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         Addiction And Recovery:     more books (107)
  1. Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot, Healthy Sex While in Recovery from Sex Addiction by Alexandra Katehakis, 2010-05-03
  2. Goodbye, Mr. Wonderful: Alcoholism, Addiction and Early Recovery by Chris McCully, 2004-07-15
  3. Second Chances: Top Executives Share Their Stories of Addiction & Recovery by Gary Stromberg, Jane Merrill, 2009-02-11
  4. Got the Life: My Journey of Addiction, Faith, Recovery, and Korn by Fieldy, 2010-02-01
  5. Rational Recovery: The New Cure for Substance Addiction by Jack Trimpey, 1996-11-01
  6. The 12-Step Buddhist: Enhance Recovery from Any Addiction by Darren Littlejohn, 2009-03-10
  7. Bridges to Recovery: Addiction, Family Therapy, and Multicultural Treatment by Jo-ann Krestan, 2000-03-15
  8. If I Die Before I Wake: A Memoir of Drinking and Recovery by Barb Rogers, 2010-04-01
  9. Empowering Your Sober Self: The LifeRing Approach to Addiction Recovery by Martin Nicolaus, 2009-04-20
  10. 101 Addiction Tips - Everything You Need to Know about Addictions and Recovery by M. Smith, 2010-07-02
  11. Facing the Shadow: Starting Sexual and Relationship Recovery: A Gentle Path Workbook for Beginning Recovery from Sex Addiction by Patrick J. Carnes, 2001-09-01
  12. Addictions & Recovery: Self-Help for Addicts, Families, Friends (Volume 100) by Deirdre Boyd, 2010-04-30
  13. Healing and Hope: Six Women from the Betty Ford Center Share Their Powerful Journeys of Addiction and Recovery by Betty Ford, 2003-10-31
  14. Addiction Recovery and Cure - The Ultimate Tip Collection for Addiction Treatment and Regaining a Healthy Lifestyle... by S. Smith, 2009-08-10

41. Addiction And Recovery
addiction and recovery Resources. Alcohol Information Drug addiction and recoveryResources Drug Use and Mental Health Dual Diagnosis Links
home programs directory by group resources by island ... Country and Region Information
Addiction and Recovery Resources Alcohol Information
Drug Addiction and Recovery Resources

Drug Use and Mental Health

Dual Diagnosis Links
... Country and Region Information
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42. The Open Diary - Addiction And Recovery
addiction and recovery Diarists Interest. Diarist, Age, Sex, Diary Title,Last Update. Rhapsody, 23, F, emotional hemophelia, 7/4/2005

43. Addiction And Recovery At Magic Stream
Strong mind. Strong body. Living with and recovering from addiction. A holisticapproach to physical and emotional health and wellness.
Coping with Addiction
I'm Maureen and... On living and coping with addictions. Recognizing and Confronting Alcohol Abuse The Codependency Idea: When Caring Becomes A Disease by Robert Westermeyer, Ph.D.
Online Resources:
Alcoholics Anonymous Official AA website. The Big Book Self help from AA. Adult Children of Alcoholics Al-Anon Alateen Blair's Quit Smoking Resource Page Extensive self-help resources for dealing with smoking and tobacco addiction. Cocaine Anonymous World Services - Based on the 12 step program. Free and confidential help. Co-Anon For family and friends of cocaine addicts. Habit Smart - An alternative to the 12 Step approach. Jews in Recovery - For Jews and their families whose lives have been affected by alcoholism and drug abuse and for the rabbis and treatment professionals involved or concerned with addiction in the Jewish community. Marijuana Anonymous National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information Self Scoring Alcohol Check-up Smoking, Tobacco and Cancer ...
Addictions Print Resources:
Vitamins and Supplements
Physician's Choice - Your One Stop Shop to Healthy Living This weeks specials at Swanson Health Products! Use promo code AF200

44. 'Something For Nothing: Shoplifting Addiction And Recovery,' A Book By Terrence
Terry Shulman questions why tougher laws, more sophisticated security systemsand endless moralism haven t reduced shoplifting and stealing.
Something for Nothing: Shoplifting Addiction and Recovery By Terrence Daryl Shulman
From the show Oprah's Follow Up Show: Winter 2005 and Living a Secret Life
From the Preface:

