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21. Handball – News Reports, Sydney Results, Ancient Origins, Olympic History, Atla
olympic history. The International Amateur handball Federation was founded to add it to the olympic programme that year, with 11 players in each team.
OLYMPIC HISTORY The International Amateur Handball Federation was founded in 1928 and by 1936 had 23 members, enough to convince the IOC to add it to the Olympic programme that year, with 11 players in each team. Handball then disappeared from the Olympiad until Munich in 1972, when only men played, and 1976 for women. Since then it has become very popular, with eight million players registered from about 150 nations. Europe have dominated the sport in recent times though South Korean women won the title in 1988 and 1992. At the 1996 Games, Denmark and South Korea were tied at the final buzzer in the women's final. In extra time, Denmark pulled ahead. In Sydney, Sweden, the world champions, are favourites for the title, with Russia and Yugoslavia the biggest threat, while Denmark, the defending women's champions, will face tough opposition once again from South Korea and Norway.

22. VL Of Sport - Handball
team handball from Hickok.Sports; history, rules and regulations, olympic Texasbased team handball club dedicated to develop this olympic sport in the
Home Handball and Team Handball The Game, General Information International National and District
Imagine taking the fast pace of basketball and the team play of soccer, put it on a court measuring 20 meters by 40 meters, add two goals about half the size of soccer goals, and a goal zone like the three-point circle that is off-limits to all but the goalie and you can imagine Team H andball . One goalie and six court players pass, dribble and shoot with a leather ball the size of a youth soccer ball. Youth games are two 15 minute periods, running time, free substitutions. Scores may reach into the 20's. Audiences are surprised by the amount of contact allowed before penalty and enjoy the fast breaks and leaping scoring styles. From Atlanta Team Handball
The Game About Rules History Improve your game Forums
About know the game top Beginner's Guide from BBC sport
Beginner's Guide
from Yahoo Sports
Want to try Handball?

23. Croatia Wins The Gold In Team Handball
olympics Guide; team handball. By CHRISTOPHER CLAREY. ATLANTA Who are thebiggest heroes in the brief olympic history of Croatia?
August 5, 1996
Croatia Wins the Gold in Team Handball
Olympics Guide
  • Team Handball By CHRISTOPHER CLAREY TLANTA Who are the biggest heroes in the brief Olympic history of Croatia? Goran Ivanisevic? Iva Majoli? Toni Kukoc? Dino Radja? Try again, and if you do, forget tennis, basketball, soccer or any other sport that Americans follow and understand. The Croats, who won their nation's first and only gold medal, play team handball, that fast-paced hybrid sport that elicits major enthusiasm in Europe and major indifference in most of North America. The Croatian men won that gold Sunday with a thrill-a-minute 27-26 victory over Sweden. They did it in the Georgia Dome before a crowd of 35,000 that was the largest in their sport's history. And when the clock finally wound down to zero, they celebrated by forming a line, dropping to their knees and giddily shuffling across the court. When the Croatians were done with that, they stood up and dived on their stomachs. Finally, they began to sing. They sang folk songs, and in a reminder of what their small, new nation has endured in the 1990s, they also sang a war song: "Zovi, Samo Zovi," which means, "Call us, just call us." "The war is over, but we still had extra motivation to play and reach this goal for our country," said Croatia's coach, Velimir Kljaic.
  • 24. The New York Times > Sports > Olympics > Handball
    Who are the biggest heroes in the brief olympic history of Croatia? Goran Ivanisevic? ATLANTA DAY 10 ROUNDUP team handball;US Women Ousted
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    NYTimes Home Site Index Archive Help ... Register Now It's Free! Go to a Section Arts Automobiles Books Business Campaign 2004 Cartoons Corrections Crossword/Games Editorials/Op-Ed Education Health International Job Market Learning Network Magazine Movies Multimedia/Photos NYC Guide NYT Front Page National New York Region Obituaries Olympics Readers' Opinions Real Estate Science Sports Technology The Public Editor Theater Travel Washington Weather Week in Review Services Search: Olympics Sports All of

