloads.
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Grant Me The Serenity... Statistics: 2,000 'unique' visits per day
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