Statistics reveal that most people who shoplift do so not out of economic need or greed but in response to pressures and emotional issues in their lives. Wanting "something for nothing" is a disease that affects millions. Whether this is a particularly American phenomenon begs to be studied but this problem pervades the planet.
We are living in the age of Winona Ryder and Enron. Anger and skepticism toward thievery abound. But this is not a book about Winona or Enron. There is something else going on besides simple greed. People try to get ahead at any cost. People feel it's never enough. It's beyond money. It's beyond dollars and cents. It's beyond sense
It seems we, individually and collectively, feel an increasing emptiness.
The simplistic notion that shoplifting and stealing are merely legal or moral issues is wrong. There appears to be more dishonesty than ever these days; yet, tougher laws, more sophisticated security systems, and endless moralism haven't reduced these offenses. In fact, they're on the rise. Stealing, particularly shoplifting, can and often does become addictive.
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45. Heart Alcohol And Drug Counseling Services
Southern California based individual counseling services providing assistance to persons in recovery struggling to understand self, addiction and recovery.
This Site Under Renovation..Please Bear With Us... Thank You
Drugs Are Drugs. The distinction "prescribed" or illegal makes no difference. What does make a difference is the negative outcomes that many people experience in broken relationships, loss of self-esteem and self-respect. Recovery Counseling provides: 1) Specialized guidance and knowledge to a better life without chemicals. 2) Relapse Prevention Methods and Implementation of a New Way of Living! Call (877) 576-6155 HEART Counseling Services Is Located In South Pasadena CA

46. Close To Home: Moyers On Addiction And Recovery
Each program takes on a different facet of addiction and recoveryfrom studiesof brain pathology and genetic risk, to various prevention and treatment

47. Straight Talk About Addiction And Recovery : Straight Talk From Claudia Black
Talking with your kids about alcohol use, drug use, and addiction can be difficultfor any parent. For recovering parents, conversations with your children
Articles Forum Books eNotAlone ... Addictions Straight Talk about Addiction and Recovery
Excerpted from Straight Talk from Claudia Black: What Recovering Parents Should Tell Their Kids About Drugs and Alcohol by Claudia A. Black, M.S.W., Ph.D. Publisher: Hazelden
Book Description Talking with your kids about alcohol use, drug use, and addiction can be difficult for any parent. For recovering parents, conversations with your children about drug use and abuse are even more complex, urgent, and personal. Here, with her characteristic intelligence and sensitivity, foremost recovery author Claudia Black provides clear direction and gentle support for discussing your past addiction with your children. In Straight Talk from Claudia Black , you will meet five very different families and explore with Dr. Black how each of the parents handled discussions about recovery, relapse, and their children's own vulnerability to addiction. Dr. Black also addresses the latest research on genetics and addiction as well as practical prevention strategies for raising resilient children. While you can't make up for the past in a few conversations, and you can't completely protect your children from the enormous reach of addiction, you can, with Dr. Black's guidance, move closer to becoming the parent your children need you to be-and the parent you want to be.

48. Health & Wellness, Support, Addiction And Recovery,
WebRing Ring directory of Health Wellness, Support, addiction and recovery, ,Alcohol, Drugs, Food, Gambling, Internet, Sex, Smoking.

49. Health & Wellness, Support, Addiction And Recovery,
WebRing Ring directory of Health Wellness, Support, addiction and recovery, ,Alcohol, Drugs, Food, Gambling, Internet, Sex, Smoking.;for

50. PCC Library - Bibliography On Women And Recovery And Addiction, In PCC Library
Women in addiction and recovery A bibliography of books and videos in the PCC addiction and recovery; Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; Women and Codependency

Portland Community College Library
Cascade Rock Creek Sylvania Library Home ... PCC Home
Women in Addiction and Recovery: A bibliography of books and videos in the PCC Library
AD103 Women and Addiction
Susan Garber, Instructor
Fall 2002
Addiction and Recovery
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Women and Codependency
TITLE Women with alcoholic husbands : ambivalence and the trap of codependency / Ramona M. Asher. LOCATIONS Cascade Campus CALL # 362.2923 A74 1992. TITLE Feminism and addiction / Claudia Bepko. LOCATIONS Cascade Campus CALL # 616.860082 F45 1991. TITLE Feminist perspectives on addictions / Nan Van Den Bergh, editor. LOCATIONS Cascade Campus CALL # 616.860082 F45 1990.
Women and Family Violence
Parenting and Recovery
TITLE Positive discipline for parenting in recovery : a guide to help recovering parents / Jane Nelsen, Riki Intner, and Lynn Lott ; [foreword by H. Stephen Glenn]. LOCATIONS Cascade Campus CALL # 362.2933 N45 1996. TITLE Healthy parenting : an empowering guide for adult children / Janet G. Woititz. LOCATIONS Columbia Gorge CC CALL # 649.1 WOITI. TITLE Divorce and new beginnings : an authoritative guide to recovery and growth, solo parenting, and stepfamilies / Genevieve Clapp. LOCATIONS Columbia Gorge CC CALL # 306.89 CLAPP.