    25. EdGate Summer Games
    The olympic sport of team handball is not to be confused with the game played The United States olympic Committee site includes the rules and history of
    Brought to you by EdGate and Griffin Publishing Home
    About Athens

    Healthy Bodies
    Spotlight Sport

    Team Handball Click a link to
    read more about Scoring Competition
    News, History, Fast Facts
    More Sports Scoring
    The object of the game is to score the highest number of points by throwing the ball into the opponent's goal, which is 2 meters high and 3 meters wide. Competition
    The game is played in 30-minute halves. The rapid, continuous play is marked by spectacular leaps and dives. Players may take three steps before and after a dribble. If not moving, the player may only hold the ball for three seconds; the player must then either move, score, or pass the ball to another team member. Meanwhile, the other team is trying to gain possession of the ball by either snatching it away or intercepting a pass. The goalie may use any part of the body to defend the goal. Both men and women compete separately during tournament style competition. After several days of preliminary rounds, finalists advance to the gold-medal game. News, History, and Fast Facts

    26. Secondary P.E. Team Sports
    Information on the history of Baseball, current news and stories Title olympic team handballNBC Sports......
    Secondary Physical Education
    Team Sports
    The links below have been selected by the Omaha Public Schools based on their relevance to curriculum needs. None of these sites are owned or controlled by the Omaha Public Schools. Neither the district nor its employees are responsible for their contents or their links to other locations. Secondary Physical Education links Physical Education home page
    Title: National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
    Description: Information on the history of Baseball, current news and stories Title: Sports Illustrated on line news-Major league Baseball
    Description: Current news articles Title: Major League Baseball Sportsline CBS
    Description: Baseball news, scores, stats, and Links Title: College Baseball, NCAA, WORLD SERIES, CBS Sportsline
    Description: Current information on college baseball
    Title: Sports Channel-Basketball

    27. International Institute For Sport And Olympic History
    and olympic history. The following subject areas are suggested areas of interestfor named Swimming Diving; Table tennis (ping pong); team handball
    International Institute for Sport
    and Olympic History
    The following subject areas are suggested areas of interest for named endowments.
    You can see the broad scope of the Institute's collecting goals from this list.
    Additional subjects may be added at any time by the Board of Directors or suggested by Benefactors. Subjects in BOLD are on the program of the Modern Olympic Games and are the primary areas of interest in seeking endowments. Some subjects have links to a more detailed page on that subject to give you more information.
    • Adapted physical education
    • Air Sports
    • Alpine skiing (see skiing)
    • Ancient / Antiquities (Greece, Rome, etc)
    • Aquatics (see Water sports)
    • Archery
    • Architecture (sports stadiums and facilities)
    • Arts (see Sport in Art: coins, medals, posters)
    • Association football (see soccer)
    • Athletic injuries (see sports medicine)
    • Backgammon
    • Baseball
    • Badminton
    • Basketball
    • Biathlon
    • Bibliography
    • Bicycling (see cycling
    • Billiards
    • Biomechanics
    • Blacks in Sport
    • Canoeing, Rowing, Yachting
    • Bobsleigh (see Winter Sports)
    • Bowling
    • Boxing
    • Business (see Sport and Business)
    • Canoeing
    • Cars and car racing (See Automobiles)
    • Cards
    • Checkers
    • Cheerleading
    • Chess
    • Children and Physical Education
    • Coaching (19th century)
    • College Athletics
    • Cricket
    • Croquet
    • Curling
    • Cycling
    • Dance
    • Diving (See
    • Dressage (See Equestrian Sports
    • Drugs and sport (See Sports medicine)
    • Equestrian Sports
    • Exercise
    • Facilities (see sports stadiums and facilities)
    • Falconry
    • Fencing
    • Field Hockey
    • Figure skating (see Skating)
    • Fitness (See Physical Fitness)
    • Football (American)
    • Football (British, see Soccer)

