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         Switzerland History:     more books (100)
  1. Swiss Banking: An Analytical History by Hans Bauer, Warren J. Blackman, 1998-10-15
  2. History Of The Great Reformation Of The Sixteenth Century In Germany And Switzerland V2 by J. H. Merle D'Aubigne, 2007-06-01

141. Save Our Seas Foundation
Awareness, protection, preservation and conservation of the global marine environment are the heart of the Save Our Seas Foundation's mission. Save our Seas Foundation is a nonprofit making Swiss foundation headquartered in Geneva, switzerland.

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Encouraging Awareness, Protection, Preservation and
Conservation of the Global Marine Environment through Research and Education
© Save Our Seas Foundation 2004

142. The Swiss Guard - History
with the history of these troops who take an oath of loyalty to the Pope. played such an important role in the history of European politics.
The "Helvetians": country, where, because of the precarious economic conditions of the times, there was much poverty. There was no choice but to emigrate and one of the most profitable jobs was that of a mercenary soldier abroad. The Swiss Mercenaries: The Swiss Mercenaries and France: The alliance with France was the most important and it began with Charles VII in 1453, and was later renewed in 1474 by Louis XI, who had seen for himself near Basle how 1,500 Swiss soldiers had resisted against twenty times as many men. Louis XI hired some of the Confederate soldiers as instructors for the French army and the King of Spain did the same. When, at the end of the 15th century, with Charles VIII the Italian Wars began, the Swiss were described by the Italian historian, Guicciardini, as "the nerve and the hope of an army". In 1495 the life of the King of France was saved thanks to the immovable firmness of his Swiss foot-soldiers. The foreign service of the Confederates was better regulated under the 1521 alliance between France and the Cantons. With it the Swiss agreed to provide from six to sixteen thousand men for the King and in return the Cantons would benefit from the protection of the most powerful European prince. They became permanent allies and auxiliaries, but the Cantons were still the true sovereigns of the troops and reserved to themselves the right to withdraw them. These armed corps were completely independent, with their own regulations, their own judges and their own flags. The orders were given in their own language, German, by Swiss officers and they

143. - World Floorball
IFF is the Floorball world head organization (Sweden Innebandy, Finland Salibandy, switzerland, France, Belgium Unihockey).
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144. Departement Informatik - Prof. N. Wirth
Page in Departement Informatik, ETH Zentrum, switzerland. Projects, honours, books, articles.
Niklaus Wirth, Professor, retired
Departement Informatik
ETH Zentrum
CH-8092 Zürich
Niklaus Wirth was born in February 1934 in Winterthur, Switzerland. He received the degree of Electronics Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich in 1959, an M.Sc. from Laval University, Canada, in 1960, and a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in 1963. He was Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University (1963 - 1967), and then at the University of Zurich. In 1968 he became Professor of Informatics at ETH Zurich. He spent two sabbatical years at the Xerox PARC in California, and he is retired since April 1999.
Latest Projects
Selected Honours
  • ACM, A. M. Turing Award IEEE Computer Society, Computer Pioneer Award (1988) IBM Europe Science and Technology Prize 1988 (1989) Member, Swiss Academy of Engineering, 1992 Foreign Associate, US Academy of Engieering, 1994

