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         Syria History:     more books (100)
  1. History of the Monks of Syria (Cs88) by Theodoret of Cyrrhus, 1985-06
  2. Yarmuk AD 636: The Muslim Conquest of Syria (Praeger Illustrated Military History) by David Nicolle, 2005-09-30
  3. Islamic Reform: Politics and Social Change in Late Ottoman Syria (Studies in Middle Eastern History) by David Dean Commins, 1990-04-12
  4. The Asian Mystery Illustrated in the History, Religion, and Present State of the Ansaireeh or Nusairis of Syria by Samuel Lyde, 2005-11-30
  5. Greater Syria: The History of an Ambition by Daniel Pipes, 1992-03-26
  6. History of Syria Including Lebanon and Palestine, Vol. 1 by Philip K. Hitti, 2002-10-01
  7. Syria: A Historical and Architectural Guide by Warwick Ball, 1997-12
  8. White Banners: Contention in 'Abbasid Syria, 750-880 (S U N Y Series in Medieval Middle East History) by Paul M. Cobb, 2001-04
  9. The art of Syrian cookery;: A culinary trip to the land of Bible history: Syria and Lebanon by Helen Corey, 1962
  10. The Art of Syrian Cookery A Culinary Trip to the Land of Bible HistorySyria and Lebanon by Corey Helen, 1962
  11. The History of Al-Tabari: The Battle of Al-Qadisiyyah and the Conquest of Syria and Palestine (Tabari//History of Al-Tabari/Ta'rikh Al-Rusul Wa'l-Muluk)
  12. History of Egypt, Chaldea, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, Volume VII by G. Maspero, 2007-09-11
  13. The Ottomans in Syria: A History of Justice and Oppression (Tauris Academic Studies) by Dick Douwes, 2000-04-08
  14. Syria's Kurds: History, Politics and Society (Routledge Advances in Middle East and Islamic Studies) by Jordi Tejel, 2008-11-29

1. Syria: History
Archaeological finds proves that Syria was inhabited deep into the Stone Age. From this time on, Syria is governed through the Syrian Ba th.

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Syria: History


Political situation


Health. Education

Archaeological finds proves that Syria was inhabited deep into the Stone Age.
About 2500 BCE: The earliest traces of civilization, with the city of Ebla, close to today's Aleppo . This was at the same time as the civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia About 2300: Ebla destroyed by the Akkadian dynasty of Sumer About 1800: Assyrian capital of Shubat Enlil is established by King Shamsi-Adad I in the northeastern corner of Syria. About 1700: Assyria is conquered by Hammurabi of Babylonia About 1600: Northern Syria conquered by the Hittites About 1500: The kingdom of Mitanni is established in the south of today's Syria. About 1350: Mitanni is conquered by the Hittites About 1200: Immigration of Arameans. They established petty kingdoms. Their principal city, Aram, was located to an area near today's Damascus Assyria conquers Aram. Assyria collapses. Syria falls under the rule of Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia. With the decline of Babylonia, Syria falls under the control of

2. History Of Syria
A one page history of Syria.

3. Syria History
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4. Syria's History
with Made in Syria Syria's History Syria Guide General Information Syria's History Syria's Information More about Syria

5. Syria Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide
History. Historically, Syria included Jordan, Israel and Lebanon, as well as the area now known as Syria. Although the modern state of Syria is a creation
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History-hounds will love this grab-bag of amazing archeological treasures.
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Feature Attraction
Krak des Chevaliers
Author Paul Theroux described Krak des Chevaliers as the epitome of the dream castle of childhood... more >
WORLDGUIDE Introduction See Image Gallery Transport Money Essential Info RELATED Thorn Tree Forum Postcards Travel Links Syria's historic sites rival those of its Middle Eastern neighbours; Syria also lays claim to the oldest continuously occupied city (Damascus vies for the title with Aleppo), the spunkiest Crusader castle (Krak des Chevaliers) and the best preserved Roman theatre (in Bosra). Volatile Border The UK and Australian governments suggest that travellers exercise extreme caution, avoid demonstrations and political gatherings, and maintain a high level of personal security awareness. The US has issued a strong warning against travel to Syria due to anti-American protests and the possibility of violence. Families of US Embassy members and other US nationals have been advised to leave Syria. Kurdish populations were reported to have been restive in the spring, and entry into Iraq from Syria is forbidden to travellers.
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6. Syria Gate - About Syria - History Of Syria
History of syria history of Syria. Often called the Cradle of Civilization and the Gateway to History, Syria has a lot to offer history and the

7. Syria History - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Cur
syria history Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, Population, Social Statistics,

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  • 8. A Brief History Of Syria
    A Brief History of Modern Syria. Syria fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1516 and remained a part of their Ottoman Empire for four centuries.

