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         Harris Frank:     more detail
  1. Biography - Harris, Frank (1856-1931): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2003-01-01
  2. The Playwright and the Pirate: Bernard Shaw and Frank Harris; A Correspondence by Stanley Weintraub, 1983-02-01

61. Sites Omitted From Google SafeSearch - "O"
Frank Harris (18561931) http// Verify omission ofthis site individually and using keyword searches Harris
Sites Omitted from Google SafeSearch - "O"
Empirical Analysis of Google SafeSearch

B C ... numbers This listing reports URLs found to be omitted from Google SafeSearch results as of March 2003. SafeSearch results and omissions change from day to day, so some omissions may have been restored since testing took place. For each omitted URL, listings report the omitted page title and URL, as well as keywords that yielded this URL in an ordinary Google search but not in a SafeSearch, and the ranking of the URL within the ordinary Google search. "Verify" links allow testing of inclusion of this URL in current SafeSearch results; such tests can check for the page itself, on the basis of its URL, or for the page as included or omitted from designated keyword searches. NOAC 2002 - Financial Services Committee

Verify omission of this site individually and using keyword searches: Committee on Financial Services
Site omitted from results for: Committee on Financial Services
African Savannah: Grant's Zebra

62. J. Harlin O'Connell Collection Of The 1890s
12, Harris, Frank, 18561931 ALS to Grant Allen, nd 2 ALsS to Grant Richards,1915 and 1923. 13, Heinemann, William, 1863-1920 ALS to Aubrey, Beardsley,
J. Harlin O'Connell Collection of the 1890s 1825-1952, bulk 1880s-1930s
Finding Aid
Teresa T. Basler Manuscripts Division
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library
The J. Harlin O'Connell Collection of the 1890s consists of letters, short manuscripts, some artwork, and a few proofs of English poets, dramatists, novelists, critics, essayists, biographers, journalists, publishers, artists, and actors who were prominent primarily from the 1890s through the 1930s. Range of Collection Dates
Range of Collection Bulk Dates Size : 2.5 linear feet (6 boxes, 9 bound volumes, 6 matted works of art) Language : English and French Provenance : Previously owned by J. Harlin O'Connell and acquired by the Library through his daughter, Mrs. Pierre Matisse. Photocopying, literary rights, and citation
Biographical Sketch
J. (John) Harlin O'Connell was born on April 16, 1893, and received his AB degree from Princeton University in 1914. He was a lawyer in New York City and from there did most of his collecting of printed books and manuscripts relating to literary figures of the 1890s. He maintained close contact with his alma mater over the years and returned on several occasions to give talks about his acquisitions and experiences as a collector. He died in New York on April 6, 1955.
Collection Description
Scope Note Consists primarily of letters, short manuscripts, some artwork, and a few proofs of English poets, dramatists, novelists, critics, essayists, biographers, journalists, publishers, artists, and actors who were prominent primarily from the 1890s through the 1930s, collected by O'Connell. Among those represented in the collection are Aubrey Beardsley, Max Beerbohm, John Davidson, Lord Alfred Douglas, Ernest Dowson, John Gray, Maurice Hewlett, Richard Le Gallienne, George Augustus Moore, Stephen Phillips, Bernard Shaw, Arthur Symons, Frederick Wedmore, Oscar Wilde, and W. B. Yeats. The manuscript collection forms part of the larger O'Connell Collection of the 1890s, which contains over 500 printed volumes, among which are many first editions and various periodicals.

63. Reklaam
3 Frank Harris (18561931) ír író, zsurnaliszta, esszéíró és kritikus. My Lifeand Loves ( Életem és szerelmeim ) címu ötkötetes önéletrajza (1923-1927) az
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64. Biografia De Harris, Frank
Translate this page Harris, Frank. (c. 1856-1931) Escritor británico, n. en Galway (Irl.) y m. en Niza.Después de vivir en su juventud en Estados Unidos y viajar por Europa
Inicio Buscador Las figuras clave de la historia Reportajes Los protagonistas de la actualidad Harris, Frank (c. 1856-1931) Escritor británico, n. en Galway (Irl.) y m. en Niza. Después de vivir en su juventud en Estados Unidos y viajar por Europa (1876-82), se estableció en Londres y dirigió sucesivamente The Evening News, The Pictorial World, The Fortnightly Review y Saturday Review. Se distinguió por sus vigorosas y originales novelas cortas, especialmente Elder Conklin (1894), Montes the Matador (1900) y Unpathed Waters (1913). Entre sus demás obras se cuentan The Man Shakespeare (1909), The Women of Shakespeare (1911), Great Days (1914), novela, Contemporary Portraits (1915-27), Oscar Wilde (1916), My Life and Loves (1923-27) y My Reminiscences as a Cowboy (1930). Inicio Buscador Recomendar sitio