    28. United States Olympic Committee - Olympic History
    Table Tennis, Taekwondo, team handball, Tennis, Track Field olympic OverviewHistory, facts and figures; AllTime team USA Medals Summer Winter
    Summer Team Sites Archery Badminton Baseball Basketball Bowling Boxing Canoe/Kayak Cycling Diving Equestrian Fencing Field Hockey Gymnastics Judo Karate Pentathlon Racquetball Roller Sports Rowing Sailing Shooting Soccer Softball Squash Swimming Synchro. Table Tennis Taekwondo Team Handball Tennis Triathlon Volleyball Water Polo Water Skiing Weightlifting Wrestling Winter Team Sites Biathlon Bobsled Curling Figure Skating Ice Hockey Luge Short Track Skeleton Skiing Snowboarding Speedskating U.S. Olympic Sites U.S. Olympic Fan Club Free eNewsletter U.S. Olympic Shop U.S. Paralympics Olympians on TV Photo Galleries Sports Jobs Ask an Olympian USOC Pressbox Athletes Events Sports Features ... usada Olympic History
    Archaeologists believe the ancient Olympic Games began more than 4,000 years ago in Olympia, a valley in Greece. Recorded history of the Games dates back to 776 B.C., when the five days of sporting events were primarily religious ceremonies. For the first known 13 Games, the competition consisted of single foot race of 200 yards, which was the approximate length of the Olympic stadium. The Games expanded to include additional contests and reached their height by fifth century BC. Men competed, in the nude, in running, wrestling, pentathlon, horse riding and chariot races. Why in the nude … well, to keep the ladies out of the action. Women were barred from watching or competing, and were even put to death if they were caught at the early Games. Today, not only are women allowed to watch and compete, they are encouraged to do so. Check out a few of our historical Olympic pages here at

    29. Team Handball - Definition Of Team Handball In Encyclopedia
    team handball (also known as field handball or olympic handball) is a team sport history and organization. Men s field handball was played at the 1936
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    Encyclopedia Legal ... Law forum Search Word: Visit our Law forums
    This article is about team handball; information about other games with the name handball may be found at Handball
    Team handball (also known as field handball or Olympic handball ) is a team sport where seven players in two teams (six players vs. six and a goalkeeper in each team) pass and bounce a ball trying to throw it in the goal of the opposing team. The game is similar to association football and may have originated in either Germany , or earlier in Greece Contents showTocToggle("show","hide") 1 Field and ball
    2 Game play

    3 History and organization

    4 International tournaments
    5 External links
    Field and ball
    It is played on a field forty meters long by twenty meters wide with a dividing line in the middle and a goal in the center of either end. The goals are surrounded by a near-semicircular line that is generally six meters away from the goal. There is also a dashed near-semicircular line that is nine meters away from the goal. Only the defending goalkeeper is allowed to step inside the six meter perimeter, though any player may attempt to catch and touch the ball in the air within it. If a player should find himself in contact inside the goal perimeter he must immediately take the most direct path out of it. Should a defender make contact with an attacker while in the goal perimeter, their team is penalized with a direct attempt at the goal, with only one attacker on the seven-meter line and the defending goalkeeper involved.

    30. - Facts On Olympic History - Tuesday April 20, 2004 2:38AM
    1988, Son Mina, team handball. 1992, Luis Doreste The flagbearer for the USOlympic team is normally chosen by the fellow athletes or respective team
    Facts on Olympic history
    Posted: Tuesday April 20, 2004 2:38AM; Updated: Tuesday April 20, 2004 2:43AM
    Olympic Motto The Olympic motto "Citius, Altius, Fortius" is Latin for "Faster, Higher, Braver," but is universally accepted to mean "Swifter, Higher, Stronger." Olympic Rings The Olympic symbolfive interlocked ringsrepresents the union of the five original major continents (Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe) and the meeting of the athletes from throughout the world at the Olympic Games. The five colors of the rings from left to right are blue, black and red across the top and yellow and green along the bottom. The colors of the rings are thought to have been chosen because at least one of these colors can be found in the flag of every nation. Olympic Flag The Olympic Flag has a plain white background with no border. In the center are the five interlocked Olympic rings. The flag was presented by Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1914 at the Olympic Congress is 1914, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding of the International Olympic Committee. It was flown that year at Alexandria, Greece, but made its Olympic debut in 1920 at Antwerp. The "primary" Olympic flag was thus known as "the Antwerp flag." In 1984, Seoul presented a new Olympic flag (as the old was getting quite worn) to the IOC, which was first flown at the 1988 Olympic Games. At the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games, the mayor of the Olympic host city presents the Olympic flag to the mayor of

