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81. Yaro Dachniwsky, Born In Chicago, Illinois, Team Handball Goalie 1996 Olympics J
Yaro Dachniwsky, born in Chicago, Illinois, team handball goalie 1996 OlympicsJanuary 15, 1963 in history.
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Web January 15, 1963 in History
Yaro Dachniwsky, born in Chicago, Illinois, team handball goalie 1996 Olympics
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Women s handball was introduced at the following olympic Games in Montreal, 1976.The USSR won the gold medals in both the 11team men s and 6-team women s

83. Team Handball Club
history of team handball (Source US team handball) handball made its Olympicdebut in the 1936 Berlin Games as an outdoor sport, with 11 players on a

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Athens 2004 Team Handball News
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History of Team Handball (Source - US Team Handball Team Handball originated in Europe in the1900s. There are over 140 countries recognized as members of the International handball Federation (IHF). Handball made its Olympic debut in the 1936 Berlin Games as an outdoor sport, with 11 players on a side. Since then, the game not played at the Olympic games until 1972, where it was played indoors with 7 players on each side. In the 1976 Olympic Games, women's handball was added.

Object of the Game
Handball combines the elements of soccer and basketball, as six players move the ball down a floor that is larger than a basketball court and try to score by throwing the ball past a goalkeeper into the net. A successful scoring attempt results in the award of a single point. Typical final scores in this action-packed game run in the mid twenties. MORE
The Team Handball Club at Florida Tech is a student club. We are not part of the athletic department and therefore don't have any kind of sponsorship available. Usually players will pay for their travel expenses. The club is open to everyone on campus: undergraduates and graduates, faculty, staff and alumni. Players outside from the university should contact us for playing opportunities. The club consists of both men's and women's teams that compete at the national amateur level in the United States.

84. History
The Georgia Dome hosts gymnastics, basketball and team handball. Centennial OlympicPark serves as the world s gathering place during the games.
About the Authority History Fun Facts Employment ... History History The Georgia World Congress Center opened its doors in 1976 as one of the nation's premier convention facilities with 350,000-square-feet of exhibit space. Today, the facility features 1.4 million square feet of exhibit space, making the GWCC one of the top five largest convention centers in the country. Over the years, the Georgia World Congress Center underwent numerous expansions to meet the needs of growing conventions and special events. Take a look back at how the Georgia World Congress Center became what it is today.
The Georgia General Assembly passes legislation establishing the Georgia World Congress Center Board, later renamed the Georgia World Congress Center Authority, to develop an international trade and exhibition center in Atlanta.
On Oct. 30, groundbreaking ceremonies celebrates initial construction of the Georgia World Congress Center.
The Georgia World Congress Center officially opens its first exhibition hall on Sept. 8 to host the Bobbin Show/American Apparel Manufacturers Association.
The Georgia General Assembly authorizes general obligation bond funding to construct the Phase II expansion. Groundbreaking ceremonies held Sept. 17.

85. Canadian Olympic Committee
handball is considered one of the oldest games in the history of sport. handball was officially incorporated into olympic Games in 1972.
HOME "What you saw on the ice was me. What you saw is what you got."
Catriona Le May Doan
> Handball

Handball is considered one of the oldest games in the history of sport. A few references in Homer's Odyssey provide evidence of a game similar to Handball, played on the island of the Faiakes (Corfu). Further evidence of a primitive version of Handball is also found on a marble plaque found at the Athens Acropolis, dating to about 600 B.C. In Roman years, the game then called "arpaston", spread to the people of Germany and France.
At the end of the 19th century, the modern form of Handball appeared in Denmark, Germany and Czechoslovakia, as a training exercise for gymnasts, and as a fitness tool for football players during their off season. Around 1910, the Swedes adopted regulations for handball that were similar to those of football.
In 1936, Handball made its debut to the public as an exhibition sport at the Olympic Games. It was held in an open stadium, with two teams of 11 players on each team. Handball was officially incorporated into Olympic Games in 1972. It was held in an indoor court measuring 20x40m with teams of seven players.
The Sport
Each team consists of seven players on the field and seven substitutes on the bench. An unlimited number of substitutions are allowed during the game. Two referees monitor the game. It takes place in an indoor sports hall on a court measuring 40 x 20 m. Goal posts, measuring 2 m high and 3 m wide, are placed at the centre of each end line. The players' objective is, by only using their hands, to put the ball into the goal of the opposing team. The team with the most goals wins.

