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         Harris Frank:     more detail
  1. Biography - Harris, Frank (1856-1931): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2003-01-01
  2. The Playwright and the Pirate: Bernard Shaw and Frank Harris; A Correspondence by Stanley Weintraub, 1983-02-01

41. James Thomas Harris - Definition By
James Thomas Harris n Irish writer noted for his sexually explicit but unreliable (18561931) syn Harris, Frank Harris, James Thomas Harris thomas harris/
Definition: james thomas harris
Search dictionary for Source: WordNet (r) 1.7 James Thomas Harris n : Irish writer noted for his sexually explicit but unreliable autobiography (1856-1931) [syn: Harris Frank Harris , James Thomas Harris]
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42. Burroughs Bulletin Index: D ~ H
Harris, Frank (18561931) -Mini-photo (BB 54, p.7). Harris, ROBERT G.(artist) -Front cover art for DOC SAVAGE issue for June, 1937. ( 47, p.17)
New Series
INDEX: Issues 1-63
D - H
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D'ACHILLE, GINO (artist):
-Master mind of Mars (#22, p.14) DAIS DA VADMA: -Pseudonym for David A. Adams (BB#57, p.6) DAKLUGIE, "ACE": -Photo (#37, p.19) -Photo with Geronimo (#40, p.14) -"Juh Speaks" by Frank Puncer (#37, p.17-28) DALLMEIER, JIM (artist): -"Iron Mole" in Pellucidar (#27, p, 23) DARK HORSE COMICS: -"Batman/Tarzan" cover art by Dave Dorman (#41, p.32) -"Interview with Bret Blevins, New Blevins, New Artist at Dark Horse" by Ken Webber (#26, p.29-33) -"An Interview with Mike Grell" by Ken Webber (#39. p.12-16) -"Interview with Mike Richardson, Publisher of Dark Horse Comics" by Ken Webber (#21, p.27-32) -Photo by George Alonso: Oregon headquarters (#24, p.9) -"Tarzan of the Comics" Dark Horse Presents #143" by James Van Hise (#39, p.27-28) -"Tarzan of the Comics: by Benjamin Chandler (#38, p.31; #41, p.32-33)

43. Author Pseudonyms
Harris, John Thomas (18561931) Frank Harris Harris, John Wyndham Parkes LucasBeynon (1903-1969) John Beynon, JB Harris, Johnson Harris, Max Hennessy,
H., E.W.
E(rnest) W(illiam) Hornung

H., H.
Helen (Maria Fiske) Hunt Jackson

H., O.
Edward Alexander Crowley

Haas, Ben(jamin Leopold)

[John Benteen, Thorne Douglas, Richard Meade]
Haavikko, Paavo Juhani
[Anders Lieksman]
Haber, Karen Karen Lee Haber Silverberg Habergock, Gus N. Hugo Gernsback Habersham, Elizabeth Shannon Harper Madeline Porter Haddam, Jane Orania Papazoglou Haddo, Oliver Edward Alexander Crowley Haddon, Christopher John Leslie Palmer Hadja, Nina Jana [Nina Mandelik] Hadley, Joan Joan Hess Haeirng, Wilhelm [Wilibald Alexis] Hafsa Dolores Perkins Esquer (?) Hagar, Judith Judith Anne Polley Hagberg, David J. [Sean Flannery, David James, Robert Pell, Eric Ramsey] Hager, Jean [Amanda McAllister, Sarah North] Hager, Jean Leah Crane Haggard, J. Harvey [The Planet Prince] Haggard, Paul Stephen Longstreet Haggard, William Richard Henry Michael Clayton Haggon, Pricilla Mabel E(sther) Allan Hagon, Priscilla Mabel E(sther) Allan Hahn, George R. [Cyril Mand] Haig, Fenil Ford Madox Hueffer Hailey, Johanna Marcia Yvonne (Hurt) Howl Sharon (Sylvia) Jarvis Hailey, J.P.

44. Alibris: Erotic* Art
by Harris, Frank A punch in the face of the puritanism and conservatism he raged is the highlycharged erotic autobiography of Frank Harris (1856-1931),* art
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... help browse BOOKS Your search: Books Subject: erotic* art (48 matching titles) Narrow your results by: Audiobook Signed Fiction Nonfiction ... Eligible for FREE shipping Narrow results by title Narrow results by author Narrow results by subject Narrow results by keyword Narrow results by publisher or refine further Sometimes it pays off to expand your search to view all available copies of books matching your search terms. Page of 2 sort results by Top-Selling Used Price New Price Title Author more books like this by Harris, Frank A punch in the face of the puritanism and conservatism he raged against, My Life and Loves is the highly-charged erotic autobiography of Frank Harris (1856-1931), an Irish writer and editor who founded Pearson's Magazine in the United States (1914-1918). When first published, the book elicited hostile criticism because of its blunt and frank detail... see all copies from new only from signed copies first editions SVS Prohibited ... more books like this by Royo, Luis

