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         Synchronized Swimming Olympic History:     more detail
  1. Gold at Last by Sylvie Frechette, Lilianne Lacroix, 1994-09

1. - History - Olympic Synchronized Swimming Medalists
This document lists all Olympic synchronized swimming medalists. It is a page in the History section of, the largest collection of

2. - History - Synchronized Swimming
Synchronized Swimming. Table of Contents. History. International Competition. Other Resources Synchronized swimming became an Olympic event

3. 2004 OlympicsSynchronized Swimming From WWA
Provides a summary of Olympic synchronized swimming including history, judging and events information.

4. Olympic History Synchronized Swimming - Netcenter Sports Channel
Become an editor Suggest Links About March 23, 2000 Olympic History Synchronized Swimming

5. MSNBC - Synchronized Swimming Takes Olympic Stage
OLYMPICS FRONT RESULTS VIDEO SLIDE SHOWS. Synchronized swimming takes Olympic stage . History A Century of Synchro. MEDAL WINNERS

6. Summer Olympics 2000 Olympic History Swimming
Schedule Fan Guide History U.S. Roster Olympic history Swimming MEN WOMEN Canoe/Kayak Shooting. Cycling Synchronized Swimming.

7. Intelligent Enterprise Magazine Analysis Content Provisioning
Analysis Content Provisioning Synchronized Swimming for OlympicLeague Web Sites and deploy the content and code and have a history of all

8. Olympic Preview Synchronized Swimming
United States. History Gov't. Biography. Sports Bio search tips. Synchronized Swimming. First Olympic Appearance 1984 by John

9. Heather Olson Named Synchronized Swimming Head Coach Olympic
of the 1996 and 2000 U.S. Olympic Synchronized Swimming Teams and won a gold medal in 1996. She was honored as the U.S. Synchronized Swimming

10. LookSmart - Directory - Olympic Synchronized Swimming Synchronized Swimming Comprehensive profile of the event includes its overall history, an international and Olympic competition

11. 2004 Olympics--Synchronized Swimming From WWA
Provides a summary of olympic synchronized swimming including history, judging and events information.
It started as a male sport, with the earliest recorded competition in 1890 in Berlin. It has persevered under a myriad of names, including artistic, ornamental, scientific, figure or pattern swimming, as well as water ballet. By the turn of the century, though, women had come to the fore of synchronized swimming. A champion Australian swimmer, Annette Kellerman delighted audiences with dances performed in a glass tank of water in New York in 1907. Interest began to build. In 1924 in Montreal, the world's first provincial championship was held. The first champion, Peg Seller, became an important pioneer for the fledgling sport, and from there it spread to the US, where it soon flourished in amateur swimming clubs nationwide. Chicago later emerged as the hub of the sport's development, beginning with a stunning display at the 1934 World's Fair. Diver and former gymnast Katherine Curtis trained 60 swimmers, known as The Modern Mermaids, in a series of moves that gave birth to the term "synchronized swimming." It's international popularity soared further when swimmer Esther Williams performed in a string of MGM "aqua musicals" in the 1940s and '50s. By then a contracted star at MGM, she starred in several films, known as "aqua musicals," centered around synchronized swimming. One of the biggest, Million Dollar Mermaid, was an affectionate portrait of Annette Kellerman.

12. - History - Synchronized Swimming
This document is a history of synchronized swimming. synchronized swimmingbecame an olympic event at the 1984 Los Angeles Games, with solo and duet
Sports History
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Synchronized Swimming
Table of Contents
The great Australian swimmer, Annette Kellerman, planted the first seed of what was to become synchronized swimming when she performed "water ballet" in a glass tank at the New York Hippodrome in 1907. Katherine "Kay" Curtis didn't see the performance, but she may well have been inspired by newspaper accounts. As a student at the University of Wisconsin in 1915, Curtis began experimenting with underwater swimming stunts. The following year, she was instrumental in having synchronized swimming added to the school's physical education program for women. Curtis moved on to the University of Chicago, where she founded a water ballet club in 1923. Sixty of her swimmers, known as the "Modern Mermaids," performed at the 1934 Century of Progress World's Fair in Chicago, attracting national and international publicity. The sport quickly became popular among young women in the Chicago area and Curtis developed rules for competition, based essentially on the scoring methods used in gymnastics, diving, and figure skating.