86. Team Handball - Human Kinetics
1996 US olympic team handball Head Coach This thorough and wellstructured bookprovides many practical hints and exercises. Its language is very clear and

87. Women Warriors - Sports - Handball
Based in part on a text provided by the Canadian team handball Federation Also, first ties were made by the Ontario olympic handball Federation with the

88. Olympic Routes - Issue 6
Never before in the olympic Games history has a Greek athlete took part in the It has been 67 years since handball was introduced to the olympic Games.
  • Editorial IOC Conference in Prague Debut in Athens Harilaos Vassilakos, the hot favorite who came second ... HOC Plenary Session
  • Debut in Athens By Thodoris Georgantas Greek male and female athletes will make their debut in six out of 28 sports included in the Athens Olympic Games program in August 2004. Never before in the Olympic Games history has a Greek athlete took part in the volleyball, in handball and in other sports less popular in Greece, such as baseball, softball, hockey and badminton. In August 2004 in Athens, Greek athletes will compete in sports most of the Greeks are not familiar with, as well as in sports, like volley ball and handball, Greek athletes are proud of great distinctions. But there are also sports where Greece has never been represented at the Olympics. VOLLEYBALL
    The President of Greece's Volley Ball Federation (EOPE) and Hellenic Olympic Committee's (HOC) treasurer Thanassis Beligratis was very clear about the participation of national volleyball teams of men and women in the Athens Olympic Games. "We won't participate in the Games just to parade", he said. "The program of our national
    volleyball teams' preparation for the 2004 was set up when our country won the Olympic Games organization. We have been working on that and I hope that our teams will manage to star both in the volleyball and in the beach volleyball". Greece's national men's team won a bronze medal at a European championship, while they took the sixth place, the best they had ever achieved, at the World Championship which took place in Athens in 1994. In the beach volleyball, Greece can be proud of a gold medal at a European championship. It is worth mentioning that volleyball was introduced to the Olympic Games in 1964 in Tokyo, while beach volleyball was introduced to the Olympic Games program in 1996 in Atlanta. Greece has already a participation in two Games.

    89. Famous Birthdays For Yesterday In History
    Birthdays of important and famous people from throughout history. 1968 Jennifer Horton, Dover NJ, team handball goalie (Olympics-92, 96) Home Today in History America ... Quiz
    Suggested Searches China


    Yesterday's Famous Birthdays
    Welcome to Today in History for Sunday, September 25, 2005. Famous Birthdays for Yesterday in History ... - Matthew Merian, the Elder, engraver/bookseller
    - Mark Zuesius Boxhorn, Dutch historian
    - Jacques-B‚nigne Bossuet, theologist
    - Olaus Rímer, Denmark, 1st to accurately measured speed of light
    - Imre Th”k”ly, Hungary, patriot, opposed Habsburg rule
    - Jean-Philippe Rameau, Dijon France, composer (Traite) (baptized) - Jean-Benoit Leclair, composer - Louis E of Brunswick-Wolfenbttel, [Thick Duke], Austrian duke - Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, designed and built 1st automobile - Christian G Heyne, German archaeologist - Louis RE prince de Rohan-Gu‚men‚, French archbishop of Straatsburg - Vaclav Pichl, composer - Frederik Willem II, king of Prussia (1786-97) - Carl Stenborg, composer - Armand-Emmanuel, duc de Richelieu, French PM (1815-18, 1820-21) - George Frederic Pinto, composer - Felicia Dorothea Hermans, poet

    90. USA Basketball: Fiba History
    THE history OF FIBA AND INTERNATIONAL BASKETBALL Tagged the Dream team, the USA olympic team consisted of 11 NBA players and one collegian.
    USA Basketball Committees
    USA Basketball Staff Bios About USA Basketball Constitution of USA Basketball ... USA Basketball History
    Although Dr. James Naismith is recognized for inventing the game of basketball in December 1891, it wasn't until June 18, 1932, in Geneva, Switzerland that an international federation concerned with just basketball was formed. Then, less than three years later on February 28, 1935, the International Basketball Federation (FIBB) was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) helping clear the way for men's basketball to become part of the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympic Games. Actually, the first international body to claim jurisdiction over the sport of basketball was the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF), which in 1926 formed a special commission to govern all ball games played with the hands, such as field-handball, court-handball, volleyball and basketball. Two years later during the Games of the IXth Olympiad held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the IAAF invited representatives from various national associations to consider the forming of an independent body to govern all ball games played with hands. Representatives from 10 countries met in Amsterdam on August 4, 1928 and decided to form the International Amateur Handball Federation (IAHF).