    31. USA Deaf Team Handball History
    March Men s/Women s team handball tryout for National/Development teams at Model July Richard Jacobs played at North (hearing) team for US olympic
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    USA Deaf Team Handball
    Photo Gallery
    2003 America Cup
    2003 National and Development Team Tryout

    1997 Summer World Games for the Deaf
    back to top March: Men's/Women's team handball tryout for National/Development teams at Model Secondary School for the Deaf, Washington, DC.
    April: National Tournament Reno, Nevada
      Men's National Team: Fifth place in Division I with 2 wins, lost 2 and tie 1.
      Men's Development Team: Fifth place in Division II with 2 wins and 4 lost.
      Lynn Ray Boren, head coach and Richard Jacobs, assistant coach
    Download Scoring Leaders
    Download Red Team's Result
    Download Blue Team's Result
    June/July: Training Camp for Men's team.
    USADTH/USADSF's first America Cup (Deaf International Tournament on America's soil.
    back to top
    April: National Championship. Hempstead, New York.
      Men's Team: Won 1 and lost 5 in Division I
      MSSD Team: Lost all 6 games in Division II. First Deaf Youth team ever played.

    32. Welcome To USA Deaf Team Handball
    USA team handball United States olympic Committee Deaf Nation team handball history
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    International Deaf Team Handball Invitational
    Gallaudet University
    July 4 - 6, 2003

    2003 USA Deaf Team Handball
    America Cup Result

    More America Cup Photos
    America Cup Schedule


    As a member USADTH and USADSF, we are asking for your support/donation to enable us to host the first-ever International Team Handball tournament right here in the United States of America. Download our Donation form
    USA Deaf Team Handball Sponsors
    Find out more about Melbourne 2005 20th Deaflympic Games in Australia! Find out more... About Team Handball Team Handball General History Team Handball Rules Team Handball Glossary About USA Deaf Team Handball Athletic Criteria Coach Selection Procedures OTHER LINKS: USA Deaf Sports Federation usadsf 2003 calendar USA Team Handball United States Olympic Committee

    33. Olympics - CBS
    Summer olympic history. Year, Olympiad, Host City, Country, Dates, Nations. 2000,XXVII, Sydney, Australia team handball Tennis Track Field
    PARTNER LINKS Register ... Help Web SportsLine Home NFL NBA MLB ... Shop History Summer Olympic History Year Olympiad Host City, Country Dates Nations XXVII Sydney, Australia Sept 15-Oct 1 Most Medals: United States (40-24-33-97) XXVI Atlanta, United States July 20-Aug 4 Most Medals: United States (44-32-25-101) XXV Barcelona, Spain July 25-Aug 9 Most Medals: Unified Team (45-38-29-112) - USA Medals: XXIV Seoul, South Korea Sept 17-Oct 2 Most Medals: Soviet Union (55-31-46-132) - USA Medals: XXIII Los Angeles, United States July 28-Aug 12 Most Medals: United States (83-61-30-174) XXII Moscow, Soviet Union July 19-Aug 3 Most Medals: Soviet Union (80-69-46-195) - USA Medals: Boycott XXI Montreal, Canada July 17-Aug 1 Most Medals: Soviet Union (49-41-35-125) - USA Medals: XX Munich, West Germany Aug 26-Sept 10 Most Medals: Soviet Union (50-27-22-99) - USA Medals: XIX Mexico City, Mexico Oct 12-27 Most Medals: United States (45-28-34-107) XVIII Tokyo, Japan Oct 10-24 Most Medals: Soviet Union (30-31-35-96) - USA Medals: XVII Rome, Italy

