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         Add And Adhd:     more books (103)
  1. The Indigo Method Healing ADD, ADHD & Bi-Polar Disorder 2 DVD set by Tcha LaPlaca, 2005-11-17
  2. Buzzards to Bluebirds: Improve Your Child's Learning & Behavior in Six Weeks : Help Stop Ld, Add, Adhd, Dyslexia, School Dropouts & School Failures by Allen Crane, Virginia Crane, 1997-11
  3. Coping with Add/Adhd by Jaydene Morrison, 1997-11
  4. Attention Deficit Disorder: Adhd and Add Syndromes by Dale R. Jordan, 1998-06
  5. Adult ADHD: What You Need to Know by David Gurevich, 2010-05-24

141. - Advice On ADD/ADHD
Information and advice for families.
Information and Advice for families where ADD/ADHD plays a major part in everyday life Select a Different Page Colour
White Cream Blue Lavender Aqua Marine Pink Orange Olive Green Mint Green Grey Click Here for Yetisport Games This site has been set up to offer support and advice to families,like ours,where ADD/ADHD plays a major part in everyday life. We welcome your input. If you have advice to give PLEASE use the Forum to share information. to contact us.
Use the menu on the left of each page to move around the site. The site will be regularly updated so please do keep coming back. The more information we can ALL share the more we will all understand about ADD/ADHD. Click HERE to add this page to your Favourites. Please Note The information given on this site is intended for information only. Please consult with a doctor or other medical professional.The site owner in no way endorses comments made by visitors to this site This site is very kindly hosted by var site="sm5addvice"

142. ADHD Tips – Side Effects Of Ritalin – ADD Behavior Problems
Parenting and school tips for adhd, the disorder in children and adults, medications, symptoms and treatments.
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'Best Of' ADD-ADHD Tips
Tip: Children with ADHD ADD and discipline The number one thing that children with ADD ADHD need is constancy and predictability. Consistent predictable discipline will help them know what to expect when they break the rules.
Tip: Can cleaning products cause ADHD symptoms?
Allergies to these products are rarely considered when looking at the possible causes for ADHD but, are a very real possiblity. If you would like more information on natural cleaning products that work even better than the general store brands please contact me.

143. Living With An Invisible Disability
Provides links to (C)APD, dyslexia, add/adhd, Autism, SID (DSI), Aspergers, hyperlexia, dyslexia, conferences, educational topics, and general LD resources. Also provides an Adult Chat room, and Kid's CAPD chat pages.
My Favorite CAPD Links Free-For-All Links Add a link to your website!
The Mobility Matters SiteRing
This site owned by
Robin Wickens
SiteRing by Living With an Invisible Disability Creating coping strategies and routines to survive everyday living. Creating a greater public awareness of such problems, and to increase the amount of research done into these difficulties. To help those children in school with similar problems to receive all the help and assistance they need My Favorite CAPD Links is my new Home Page. Site development may take a while. Helping our two eldest sons Cope with APD and contending with my own APD, means that time can not always be used as planned.
Click on the The Surf Board Below to reach the Index Page for my Web Sites This page was last updated
on: 20 October, 2004
Dolfrog's Invisible Disability LINKS INDEX PAGE (C)APD, Dyslexia, ADD, Audiology/ists,ADhD, Autism, Research, SID (DSI), ADhD, Lefthandedness,Autism,Aspergers,
and many more topics. TRY OUT THE SITE SEARCH ENGINE Website Search Engine (enter key word): Invisible Disability Links included (C)APD Other LDs
Living With an Invisible Disability is a Proud Member
of the Ring of Academia If you would like to join this ring
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144. ADD News For Christian Families
Provides information, support, and encouragement to Christian families living with add/adhd.
©1995-1999 Penrice Publishing "That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works." Psalm 26:7 This site is intended to provide information, support and encouragement to Christian families living with Attention Deficit Disorders. Material provided in these pages should be considered information only and not professional advice. It is in no way intended to take the place of the professional advice of qualified medical, mental health and/or legal professionals. ADD News Archives Book Reviews Christian Resources Christian Resources ... More ADD Web Sites
Last Updated 4/13/2001
Welcome to the ADD News For Christian Families home page. ADD News was the first publication written by Christians for Christians, and devoted entirely to Attention Deficit Disorder and related topics. In each issue we provided our readers with current news and information about attention deficit disorders. We analyzed books, articles and research findings, then presented what we considered the most useful information in a single, easy to read newsletter, all from a Christian perspective. In addition to news and feature articles, we presented reviews of books, audio and video tapes, as well as other resources on the subject of ADD/ADHD. And, we encouraged our readers to write and share experiences with ADD in their own families. In 1999 lack of time and financial resources forced us to suspend publication of the newsletter.