45. William Butler Yeats Collection
Harris, Frank, 18561931. Box 44. Harris, Fred J. Box 44, 44*, 56, 132. Harris,SW Box 132. Harrison. Box 56. Harrison, Henry. Box 44. Harrison, JC Box 68*
Stony Brook University Libraries Stony Brook University Home Your browser does not support script
MANUSCRIPTS William Butler Yeats Microfilmed Manuscripts Collection
Manuscript Collection 294
Index of Correspondents Numbers refer to box numbers ( not to page number). A box number followed by an asterisk (*) indicates that a letter by that particular correspondent has been attached to or is an enclosure with other correspondence. In addition, please consult the Index to Box List. Most of the order names and mottoes (in capitals) have been drawn from George Mills Harper, Yeats's Golden Dawn
  • [ ], Adda. Box 111.
  • [ ], Dause. Box 113.
  • [ ], Else. Box 120.
  • [ ], Michael. Box 118.
  • [ ], Olga. Box 111.
  • [ ], Rene. Box 120.
  • AE See Russell, George William, 1867-1935.
  • A.H. See Horniman, Annie Elizabeth Frederika, 1861-1937.
  • See
  • Abbey Theatre. Box 45*, 132, 133.
    • See also Blythe, Ernest; Ervine, St. John Grier; Gorman, Eric; Gregory, Lady; Higgins, F.R.; Keogh, J. Augustus; Monck, Nugent; O'Donovan] Donovan, Michael; Robinson, Lennox; Starkie, Walter; Wilson, A. Patrick; Wright, Udolphus; Yeats, William Butler.
  • Aberdeen and Temair, Marquis.

46. - The Collective Wisdom Of Celebrities
(Frank Harris, 18561931) Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a brokenwinged bird that cannot fly. (Langston Hughes, 1902-1967)
Abfi Magazine .com : History and Facts : About people and events that changed the life of mankind
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Great Quotes

The vulgar man is always the most distinguished, for the very desire to be distinguished is vulgar. (Gilbert K. Chesterton, 1874-1936)
You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do. (Henry Ford, 1863-1947)
To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. (Anatole France, 1844-1924)
Advance, and never halt, for advancing is perfection. Advance and do not fear the thorns in the path, for they draw only corrupt blood. (Kahlil Gibran, 1883-1931)
A man without ambition is like a woman without beauty. (Frank Harris, 1856-1931)
Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. (Langston Hughes, 1902-1967)
An ounce of hypocracy is worth a pound of ambition. (Michael Korda, 1919-1973)
Ambition and suspicion always go together. (Georg C. Lichtenberg, 1742-1799) The very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream. (William Shakespeare, 1564-1616)

47. Sherlock Holmes Pastiche Characters - H
Harris, Frank (Irish Editor Publisher 18561931) The West End Horror (NicholasMeyer) 30, 49, 97-100; Anno Dracula (Kim Newman) 102, 171; WGGrace s Last
IN SHERLOCKIAN PASTICHES A B C D ... HOME A heading in Red indicates that the character appears in, or is important to, the story. Titles in regular type are those in which the character appears. Titles in italics indicate that the character is merely mentioned. Page numbers indicate the page on which the character appears or is mentioned. Where no page numbers are given it should be assumed that the character is present throughout the story. Click on these links for publication details of novels short stories , and children's stories indexed so far. Haarmann, Fritz (German Serial Killer, 'The Butcher of Hanover', 1879-1925)
The Bloody Red Baron (Kim Newman) 180-181, 243-244, 256, 312 Hackman, Gene (American Actor, 1930- )
The Great Detective at the Crucible of Life (Thos. Kent Miller) 18 Hackworth, Timothy (British Railway Engineer, 1786-1850)
Lestrade and the Dead Man’s Hand (M.J.Trow) 234 Hadamard, Monsieur (Father of Lucie Dreyfus)
Prisoner of the Devil (Michael Hardwick) Hades (Greek Mythology)
Hadrian (Roman Emperor (117-138), AD76-117)
The 6 Messiahs (Mark Frost) 51 Haemon (Antigone's Lover in Greek Mythology)
Castle Rouge (Carole Nelson Douglas) Haffkine, Waldemar

48. The Austin Chronicle Books Confessions Of A Cowboy
In fact, Frank Harris is probably the only one of those intrepid British travelerswhose name Harris s life (18561931) holds a dreadful fascination.
An English Intellectual on a Texas Cattle Drive
Confessions of a Cowboy
May 26, 2000:
Callaghan Ranch Photographic Album CN10525
The Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin

I've asked but no one can explain why three novels set in 19th-century Texas The Gates of the Alamo by Stephen Harrigan, The Borderland: A Novel of Texas by Bud Shrake, and A Twist at the End: A Novel of O. Henry Star-Spangled Eden: 19th-Century America Through the Eyes of Dickens, Wilde, Frances Trollope, Frank Harris, and Other British Travelers by historian James C. Simmons; one chapter of the book describes what it was like for a foreigner one quite unique foreigner, admittedly to work on a Texas cattle drive in the 1870s. In fact, Frank Harris is probably the only one of those intrepid British travelers whose name you don't immediately recognize, but he was a legendary newspaper editor and self-chronicler known more, perhaps, for his indiscretions than for anything else. Excerpting part of Simmons' chapter on Harris is our way of contributing to the discussion already established by Harrigan, Shrake, and Saylor, though putting it that way makes the passage below seem stiff and dry when it's anything but. It's the perfect bit of history for our Summer Fun issue. Clay Smith Early in 1872 eight The observer of that scene of frontier violence was Frank Harris, an English youth who had run away from home at the age of 14 and traveled to America, where he had a series of extraordinary adventures. For a time in New York he had worked as a sandhog deep in the underwater muck of the East River, laying the foundations of the Brooklyn Bridge. Later, as a night clerk in a Chicago hotel, he met three cowboys who made a good living driving longhorn cattle out of Texas up the Chisholm Trail. Enthralled, he listened to their tales of buffalo hunts and Indian fights. He made up his mind to become a cowboy and thus spent two years on the Western frontier. He tamed wild horses, branded cattle, fought Indians, saw saloon fights, and took up the fine art of cattle rustling. Later he witnessed the great Chicago fire. His experiences were to affect him profoundly. He would return to England thoroughly Americanized.

49. Biographie
Translate this page Frank Harris - 1856-1931. Frank Harris Eigentlich James Thomas Harris, amerikanischerSchriftsteller irischer Abkunft, geboren in Galway (Irland),
Frank Harris -
Eigentlich James Thomas Harris, amerikanischer Schriftsteller irischer Abkunft, geboren in Galway (Irland), gestorben in Nizza. Harris wanderte 1870 in die USA aus. Nach einer juristischen Ausbildung erhielt er 1875 in Kansas seine Anwaltszulassung. Während eines längeren Aufenthalts in England gab er die London Evening News und die Zeitschriften Fortnightly Review und Saturday Review heraus, in der er u. a. die Werke von H. G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw und Max Beerbohm veröffentlichte. Zu Beginn des 1. Weltkrieges kehrte Harris in den Vereinigten Staaten zurück und brachte dort das Pearson's Magazine heraus. Nach dem Waffenstillstand ließ er sich in Nizza nieder, wo er bis zu seinem Tod lebte. Zu seinem literarischen Werk gehören die Kurzgeschichtensammlung Montes the Matador (1900) und The Bomb (1908, Die Bombe), ein Roman über die Haymarket-Affäre in Chicago. Die Essaysammlung Contemporary Portraits (1915-1930) enthält lebhafte Skizzen politischer und literarischer Gestalten. Ferner verfasste Harris die Biographien

50. Erotica Bibliophile: The Obscenity Of Censorship
1922 – The first volume of Frank Harris (18561931) four volume erotic autobiographyMy Live and Loves is published/smuggled clandestinely from Mexico by


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Erotica Illustrations Artist Checklists ... Erotica Title Pages Obscene Censorship Censorship in History Banned Books - France Anti-Clerical Images Chronology of People ... Resources Search this Site:
The Obscenity of Censorship
A History of Indecent People and Lacivious Publications "As to the evil which results from censorship, it is impossible to measure it, because it is impossible to tell where it ends."
Jeremy Bentham (1748 - 1832)
1 A.D. Ars Amatoria and for another unknown act. Ovid dies in the Greek town of Tomi eight years later. Ars Amatoria was banned in the United States until at least 1928.
Decamerone is one of the books banned by Pope Paul IV, unless the book is expurgated; which the Pope's revisers are happy to do. The passages are retained but they turn the erring nuns into noble women, the lascivious monks into conjurors, the Abbess into a Countess, etc., etc.
Index librorum prohibitum (Index of Prohibited Books). The Index is updated every 50 years until 1948 and was finally rescinded in 1965. The index eventually included more that 4,000 works. For a complete history of the church and literary censorship see: Censorship of Books
L'École des Filles, ou la Philosophie des dames