65. IPL Online Literary Criticism Collection
Online Literary Criticism Collection. Frank Harris (1856 1931) There areno general critical sites about Frank Harris presently in the collection;

66. IPL Online Literary Criticism Collection
Frances EW (1825 1911) Harris, Frank (1856 - 1931) Harris, Wilson (1921 - )Harte, Bret (1836 - 1902) Harvey, Gabriel (1550?

67. Frank Harris - Books, Journals, Articles @ The Questia Online Library
Harris, Frank 1856 1931, BritishAmerican author, b. Galway, Ireland. He studiedat private life and his writings, he is primarily known for his
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- 16962 results More book Results: Book by Robert Harborough Sherard Alfred Douglas ; Greystone Press, 1937 Subjects: Harris, Frank1855-1931 Shaw, Bernard1856-1950 Wilde, Oscar1854-1900 ...against thy neighbour" BERNARD SHAW FRANK HARRIS OSCAR WILDE BY ROBERT HARBOROUGH...BOLTS 187 xv. FRANK HARRIS AND De Profundis 202...of mud slung by, among others, Frank Harris , to bring us together again, united... The Human Face of Law: Essays in Honour of Donald Harris Book by Keith Hawkins Donald Harris ; Oxford University, 1997

68. James Thomas Harris Definition From
james thomas Harris definitation from A Free Internet Dictionary . Synonyms Harris, Frank Harris, James Thomas Harris thomas harris
An Internet Dictionary! Welcome! My Dictionary Help Links Log In ... Sign Up Search In Wordnet noun james thomas harris > Irish writer noted for his sexually explicit but unreliable autobiography (1856-1931) (noun.person) Synonyms: Harris Frank Harris James Thomas Harris hypernym: writer author Other words starts with j jolt jabber jaded juridic ... jugular 2005 AI Edu - Power the Internet Education. a b c d ... z Link Partner: Loans iPod Mini Buy and Sell on eBay Sony Laptops ... Portable DVD Players

69. Ashley County Ledger
Fuller, William Sanford, 1856, 1931, Double stone with Johnnie Stanley Fuller Harris, Charles Frank,18 Apr 1902, 18 Feb 1979, Age 76
Saturday, September 10, 2005 Hamburg, Ashley County, Arkansas Home Local News Obituaries Sports/Outdoors ... Health Ashley County History Tombstones and Burials at the Parkdale Cemetery Updated April 25, 2002 The Parkdale Cemetery is located one-quarter mile south of Arkansas Highway 8 on the east bank of Bayou Bartholomew. To reach the cemetery, turn south on Bayou Street immediately east of the bridge over Bayou Bartholomew. The cemetery is located at N 33, 07.045, W 91, 33. 212. Johnnie Caldwell Files (Mrs. William T. Files) and Margery Gregory Miller (Mrs. Carl Dean Miller) compiled the initial listing of the inscriptions in January, 1963. Susanne Files Flowers, who can be contacted by mail at 9144 Bethel Road, Frederick, MD 21702-2006, by telephone at 301-663-0769 or by email at updated the listings in 2002. This revised listing, which she provided to the Ashley County Ledger , contains over 600 burials or markers and included some as recently as late March, 2002. Latest revision was a correction added in November, 2002. Listings are by last name, first name, birth date, death date and comments, if any