145. ExPASy - Biochemical Pathways
Digitized version of wall charts courtesy Boehringer Mannheim et al, divided into Metabolic Pathways and Cellular and Molecular Processes, maintained by the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Geneva, switzerland.
ExPASy Home page Site Map Search ExPASy Contact us ENZYME Search Swiss-Prot/TrEMBL Swiss-Prot/TrEMBL (full text) PROSITE SWISS-2DPAGE ENZYME NEWT Taxonomy HAMAP families ExPASy web site for The ExPASy Server requires Javascript to be fully functional. You may not see all the information available for this page (More information)
Biochemical Pathways
This page gives access to the digitized version of the Roche Applied Science "Biochemical Pathways" wall chart. Please note that the publishing company Elsevier GmbH, Slevogtstr. 3 - 5 69126 Heidelberg Germany, owns the rights for commercial applications of the Biochemical Pathways. If you wish to use any of the information obtained from this site commercially please contact Ms. Ina Schibel at Elsevier GmbH for approval.
Note that the Biochemical Pathway posters are no longer available as a paper copy from Roche. Please do NOT email ExPASy staff with enquiries on this subject.
Keyword Search
Please enter one or more keyword(s) or partial word(s). For example, you may type Oxoacyl . You will then be given a list of all matching entries of the "Biochemical Pathways" wall chart. If you enter more than one keyword, only the entries matching all keywords will be listed.

146. Celway Group | Information Powers The World
Providing global aviation research in the form of news, facts and images. Based in Uster, switzerland.
Celway Group . All Rights Reserved.

147. IMF--Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board--Home Page
Index of/links to data categories provided to the IMF. Information is organized by sector.
Bulletin Board
Search Tips
Reviews of the Fund's Data Standards' Initiatives ( Reviews
Special Data Dissemination Standard Site ( SDDS
General Data Dissemination System Site ( GDDS
Data Quality Reference Site ( DQRS
Dissemination Standards
Bulletin Board
Features of the enhanced DSBB The International Monetary Fund's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB) provides access to the Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS), the General Data Dissemination System (GDDS), and the Data Quality Reference (DQRS) sites.
  • The SDDS was established in 1996 to guide countries that have, or that might seek, access to international capital markets in the dissemination of economic and financial data to the public. This site provides information about economic and financial data disseminated by member countries that subscribe to the SDDS. The GDDS was established in 1997 to guide countries in the provision to the public of comprehensive, timely, accessible, and reliable economic, financial, and socio-demographic data. This site provides information on data produced and disseminated by member countries that participate in the GDDS. The Data Quality Reference Site ( DQRS ), which was created to foster a common understanding of data quality, provides access to contributions in the field and includes a selection of articles and other sources related to data quality issues.

148. Switzerland From Space
Annotate or zoom in on a picture taken, on October 10th, 1994 by astronauts on board the Space Shuttle Orbiter Endeavour, on mission STS68, while passing over Western switzerland.
Click in image to zoom in.
Image source: NASA Earth from Space image gallery. Learn more about this image.
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About this Image
Earth and Moon Viewer
Fourmilab Home Page
by John Walker
June, 1998 Images produced by Switzerland from Space are in the public domain and may be used in any manner without permission, restriction, attribution, or compensation. Back links to Switzerland from Space are welcome.

149. PRO HELVETIA: Schweizer Kulturstiftung
Arts Council of switzerland. Includes information about the foundation and its publications, application forms and information sheets.
Deutsch Fran§ais Italiano English Deutsch Fran§ais Italiano English