51. Prometheus Books
Frank Harris . A punch in the face of the puritanism and conservatism he raged erotic autobiography of Frank Harris (18561931), an Irish writer and
My Life and Loves
Literary Classics Series
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Frank Harris A punch in the face of the puritanism and conservatism he raged against, My Life and Loves is the highly-charged, erotic autobiography of Frank Harris (1856-1931), an Irish writer and editor who founded Pearson's Magazine in the United States (1914-1918). When first published, the book elicited hostile criticism because of its blunt and frank detail of Harris's sexual exploits, beginning in his childhood. A biographer of Oscar Wilde and Shakespeare, Harris fought the U.S. government and postal service over the content of his publications - battles included in My Life and Loves along with Harris's blunt, colorful depictions of his sexual exploits with willing Victorian Age debutantes. My Life and Loves remains a landmark in erotic literature, as relevant and provocative today as it was when first privately printed in Paris. PAGES: 364 pp COMMENTS: ISBN: BINDING: Paperback PRICE: SIZE: 5 3/8 x 8 3/8 CATEGORY: Literary Classics Series

52. Art Directory - The Worldwide Art Gallery
Tom Roberts British/Australian Painter, Australian Art 18561931 AJ Casson,LL Fitzgerald, Lawren Harris, AY Jackson, Frank Johnston, Arthur Lismer,

53. American Authors On The Web
Frank Harris (18561931); Lizette Woodworth Reese (1856-1935). About Brown (1856-1948). Women in American History Seacoast NH
American Authors on the Web
General Resources American Authors
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  • Sarah Kemble Knight (1666-1727)
  • Jonathan Edwards (1703-58)
    1973 Spur Award of the Western Writers of America for Short Subject * TheComancheros New Mexico Magazine Frank Harris (18561931) {to be done}
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    55. The National Archives | Search The Archives | National Register Of Archives | De
    Harris, Frank (18561931) Author Journalist and Adventurer (5). Harris, TheodoreWilson (b 1921) Author (2). Harrison, Michael (b 1907) Novelist (1)

    56. The National Archives | Search The Archives | National Register Of Archives | De
    Harris, Frank (18561931) Author Journalist and Adventurer (5). Hogg, ThomasJefferson (1792-1862) friend and biographer of Shelley (9)

    57. ERBzine 0873: M&Q Newzine
    Harris, Frank (18561931) Mini-photo (BB 54, p.7) HOGARTH, BURNE (artist) SundayTarzan panel, 1939. (BB 54, p.27) HOMER (flourished before 700 BC) Bust
    The First and Only Weekly Online Fanzine Devoted to the Life and Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs Volume 0873
    ERB Newsmagazine 2003.04.18

    CONTENTS Burroughs Bulletin Index Update for Issue No. 56
    Tiger Trivia

    Tarzan's Cheeta enjoying retirement

    Elephant Herd Rescues Antelope from KZN Boma
    Woman attacked by tiger while painting 'Tarzan's' home

    1926 Studio Yearbook ~ Tarzan Ice Cream Premiums

    Bob Clampett sketch by Milt Caniff
    MISC ITEMS Wonderworld #9 August 1973 ConLang Barsoomian Word Generator Fimmel Answers Call of the Jungle for WB's 'Tarzan' Travis Fimmel Photo ... Tarzan of the Apes: Penguin Edition MARS NEWS Mars Exhibit Martian gullies 'carved by water' Mars Mosaic Map BURROUGHS BULLETIN INDEX FOR ISSUE NUMBER 54 LOST ON VENUS EDITION Compiled by George T. McWhorter
    The entire Bulletin Index is located at: ADAMS, DUANE: Dell Tarzan #1: Tarzan and the White Savages of Vari" (BB#54, p.10-14) BARRETT, ROBERT R.: "Pirate Blood a First Draft? Not Likely! (BB#54, p.32-33) BROWN, HOWARD V. (Artist): Cover illustration for June, 1929 issue of THRILLING WONDER STORIES

    58. Browse Top Level > Texts > Project Gutenberg
    Authors H Harrington, James, 16111677 Authors H Harris, Frank, 1856-1931 Authors H Harris, Joel Chandler, 1848-1908 Authors H Harris,

    59. Anecdote - Oscar Fingal O`Flahertie Wills Wilde - Plagiarist
    Frank Harris (a former editor of the Saturday Review) was an unabashed plagiarist Wilde, Oscar Fingal O Flahertie Wills (18561931) Irish aesthete, wit,

    60. Powell's Books - Literature
    by Frank Harris Synopsis A punch in the face of the puritanism and and Lovesis the highlycharged erotic autobiography of Frank Harris (1856-1931),
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