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         Switzerland History:     more books (100)
  1. Shapers of Religious Traditions in Germany, Switzerland, and Poland, 1560-1600
  2. Switzerland, from Roman Times to the Present. by William, Martin, 2003-03
  3. Free and Swiss: The Story of Switzerland by Georg Th-Urer, 1971-06
  4. Switzerland in Perspective. by George Soloveytchik, 1982-11-10
  5. Switzerland (The story of the nations) by Lina Hug, 1897
  6. The story of Switzerland (Story of the nations) by Lina Hug, 1893
  7. The social structure of Switzerland: Outline of a society (Swiss Council for the Arts Pro Helvetia.Information, Social structure) by René Levy, 1984
  8. Seminary or University?: The Genevan Academy and Reformed Higher Education, 1560-1620 (St Andrews Studies in Reformation History) by Karin Maag, 1996-01
  9. Bibliography of the history of printing in Switzerland, (Contributions to the bibliography of printing, no. 5) by Friedrich Lorenz Hoffmann, 1941
  10. Switzerland: Its Scenery, History, and Literary Associations by Kuhns, Oscar, 1910
  11. A documented history of the Long family, Switzerland to South Carolina, 1578-1956, including allied families;: A documentary record of the Long (Lang) ... Carolina, including many allied families by Eytive Long Evans, 1956
  12. Early Modern Democracy in the Grisons: Social Order and Political Language in a Swiss Mountain Canton, 1470-1620 (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern History) by Randolph C. Head, 2002-05-09
  13. Town and Country in Europe, 1300-1800 (Themes in International Urban History)
  14. Brothers in Christ: The History of the Oldest Anabaptist Congregation Zollikon, Near Zurich, Switzerland by Fritz Blanke, 2005-07

101. History (from Switzerland) --  Encyclopædia Britannica
history (from switzerland) The history of switzerland, a complex series of events, provides the background for an understanding of the country s presentday
Home Browse Newsletters Store ... Subscribe Already a member? Log in Content Related to this Topic This Article's Table of Contents Expand all Collapse all Introduction The land Relief and drainage Soils Climate Wind systems ... Avalanches Plant and animal life Vegetation Crop cultivation at high altitudes Animal life Settlement patterns ... Transportation Administration and social conditions Government Police and armed forces Education Social welfare ... Leisure History From the prehistoric period to the Swiss Confederation Prehistoric Switzerland Celtic Switzerland Roman Switzerland Barbarian invasions ... Dynastic Switzerland From the Swiss Confederation to the Constitution of 1848 The growth of confederation The Burgundian War The Swabian War War with France ... Remaining challenges Additional Reading General works Geography History Print this Table of Contents Shopping Price: USD $1495 Revised, updated, and still unrivaled. The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (Hardcover) Price: USD $15.95 The Scrabble player's bible on sale! Save 30%.

102. History (from Switzerland) --  Encyclopædia Britannica
history (from switzerland) Historical overviews are provided by e Handbuch der schweizer Geschichte /e , 2 vol. (1972–77); e ty = s Peter Dürrenmatt /e

103. The History Of Switzerland: A Chronological Survey Of Key Dates And Events
The history of switzerland A Chronological Survey of Key Dates and Events At the beginning of the 19th century, switzerland is one of the most highly

Index Contact
The Federal Assembly - The Swiss Parliament Current News Sessions National Council
Council of States
... Guided tours of the Federal Parliament Building Curia Vista
All parliament. business About Curia Vista Search for parliamentary request of business Official Bulletin
The debates Current Session Archives 1999-2003 Archives 1995-1999 CiviCampus Instruction civique interactive The History of Switzerland: A Chronological Survey of Key Dates and Events From the Foundation of the Swiss Confederation to the Apex of Military Might The three Forest Communities defeat the Austrians at the Battle of Morgarten and conclude the Pact of Brunnen. Zurich is taken back into the Confederation. The victories over the Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold, allow Bern to acquire large amounts of additional territory. During this period of territorial expansion, the Confederation becomes a great military power and a source for mercenaries enrolled to fight abroad. In the wake of the Swabian War, the Confederates are able to affirm their independence from the Holy Roman Empire. With the arrival of Fribourg, Solothurn, Basel, Schaffhausen, and Appenzell, the Confederation expands to comprise 13 cantons.

