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         Addiction And Recovery:     more books (107)
  1. The Twelve-Step Facilitation Handbook: A Systematic Approach to Early Recovery from Alcoholism and Addiction by Joseph Nowinski, Stuart Baker, 1998-01
  2. Addiction Recovery Tools: A Practical Handbook
  3. Self-Recovery: Treating Addictions Using Transcendental Meditation and Maharishi Ayur-Veda by David F O'Connell, Charles N Alexander, 1995-03-08
  4. Caught in the Net: How to Recognize the Signs of Internet Addiction--and a Winning Strategy for Recovery by Kimberly S. Young, 1998-02-27
  5. Drunkard's Progress: Narratives of Addiction, Despair, and Recovery
  6. Recovery Zone, Vol. 1: Making Changes that Last - The Internal Tasks by Patrick J. Carnes, Ph.D., 2009-11-29
  7. The Twelve Steps And Dual Disorders: A Framework Of Recovery For Those Of Us With Addiction & An Emotional Or Psychiatric Illness by Pat Samples, Tim Hamilton, 1994-04-29
  8. Moments of Clarity: Voices from the Front Lines of Addiction and Recovery by Christopher Kennedy Lawford, 2010-02-01
  9. Group Psychotherapy and Recovery from Addiction: Carrying the Message by Jeffrey D. Roth, 2004-06-29
  10. Full Recovery: Creating a Personal Action Plan for Life Beyond Sobriety by Brian McAlister, 2010-09-01
  11. The Healing Rosary: Rosary Meditations for Those in Recovery from Alcoholism and Addiction by Mike D., 1998-09
  12. Charting Women's Journeys: From Addiction to Recovery (Critical Perspectives on Crime and Inequality) by Judith Grant, 2008-03-13
  13. The Soul of Recovery: Uncovering the Spiritual Dimension in the Treatment of Addictions by Christopher D. Ringwald, 2002-06-13
  14. Addiction, Progression & Recovery: Understanding the Stages of Change on the Addiction Recovery Learning Curve by Dale Kesten, 2004-04-30

81. SHARP - Self-Help Addiction Recovery Programme
Structured day programme providing treatment for men and women with drug and alcohol problems. Includes description of services, referrals and eligibility and testimonials. Located in Chelsea. files/sharp.htm
SHARP [Self-Help Addiction Recovery Programme] is an intensive, structured day treatment programme for men and women with drug and alcohol problems. The project was set up in 1992 and it has helped thousands of people into recovery and a new way of life. SHARP operates on the premise that if an individual is willing to accept help in order to abstain from alcohol and drugs, then full recovery is possible THE PROJECT
SHARP is a first stage structured day treatment programme with 22 places for men and women, located in Chelsea, just off the Fulham Road. It provides a safe, caring environment in which people can accept and begin to overcome drug and alcohol addiction within a day treatment setting. The intensive programme is provided by qualified counsellors and therapists with expertise in addictions counselling and treatment. Clients benefit from sharing recovery skills with a close group of peers with whom they spend each day whilst in treatment. This peer group can form the basis of a network of drug and alcohol free support once the client leaves the programme. SHARP offers a unique opportunity for clients to live in their own homes whilst engaging in a full-time, comprehensive treatment programme. This minimizes disruption and allows them to start making practical changes and using new skills immediately, in the setting in which they will be attempting to stay clean and sober, offering real benefits for clients with children.

82. Illinois Institute For Addiction Recovery
The Illinois Institute for addiction recovery at Proctor Hospital home page,entry point to information about addiction and compulsive behaviors and
Welcome to the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery (IIAR) on the World Wide Web. We understand that many people will visit this site for many different reasons. Regardless of the nature or purpose of your visit, we hope you find the information or assistance you seek. Throughout the site, you'll find in-depth information about substance addiction and compulsive behaviors as well as resources for assistance and education for individuals, families and employers. Paradigm Magazine features articles written by the IIAR staff on the subject of addiction recovery and subscriptions are free See our training calendar for information on sessions scheduled throughout the year on addiction-related topics. To comment on this site or inquire about IIAR programs and services, or to receive additional information on any of the subjects discussed in this Web site, please e-mail our Vice President of Addiction and Behavioral Sciences, Rick Zehr ( or call 1-800-522-3784. About I.I.A.R.

