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         Vietnam History:     more books (100)
  1. Vietnam's Forgotten Army: Heroism and Betrayal in the ARVN by Andrew Wiest, Senator Jim Webb, 2007-12-01
  2. A Time for Peace: The Legacy of the Vietnam War by Robert D. Schulzinger, 2006-08-15

141. La Recensione Dei Giochi Ed I Trucchi Per Vincere
Recensione del gioco, con alcune piccole immagini. e trucchi/scheda.asp?id=37

142. - Vietnam Crash Kills 16, Including U.S. MIA Search Team - April 7, 2001

CNN TV what's on
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Vietnam crash kills 16, Pentagon says
Victims include U.S. MIA search team
WASHINGTON (CNN) A helicopter crash in Vietnam killed 16 people Saturday, including seven American servicemen and nine Vietnamese searching for sites containing the remains of U.S. troops missing in action, U.S. Pacific Command told CNN. The U.S. team was part of a group making site surveys for possible excavations for American remains in central Vietnam, the Pentagon said. They were members of Full Accounting, a joint task force on a mission to find U.S. servicemen and women missing in action from the Vietnam War. Pentagon officials said the team of experts, who go to sites or areas where war casualties likely occurred, flew in locally chartered helicopters. The Americans were stationed in Hawaii. The names of the victims were withheld pending notification of next of kin.

143. .::: VietnamStyle - Daily News On Vietnam Economy, Culture And Society :::.
Business news on trade, investment and finance with resources on culture, literature and tourism.
Investment focus: Hau Giang province Hau Giang province is trying to attract investment by highlighting its potential resources, including land and tourism. Latest Banks agree on 2005 rate reduction Nam Con Son gas output to grow 30% next year Internet users make up 6.47% of population Shareholders step in to save Pacific Airlines ... Six drug smugglers get death pelnaty More Business Culture-Society Vietnam in close-up Hefty fines for banking rules offenders Banks operating with no license or an invalid license and those issuing debt papers without permission will face heaviest fines ... Christmas atmosphere in Vietnam The spirit of Christmas can be felt across Vietnam, not only in churches and Catholic parishes, but also in the streets of Hanoi and HCM City Tourism breathes new life into Vietnam Vietnam's tourist industry is just hitting its stride as foreigners seek historical wonders and discover beauty.

144. Zenet-Cafe: Carnets Et Photos De Voyages - Annuaire De Carnets De Voyages - Foru
Carnets, albums photos et fourum sur les voyages (Guadeloupe, Afrique, Cor©e du Sud, Irlande, Mexique, vietnam).
Accueil Forums voyages Petites-Annonces Boutique ... Liens
02:55 AM (GMT)

Brest 2004


Ile de Batz
Mont St-Michel


Vietnam Finlande ... Tahiti II SERVICES: Webmail Conseils voyageurs Boutique Programme TV ... Pub Zenet-Café Annuaire des carnets de voyages Afrique Asie Europe Moyen Orient ... Ajoutez votre carnet de voyage dans notre annuaire Derniers carnets de voyages Carnet de voyage d'une globe-croqueuse - Sites généralistes Carnets de voyage - Sites généralistes ... - Sites généralistes Petites-Annonces de voyages Passez ici votre Petite-Annonce de voyage gratuitement. France - Divers Album photos des Seychelles Archipel de 115 iles dans la partie occidentale de l' Ocean Indien au nord-ouest Madagascar. L'île la plus importante est Mahé, qui est de type granitique. Les autres îles, dont le plus grand atoll du monde (Aldabra) sont de type corallien. Cap sur les photos Ile de Santorin en Grèce Santorin située dans les Cyclades en Grèce est perchée sur l’arête d’un volcan noyé en partie par la mer. Vous allez découvrir à travers nos photos son dédale de ruelles tortueuses, ses arcades,... Cap sur les photos Brest 2004 Brest 2004 en France est un prestigieux rassemblement de bateaux. Des animations, traversées, expositions et concerts vont durer du 10 au 16 juillet 2004