51. Crystal Meth: Maximum Speed
This publication discusses current use patterns and risks. Topics include actions and effects, adverse effects, medical uses, addiction and recovery issues, and current demographics.
Title: Author: Jim Parker Publisher: Do It Now Foundation Publication Date: Catalog No: Is faster better? A basic premise in America is that faster is better. From instant tea to TV dinners, Pentium IV processors to G4 Power Macs, if there's a way to do something faster, we'll figure out how to do it, and not miss a beat or a coffee break in the bargain. That's a big reason why stimulant drugs hold so much fascination for us all. Speed seems as natural as mom and apple pie maybe even more so, since today mom is on a diet and the only apple pie in town is made by machines. But speedy drugs aren't Mom's apple pie, not by a long shot. They're a complex group of chemicals with one thing in common: They can cause all sorts of problems for people who take them and all kinds of people are taking them these days. And not only are more people using speed, they're also using its most hypercharged form crystal meth and some are running into problems they never expected. That's why we've put together this pamphlet.

52. Southern California Treatment Providers: Network Meeting
Networking organization of professionals in the addiction and recovery fields that meets monthly. Addresses topics such as substance abuse, residential treatment, interventions, and current issues. Continuing education units are offered for CAADAC, MFT and LCSW.
The SCTPN luncheon meetings, are held the third Friday of each month from 11:30AM – 1:00 PM and are hosted by Sober Living by the Sea Treatment Centers. There is usually a guest speaker, covering topics of interest and relevance, such as substance abuse treatment, chemical dependency, residential treatment, interventions, therapy, addiction, medical treatment, eating disorders, alternative sentencing, work release, intensive outpatient programs, driminal law, DUI, etc. Continuing education units (CEU’s) are offered for CAADAC, MFT and LCSW. However, the main thrust of the meetings is "Networking", so occasionally meetings will be scheduled with no formal agenda. For driving directions to the Beach House, from the local airport or from the Southern California area, click here: Frequent attendees include, inter alia, participants from the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse- Orange County NCAD-OC Betty Ford Center Hired Power ... Jake Brower Law Since its inception in January 2002, featured speakers include Joseph A. Pursch M.D

53. Aging And Addiction | Seniors, Alcoholism, Prescription Medication
How to help seniors overcome alcoholism and medication dependence. addiction and recovery resource.
Helping Older Adults Overcome
Alcohol or Medication Dependence
Older adults and senior citizens age quickly when suffering from alcoholism or addiction to mood-altering prescription drugs. They lose their health, their mental clarity, and their ability to live independently years earlier than other people their age. Alcoholism begins the downward journey into illness, dependence, pain, and inactivity. Older adults who would otherwise enjoy grandchildren and family gatherings, becomes increasingly withdrawn, angry, and malcontent. The good news is, older adults are more successful in treatment than any other age group. They can and do reclaim their lives. The symptoms grandchild wants to grow up without the special relationship only a grandparent can provide. Aging and Addiction: Helping Older Adults Overcome Alcohol or Medication Dependence , by Carol Colleran and Debra Jay (Hazelden, 2002), is an authoritative guide for understanding and intervening on this problem. Click here to buy Aging and Addiction at View the complete Table of Contents for this website.

54. Center For The Study Of Addiction And Recovery, Texas Tech University
Lists the resources and activities of this research center at Texas Tech.
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55. Health Directory For Addiction And Recovery
Home addiction and recovery addiction and recovery Sponsored Links Sexual Addiction (6), Smoking Addiction (58) Substance Abuse (851)

56. Humanist: A History Of Addiction And Recovery In The United States. . - Reviews
Full text of the article, A History of addiction and recovery in the United States.. Reviews - book review from Humanist, a publication in the field of
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IN free articles only all articles this publication Automotive Sports 10,000,000 articles - not found on any other search engine. FindArticles Humanist March-April 2002
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10,000,000 articles Not found on any other search engine. Related Searches
Books / Reviews
A History of Addiction and Recovery in the United States (Book) / Reviews Featured Titles for
ASA News
ASEE Prism Academe African American Review ... View all titles in this topic Hot New Articles by Topic Automotive Sports Top Articles Ever by Topic Automotive Sports A History of Addiction and Recovery in the United States. . - Reviews - book review Humanist March-April, 2002 by Jerry Dorsman
Save a personal copy of this article and quickly find it again with It's free! Save it. A History of Addiction and Recovery in the United States by Michael Lemanski (Tucson, AZ: See Sharp Press, 2001); 154 pp; $10,95 paper. What helps individuals break from heir addictions? What programs have been tried? Which ones work?