83. No Small Talk - Honesty First
A message board where you can come to express your feelings on your addiction and your recovery.
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Addicts Seeking Recovery
> No Small Talk - Honesty First
Login Register Your Free Account (Required) Search Help ... Need help logging in? My name is Lynn, I am a crack addict in the early stages of recovery. Thanks to a wonderful staff and a great number of other women in the CVH's Inpatient addiction services I was able to get clean and sober, and even after my release I have maintained my sobriety for 33 days as of 4/22. my husband hasn't come back, but he calls sometimes - i can't let my emotions for him (the ups and downs of separation) get i the way of my sobriety. so i don't call or try to see him much anymore.
Page Topic Replies Rating Last Comment Started By Hi (NT) 8/1/05 11:35 am Here is a new board 7/26/05 9:30 pm Recovery Help/Support 7/19/05 4:19 am bluidkiti IF YOU NEED HELP PLEASE READ 1/19/05 2:09 pm TinkM What do crack and meth smell like? 10/2/04 6:18 pm None Given12 Advice for a big sister of a Meth User 9/17/04 4:04 pm BigSister cocaine 8/7/04 5:45 pm jen Crack can be conquered! Help for family and user

84. Illinois Institute For Addiction Recovery
Entry point to information about addiction and compulsive behaviors and resourcesfor assistance and programs.

85. Friends Of Recovery New Hampshire
Our goal is to eliminate the stigma of addiction through education and the recognition of the social and economic contributions of recovering people.
Mission Statement: Friends of Recovery, New Hampshire, is a statewide grassroots alliance of individuals who support recovery. Our goal is to eliminate the stigma of addiction through education and the recognition of the social and economic contributions of recovering people. Our purpose is to initiate change in legislation and resource allocation, raise awareness through public acknowledgment, and promote support by sharing experiences of recovering people, their families and friends. Primary goals are:
  • Reduce the number of people suffering from chemical addiction by advocating for adequate alcohol and other drug treatment and prevention resources.
    To reduce the stigma associated with chemical dependency by providing education to the general public and policy makers. Educational activities will be designed to increase public knowledge and understanding of chemical addiction, to reduce the stigma of chemical dependency, and to provide information on the effectiveness of addiction recovery.
    To develop a formal voice for clients, former clients, family members and communities by putting a face on recovery and by establishing an ongoing dialogue with government and private funding agencies, providers of services, policy makers and the general public.
  • 86. Alcoholism And The Family
    For parents in recovery. Excerpts, downloads and ordering information for two books about helping children to manage the impact of parental alcoholism and other substance abuse and addiction.

    87. - Care Topics: Addiction & Recovery
    A wealth of wellwritten, informative articles, columns, and other resourcesabout addiction recovery.

    88. Recovery Ministries
    Marriage, family and addiction counseling. Specializing in counseling those in the Christian ministry both pastors and church staff members who are encountering marital and emotional problems.
    Recovery Ministries
    Recovery Ministries Is An Outreach Of Northwest Bible Baptist Church, 9N889 Nessler Road Elgin, IL 60123 Welcome To Recovery Ministries! FINALLY help with HOPE! Marriage Restoration Divorce Recovery Addiction Recovery Abuse Recovery Far to long we have stood by and watched as hurting people within and without the walls of our churches wandered aimlessly through the emotional distress of marital struggles and marital failure. We are here to help! Jay and Stephanie Allbright, Founders Rock Solid Preaching We Can Help! Recover Your Life From The Trauma Of Divorce! We Can Help! Restore Seemingly Hopeless Marriages To Better Than You Ever Thought Possible! [ Home ] Links Of Interest RM Resources Articles Services Available ... Webmaster: Rock Solid Productions var sc_project=692841; var sc_partition=5; var sc_security="3943daea";

    89. Naaman Recovery Ministries
    Promoting an intensive 10 step rehabilitation study for groups or individuals to use to overcome problems with depression, addiction and other life issues.
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    Naaman Recovery Ministries Mountain Movers

    90. Matrix Alliance Recovery Systems, LTD (MARS)
    A physician directed drug and alcohol addiction treatment program in Dallas, Texas.