145. Vietnam E-Commerce
Directory of trade opportunities, plus economic information. English and Vietnamese.

146. LEAF-VN: Library Education Assistance Foundation For Viet Nam
North American based organization working to help the vietnamese people achieve excellence in education by providing assistance in the development of vietnam's library system and services.
10889 Woodleaf Lane, Great Falls, VA 22066
Hội Đồng Quản Trị
Binh P. Le
Lien-Huong Fiedler Ngoc-My Guidarelli Nguyen T. Hoang-Lan. ... Thach Phan
T”N CHỈ: Hội Hỗ Trợ ThÆ° Viện v  Gi¡o Dục Việt Nam (LEAF-VN) được th nh lập nhằm giºp đỡ nh¢n d¢n Việt Nam thá»±c hiện một nền gi¡o dục tốt đẹp bằng c¡ch yểm trợ việc ph¡t triển c¡c hệ thống v  dịch vụ thÆ° viện trong cả nước. MụC TIŠU Hội Hỗ Trợ ThÆ° Viện v  Gi¡o Dục Việt Nam (LEAF-VN) c³ c¡c mục tiªu sau đ¢y:
  • Giºp ph¡t triển hạ tầng cÆ¡ sở của hệ thống thÆ° viện qua việc thá»±c hiện c¡c tiªu chuẩn quốc tế về tổ chức, truy cập v trao đổi th´ng tin; Giºp ph¡t triển c¡c sÆ°u tập của c¡c thÆ° viện để yểm trợ đầy đủ việc học hỏi, giảng dạy v  nghiªn cứu tại c¡c học viện; Giºp ph¡t triển việc đ o tạo c¡c chuyªn viªn thÆ° viện c³ khả năng bảo quản v  liªn tục ph¡t triển c¡c hệ thống v  dịch vụ thÆ° viện theo đºng c¡c tiªu chuẩn quốc tế.

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    147. BBPV Home - Offline
    Information on this GermanVietnamese project. Gives a detailed overview and provides teaching aids and curricula for training of technical workers.
    BBPV Home
    This site is down for maintenance.
    Please check back again soon.

    148. Ambasciata D'Italia In Vietnam
    Hanoi Mette a disposizione degli utenti informazioni aggiornate per il disbrigo pratiche; illustra le attivit  dell'Istituto italiano di cultura e dell'istituto per il commercio estero. Scheda informativa per visitatori temporanei ed informazioni su borse di studio.
    This Account Has Been Suspended Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

    149. Families With Children From Vietnam
    International network of families who have adopted children from vietnam, or are interested in vietnamese adoption. Adoption stories, local and international contacts, adoption information, photos.
    Families with Children from Viet Nam - the family to family adoption support network for adoption from Viet Nam. Newest Photos and News!
    Adoption Books

    Local Chapters of FCV

    Photo Gallery
    About FCV
    Families with Children from Viet Nam (FCV) is the national adoption support network for families who have adopted from Viet Nam and for prospective parents who wish to adopt a child from Viet Nam. Family to family adoption support. Adoption Websites Chao Ban! - The Newsletter for Adoptive Families
    Guide to Adoption from Viet Nam

    Wonderful Boys
    Book Reviews
    Families with Children from Viet Nam

    150. General Issue Blues
    Poems about the war in vietnam, evoking memories of rice paddy ambushes, helicopter assaults, mines and booby traps.
    var TlxPgNm='index';
    “First war resembles a beautiful mouth We all want to flirt with and believe….
    Later it’s more a repulsive old whore Whose callers are bitter and grieve.” Anonymous ENTER The Combat Medics Web Ring
    This site owned by
    Sonny Gratzer
    SiteRing by The Brothers Of Nam SiteRing
    This site owned by
    Sonny Gratzer
    SiteRing by

    151. HomePage-English- Voice Of Viet Nam
    Talk of the week, rural, business, visiting vietnam, personality, arts, lifestyle, law, and radio schedules.
    (Overseas Service) Learning Vietnamese Music Homepage ... Weekly Features VIETNAM WEBSITE - Select websites - IAP - ISP VNN - VDC/VASC VNN Hanoi - VDC VNN Saigon - VDC VNN Da nang VNN Ho tro VNPT VNN Khoa hoc VNN Thuong mai VDC Media Cong ty FPT FPT Tp HCM Phuong Nam Net Sai Gon Postel BAO CHI Nhan Dan Lao Dong Thong Tan Xa VN Que Huong Thoi bao Kinh te Truyen hinh VN Tap chi Dang Thuong mai Gia ca thi truong Tuan bao Quoc te Bao Dau tu Bao Ha Tay dien tu CHINH PHU Dang CSVN Thu do Ha Noi Thanh pho HCM Bo Ngoai giao UNDP Viet Nam Bo VHTT Bo Thuy san Van phong LHQ DSQ VN tai My Tong cuc Du lich Tong cuc DLCL Hang khong VN Vien CNTT VCCI Data GIAO DUC Dai Hoc BKHN Dai hoc KHTN1 Dai hoc KHTN2 Dai hoc QGHN Dai hoc QGHCM Dai hoc Y HN Dai hoc KT HCM Dai hoc Kinh te Dai hoc Nong lam Dai hoc Su pham Dai hoc Ky thuat Dai hoc Can Tho Trung tam TDhoc Vien KHTDTT KINH TE Viet Nam Airline MobiPhone VN Hanoi Telecom Cong ty Bao hiem Ngan hang ADB Ngan hang DTPT World Bank Ngan hang A chau Toyota VN Rim Technology Dia oc Sai Gon Du lich Mekong Cong ty BaTin Ho tro DN Cong ty TVC Niengiamdienthoai TO CHUC QT Phat trien LHQ Quy Tre em Hoi Chu thap do September 26, 2005