70. Thelema Lodge Calendar For December 1997 Ev
The IrishAmerican-English journalist Frank Harris (1856- 1931), who edited TheFortnightly Review and then helped to invent the twentieth century popular
Thelema Lodge Calendar
for December 1997 e.v.
The viewpoints and opinions expressed herein are the responsibility of the contributing authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of OTO or its officers. Thelema Lodge
Ordo Templi Orientis
P.O.Box 2303
Berkeley, CA 94702 USA
December 1997 e.v. at Thelema Lodge Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers
The Vision and the Voice
Our annual tour of the Enochian universe continues this month, as we conclude a full reading of Liber 418 on a schedule which follows the original revelations of The Vision and the Voice. "My form is not unlike a re-enactment," Caitlin explains. "I have bell, book, candle, and crystal ball. I sit down in the Temple on the date and during the time that Crowley/Neuberg were doing their invocations and recording their results, and I read the Aire. I've done this with multiple readers, pairs, and alone." She cites Crowley's own advice (Third Aethyr, note 1) that Liber 418 "should be read audibly and slowly," and Regardie's assessment (in his 1972 introduction) that "despite some rhetoric, the language on the whole is sonorous, sublime, and majestic." The twelve lower Aethyrs were read last month, with the series continuing through 19th and 20th December, when we conclude with the first and second Aires. Some readings which fall at times inconvenient for gathering may be read again later during evening hours; call Caitlin on the day of the Aire to inquire about the schedule or to request an evening repeat.

71. Birth And Death Dates Of Authors
James (1611 1677) HARRIOT, Thomas (1560 - 1621) Harris, Frank (1856 - 1931)Harris, Joel Chandler (1848 - 1908) HarrisON, William (1534 - 1593) HART,
Project Gutenberg of Australia
If your browser supported IFRAME you would see links to other pages at this site.
List of birth and death dates The following list shows the birth and death dates of a number of authors. The dates shown may not be accurate, as the list has been compiled from existing sources on the internet, and dates have not been verified by Project Gutenberg of Australia. A comprehensive list of authors and translators, together with birth and death dates, is available from The New General Catalog of Old Books and Authors at the Kingkong web site. Other sites which may be of interest to Project Gutenberg volunteers are listed on the Links page. SURNAME, Christian Name(s) (Born - Died) Home Updated 30 Mar 05

1924 17 Jul 1926 FULLER William Sanford 1856 1931 GIBSON John June Jr 13 Harris Elmer 05 Oct 1887 3y 5m Son of WT Hosea A Harris Frank 18 May
PARKDALE CEMETERY - ASHLEY COUNTY, AR Submitted by: Charlotte Ramsey Email:

73. HABERSHAM COUNTY, GA - Clarkesville Cemetery (Colored Section
121103,524530 SIMMONS, Rebecca Ann 1856-1931; 121103,525-530 TURK, TULLIE Lama Feb 14 1896-Dec 1 1978 121103,555-577 Harris, Rev James Leon
My numbering system 121103,538-552; 121103 = December 11 2003; 538 = the picture # starts with #538 and end with #552 on this Floppy Disc. This were the numbers that the camera placed on the picture. Hope this helps. I have tried to group the tombstone buried together or in a plot together, then if I thought they were not related I would leave a line space between the names. I tried to place a ? mark if the info was in doubt. J.C. Alphabetically listed in the Colored section at Clarkesville, Ga. Cemetery on US 441 121103,538-552 ACREY, William Leonard GEORIA COOK 157 DEPOT BRIG January 23 1943 121103,506-508 BELL, Mae L Sept 2 1914 ndd w/o George Aug 10 1914-June 17 1955 507-508 No name on metal plate 1908?- 1978 121103,514-530 BROWN, Hugh C. GEORGIA CPL BTRY B 349 FLD ARTY BN WORLD WAR II July 1 1920 Jan 26 1962; 121103,515-530 BROWN, William A. Nov 18 1906-Apr 6 1939; 516-530 BROWN, Frank D Sept 28 1911-Jan 7 1947;517-530 Viola BROWN BANKS Dec 20 1909-Nov 12 1947; 121103,518-530 BROWN, Bessie V. IVORY Jan 26 1885-Dec 26 1949; 519-530 BROWN, Frank A. 2nd Sept 21 1884-May 17 1955; 121103,521-530 BROWN, Rosa Lee July 8 1914-Jan 3 1976; 121103,521-530 BROWN, Edith R Oct 6 1906-Jan 9 1964; 121103,522-530 BROWN, Lucius Thomas 1875-1937; 121103,523-530 BROWN, Mamie C. Mar 6 1870-July 31 1951; 121103,524-530 SIMMONS, Rebecca Ann 1856-1931; 121103,525-530 TURK, Nina Mary BROWN May 9 1912-Nov 10 1988; 121103,526-530 Metal Plate BROWN, Rondo P 1915-1981; BROWN Rondo P TEC 5 US ARMY WORLD WAR II Jun 6 1914-Feb 4 1981; 121103,527-530 BROWN, Minnie R Nov 4 1909-Dec 11 1974; 121103,528-530 BROWN, Chester A. GEORGIA PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II Sept 13 1908-Aug 27 1970; 121103,529-530 BROWN, J.W. Oct 14 1900-July 22 1965 121103,564,577 BROWN, Ralph K GEORGIA SE USNR WORLD WAR II Mar 29 1925-Apr 10 1964 121103,565,577 BROWN, Ralph K US ARMY WORLD WAR I Dec 24 1895-Dec 2 1978 121103,566,577 THOMPSON, Ed. Mar 10, 1863-May 11 1904 121103,567,577 BROWN, Selesse Mar 23 1881-died Infant 1881 121103,568,577 BROWN, Annie May 8 1882-Sept 1883 121103,569,577 BROWN, Clarence H Feb16 1877-Jan 16 1904 121103,570,577 BROWN, Father Frank A June 5 1855-Nov 20 1915 h/o 121103,571,577 Mother Rose BROWN August 1 1856-Mar 13 1918 121103,550-552 BURDUL, Rev Milton Dec 24 1845-Sep 16 1925 121103,554-577 CHAPPEL, Pauline S 1942-1998 (Metal Plate) 121103,541-552 CLAYTON, Katie Oct 11 1864- Sept 28 1908 121103,504-508 COFIELD, John W. Nov 19 1950-Jan 27 1968 121103,540-552 CRUSE, Sadie Clayton April 27 1893-Sept 16 1949 121103,539-552 DAVIS, Mother Minnie A Davis 1892-1942 121103,562-577 DAVIS, Sandra Mance 1948 2003(Metal Plate) 121103,547-552 FISHER, Louise C May 13 1895-Dec 10 1946 121103,577,577 FISHER, Louise C May 13 1895-Dec 10 1946 (SEE PARKER) 121103,537-552 GIBSON, Mack Duffie June 15 1855-Dec 24 1933- h/o Susie Craig Mar 2 1865- Sept 16 1930 121103,548-552 GIBSON, Jesse 1904 1990 (metal plate) 121103,488-508 HALL, Venus M Feb 10 192- ndd h/o 489-508 Wiley J. Mar 11 1943-Aug 25 1974 121103,503-508 HARRI, Thornton MR.TULLIE Lama Feb 14 1896-Dec 1 1978 121103,555-577 HARRIS, Rev James Leon 1941-2002 (Metal Plate); 121103,556-577 PASSED, Will L HARRIS Dec 16 1957 h/o 557 Corrie B HARRIS PASSED July 27 1964 121103,560-577 HARRIS, Tollie J. Feb 14 1896-Dec 1 1978 f/o Edwin E Oct 31 1932-Feb 10 1993 s/o Annie D Feb 13 1900-Nov 11 1932 121103,500-508 HARRIS, Joe Sr. Oct 15 1889-Jan 31 1973 h/o Alice Chison Harris Jan 28? 