104. A Short History Of Switzerland
Presentday switzerland is since around 500 BC inhabited by the Celtic tribe the Frankish Realm it shares the history of the southern parts of Germany.
Present-day Switzerland is since around 500 BC inhabited by the Celtic tribe of the Helveti. The area gets known as Helvetia and as a result of the Gallic wars it becomes under that name part of the Roman Empire from the 1st century BC until the 4th century. After the collapse of the Roman Empire the region is invaded by germanic tribes, like the Burgundians and the Alemans. From the eight century, when it becomes part of the Frankish Realm it shares the history of the southern parts of Germany . In the feudal German Empire the Habsburgs become in 1278 rulers of Austria , one of the German counties. Austria includes at that moment Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden. These cantons form a confederation agains Austria in 1291: Switzerland , but not yet under that name, has started to exist, still inside the German Empire. Between 1315 and 1388 the Swiss Confederates inflicts three crushing defeats on the Habsburgs, whose aspiration to regional dominion clash with Swiss self-determination. During that period, five other localities join the original three in the Swiss Confederation. Buoyed by their feats, the Swiss Confederates continuously expand their borders by military means and gain formal independence from the Holy Roman Empire in 1499. In the Peace of Westphalia treaties in 1648 the sovereign independence of the full members of the Swiss Confederation is recognized. French revolutionaries, supported by Swiss revolutionaries, invade Switzerland and proclaim the Helvetic Republic

105. WYLER AG Switzerland, HISTORY WYLER AG/Calibration,Inclination Measuring Instrum
WYLER,WYLER AG,Winterthur,Levelsoft,Dynam,Neigungsmessung,Ebenheitsmessung,flatness measurement,inclination measurement,Wasserwaagen,Neigungsmessgeraete
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support frames. Please use the
alternative homepage WYLER
choosing the corresponding language

106. Claims Conference Programs:
history of Jewish Refugees to switzerland. In December 1999, a report commissioned by the Swiss government, known as the Bergier Report,

107. The History Of Strong Earthquakes In Switzerland (2003-2005)
The history of Strong Earthquakes in switzerland (20032005) All earthquakes known to have caused damage in the history of switzerland were reassessed,
The History of Strong Earthquakes in Switzerland (2003-2005) A project supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation
Monika Gisler, Historical Part
N.N., Seismological Part (PhD Thesis)
Historical earthquake data represents the wealth of potential information on long-term seismicity that contributes to understand tectonics and to assess seismic hazard. The data allows establishing the history of earthquake damage and thus provides important information for possible future earthquake scenarios such as site-specific damage, secondary hazards from effects in nature, and characteristics of strong aftershocks. It will help to understand how future damage can be limited. During 2000–2002, SED performed a revision of the earthquake catalogue. All earthquakes known to have caused damage in the history of Switzerland were reassessed, and some still unknown earthquakes were detected. Our project in progress is based on these earlier studies. Main goal is to exploit the historical data collected. The project can be divided into four parts:
  • Further analysis of significant earthquakes in Switzerland, in order to provide damage patterns of individual large earthquakes, to establish site-specific damage histories and to implement the historical and macroseismic information for calibration for microzonation and earthquake damage scenarios

108. WWW Virtual Library Labour History: Switzerland
Over 1600 links to organizations, archives, libraries, museums, research institutions and resources around the world in the field of labour history.
WWW Virtual Library
Labour History
Go to:

What's new



Labour History
Our 3 Virtual Libraries Other Search Options Other Virtual Libraries on This Server: WWW VL Economic and Business History WWW VL Women's History WWWVL Indonesia Also on This Server: Labour History News Labour History Journals LabNet Asian Labour ... and more.... The WWW Virtual Library: W3VL Overview W3VL Alphabetical W3VL Search: W3VL History Overview W3VL History Network Maintained by: for the International Institute of Social History Switzerland Africa Argentina Asia Australia ... Uruguay Switzerland