57. Online Events Focus On Addiction And Recovery
Online Events Focus on addiction and recovery up to the 12th annual NationalAlcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month observance in September of 2001.
Online Events Focus on Addiction and Recovery Fourteen Web-Based Activities Set to Raise Awareness Among Individuals,
Families, and Communities About the Benefits of Substance Abuse Treatment
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA) Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) announced today a series of 14 web-based events designed to raise awareness about the effectiveness of substance abuse treatment. The events also aim to encourage support for individual, family, and community-based efforts on behalf of individuals recovering from the disease of alcohol and drug addiction. The web-based events will lead up to the 12th annual National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month observance in September of 2001.
The 2001 Recovery Month activities, are being coordinated by CSAT in partnership with over 60 individuals, coalitions, organizations and government agencies. The effort aims to involve local and national recovery networks, civic, policy and elected leaders, and a host of others in the development of events and activities that bring attention to the needs of those suffering with, or in recovery from, alcohol and drug addiction.
The online events will be comprised of seven one-hour web chats and seven web casts. These events are scheduled on the first and third Wednesdays of each month from April through September. Event topics will complement this year's Recovery

58. USCJ: Health/Addiction To Recovery
From Addiction to RecoveryA Jewish Spiritual Journey Ask your rabbi tospeak from the pulpit about addiction and recovery and to provide spiritual
Book Service KOACH USY Project Reconnect Regional Offices Movement Affiliates Torah Sparks YOU ARE HERE: Health/Addiction to Recovery
Above is the web address to view this page without the USCJ navigation menus and graphics. To imbed code within your existing pages use the code below. From Addiction to RecoveryA Jewish Spiritual Journey
From The United Synagogue Review/Fall 1995
by Susan J. Cole As I write these words, a nice Jewish boy sucks on a crack pipe. In twenty-five seconds, freebase cocaine will sear his brain, firing the neurons that signal intense pleasure, the visceral excitement of food or sex. A few minutes later, he sits frozen, eyes darting. When the paranoid delusions ebb, he reaches for the pipe again. Across town, in her parents' marble-tiled bathroom, a nice Jewish girl purges her latest carbohydrate binge. Later tonight, her sister sits with friends in a club, drinking vodka gimlets as she surveys the men. At home, a Jewish mother counts out her hoard of pain killers and muscle relaxants. Meanwhile, the bus to Atlantic City delivers its cargo of pleasure seekers, including Jewish husbands and fathers who will put this month's mortgage money on the line and lose it all. Listen to the sound of unanswered phones ringing. One, two, three rings, then a click. Sleep-deprived and frantic, someone who loves an alcoholic or addict listens for the tenth time in a row to the recorded greeting, wondering whether the person whose cheerful voice they hear is alive or dead.

59. Press Room: Under The Influence: The Film Serires
Features, Documentaries and Shorts in Which addiction and recovery Play a LeadingRole Presented by Recovery Network Foundation Inc.
Home About Us Site Map What's New ...
Press Room
Under the Influence: The Film Series
Under the Influence: The Film Series
Video Trailer
Blake Edwards Introduces his Days of Wine and Rose at Under the Influence: The Film Series
Features, Documentaries and Shorts in Which Addiction and Recovery Play a Leading Role Presented by Recovery Network Foundation Inc. At the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center Silver Spring, MD CONTACT: Robyn Mancini, Cheyenne Duchesne (914) 941-2863, FAX (914) 941-2850
For Immediate Release
(New York, NY - July 11, 2005) - Days of Wine and Roses , one of the all-time great Warner Brothers films, will be the premiere presentation of Under the Influence: The Film Series , an unprecedented showcase of feature films and documentaries in which addiction and recovery play leading roles. The film's legendary director, Blake Edwards , will be on hand to introduce his 1962 film, considered a trailblazer in it's treatment of alcoholism and the possibility of recovery. Following the screening, Mr. Edwards will discuss his own recovery. (After directing Days of Wine and Roses , Edwards became a "non-drinker.")

60. Pendulum Resources: Addiction And Recovery
Manic Depression, AKA Bipolar Disorder, is a highly disruptive and sometimesdeadly brain disorder. Since 1994, Pendulum Resources has been the web s
Pendulum The Web
Powered by WhatUSeek

Related Disorders : Addiction
Addiction and Recovery
Thousands of Alcoholism and Addiction Resources
Modified August 1, 2004
The information at this web site is for consumers, family members and mental health workers to make informed decisions about the care and treatment of bipolar disorder, AKA manic depression. These pages are not a substitute for consultation with your counselor, therapist, doctor, or psychiatrist.

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