1894?-Nov 25 1975 121103,560-577 HARRIS, Tollie J. Feb 14 1896-Dec 1 1978 f/o Edwin E Oct 31 1932-Feb 10 1993 s/o Annie D Feb 13 1900-Nov 11 1932 121103,508-508 HARRIS, Willie H 1938-1995 121103,509-530 HARVEY, Emmett 1912-1968 121103,561-577 JARRETT, Allene D. Oct 4 1942-Mar 27 1999 (metal plate Mrs Allene Davis Jarrett); 121103,562-577 DAVIS, Sandra Mance 1948 2003(Metal Plate) 121103,563,577 JONES, Louise Dee May 9 1911-Nov 30 1989 121103,549-552 KNIGHT, MR SABBAU May 28 1956 121103,496-508 LOCKWOOD, Annie M Pvt US ARMY KOREA 1932-1977 497-508 LOCKWOOD, Theodore Sr. 1910-1977 121103,558-577 LOCKWOOD, Mrs Willie 1913 1996 Metal Plate w/o 121103,559-577 LOCKWOOD, Mr Robert 1906-1985 Metal Plate 121103,556-577 PASSED, Will L HARRIS Dec 16 1957 h/o 557 Corrie B HARRIS PASSED July 27 1964 121103,572,577 PARKER, Arnena J Mar 23 1894-Aug 20 1912 121103,573,577 PARKER, Maud B April 14 1869-Jan 13 1913 121103,574,577 PARKER, Dentie E Feb 15 1883-Jan 4 1913 121103,575,577 THOMPSON, Sarah w/o J.S. PARKER Apr 15 1859-Mar 7 1909 121103,576,577 PARKER, J.S. July 26 1925 121103,501-508 REVELS, Everett C June 9 1932-Feb 20 1992 h/o Emma E May 2 1930 ndd 502-508 REVELS Everett Clay Pfc US ARMY KOREA Jun 9 1932-Feb 20 1992 121103,510-530 REVELS, Floyd F Nov 11 1913-Dec 9 1970 s/o 121103,511-530 REVELS Samuel M. Mar 21 1890-Jan 24 1946 h/o 121103,512-530 Bessie S. Revels Nov 16 1894-Nov 22 1983 m/o 121103,513-530 REVELS, Alfonzo H. Pvt US ARMY WORLD WAR II Apr 4 1911-May 9 1976 121103,531-552 RUSSELL, Duglas June 10 1885-Sept 6 1951 h/o Sadie Feb 12 1889-Jan 24 1964; 121103,532-552 RUSSELL, Brenda Aug 4 1949-Apr 30 1952; RUSSELL, Allan J Jr. PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II Mar 20 1954-Sep 13 1996; RUSSELL, Miss Myngyon 1909-1997 121103,530-530 RUSSELL, Lois C MOTHER May 4 1917-Oct 22 1989 121103,542-552 SAUNDERS, mother Estella C 1887-1967 w/o 121103,543-552 SAUNDERS, Rev Hezkiah K father 1888-1955 121103,544-552 SAUNDERS, Hezekiah K., Jr. Feb 5 1921-Mar 4 1981 121103,536-552 SHUEBERCH, John P US ARMY WORLD WAR II Sep 15 1906-Jan 4? 1983 121103,553-577 SOSEBEE, Mrs Mary Ann 1902-1979 (Metal Plate) 121103,551-552 SOSEBEE, Mitchell 1938-1965 metal plate 121103,552-552 SOSEBEE, Frank 1906-1967 121103,498-508 STRINGER, Lola Louise July 28 1928-Nov 25 2001 121103,499-508 STRINGER, Horace Mar 30 1885?-June 22 195*? 121103,490-508 TEASLEY, Pruella Ivory Jan 16 1907-Apr 14 1970 121103,545-552 THOMAS, RUTH l 1918-1974 h/o Jimmie 121103,546-552 THOMAS, Mrs Ruth Louise Aug 17 1918-April 28 1974 121103,535-552 THOMPSON, Father Wallace W. 1887-1940 121103,566,577 THOMPSON, Ed. Mar 10, 1863-May 11 1904 SEE BROWN 121103,575,577 THOMPSON, Sarah w/o J.S. PARKER Apr 15 1859-Mar 7 1909 121103,505-508 TRANNELL, Mrs Johnnie 1944-1995 121103,491-508 WILLIAMS, Hattie J July 4 1888-Feb 10 1985 492-508 WILLIAMS, Henry Carlton Cpl US Army World War II Oct 13 121103,493-508 WILSON, Latoya Patrice Jan 25 1980-July 5 1997 494-508 WILSON, Riley H Dec 5 1928 h/o 495-508 Pearlie M. June 30 1938-Feb 28 1997