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    Do You Need Help? There is a solution to alcohol and drug addiction. By simply choosing to read this website, you will be one step closer to a successful outcome. Asking for help is never easy, but doing so can be the most positive and important decision in your life.
    For a person addicted to drugs or alcohol, focusing on decreasing drug use alone is not sufficient treatment. As with all brain diseases, addiction becomes a way of life. Successful treatment helps you understand and deal with the factors that trigger cravings and lead to relapse. Like other brain diseases, treatments for drug and alcohol addiction must provide rehabilitation and relearning, including services that the addict is unable to access while active in their addiction. Treatment should not be provided in isolation; rather, more successful treatments utilize the benefits of group therapy. The real target should focus on functional outcomes: improving your ability to function within your family, work environment and community.
    Sobriety is an achievable goal. MARS, Ltd. is committed to supporting you in every way possible during and after your

    91. Book Clearing House - Addiction & Recovery
    Book Clearing House We carry books, video tapes and audio tapes on a widevariety of subjects including drug alcohol addiction, AA, and recovery issues.
    BCH Sales... Order Fulfillment and Distribution Home Book Categories Book Titles Prints ... Privacy
    Alcohol Abuse

    Straight Talk, Straight Answers
    By Pippa Sales, Ixia Publications
    A valuable resource for those struggling with alcohol addiction, and for friends and family members who wish to help them. Alcohol Abuse: Straight Talk, Straight Answers.

    • A nswers the most frequently asked questions about alcohol abuse and alcoholism
    • Is written in an easy-to-read question-and-answer style
    • Discusses the physical effects of drinking
    • Explains how defense mechanisms keep the alcohol abuser and alcoholic from seeking help
    • Explains how to accomplish an intervention
    • Has an extensive resource section
    Now in its second revised edition, this book is used by colleges, community groups, counselors, health providers, substance-abuse programs, and a wide range of other institutions.
    • Item# 765-2
    • 158 pp., Softcover
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    Beyond Sobriety
    Relationships 101
    By Daniel Linder, M.F.T.

    92. Home
    Provides information and support for addiction professionals and individuals in recovery. Includes links to other related lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender resources.
    Who We Are
    The National Association of Lesbian and Gay Addiction Professionals is a membership organization founded in 1979 and dedicated to the prevention and treatment of alcoholism, substance abuse, and other addictions in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender communities. Our Mission Statement
    NALGAP's mission is to confront all forms of oppression and discriminatory practices in the delivery of services to all people and to advocate for programs and services that affirm all genders and sexual orientations. NALGAP provides information, training, networking, and advocacy about addiction and related problems, and support for those engaged in the health professions, individuals in recovery, and others concerned about the health of gender and sexual minorities. We hope you enjoy our new and updated web site!
    Join Together

    2005 NALGAP Conferences and Meetings NALGAP Celebrates 25th Anniversary in December 2004
    Stay updated.

    93. Drug Rehab Centers Drug Rehabilitation Alcohol Treatment
    Information about the drug and alcohol addiction treatment center and the services offered.

    Drug rehab centers
    Drug rehabilitation center Alcohol treatment Drug treatment center setting ... Alcohol and drug treatment center
    Drug Rehab Center Offers Success through Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Treatment
    Drug rehab centers and alcohol treatment centers offer hope and assistance to those who want to take back their lives from substance abuse, drug addiction and alcoholism. Our drug rehabilitation center , Transitions Recovery , is a national leading provider of cost-effective, high-quality drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment in a reality-based, extended care setting. Drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs at Transitions Recovery introduce a new lifestyle and support healthy decision making for the long-term benefit of individuals and their families. Clients learn how to make better choices and master the skills necessary to recognize these options and incorporate them into daily activities for successful drug rehab and alcoholism treatment.

    94. Drug Detox Programs To Treat Drug Addiction And Substance Abuse From Addiction R
    Specializes in personalized overnight detoxification from prescription opiates including Vicodin, Methadone, Oxycontin and heroin. Located in Manhattan and Westchester County.
    Drug Information AMPHETAMINES


    Drug Spotlight OxyContin

    OxyContin is one of several opium derivatives available by prescription.
    Most people are unaware of the heroin link and do not realize how dangerous this drug is.
    Do you need advanced, effective detoxification procedures to help you with your drug addiction? Addiction Recovery Institute wants to help. We have a variety of comprehensive drug detox programs to pull you away from addiction to opiates and other substances of abuse. We can help you get on the road to recovery and regain control of your life!
    We want to give our patients a clean start with our Overnight Opiate Detoxification services. For a limited time, we are offering our specialized services for $7,500. Our detox procedures significantly reduce the pain and discomfort typically associated with withdrawal from Heroin, Methadone, OxyContin and other opiates. Click here to learn more about Overnight Opiate Detoxification from Heroin and Opiates and to find out if it is the right method for you.
    About The Addiction Recovery Institute
    The Addiction Recovery Institute (ARI) is a comprehensive detoxification center located in the metropolitan New York City area. Our patients receive personalized, discreet and confidential care addressing addictions to prescription drugs, opiates, alcohol and tobacco. Our staff includes physicians trained in addiction medicine, pain management and anesthesia, to best address our patientsÂ’ needs. We also treat chronic pain and painkiller dependency, which can be a complicated cycle to break.