    9. Syria Country Studies - Federal Research Division, Library Of
    Syria Country Studies Federal Research Division, Library of Congress

    10. Ministry Of Tourism Syria
    Official site Syria is full of history, archaeology, natural beauty and people whose hospitality and warmth extended to all tourists. The Site is

    11. BBC NEWS World Middle East France And Syria A Tangled History
    Email this to a friend Printable version France and Syria A tangled history. By Allan Little BBC, Damascus

    12. Syria History & Syria Culture | IExplore
    syria history The Syrian Arab Republic has been inhabited for tens of thousands of years and, as a result, has a rich cultural history.
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    Middle East Overview Browse Syria Photos Syria Questions and Answers ... Shopping Syria History
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    and Lebanon

    The government of Basil al-Assad has set a high priority on economic reform. Much of the economy is still state-owned and highly regulated. Some measures have been introduced to promote private enterprise and attract foreign investment; fiscal policy has focused on an overhaul and simplification of the convoluted tax system. The new cabinet installed in May 2003 - and reshuffled again in 2004 - has been tasked to accelerate the economic reform process, although it is likely to encounter many of the same obstacles as its predecessors in the form of well-entrenched vested interests and monopolies. The government must also tackle the problem of unemployment (officially 20 per cent but almost certainly higher). Annual GDP growth is around 4 per cent.
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    13. The Country People Of Syria
    AlHurriye Tours of Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. History of Syria, cities sites, Itineraries, Jordan Lebanon .

    14. Syria History
    History of Syria
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    15. Occupied Golan - Syria
    History of the Golan Heights from a Syrian perspective.

    16. Syria: History
    syria history and Government (Countries of the World). History Of The Babylonians And Assyrians Advance Into Syria And The Rise Of Urartu.
    in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
    Daily Almanac for
    Sep 26, 2005

    17. Syria
    Atlas Syria Facts on Syria flags, maps, geography, history, statistics, disasters current syria history and Government (Countries of the World)
    in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
    Daily Almanac for
    Sep 26, 2005

    18. Syria: History
    History. Early History. Until the 20th cent. the term Syria generally denoted those lands of the Levant, or eastern littoral of the Mediterranean,
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        Early History
        Until the 20th cent. the term Syria Ugarit ; human habitation at Tell Hamoukar in NE Syria dates to at least 4000 B.C. The Amorites , coming c.2100 B.C. from the Arabian peninsula, were the first important Semitic people to settle in the region, and they established many small states. From the 15th to the 13th cent. B.C. the area probably was part of the empire of the Hittites , although it came under Egyptian rule for long periods during that time. The first great indigenous culture was that of Phoenicia (located mostly in present-day Lebanon), which flourished after 1250 B.C. in a group of trading cities along the coast. In the 10th cent. B.C. two Hebrew kingdoms were organized in Palestine (see also Jews B.C. ) long invasions and intermittent control by the empire of Assyria . Babylonian conquerors also found success in Syria, and Egypt constantly sought to reestablish its position there. The Syrians were subjected to massacres, plundering, and forced deportations. B.C.

    19. Syria History - Arab
    syria history, civilization, historical timeline and recent past.
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    History of Syria with emphasis on Damascus, the capital.
    Domain: 20th Century History - Syria
    Online resources about the history of Syria.
    Domain: BBC Timelines - Syria A chronology of major political and historical events in Syria. Domain: Syria History Books Find books about Syria history from Amazon. Domain:

    20. Syria History
    History. PRESENTDAY SYRIA constitutes only a small portion of the ancient Since independence in 1946, Syria s history has been dominated by four
    PRESENT-DAY SYRIA constitutes only a small portion of the ancient geographical Syria. Until the twentieth century, when Western powers began to carve out the rough contours of the contemporary states of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel, the whole of the settled region at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea was called Syria, the name given by the ancient Greeks to the land bridge that links three continents. For this reason, historians and political scientists usually use the term Greater Syria to denote the area in the prestate period. Historically, Greater Syria rarely ruled itself, primarily because of its vulnerable position between the Mediterranean Sea and the desert. As a marchland between frequently powerful empires on the north, east, and south, Syria was often a battlefield for the political destinies of dynasties and empires. Unlike other parts of the Middle East, Greater Syria was prized as a fertile cereal-growing oasis. It was even more critical as a source of the lumber needed for building imperial fleets in the preindustrial period. A recurrent theme of Greater Syria's history has been the encounters between Eastern and Western powers on its soil. Even in the ancient period, it was the focus of a continual dialectic, both intellectual and bellicose, between the Middle East and the West. During the medieval period this dialectic was intensified as it became colored by diametrically opposed religious points of view regarding rights to the land. The Christian Byzantines contended with Arabs, and later the Christian Crusaders competed with Muslim Arabs, for land they all held sacred.

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