150. Rail-Info Switzerland
Narrow Gauge Guide switzerland
Information about Swiss narrow gauge railways Introduction Railway News Railway companies Other links ... Deutsche Sprache What's
Intro Switzerland's rail network is one of the world's most densely concentrated rail systems. Due to the extremely mountainous terrain, railway engineers opted for the more economical narrow gauge construction; the distance between the rails is less than the standard 1435 mm. Some of these railways (such as the BLM) are simply links between two villages, while others handle the traffic of an entire canton (RhB.) Some, such as the JB were designed as tourist carriers, while others are "international", crossing into other nations (MC.) Because of this large variety of design and purpose, detailed descriptions of many of them will be found on this website. To contact the authors please have a look at our imprint Railway
News from Swiss narrow gauge railways Latest news Older issues Railway
Overview map of narrow gauge railways
Technical descriptions of selected locomotives
  • BLM
  • BOB Bernese Oberland Railways
  • BRB Brienz-Rothorn Railway
  • BVZ BVZ Zermatt Railway
  • CJ Chemins de fer du Jura
  • DFB Furka Cogwheel Steam Railway
  • FART Ferrovie autolinee regionali ticinesi (Centovalli Railway)
  • FLP Ferrovia Lugano-Ponte Tresa
  • FO Furka-Oberalp Railway
  • GFM
  • GGB Gornergrat-Monte Rosa Railways
  • JB Jungfrau Railways
  • LSE
  • 151. Driving In Switzerland | Driving Abroad
    Information for the visitor driving in switzerland. Includes speed limits, annual toll details, and safety requirements for drivers, as well as general tips and advice.
    Americas Mexico Europe Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark ... United Kingdom Oceania Australia Staying Safe Alcohol limits Speed converter ... Links
    Driving in Switzerland
    Switzerland has a lot to offer the motorist; quiet, well-maintained roads and a decent autoroute network, coupled with dramatic scenery. There are 4 official languages in Switzerland, so be prepared for the signage to switch from one language to the other as you drive around the country.
    Autoroutes, Autobahns (Motorways, Freeways)
    Swiss autoroutes are all tolled. However, unlike France where you pay on demand for the length of your journey, in Switzerland it is necessary to purchase an annual 'vignette'. This sticker, which must be fixed to the inside of your windscreen, entitles you to drive on the autoroutes for 1 year (Jan-Dec). At the time of writing it cost SF40. Failure to display the vignette when driving on an autoroute will land you a SF100 fine as well as the cost of the vignette. You can buy them in advance of your journey from Swiss tourist offices, as you enter the country at border posts and inside Switzerland from post offices and some garages. However, this law is not made very clear to the visitor and border guards (especially in remote areas) will not remind you of the requirement. Obviously, if you are entering the country by autoroute, it is more likely that you will be stopped at the border and sold a vignette. Although it is possible to get around Switzerland without using autoroutes, it will certainly speed up journey times and you don't want to miss the fantastic autoroute drive from Montreux to Lausanne - breath-taking scenery with the Jura on one side and Lake Geneva on the other.

    152. Sky Above 47°N 7°E At Mon 2005 Sep 26 12:13
    Centered on Berne, switzerland (46°54'N 7°30'E).

    153. Welcome To Hells Angels MC Switzerland
    Die Schweizer Chapter der Hells Angels (Z¼rich, Genf und St.Gallen) stellen sich vor und berichten ¼ber ihre Veranstaltungen.
    SWITZERLAND ZURICH ST.GALLEN GENEVE RIVERSIDE ... HAMC WORLD The Death Head Insignia and words Hells Angels are registered trademarks. Unauthorized usage is strictly forbidden.

    154. Medicus Mundi Switzerland - Medicus Mundi Schweiz
    Swiss network of organizations for international cooperation in health care. Member organizations, news.
    @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; Medicus Mundi Schweiz
    Murbacherstrasse 34
    CH-4013 Basel
    Aktuell Symposium vom 9. November 2005 in Basel:
    Gemeinsam f¼r Gesundheit - jetzt anmelden!
    MMS Bulletin Nr. 97, Memory Work

    Mitglieder und Partner: letzte Meldungen

    Netzwerk-News vom 5. September 2005

    Med: Der Sonnentempel (Gesundheit f¼r alle)
    RomeroHaus, 8. November 2005, 19.30 Uhr

    (D) Schweiz Tansania RomeroHaus "Die Schweizer „rztin Uma Grob, Tansania, spricht aus ihrer reichen Erfahrung als ehemalige Gesch¤ftsf¼hrerin von "H+ Die Spit¤ler der Schweiz". Sie hat das Gesundheitssystem von Tansania mitgepr¤gt, unter anderem durch den Aufbau eines orthop¤dischen Institutes." Zwei HIV/Aids-Fachleute zu Besuch November 2005 (D) DR Kongo Kenia mission 21 "Yvonne Kavuo und Emery Mpwate sind HIV/Aids-Fachleute aus Afrika in Afrika. In Zusammenarbeit mit mission 21 in Afrika f¼hren sie als Beratende Workshops ¼ber Pr¤vention und den Umgang mit Aidsdurch. Die beiden nehmen gerne vom ca. 7. - Mehr als nur ein Tropfen auf den heissen Stein Novartis-Symposium, 25. November 2005