    152. Nurses
    Stories from Australian nurses who served in vietnam from 1964 to 1972.
    Pain remembered.
    With a dash of humour
    About 210 Australian nurses travelled to South Vietnam between 1964 and 1972 to care for injured civilians during the war. Susan Hudson talks with a few who have received long overdue recognition for their work.
    The award ceremony, held earlier this year, gave those who went to Vietnam the opportunity to relive the experience with other volunteers. I was also fortunate enough to hear some of their stories.
    The tour of duty was generally six months for nurses, although some spent a full year in Vietnam. Many returned for a second or even a third time.
    The first Australian medical team sent to South Vietnam was supplied by the Royal Melbourne Hospital and set up at Long Xuyen in October 1964. The Alfred Hospital, Victoria sent their first team to Bien Hoa in Gia Dinh province in January 1966.
    The first team to arrive at the provincial hospital in Bien Hoa had the job of preparing the theatres for surgery. Much of the work fell to four nurses: Canny Coventry, Barbara Phillips, Heather Beveridge and Daphne Amos.

    153. Multiclan-europe
    Playing EnemyTerritory, Call of Duty, Medal of Honour, and Battlefield vietnam. Offers Server information, chat room and forums.
    Navigation Main Home General mIRC Chat MP3 Player News Submission Our Servers ... Our Teams Community Calendar Downloads Forums Members List ... Supporters Members Account Private Messages Resources TechGFX PortedMods conrads-berlin
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    154. JavaVietnam - Hiển Thị Tất Cả Diễn đàn
    San choi bo ich cho cac ban yeu thich ngon ngu lap trinh Java.
    Đăng k½ Trang chủ Những luồng mới Người d¹ng trá»±c tuyến ... H¬nh ảnh của 2 ng y training J2ME tại TPHCM JavaVietnam Luồng thảo luận s´i nổi nhất trong tuần Luồng Diễn đ n T¡c giả Số b i trả lời Số lần xem B i gá»­i cuối Phần Mềm Ho n Chỉnh b i viết mới) Lập tr¬nh Java cho điện thoại di động DB bởi hungan Call for new open source project - Kªu gọi cộng t¡c cho dá»± ¡n m£ nguồn mở mới b i viết mới) M£ nguồn mẫu - Dá»± ¡n lập tr¬nh -  tưởng thiết kế của bạn bởi mnballack M¹a thu c¢u c¡ đạo Graphics LogicBox b i viết mới) Java Mobile Games 2005 piggy bởi Thảo luận của b i Phần Mềm Ho n Chỉnh b i viết mới) Lập tr¬nh Java cho điện thoại di động DB bởi KMAD Con trai CNTT dễ hay kh³ c³ bạn g¡i b i viết mới) Trao đổi - Thảo luận - ChitChat thuct bởi tuoidat Tất cả c¡c diễn đ n: (46293 B i viết trong 9375 Luồng) Tªn/M´ tả của diễn đ n Số luồng Số b i gá»­i B i gá»­i cuối

    155. La Guerra Del Vietnam
    La guerra fredda, la cronologia della guerra, gli eventi, i commenti e le opinioni, le testimonianze. A cura del Liceo Berchet di Milano.
    Il conflitto in Vietnam è sicuramente fra le guerre che hanno seguito il secondo conflitto mondiale una delle più discusse e problematiche. Fu una guerra polarizzata dall'attenzione mediatica e per questo a lungo discussa e criticata in tutto il mondo, un passaggio sanguinoso dal colonialismo europeo ad una nuova forma di controllo politico: il neocolonialismo e l'influenza che le Superpotenze sovietica e statunitense cercavano di esercitare su gli altri Stati nel tentativo di spostare a proprio vantaggio i delicati equilibri della Guerra Fredda. Fu anche la guerra che costò agli Stati Uniti l'unica sconfitta di questo secolo ed è stata percepita per anni come uno "sbaglio madornale" all'interno dell'opinione pubblica americana e mondiale.
    Abbiamo cercato di ricostruire le premesse e gli eventi di questo problematico conflitto: La cronologia della Guerra in Vietnam, le tappe, anno per anno che hanno portato dalla crisi coloniale in Indocina alla sconfitta americana. Cronologia La Guerra Fredda, la difficile situazione di equilibrio fra le due Superpotenze come premessa indispensabile per capire il conflitto.