145. OSEP Brief: Children With "ADD/ADHD"
add/adhd A topical brief prepared by OSEP summarizing provisions in the FinalRegulations to IDEA 97, about adding attention deficit disorder (add) and
(March 1999) Adding "ADD/ADHD" to the list of eligible conditions under "OHI."
The definition of "child with a disability" in the Part B regulations has been amended to add "attention deficit disorder" ("ADD") and "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder" ("ADHD") to the list of conditions that could render a child eligible for Part B services under the "other health impairment" ("OHI") category. Many children with ADD/ADHD have been eligible under Part B In 1991, the Department issued a memorandum entitled "Clarification of Policy to Address the Needs of Children with [ADD] within General and/or Special Education," which was jointly signed by the Assistant Secretaries of OCR, OESE, and OSERS. The substance of the 1991 policy clarification was included in the NPRM , and, specifically in Note 5 following (definition of "child with a disability") to ensure that school administrators, teachers, parents, and other members of the general public would be fully aware that some children with ADD/ADHD are eligible under Part B. (Adding that interpretation to the NPRM was consistent with the Department's plan to include all major long-term policy interpretations related to Part B in a single regulatory document, along with the new provisions added by the IDEA Amendments of 1997.)

146. Home
A popular author who has professional experience as a teacher, school psychologist, and mental health counselor provides specific strategies for helping children and teenagers with add or adhd.
Welcome to our ADHD website! Our family welcomes you to our website which features important information on teenagers who are struggling with ADD or ADHD. Attention deficit disorder runs in both our families, so we have had a lot of first-hand experience coping with its challenges. Currently all three of our children and two of our grandchildren have been diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD. So my husband and I are personally aware children, especially teenagers with ADD or ADHD present unique challenges for parents, teachers and counselors. Parenting our sons was probably the most humbling, yet rewarding, experience of our lives. Now that our sons and daughter are grown and coping successfully with ADD and ADHD, we have developed this website to share information with other families and professionals. Hopefully, you will learn from both our mistakes and our successes. My family and I bring you a message of hope plus send best wishes during these difficult teen years! Chris A. Zeigler Dendy and her family,
author of the best selling book

147. Addcontact
A site aiming to inform and raise awareness of add/adhd, which all 3 of my children have, and links to many other sites.
Has closed for good Please accept my apologies, but real life has had to come first. Owner ADD Contact For enquiries about ADD/ADHD please e mail who will be more than happy to help you.

148. New Page 1
Includes poetry, photographs, personal information, links, and details of her recovery, add/adhd, and animal rights.
You will be redirected to the new address in

I have moved my site to a new server Please go to and update all your links! Same content. Same pages. Different server.

149. Diet And ADD/ADHD
Medical Breakthrough Diet and add/adhd parent wants their child taking adaily dose of drugs, but that s all many parents of kids with add or adhd have.