    155. Sea Scouting: Scouts Marins En Suisse / Seepfadfinder In Schweitz / Scoutismo Na
    Index of groups organizations.
    Scouts Marins en Suisse
    Seepfadfinder in Schweitz
    Scoutismo nautico in la Svizzera
    Sea Scouting in Switzerland
    pour mettre à jour une
    liste ou ajouter un neuf
    Mouvement Scout de Suisse
    Seepfadfinderabteilung Zürich document.write("Mis à jour: " + document.lastModified + "")

    156. Natural Radioactivity In Switzerland
    Construction of radioelement and doserate baseline maps by combining ground and airborne radiometric data. PDF

    157. Mother Tongue In Switzerland
    First languages of the Swiss Population Percentages of the 'National Languages' German, French, Italian, and Romansh according to the 1990 Census.
    Mother tongue in Switzerland
    1990 Federal census German 63.7% French 19.2% Italian 7.6% Romansh 0.6% other languages 8.9% Source: Statistical Data on Switzerland 1994 Swiss Federal Statistical Office , Bern 1994 Confoederatio Helvetica

    A bicycle tour company based in Geneva, switzerland. Profile, dates, prices, map, reservations, contacts, and links.
    Tour of Switzerland

    159. Edutech Home
    Presents applications of New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT) in teaching at Swiss universities and other institutions of higher education, specially 'Swiss Virtual Campus'. It also serves as a meeting point for all persons and groups working in this field.
    Providing Technological Support
    to the Swiss Virtual Campus
    Welcome to edutech
    Edutech is a mandate of the Swiss Virtual Campus programme. Its role is to support the SVC in technological matters. The main tasks are the following : Other activities include information and communication services, technology watch, organizing courses, etc. Edutech is hosted at Centre NTE University of Fribourg
    Latest News [more] Survey about service and hosting strategies 20 Sep 2005
    In June 2005, the swiss virtual campus task force "national content server" has made a suvey about e-learning services at swiss higher education institutions. The survey covers the opinion of e-learning competence centers about
    • institutional and strategical e-learning service offerings
    • service and hosting requirements
    • national or inter-institutional service exchange
    The survey report summary is now online at

    160. This Is A Bare Bones Page -- Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Singapura
    A digital transcript of a journal kept on travels in the lands of myth, fashion, art and money Greece, Italy, and switzerland. Includes pictures, travel tips, and first impressions.
    Beginning Athens Roma Venice Firenze ... Lucerne Zurich
    Allo you, welcome to this digital transcript of a journal kept (sometimes assiduously, occasionally not) on a trip made in lovely May this year (2002) by me and friend J to lands magical, redolent with perfumed myth and modern pong. Errors (except where they would threaten the original meaning overly) are preserved and staccato style retained to set in marble forever the harried, breathless, wide-eyed wonder-ness of this trip made on the cusp of our turning 21.
    Please read everything keeping in mind that most of the time we were in a state of amazement and/ or amused survey of the absurdities of life, or 42, or everything. Nasty comments (there aren't any, actually) are meant much more benignly than they look on a coldly flickering screen. Click here for photographs. Ah, and one more thing ~ all the pictures, doodles, photographs and assorted strange and wondrous grotesqueries you see on this page (and its spawn) are mine own. He he. email if you really wanna Sign Guestbook View Guestbook Arraigned below is the compleat journal, in order chronological, set out in almost faithful fascimile. To look at certain portions instead of scrolling over everything, click on the burnished names of the cities above.

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