    156. Nhu Mot Loi Chia Tay
    Suu tap cac bi hat, tho va nghe nhac tren mang.
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    157. Vietnam - Period 1847-1961
    Japan occupies vietnam. The Viet Minh resist Japanese occupation with the help of Ho returns to vietnam and rejoins the Viet Minh under Vo Nguyen Giap.
    Vietnam Period 1847 - 1961
    These pages have been supplied to me by Keith White (thanks mate). They are very well done and have taken a lot of man hours to compile. There will be a period of reconstuction to fit into my system, so there may be some links that are down. Please be patient
    French Navy attack Danang in response to persecution of Catholic missionaries.
    September 2 - French and Spanish ships attack Danang after the slaughter of missionaries
    17 February - French forces capture Siagon.
    Military resistance begins against the French. French gain control of Gia Dinh.
    Treaty signed by the French and Tu Duc which gives France possession of the eastern provinces of Cochinchina
    April - Treaty between the French and Tu Duc is ratified.
    French Admiral La Grandiere imposes protectorate on Cambodia.
    Cochinchina becomes a French colony.
    Franco-Vietnamese treaty confirms French sovereignty over Cochinchina.
    August - French attack Hue and a strong ground force moves on Hanoi. The French decree a "Treaty of Protectorate" on the Imperial Court. Kien Phuoc is succeeded by Ham Nghi who rules for one year and then takes refuge in the mountains.

    158. Studio 491 - Yeah...
    Contains ingames video sketches, and film recreations using Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield vietnam. Also includes an image gallery and forums.
    Studio 491 BASHLAN The Trouble Shooters Home ... Gallery Video Progress Quote from the Forums "NICs are like rabbits, watch the Discovery channel more, you might learn something. " - By: Tim
    On: Aug 28 2005, 12:30 AM Casting For Next Video Project.
    Comments: 7 :: View Comments
    By: Tim
    On: Jul 31 2005, 09:48 PM Folding@home
    Folding@Home team.

    Comments: 8 :: View Comments
    By: Tim
    On: Jul 29 2005, 11:09 PM Oops
    I seem to have deleted your includes folder.

    Comments: 5 :: View Comments By: Tim On: Jun 10 2005, 08:35 PM Battlefield 2 Demo Released EA has released the demo for Battlefield 2. Here QUOTE What is Battlerecorder? A moviemaker’s dream * Server-side recording is a snap to set up. * Scripting system allows users to render sections of the footage from a desired POV out to .avi. o Use your desired 3rd party video editing suite to stitch your magnum opus together. Comments: 28 :: View Comments By: Spanish On: May 9 2005, 10:07 AM Best laying plans Right then. For those members of the community that play Guild Wars, we should perhaps consider some time(s) of the week when we can assemble en masse, and together carve a bloody swath across the face of Tyria. Suggestions, anyone? Edit: I edited it to be more inclusive. -Tim

    159. Vietnam Expat Classifieds: House Rental, Furnitures, Travel,jobs...
    For expatriates living, working or travelling to vietnam. Housing, employment and business services listings by category.
    Home Sign up! Post offers Latest 30 ... Vietnam Trade Portal
    Welcome to Vietnam expat classifieds. New user, Please register free to post the your ads. Accommodation
    Apartments To Rent, House or Villa To Rent, accommodation Required Business Services
    Advertise Your Business Online Here ..... Car and Bike rentals
    Where you can rent a Bike or a car? Home Help
    Maid, Gardening Services, Babysitters, House Clearance Sales
    Leaving Vietnam and having a sale? Tell everyone here .... Jobs in Vietnam
    Jobs Wanted, Jobs Offered in HCMC, Jobs Offered Elsewhere in Vietnam, Merchandise
    Furnitures, PCs, sports equipment.... Personals
    Men Seeking Women, Women Seeking Men.. Tell Other Expats
    Anything you want the Expat Community in Vietnam to know ..... Travel Services From Cheap Flights to Tour Guides .... No. Category Title Pic. Jobs in Vietnam hits) No Jobs in Vietnam Would you like to earn money each week ? hits) No Accommodation looking for 1 bd apt in (preferably dist. 3) hits) No Business Services Unlimited Income Opportunity (royal) hits) No Tell Other Expats MOVING SALE hits) No House Clearance Sales FULL SET RATTAN CUSTOM FURNITURE hits) No House Clearance Sales SCHWIN TREADMILL hits) No Jobs in Vietnam Work at home as an Internet research assistant!

    160. Movie Database - [TV Guide Online]
    3 1/2 star review, plot, cast, picture, and background information.

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