    95. MCCS OneSource -- Addiction & Recovery
    Category Icon addiction recovery. MCCS OneSource Online provides you withuseful information and resources to help you balance your work and family life.

    96. Louisiana Alcohol Rehabilitation Louisiana Drug Rehabilitation LA Rehab Center
    Facility provides residential and outpatient therapy for treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, chemical dependence, gambling addiction, and sexual addiction.
    The Palmetto Addcition Recovery Center is a Louisiana Drug Rehabilitation Center and a Louisiana Drug Rehabilitation Center . The Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center offers Alcohol Rehab, Drug Rehab, Gambling Rehab, Sexual Addiction Rehab and Dual Diagnosis. Contact the LA Rehab Center for Drug Addiction Treatment, Alcoholism Treatment, Gambling Addiction Treatment and Dual Diagnosis.

    97. Celebrate Recovery, Christian Drug Rehab Centers Alcohol Treatment Programs
    Centers Alcohol Treatment Programs addiction Rehabilitation recovery, Rehab, recovery and Hope through Sober Living by the Sea Treatment Centers
    Celebrate Recovery
    What Is Celebrate Recovery?
    Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered 12-Step program founded in 1991 at Saddleback Church 8 Recovery principles By working and applying these Biblical principles, we begin to grow spiritually. We become free from our addictive, compulsive, and dysfunctional behaviors. This freedom creates peace, serenity, joy, and most importantly, a stronger personal relationship with God and others. As we progress through the program we discover our personal, loving and forgiving Higher Power, Jesus Christ.
    Who Is Celebrate Recovery For?
    Celebrate Recovery is for anyone interested in having God free them from addictions, compulsions, and their hurts, hang-ups, and habits. Although Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered recovery program, it is not restricted by any religion or denomination.
    What Are The Components of Celebrate Recovery at Sober Living by the Sea?
    The key components of Celebrate Recovery at SLBTS are: Open Share Groups, Step Studies, sponsors and accountability partners, 1:1 weekly meeting with leaders, and using the Life Recovery Bible and Celebrate Recovery Participant Guides. Clients are provided transportation to Celebrate Recovery and Worship Services at Saddleback Church each Friday and Sunday.
    How Long Is This Program?

    98. Arizona Addiction Recovery Center
    Provides treatment and continuing care services for persons who suffer from alcoholism and drug dependency.

    99. Benzodiazepine Addiction And Withdrawal
    A treatment, support, and recovery resource. Site includes articles, personal stories, and links.

    100. Addiction And Alcoholism Treatment - Free Resources For Therapists =
    Free online books, journals. The best collection on intervention techniques, substance abuse, recovery, relapse prevention, sobriety.
    Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment
    In this ' addiction and alcoholism treatment resource page' we have collected the best tools like free e-books, journals, patient education handoutsÂ… and other peer reviewed reference as shown in the table above. To find info on a related topic see our list at the ' mental health / therapy ' page, or at the "pull down menu" below. Each page has similar format, but different contents.
    Start with: Psychiatry Psychology Therapy Psychotherapy Techniques: Cognitive Behavior Therapy Psycodynamic Psychotherapy, Guided imagery, Hypnosis, Group Therapy Motivational interviewing Solution Focused Therapy Client Centered Therapy Support Groups Other Therapies Back to: Therapy Symptom or Disease: > Abuse / Trauma Smoking Cessation Weight Control/Maintenance Eating Disorders Stress Management Free Relaxation "videos" Parenting Depression/Grief Anxiety, Panic, Phobia, PTSD, Bipolar disorder; other psych. symptoms/conditions Psychiatry / Medications back to: Therapy Free Office Tools: Online CE/CME free internet access free e-mails Maps/Directions to your Office Online Organizers BMI Calculator Calculator date/time Note cards free relaxation videos Library - free books Ask an expert Other Resources back to: Therapy
    We have collected thousands of links and resources and organized them, but we have even more to come. We are also working simultaneously on a major medical, health resource page. Please check back in a few month for improved resources.

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