    91. Training Camps Competitions DATES USA Wrestling Junior Olympic
    welcome the olympic sport of team handball to its US olympic and ParalympicTraining Site. team handball combines the elements of soccer and basketball, Oly

    92. Athens Olympics 2004. ABC Sport.
    Through the prism of history, the Athens olympics may come to be seen as the men s team in Australian olympic history to make the final in the event.
    @import "/olympics/2004/css/main.css"; Skip navigation ABC Home Radio Television ... News
    Athens Olympics 2004. ABC Sport.
    Search this site
    Farewell to Athens
    Every Olympic Games provides us with defining moments. Some are obvious - like Cathy Freeman's golden run in Sydney and Muhammad Ali's lighting of the cauldron in Atlanta. Others are a matter of personal preference. Athens was no different. In almost every sport there were memories to cherish. From the feats of Ian Thorpe Michael Phelps and Jodie Henry in the pool to unforgettable victories by Kelly Holmes and Hicham El Guerrouj on the track, every winner had a story to tell. And so did most of the losers. Losers like Jana Pittman , Wilson Kipketer and Alex Popov, who weren't losers at all, but were winners without gold medals. For the Greeks, these Games were a triumph. Not because they were the best ever, but because in the main, they went without a hitch. Because, despite the doubters, they opened on schedule, and because - perhaps against all odds in today's world - for a little more than two weeks they recaptured the spirit of the ancient Olympics. The centrepiece of these Games was the thoroughly modern stadium with its Santiago Calatrava-designed roof.

    history. team handball has existed in the United States since 1959, The inclusionof team handball in the Olympics in 1972, and for women in 1976 in
    The New York City Team Handball Club practices every Wednesday, 7pm to 10pm in a gymnasium in Green Point Brooklyn.
    We're looking for players, both experienced or novice - men and women - to play in monthly tournaments in the region, or to play just for fun. For more information call: Ulla Atkinson on (212) 249-3194 In Long Island call Laslo on (516) 292-8964
    In New Jersey call Jimmy Buhning on (201) 926-6000
    The Game
    Team Handball combines the skills of running, jumping, catching, and throwing into a fast-moving, exciting game. Elements of soccer, basketball, hockey and water polo all can be seen in team handball. The basic objective of the game is to out maneuver the opponent by passing the ball quickly and then throw the ball past the defense and goalie to score.
    Team handball has existed in the United States since 1959, but only in the last few years has it been recognized as something entirely different from the YMCA variety of 4 wall handball. The inclusion of team handball in the Olympics in 1972, and for women in 1976 in Montreal has given the sport more exposure. The sport originated in Europe in the late 1920's and is now second only to soccer in popularity. Team Handball is being played in 72 nations on 6 continents with more than 3 million players affiliated with the International Handball Federation (IHF).

    94. Team Handball --  Britannica Student Encyclopedia
    team handball (or fieldball, or handball), game played between two teams of 7 an olympic sport in 1972; the Fédération Internationale de handball is the
    Home Browse Newsletters Store ... Subscribe Already a member? Log in This Article's Table of Contents Team handball Print this Table of Contents Shopping Price: USD $1495 Revised, updated, and still unrivaled. The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (Hardcover) Price: USD $15.95 The Scrabble player's bible on sale! Save 30%. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary Price: USD $19.95 Save big on America's best-selling dictionary. Discounted 38%! More Britannica products Team handball
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    Team handball. ( Britannica Student Encyclopedia . Retrieved

    95. XV. Women’s Junior World Handball Championship - 2005 - Czech Republic
    The power of the national teams splitted. Last years we may observe some growth Even in the olympic history Czechoslovak handball has an important role.