    34. Game Handball - Handball Tournament - Handball Association
    handball history Game handball team handball handball Tip handball The olympic handball tournaments require the players to possess at least two

    Related Articles Search in this category Handball History ... International Handball Federation
    Game Handball - Handball Tournament - Handball Association
    The handball history vouches that the handball games always bounce back whenever they are down. The handball games have captured the imagination of the people all over the world. Team handball is a combination of soccer, basketball and ice hockey and is as popular as all these games. Handball tournaments have been held all over the world with the patronage of the International handball federation. The United states handball association has made handball equipments accessible to the players. It has also given tips about the handball rules. The rules are simple and are being widely followed in the handball tournaments throughout the world. Handball History The handball originated in the 11th century. The history of handball also states that this sport was developed in Ireland before being popularized in North America. Handball was played outdoors and it had a prominent place in the Irish legends. The ball was made of cloth wrapped in leather. The British soldiers and police along with the Irish players ensured the survival of the game. The handball history points out that handball was a one-wall game though the three-wall and the four-wall versions also existed. The Irish immigrants were responsible for developing the game in the U.S. The ball developed in the U.S was softer than the ball used in Ireland. The handballs are made from rubber or synthetic material. The handball has a hollow center which would enable it to bounce faster. The one-wall courts, which were forgotten, came into vogue again in the American bathing beaches. They were emulated by the athletic courts.

    35. Scoregoal
    history. The legacy of the ancient Greek olympics includes the track and field team handball was reinstated as an olympic sport for men at the 1972
    TEAM HANDBALL - Olympic Sport A Similar Game Called Harpaston
    Based on the basic elements of running, jumping and throwing the same elements of track and field it's not surprising that team handball has number ancient ancestors. Throwing-and-catching games are described by Homer in the "The Odyssey" and depicted in ancient Mexican art, and a game called Harpaston was apparently popular in ancient Rome. Europe, particularly Germany and the Scandinavian countries, was the crucible for the game, as we know it today. By the time the rules became instituted early in the 20th century, team handball would be a composite of several other popular sports, with rules similar to soccer (albeit without the kicking); positional play, scoring strategies and passing patterns resembling water polo; and ball movement and airborne acrobatics right out of basketball. All that with the intensity, speed and physical contact with hockey. An outdoor version of team handball also known as field ball played with 11 players a side made a false start at the Olympics with an appearance at the 1936 Berlin Games, with the Germans pleasing Hitler by winning the gold. It was dropped from the Olympic roster until 1972, by which time the 11-player outdoor game had been replaced by the seven-player indoor sport developed in Scandinavia. A women's Olympic tournament was added in 1976.

    36. Sportsletter April 1997
    team handball was virtually invisible during NBC s coverage of the Atlanta For the first time in olympic history, all participants will be housed in a
    Los Angeles, April 30, 1997
    Vol. 09, No. 02 Dear Reader: The International Olympic Committee's recently-published analysis of the Atlanta Olympic Games television coverage in the U.S. indicates that women made up 52% of the American viewing audience. NBC's cumulative audience in 1996 was a whopping 222.7% higher than its Barcelona 1992 audience. Viewership rose in several categories including increases of 46% for all adults aged 50 or older, 35% for women in the 35+ age group, and 31% for women in the 18+ age group. Viewership among young people grew at a much slower rate. For all viewers in the 12- to 24-year-old group there was only a 2% increase. Different strokes for different folks . . . Gymnastics drew the highest television rating among Olympic viewers in the U.S. The top-rated sport in Spain was tennis. In Brazil it was boxing. Germans favored fencing and judo. Italians liked volleyball best. The Chinese tuned into diving. South Koreans were glued to badminton coverage and South Africans to field hockey. Track and field led the way in Canada, France, Hong Kong, Japan and Great Britain. Add Different Strokes . . . Team handball was virtually invisible during NBC's coverage of the Atlanta Olympic Games. In Norway, though, it was big stuff.