74. Frank Harris At -- Essays, Resources
Frank Harris free essays, eTexts, resources and links from Frank Harris.1856 - 1931 *. Irish-born American journalist and writer
Start your day with a thought-provoking quote from the world's greatest thinkers and writers. Sign up to The Daily Muse for free. Frank Harris Irish-born American journalist and writer
Biography not found.
These essays offer analysis of the author's life and works. Many of them have been submitted by users, and are assigned an Editorial Rating on a scale from one to five stars to assist you in evaluating their worth. See also: Note on Essays Editorial Policy No essays about this author have been added yet. Our database is growing rapidly check back soon!
No links about this author have been added yet. Our database is growing rapidly check back soon!
Brer Fox, he lay low. Legends of the old Plantation. Joel Chandler Harris Ez soshubble ez a baskit er kittens. Legends of the old Plantation. Joel Chandler Harris Lazy fokes's stummucks don't git tired. Plantation Proverbs. Joel Chandler Harris Jay-bird don't rob his own nes'. Plantation Proverbs. Joel Chandler Harris Licker talks mighty loud w'en it gits loose from de jug. Plantation Proverbs.

75. Glossary.html
Garretson, Austin Bruce (18561931), was born in Winterset, Iowa, In 1891she married Frank Valesh, a state deputy commissioner of labor.
Individuals Organizations Baumeister, Albert (1882-1953), a resident of Berlin and a waiter by trade, served as secretary (1908-13) of the Internationale Union der gastwirtschaftlichen Angestellten (the International Union of Restaurant Employees) and was later the editor of the Internationale Rundschau der Arbeit (International Review of Labor). ( Photo Berger, Victor Luitpold (1860-1929), was born in Nieder-Rehbach, Austria, and attended the universities of Vienna and Budapest before immigrating to the United States in 1878. He lived in Bridgeport, Conn., for two years, working as a boiler mender, metal polisher, and salesman, and then moved to Milwaukee where he taught German in the public school system. In 1892 he resigned and bought the Milwaukee Volkszeitung . He changed its name to in 1893 and edited the paper (later the ) until 1911. In 1897 he helped form the Social Democracy of America and in 1898 the Social Democratic Party of the United States, which became the Socialist Party of America in 1901. He served on the party's national executive committee from 1901 until 1923. He edited the weekly Social Democratic Herald from 1901 to 1913 and the daily Milwaukee Leader from 1911 until his death. In 1910 he was elected alderman-at-large for Milwaukee and later that year was elected a congressman, serving from 1911 to 1913. After his reelection to Congress in 1918, he was found guilty of conspiracy to violate the Espionage Act and sentenced to twenty years imprisonment in early 1919. He was released on bail pending review of the case, but Congress refused to seat him. Reelected in 1919, he was again denied his congressional seat. The U.S. Supreme Court overturned Berger's conviction in 1921, and he was elected to Congress again the following year, serving from 1923 to 1929.

76. Members Of Congress: New Jersey
SUNDSTROM, Frank Leander, 19011980. SUTPHIN, William Halstead, 1887-1972 WOOD, Ira Wells, 1856-1931. WORTENDYKE, Jacob Reynier, 1818-1868

77. ~ Horatio Gates Humphreys ~ And His Descendants
,,AR spAmanda Caroline Aunt Sis MOODY-(1856-1931) Corinth,Tishominga,MS 5 Carl Frank McILROY-(1916- ) Water Valley,Randolph,AR sp-Cova Marie
~ Horatio Gates Humphreys ~
and his descendants
c BRIDE-( -1966) 6 Esther Marylene M c BRIDE-(1934- ) Camp,Fulton,AR 6 Barbara Helen "Bobbie" M c BRIDE-(1935- ) 6 Charles Dale M c BRIDE-(1940- ) 6 Ruth Kaye M c BRIDE-(1944-1945) 6 John Monroe M c c ILROY-(1878-1910) Water Valley,Randolph,AR sp-John M. LAYLE-( -1961) 5 Gabe LAYL-( - ) 5 Guy LAYL-( - ) sp-GALBRAITH-( - ) 5 Hulett LAYL-( - ) 5 LAYL-(1901-1901) 5 Mac LAYL-( - ) 5 Martha LAYL-(1906-1907) ,Randolph,AR 5 Mike LAYL-(1906-1907) ,Randolph,AR 5 Marie LAYL-(1906-1907) ,Randolph,AR 5 Myrtle LAYL-( - ) sp-Jim GREEN-( - ) 5 Essie LAYL-( - ) 5 John LAYL-( - ) 4 Frank Ruff M c ILROY -(1880-1953) Water Valley,Randolph,AR sp-Myrtle "Mertie" PRUITT-(1885-1973) 5 Earl "Lil Earl" M