150. ADD Central
A Frank Ramos Frequency Band Interaction in add/adhd Treatment Michael Judith Lubar Integration of Neurofeedback for add adhd into Family and 75,000 hits/ week "Most Informative Biofeedback Site On The Web" Jim Robbins Low $ Stress Tools Site Map Neurofeedback Central Optimal Living Center ...
Winter Brain Meeting Feb Palm Springs, CA Give a Biofeedback Gift Check Out / View Shopping Cart
World's Most Popular Biofeedback Site
ADD Central
and the neurobehavioral continuum
H D. This website will grow into a resource which provides information and links on optimizing your and your family's life with ADD ADHD and the neurobehavioral continuum
  • DVDs, CDs VHS tapes, Cassettes on ADD / ADHD Neurofeedback for ADD/ADHD: Quotations on ADD and Attention Understanding ADD article from Lynda and Mychael Thomson, of the ADD Centre
    Thom Hartmann's Website
    I invited Thom Hartmann, one of my favorite people, and one of the true leaders in the field of ADD to send me a description of his new website. I’ve found Thom’s work to be not only inspiring, but also life perspective changing. I’ve recommended his books to countless people and have never heard from anyone anything other than the strongest appreciation for the suggestion. It’s no wonder that Thom has been invited, within the past 15 months, to meet the Pope and the Dalai Lama. He’s in the stratosphere when it comes to thinking, expressed in writing, which can make the world a better place.
Author, futurist, and psychotherapist Thom Hartmann has a new website for his books on ADD/ADHD and on Mysticism, Ecology, and Spirituality. While these topics may seem very different, all are grounded in Thom's worldview -

151. Welcome To The Gibbins' Family Home Schooling Page
This site contains information and links for homeschooling, add/adhd, violent crime prevention, and lung cancer information.
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Welcome to the Gibbins' Family Home Schooling Page
Let me tell you a little about our family. First, my name is Koleen, my husband's name is Terry. We have four children: Adam, age 18; Regina, age 16 (she will be 17 in Nov, 02); Stephanie, age 15; and Andria, age 11. Our oldest two as well as Terry have ADD which was our main reason for pulling our children from ps and homeschooling. This is our eighth year of homeschooling We have been in our new home for almost two years now. We are enjoying being in a small community though it is growing fast. We have seven pages for our site at this time. This page will serve as an introductory page and as the starting point for the other pages. Page two of the site is dedicated to more info on homeschooling and includes a number of links to other homeschooling sites that might be helpful to you. The page has recently been updated.
link to page 2

Page three contains information on ADD/ADHD.

Investigation into add/adhd, its symptoms, diagnosis and medication articles, statistics, diagnosis, and treatment.


ADHD Report

International Consensus Statement

The Brain and ADHD

by Bob Collier The debate over attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and the drugging of children diagnosed with ADHD has been rekindled in Australia, one of several countries to have followed the U.S. ADHD trend over recent decades.
"A youth conference in the eastern city of Brisbane this week was told that no proof has been found that ADHD exists at all.”
Ritalin Debate: Some Experts Doubt Existence of ADHD

by Patrick Goodenough Pacific Rim Bureau Chief April 18, 2003 The Cybercast News Service Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD You can read the original report from which that newspaper article was derived at the Medical Journal of Australia in this ADHD medication report. here's my response Yet, here are the statistics in black and white in the same CNS News report... Start: ADHD statistics Bob Collier, the author of ADHD-Report also publishes this

153. Activity Oriented Group Therapy For Children With ADD/HD At Quest Therapeutic Da
A day camp in Huntington Beach, California which provides group therapy in an activity oriented environment for children ages 614 with add, adhd and certain other forms of learning and personality disorders. Supervised by Dr. Linda C. Sanicola. Three, four, and five week sessions.
THE QUEST PROGRAM: Quest's therapeutic program uniquely combines behavioral methods, group therapy, recreational activities and instructional athletics to assist each child in developing new skills and eliminating those actions which create difficulties for them. By observing a child in a naturalistic setting, Quest staff are able to intervene as problems occur. Issues are presented to the child in a positive manner, helping the child to see the problem and possible positive solutions. Through instruction in athletics, each child builds skills and self-esteem. This enables them to participate with peers more effectively and successfully. Quest campers range in age from 6 to 14 years old. The typical Quest camper has above average intelligence and many strengths. They may experience frustration in their lives and poor self-esteem due to their perception of failure and lack of acceptance from peers. They might be kids that struggle in finding stable, good friends, in achieving consistently the goals they desire, a kid who comes home from school upset because of a sense of rejection or failure. Campers may have diagnoses of Attention Deficit Disorder, learning disabilities, adjustment disorders, anxiety, depression, or self-esteem problems. Children with more complex problems are not appropriate for Quest. Our campers do not look or act differently than other children. Problems they experience are more subtle yet significant in their effect on the child and the family. Without intervention, these children are at higher risk for more serious problems in the future.