    37. International Handball Federation | Olympic News
    10th place for Brazil is their best ranking in their handball history. The Asian team had only one formula against the olympic Champions speed at any,8102,0,,en.html




    Athens 2004
    ... Imprint Olympic News Below you can find the complete archive of Olympic Handball News [01.09.04 04:36 CET]
    Bengt's Diary - Day 11 - 29 August 2004

    Final: CRO - GER
    Both goalkeepers Losert (CRO) and Fritz (GER) played very well right from the beginning.
    [01.09.04 04:27 CET]
    CRO - GER - Best defence against best offence

    [01.09.04 09:16 CET] As expected both teams set upon a risky fast-paced play during the whole match. The aim is not only to score goals but also to make advantages for the offence: With one-on-one actions while running at full speed the attacker can make a dynamic advantage and thus also a 2-minute suspension for an opponent. [29.08.04 06:32 CET] Classification matches ESP-KOR In the match between ESP and GER the Spanish team was only some penalties away from making through to the semi-final. And at the end of the tournament they had to settle with 7th place after their victory over Korea who lost their motivation and power after the quarter-final. The performance of some of the first eight is equal. Often it depends on the shape of the day who of them will prevail. [29.08.04 06:13 CET]

    38. History
    olympic history. Canadian history. team handball is a very popular sport in manycountries around the World. Unfortunately, it is little known in North
    West Coast
    Team Handball Federation History of the Sport World History Olympic History Canadian History
    Team handball is a very popular sport in many countries around the World. Unfortunately, it is little known in North America. Perhaps the following information will help to know more about this fascinating, dynamic and exciting sport. World History Handball is the newest game within the sport games’ category but its development and origin goes back in history. Ball games were gaining popularity at the turn of the century in Europe. Various ball games were played but the most comparable to handball game was Konrad Koch’s Raffballspiel game. It was played in German schools in the 1890s. As we know today, the modern game of handball developed from 3 ball games. In Bohemia in the middle of the 1890s a ball game, called Hazena was developing. In the beginning of 1900, teachers

    39. Times Online - Olympics
    Dane s make handball history Denmark won its third consecutive olympic title inwomen s handball the first team to do so,,10729,00.html
    NI_IFRAME('Top'); ARCHIVE CLASSIFIED SHOPPING PROMOTIONS ... WEATHER Search OLYMPICS Athens news Daily log Aquatics ... Credits TIMES ONLINE Home Britain World Business ... Site Map SPECIAL REPORTS Management Issues Making Skills Work European Cities Arts Power 100 ... Other
    Handball PA NEWS: Dane's make handball history
    Denmark won its third consecutive Olympic title in women's handball - the first team to do so CHOOSE A SECTION IN HANDBALL Select from dropdown Select section here The competition Ancient origins Olympic history Sydney results GB squad Qualifying CHOOSE A DIFFERENT SPORT Select from dropdown Select a sport here Aquatics Archery Athletics Badminton Baseball Basketball Boxing Canoeing Cycling Equestrianism Fencing Football Gymnastics Handball Hockey Judo Modern Pentathlon Rowing Sailing Shooting Softball Table Tennis Taekwondo Tennis Triathlon Volleyball Weightlifting Wrestling EDITOR'S OLYMPIC GAMES LOG GAMES LOG SELECT A DAY Sunday August 29 Saturday August 28 Friday August 27 Thursday August 26 Wednesday August 25 Tuesday August 24 Monday August 23 Sunday August 22 Saturday August 21 Friday August 20 Thursday August 19 Wednesday August 18 Tuesday August 17 Monday August 16 Sunday August 15 Saturday August 14 WHAT'S ON IN ATHENS TODAY?

    40. Dr. Alice Christie's Olympics 2000 Page
    Historical Highlights of the olympics history of the olympic Games, softball,swimming, synchronized swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, team handball,
    Olympics 2000 Links for Students and Teachers General References on the Olympics General Information on Sydney, Australia

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