78. Walton Cemetery, Letter G - K Delaware County NY
1909 19 Harris; Frank 1888 - 1932 Howes Everette 1912 - 19 Frank C Lydia 1813 - 1898 Houck John H 1845 - 1923 w, Mary D 1856 - 1931 Houck
Delaware County, NY Genealogy and History Site transcribed by Les and Dorothy Howland, California The following records are courtesy of the Roxbury Library Associations History Room . Hard Copies of such records are available for viewing and duplication during normal library hours. This compilation is from the notebooks of Amy Gavette and was done in the 1960s . It was manually typed on typing paper. Needless to say some of it is faded and coping it is difficult. If dates don't match you may have to go to the Roxbury Library and see the originals, they too are starting to fade. This is not a public library, they run on support from their patrons and the History room is run by donations, and for such a small room it is packed full of information on the town of Roxbury and some Delaware county information. Vesti Snyder,Roxbury Note Joyce Riedinger
There are 5 columns to this database, the 5th used by only a few of the records. You will need to scroll. Also, because of the gigantic size of this database, it is broken into many sections. Letters G - K Welcome Page of the Delaware County NY Genealogy and History Site This website is held in trust by Joyce Riedinger for the use of all Delaware County Researchers

79. Keywords
Frost, Charles S. (Charles Sumner), 18561931 (Architect) Ft. Wayne (IN) Thomas and Harris (Architect) Thomas Bishop and Company (Architect)
Subject Terms Used to Describe American Terra Cotta Company Images
Last Revised: September 6, 2001 Return To Database Contact Us A. F. Moratz Company (Architect)
A. Moorman and Company (Architect)
Ahlschlager, Walter W. (Architect)
Albert Lea (MN)
Albuquerque (NM)
Allen, James T. (Architect)
Alschuler, Alfred S. (Alfred Samuel), 1876-1940 (Architect)
Andrews and Hutchins (Architect)
Apartment hotels Apartments Armstrong, Furst and Tilton (Architect) Armstrong, John Archibald (Architect) Atchison (KS) Athletic clubs Atkinson, J. B. (Architect) Aurora (IL) Automobile showrooms Backes and Uthus (Architect) Banks Baraboo (WI) Barry and Kay (Architect) Bartonville (IL) Beidler, Herbert B. (Architect) Bell, Tyrie and Chapman (Architect) Bentley and Merman (Architect) Bentley, Percy Dwight (Architect) Berger, Charles A. (Architect) Bernard (Architect) Berry, Parker Noble (Architect) Berwyn (IL) Beuttler and Arnold (Architect) Bihr, Sam W., Jr. (Architect) Bishop, Thomas R. (Architect) Bloomington (IL) Braun, Isadore H. (Architect) Brydges, N. T. (Architect)

80. Trent Cemetery,Garden Of Memories Taylor Co. Cemeteries Of TX
Seth L Harris, John Harvey Reid, Melvin Allen Huges, Bobby Frank Head, 1966 Smith Frank Oct 7,1893 Mar 3, 1953 Smith HN 1856 1931 Smith Anna L 1861
TRENT CEMETERY Garden of Memories Taylor Co. TX Submitted by Cassie Jarrett Veterans Memorial - Veterans in the Trent Cemetery Beautiful Grave Cross Mr L R Feb 11,1859 Jun 27, 1927 Bishop Mrs Victoria Dudley H Leon Oct 23, 1934 Apr 20, 2002 Duncan Ruby Bransford Apr 17, 1900 Jul 9, 1980 Duncan R C 1905 1933 Duncan Frank Huel Nov 1,1876 Sep 11, 1943 Duncan Ada M Aug 31,1879 Mar 26, 1963 Duncan Don Nolan Jul 25, 1933 Apr 8, 1999 Duncan Stella May Jun 22,1887 Nov 5, 1968 Duncan Will L Jan 17,1885 Sep 29, 1944 Duncan Eura M Jun 24, 1913 Duncan Nolan Aug 20, 1910 May 19, 1978 Duncan Arthur C Jul 21, 1924 Feb 8, 1941 Duncan John W Jul 20, 1919 Aug 9, 1999 Duncan Mary Lucille 1912 1935 w/o CL Duncan Dunn Martha Jean Dec 27, 1935 Jun 15, 2001 Dunn John L Sep 4, 1911 Dunn Maggie R Jul 20, 1910 Sep 6, 1996 Duran Aniceto Apr 17,1895 Jun 14, 1921 Duran Esperanca F Aug 1, 1920 Aug 26, 1921 Irwin Charlie Sep 21,1891 Sep 23, 1967 Irwin Katherine Sep 27, 1914 Dec 19, 1973 Miller Leo W Rossen Mollie E Young Richard Powell Apr 30, 1932 Jun 14, 1996

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