    96. - Sports Summer Olympics 2000
    The US women s basketball team survived a scare against Russia today. longest softball game in olympic history 20. US only undefeated team in baseball
    Astros/MLB Rockets/NBA ... More sports Columnists
    Mickey Herskowitz
    Richard Justice

    John P. Lopez

    Norman Chad

    Jose de Jesus Ortiz

    Jonathan Feigen

    Michael Murphy
    Football: John McClain: NFL Golf: Steve Campbell High School: Sarah Hornaday Emily Davis Sam Khan Jr. Outdoors: Joe Doggett Doug Pike Shannon Tompkins Soccer: Glenn Davis Tennis: Dale Robertson Media: David Barron Mon. Sep. 26, 2005 Olympic coverage from: BY E-MAIL You can receive this section by e-mail Smiley N. Pool / Chronicle Misty Hyman reacts to her Olympic record victory in the 200m butterfly final. Hyman a suprise winner in butterfly American swimmer Misty Hyman swam the race of her life today in the 200 butterfly to defeat the two Australian favorites. She led the race wire to wire and eclipsed her personal best by more than three seconds. Swimming sprint a classic A breathtaking 100-meter freestyle race was the latest in a series of swimming showdowns that is making the competition in Sydney a classic.

    97. AnyWho: Internet Directory Assistance; Yellow Pages, White Pages, Toll-Free Numb
    Official site of USA team handball the American national governing body of thesports. Includes history, competitions, results, national team list,

    98. History Of Volleyball
    In 1964, Volleyball was introduced to the olympic Games in Tokyo. In 1975,the US National Women s team began a yearround training regime in Pasadena,
    History Of Volleyball http://www.Volleyball.ORG
      In 1995, the sport of Volleyball was 100 years old! The sport originated in the United States, and is now just achieving the type of popularity in the U.S. that it has received on a global basis, where it ranks behind only soccer among participation sports. Today there are more than 46 million Americans who play volleyball. There are 800 million players worldwide who play Volleyball at least once a week. In William G. Morgan, an instructor at the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) in Holyoke, Mass., decided to blend elements of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball to create a game for his classes of businessmen which would demand less physical contact than basketball. He created the game of Volleyball (at that time called mintonette). Morgan borrowed the net from tennis, and raised it 6 feet 6 inches above the floor, just above the average man's head. During a demonstration game, someone remarked to Morgan that the players seemed to be volleying the ball back and forth over the net, and perhaps "volleyball" would be a more descriptive name for the sport. On July 7, 1896

    99. Summer Olympics 2000 Team Handball Fan Guide
    Tuesday, September 19 team handball Fan Guide. IN THE CROSSHAIRS. putsOlympic handball In the Crosshairs with our interactive fan guide feature.
    ESPN Keyword Search Search The Web ESPN Network: NASCAR ... History Tuesday, September 19
    Team Handball Fan Guide
    IN THE CROSSHAIRS puts Olympic handball In the Crosshairs with our interactive fan guide feature. Check out each sport's fan guide for more In the Crosshairs looks at the Olympic sports. Handball in the Crosshairs Olympic competition dates: Sept. 16-Oct. 1
    Venue: Pavilion 2, Sydney Olympic Park The outlook
    The women's division, which started in 1976, expands to 10 teams. There are 12 teams in the men's field, which began play in 1972. Underdog Denmark won the 1996 women's event over South Korea, the 1988 and 1992 champions, in overtime. Australia received an automatic bid as the host nation. The finer points
    The court: Basic rules: Matches are played in two halves of 30 minutes each. Each team can have seven players on court, including the goalkeeper, with substitutions made on a rolling basis. Only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with his body in the act of defense within the goal area. Players can hold the ball only up to three seconds each and may take up to three steps when in possession. They are not allowed to kick the ball. Players are not allowed to obstruct or push an opponent or hit a ball out of an opponent's hands. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

    100. EdGate Summer Games
    The other two teams play for the bronze. News, history, and Fast Facts The United States olympic Committee site includes the rules and history of events
    Brought to you by EdGate and Griffin Publishing Home
    About Athens

    Healthy Bodies
    Spotlight Sport

    Baseball Often referred to as America's national pastime, baseball made its debut as an official Olympic sport on July 26, 1992, in Barcelona, Spain. Before 1992, baseball had often been seen in various exhibition and demonstration games throughout modern Olympic history. In time, baseball became so popular that it was scheduled to become an official sport at the 1940 Olympic Games in Japan. However, due to World War II, the Games were canceled and baseball was overlooked as an official Olympic sport for the next 52 years. The Olympic Committee formally decided baseball would be an official sport in 1992. Click a link to
    read more about Scoring Competition
    News, History, Fast Facts

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