154. "FAQ: Articles On Attention Deficit Disorders, ADD ADHD, ADD/ADHD, Child, Adult,
FAQ, Info, Articles on add adhd, Attention Deficit Disorders, addadhd, add/adhdby Doctors, Teachers, Media, Government, child, adult, symptom, treatment,
This page is located within: Optometrists Network



Eye Problems Sometimes Mistaken For Learning Disabilities

from, September 19, 2002

"Some kids are labeled as learning disabled, ADD or ADHD, or some are just labeled as lazy, they don't want to do the work. The child could act up in school because it's hard for them to concentrate up close, hard for them to focus, hard to keep their eyes on the page," said Dr. Ida Chung of the SUNY College of Optometry.
Optometrist Treats "ADD" With Vision Therapy
by KCTV 5 News, Kansas City Bazin said double vision was a common symptom of ADD kids. "All their energy physiologically is going into keeping it clear and single, so they don't have the energy, brain energy, to process the information," Bazin said. ADHD: A Vision Connection? by HealthScout Reporter Doctors at Children 's Eye Center have found an intriguing relationship between a common eye disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) A Developmental Approach by Patricia S. Lemer, M.Ed.

155. Attention Deficit Disorder Reticular Activating System
A discussion of the involvement of the reticular activating system.
NewIdeas.Net ADD ADHD: Reticular Activating System Neurological Issues with ADD/ADHD Discussed What is happening in the brain to cause this problem that we call ADD? The most recent models which attempt to describe what is happening in the brains of people with ADD suggest that several areas of the brain may be affected by the disorder. They include the frontal lobes , the inhibitory mechanismsof the cortex , the limbic system , and the reticular activating system . Each of these areas of the brain are associated with various functions. The Frontal Lobes The frontal lobes help us to pay attention to tasks, focus concentration, make good decisions, plan ahead, learn and remember what we have learned, and behave appropriately for the situation. Inhibitory Mechanisms The inhibitory mechanisms of the cortex keep us from being hyperactive, from saying things out of turn, and from getting mad at inappropriate times, for examples. They help us to “inhibit” our behaviors. I’ve heard it said that 70% of the brain is there to inhibit the other 30% of the brain. When the inhibitory mechanisms of the brain aren’t working as hard as they ought to, then we can see results of what are sometimes called “disinhibition disorders” such as impulsive behaviors, quick temper, poor decision making, hyperactivity, and so on.

156. Learning Disabilities OnLine: LD In-Depth: ADD/ADHD
information on learning disabilities, learning disorders, attention deficitdisorder, add, adhd, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysnomia, speech disorder,
The leading Web site on learning disabilities
for parents, teachers, and other professionals Home Page FAQs About LD IDEA 2004 Update What's New ... LD OnLine Store
Visit other areas of LD In Depth Select a Topic Abilities ADD / ADHD Adult Issues Assessment Behavior / Discipline Bilingual / LD Early Identification Family Relationships Foreign Language Acquisition Gifted / LD Glossaries I.E.P. LD In-General Math Skills Nonverbal Paraprofessionals Parenting Postsecondary Education Processing Deficits Reading Research Digest Self-Esteem Social Skills Special Education / IDEA 97 Summer Programs Teaching Technology Transition Writing The Coordinated Campaign for LD The National Joint Committee on LD
What is ADHD?
What is ADHD? This is basic information about ADHD What is ADHD? Is It a Type of LD? - Dr. Larry Silver January 2002. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder - Decade of the Brain , Information Booklet, National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health, September 1993 - This 42 page booklet offers parents and teachers information on ADHD.