13. - History - Olympic Synchronized Swimming Medalists
This document lists all olympic synchronized swimming medalists. It is a page inthe history section of, the largest collection of sports
Sports History
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Synchronized Swimming Medalists
Synchronized swimming became an Olympic sport in 1984 with solo and duet competition. In 1996, they were replaced by a single team event. Duet competition was restored to the Olympic program in 2000. Top of page
Year Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score Candy Costie
Tracie Ruiz
, USA Sharon Hambrook
Saeko Simura
Michelle Cameron
Sarah Josephson
Miyako Tanaka
Sarah Josephson
Penny Vilagos
Fumiko Okuno
Not held Olga Brusnikina
Miya Tachibana Virginie Dedieu Top of page
Year Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score United States Canada Japan Russia Japan Canada Russia Japan United States Top of page
Year Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score Tracie Ruiz , USA Carolyn Waldo, CAN Miwako Motoyoshi, JPN Carolyn Waldo, CAN Tracie Ruiz-Conforto , USA Mikako Kotani, JPN Fumiko Okuno, JPN Joint gold medal awarded in October of 1993 because of a scoring discrepancy Top of page
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14. >>>USA Synchro
history of synchronized swimming in the US US synchronized swimming selectsits firstever 10-member olympic team for the 1996 Games.
History of Synchronized Swimming in the U.S.
Australian, Annette Kellerman, performing in a glass tank, attracts national attention at the New York Hippodrome as the first underwater ballerina. Katherine Curtis, student at the University of Wisconsin, experiments with diving actions and stunts in the water. Curtis starts a water ballet club at the University of Chicago. The group executes strokes, "tricks" and floating formations. Sixty of Curtis' swimmers, called the Modern Mermaids, perform in the lagoon at the Century of Progress World's Fair in Chicago. The first U.S. competition, held May 27, is a dual meet at Wright Junior College between Wright and the Chicago Teachers' College, Curtis' team...Showman Billy Rose develops an Aquacade for the World's Fair in New York featuring Olympians Eleanor Holm and Johnny Weismeuller. Esther Williams, U.S. freestyle champion and Olympic contender, popularizes water ballet with her performances in the San Francisco World's Fair Aquacade and subsequent MGM movies...The Central Association of the Amateur Athletic Association [AAU] begins competitions in synchronized swimming. The first CAAAU meet is held March 1, 1940 in Wilmette, Illinois. The AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) adopts synchronized swimming as an official competitive sport for duet and team events. Clark Leach of the CAAAU was the first chairman.

15. >>>USA Synchro
MOST COMPREHENSIVE olympic synchronized swimming COVERAGE IN history PLANNED ONTHE NBC NETWORKS AND NBColympicS.COM. TV Listings and InDepth synchronized
Recent News Synchro Community Mourns Loss of Jessica Beck
COLUMBUS, Ohio Jessica Beck, an Ohio State synchronized swimmer, passed away Thursday in Columbus from what appears to be natural causes. Beck, 21, a native of Richmond, Va., would have been a senior this school year.

2005 Mrs. America Pageant to host U.S. Synchro World Championship Team Indianapolis, IN Athletes from the United States Synchronized Swimming World Championship Team have been selected to swim two exhibitions during the 2005 Mrs. America Pageant, being held at the Palm Springs Riviera Resort in Palm Springs, Calif. The team will be performing during the taping of the telecast Wednesday, September 7th. The Mrs. America Pageant will air Sept. 14th and 17th on WE Women's Entertainment television network. Check your local listings for exact times. [Read More...] U.S. Earns Two Fourth Place Spots
Russia wins gold in duet and team Montreal, Can. The United States earned two fourth place spots at the FINA World Championships this weekend in Montreal. The duet, Sara Lowe and Stephanie Nesbitt, as well as the World Championship Team both placed fourth with scores of 94.584 and 95.666 respectively.

16. Olympic Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming, Triathlon, And Mode
olympic swimming, Diving, Water Polo, synchronized swimming, Triathlon, history of Women at the olympics notable female athletes, women s events.
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Olympic Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Synchro, and Triathlon
Sources of information about the water sports in the Olympic games. Olympic Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming, Triathlon, and Modern Pentathlon.
Recent Up a category Olympic Swimming Sports in Athens 2004 Follow 2004 Summer Olympic Swimming and other swimming-related sports with these helpful links. These links will take you to Summer Olympic sites covering Olympic swimming history, rules, records, athletes, and images for the Olympic swimming sports in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens Greece. 2004 Athens Olympic Swimming Results - Men Results, updated daily, for the men's swimming events at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens.