157. SOAP
Ontmoetingsplaats voor mensen die direct met adhd, add en aanverwante zaken te maken hebben, en die deze op een positieve wijze benaderen.

158. ADD-Online - ADHS ADS Hyperaktivitätsstörung
Umfangreiche Fachinformationen zum Thema AufmerksamkeitsDefizit/Hyperaktivit¤ts-Syndrom (ADHS/adhd) bei Kindern, Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen. Gut geeignet als Einstiegsseite.

Dipl.-Psych. Piero Rossi

Dr. med. Martin Winkler
Nutzungsbedingungen ADHS - EINE Zusammenfassung ... Falls die Super-Nanny gerade ausgebucht ist..
ADD steht für das englische "Attention-Deficit-Disorder" und bezeichnet eine international anerkannte psychiatrische Diagnose.
Diese ist gekennzeichnet durch seit der Kindheit bestehende und ausgeprägte Störungen der Konzentrationsfähigkeit, der Planungs- und Handlungskontrolle, durch Störungen der Impulskontrolle sowie durch motorische H yperaktivität (AD H D).
Im deutschsprachigen Raum wird für die ADD/ADHD der Terminus ADHS und teilweise auch ADS (ohne "H") verwendet.
Die ADHS stellt eine ernsthafte Beeinträchtigung dar: Sie kann bei Kindern, Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen Lern- und Verhaltensstörungen, Depressionen, Angststörungen und andere psychische Erkrankungen hervorrufen.
ADD-Online stellt wissenschaftlich abgestützte Informationen über Diagnose, Differentialdiagnose und Therapie von ADHS bei Erwachsenen, Jugendlichen und Kindern bereit. ADD-Online will damit ein fachgerechtes und sorgfältiges diagnostisches und therapeutisches Handeln fördern.
Hinweise auf neue Publikationen, Informationen und Forschungsresultate zu ADHS werden gerne

159. Nutrition In Action, Inc.
Welcome to the add/adhd Online Newsletter, an award winning website, If youwould like to receive a FREE monthly subscription to the add/adhd Online
Laura's book is also available in Spanish at
HOME September 2005
Volume 9, Issue 9 There have been hits to this page Welcome to the ADD/ADHD Online Newsletter, an award winning website, to help you change your child's life ! Visiting is free for all! I change the contents monthly. I hope you find this month's issue interesting and helpful. Just click on each numbered title at your right to bring up each topic that interests you! If you would like to receive a FREE monthly subscription to the ADD/ADHD Online Newsletter, just send me your email address. Click here. Rest assured I will not share your email information with anyone else. I don't like SPAM either! This newsletter is my community service! Table of Contents
ADD/ADHD Online Newsletter Monthly Features:
Laura's Monthly Message for You
Laura's New September Message

News for You:
News You Can Use to Help Your Child! ... Scroll down until you find each newsletter)
Allergies Part III
and News Flash: a new
exciting study about essential fatty acids and behavior
March: Dietary Goals for You and Your Child
D ecember Your Questions Answered
September: My son is 15 and has severe ADHD and learning problems. He has always had trouble getting

160. Tips For The Teacher
From The adhd Owner's Manual, tips for teachers who are teaching children diagnosed with add/adhd.
Tips for the Teacher
Consistency is the key to helping ADHD children. They are really poor at dealing with change, even if it is positive change. They need to have a sense of external structure, as they tend to lack a sense of internal structure. 2. ADHD kids have two kinds of time...plenty and none . They are usually poor at organizing their time and need you to help them break tasks down into small components. 3. Placing ADHD kids at the front of the room ( nearest the blackboard or where the teacher gives instruction ) is often helpful. If the child is right handed, placing them at the right front of the class minimizes the number of children they watch wiggle when they write. 4. Try to avoid placing ADHD children in loft classrooms or in situations with multiple children at a single desk. This maximizes their distractability. 5. Use colors and shapes to help them organize. 6. Try to provide a quiet study area, free from distraction , when seat work is required. 7. Try to work within the child's attention span . Keep changing the type of work frequently and the child can continue to work productively. Medication is NOT the only solution. 8.Remember

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