17. - Olympic Sports - U.S. Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team - Wednesday
US synchronized swimming Team olympic history Competing in her second olympicsafter winning team gold at the 1996 Atlanta Games. Accomplishments


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U.S. Synchronized Swimming Team
Carrie Barton Tammy Cleland-McGregor Bridget Finn Anna Kozlova ... Kim Wurzel Carrie Barton Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: May 19, 1976 Hometown: Irving, Texas Olympic History: Competing in her first Olympics Accomplishments:
  • Eight-time member of U.S. National Team
  • USSS All-America Team I, 1997-99
  • 1997 USOC Sportswoman of the Year Nominee
  • 1992 USSS All-America Team Back to the top Tammy Cleland-McGregor Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: Oct. 26, 1975 Hometown: Orlando, Fla. Olympic History: Competing in her second Olympics after winning team gold at the 1996 Atlanta Games Accomplishments:
  • Finished third in individual and second in duet competition at 1999 Olympic Trials
  • Finished third in individual and second in team competition at 1999 Jantzen Nationals
  • Part of first-place team at 1994 World Cup Back to the top Bridget Finn Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: Feb. 2, 1974
  • 18. - Olympic Synchronized Swimming Factbox - Wednesday July 7, 2004 9:42PM
    olympic synchronized swimming factbox. Posted Wednesday July 7, Factbox onsynchronised swimming at the August 1329 Athens olympics. history
    Olympic synchronized swimming factbox
    Posted: Wednesday July 7, 2004 9:42PM; Updated: Wednesday July 7, 2004 9:42PM
    ATHENS, July 8 (Reuters) Factbox on synchronised swimming at the August 13-29 Athens Olympics: HISTORY Synchronised swimming as a sport began in the 1950s and it was recognised by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) in 1952. The first competition, an all-American championship, was held three years later. Synchronised swimming joined the Olympic programme as a solo and pairs event in Los Angeles in 1984. In 1996 a team event for eight swimmers was held instead. Sydney in 2000 saw the introduction of both team and duet events. EVENTS Women's team event (eight teams) Women's duet (16 pairs) 2000 CHAMPIONS Duet: Olga Brusnikina/Maria Kisseleva (Russia) Team event: Russia OLYMPIC PROGRAMME August 23: Duet technical routine preliminaries August 24: Duet free routine preliminaries August 25: Duet final August 26: Team technical routine August 27: Team free routine VENUE Olympic Aquatic Centre at the Athens Olympic Sports Complex in Maroussi. Synchronised swimming will be held in an indoor pool with seating for 5,000 spectators. OFFICIAL WEBSITE

    19. ABC Online News - Sports: Synchronized Swimming
    history. synchronized swimming is probably the only olympic sport which owes muchof its popularity to Hollywood. Although it has a history, in one form or
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    Athletes Sports ... Coverage RELATED ABC SITES Lateline Four Corners 7.30 Report Foreign Correspondent Landline Australian Story Stateline AM ... Correspondents' Report INTERACTIVE Forums Contact Us News Mail HELP Hearing Audio Viewing Video ABC ONLINE Home Other Areas of Interest: Subject Arts Science Children Youth Education Rural Local Shop OLYMPICS : Sports Synchronized Swimming Of all the Olympic sports, synchronized swimming has been the butt of the most jokes. Its critics cannot understand how it qualifies for a place at the highest alter in sport, when it appears to be little more than a group of women smiling a lot, duck diving and wiggling their legs in the air. But this interpretation misses the athleticism, artistry and strength required to compete in synchronized swimming at the highest level. The sport requires grace, agility, flexibility, near-perfect timing, musical interpretation and a sense of the dramatic.

    20. History Page
    A Brief history of synchronized swimming of KOREA. Recent Korean Accomplishments . 14th in duet and 11th in team in Atene olympic qualifing
    A Brief History of Synchronized swimming of KOREA Recent Korean Accomplishments.
    • 1994 .3rd in solo and duet 12th Hiroshima Asian Games 1996. 1st. place overall in the Rome Open. 1997. 1st place for duet Jang, yoon kyung.Kim, min jung. 2nd place for solo
      Jang, yoon kyung in the 5th Junior World Championships. 1997. 8th in team solo duet in the FINA World Cup. 1998. 8th place for team in the 8th FINA World Swimming Championships. 1998 .2nd in solo and duet 13th Bangkok Asian Games. 2000. 11th in duet in Sydney Olympic Games. 2002. 9th in duet in the 9th Fukuoka World swimming Championships 2004. 14th in duet and 11th in team in Atene Olympic qualifing
    Origins of Korean synchronized swimming team.
    In the early 1970's,the sport of Synchro was introduced in Korea by the YMCA.To capture the public's attention,some of the young and senior swimmers practicing synchro in the YMCA performed several demonstrations throughout the country. In 1984, Korea Swimming Federation organized Synchro committee and began to prepare national synchro team for the 24th Seoul Olympic Games. Coaches from U.S.A. Japan And Canada helped in the training of Korean team, and participation in the many international games and workshops allowed Korean players and coaches to quickly develop advanced techniques. International Development of Synchronized Swimming

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