109. The History Of Protestantism - Volume First - Book Eighth - History Of Protestan
Book 8 of Wylie's history of Protestantism from 1516 to the establishment of the church in Zurich in 1525.
The History of Protestantism
Volume First - Book Eighth
James A. Wylie
author of "The Papacy," "Daybreak in Spain," &c.
"Protestantism, the sacred cause
of God's Light and Truth
against the
Devil's Falsity and Darkness."
A Voice from the Philadelphian Church Age
by Rev. James Aitken Wylie , LL.D. Table of Contents BOOK EIGHTH HISTORY OF PROTESTANTISM IN SWITZERLAND FROM A.D. 1516 TO ITS ESTABLISHMENT AT ZURICH, 1525. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 CONDITION OF SWITZERLAND PRIOR TO THE REFORMATION. Chapter 3 CORRUPTION OF THE SWISS CHURCH. Chapter 4 ZWINGLI'S BIRTH AND SCHOOL-DAYS. Chapter 5 ZWINGLI'S PROGRESS TOWARDS EMANCIPATION. Chapter 6 ZWINGLI IN PRESENCE OF THE BIBLE. Chapter 7 EINSIEDELN AND ZURICH. Chapter 8 THE PARDON-MONGER AND THE PLAGUE. The Two Proclamations – Pardon for Money and Pardon of Grace – Contemporaneous – The Cordelier Samson sent to Switzerland – Crosses St. Gothard – Arrives in Uri – Visits Schwitz-Zug – Bern – A General Release from Purgatory – Baden – "Ecce Volant!" – Zurich – Samson Denied Admission – Returns to Rome – The Great Death – Ravages – Zwingli Stricken – At the Point of Death – Hymn – Restored – Design of the Visitation. Chapter 9 EXTENSION OF THE REFORMATION TO BERN AND OTHER SWISS TOWNS.

110. SECO Standort:Schweiz
An officiallysponsored initiative presenting switzerland.
CONTACT SITEMAP LINKS PUBLICATIONS ... EVENTS SEARCH - Quick Access - Events Taxes Tools Checklists
NEWS Novelis to Invest in Swiss Metal Plant RiskMetrics Opens Geneva Office Med Services Relocates to Switzerland (Zurich) Electronic Arts to Open New HQ in Geneva ...
News Archiv
Partners ABOUT US Information about Location Switzerland LAST UPDATES Services... Publications... SWISS TOOLS Swissworld Swiss Federal Railways Maps

111. HTTP Error 404
Extract of the economic survey of switzerland by the OECD.
HTTP Error 404 Not Found The Web server cannot find the file or script you asked for. Please check the URL to ensure that the path is correct, or go to
Please contact the OECD webmaster if this problem persists. Erreur HTTP 404 Non trouvé Le serveur Web ne parvient pas à trouver le fichier ou le script demandé. Vérifiez l' URL pour vous assurer que le chemin d'accès est correct, ou bien allez à la page Veuillez contacter le webmaster si le problème persiste.

112. Mark Howells Photos From Switzerland
Various views from different parts of the country. Selection by thumbnail or theme.

113. Funicular, Funiculaire, Funicolare, Standseilbahn, (Michel Azéma)
Database of all funiculars in switzerland. Partially with photos and technical details.
Text and Photos Funiculars of Switzerland Funimag home
Bern Friburg Glarus Luzern ... Zug
Latest update August 17th, 2005
This list is exhaustive. It will be regularly completed by a special page for each funicular.
Bern DMB Bern - Marzili BM Biel - Magglingen (Bienne - Macolin) BE Bienne - Evilard (Biel - Leubringen) GbB Giessbach Bahn GB Gurtenbahn HB Harderbahn DIH Heimwehfluh Bahn B LM LTB SMA NB Niesenbahn RfB Reichenbachfall Bahn SMtS Saint Imier - Mont Soleil TBB Thunersee Beatenberg Bahn TBF KWO Gelmerbahn KWO Erlenbahn KWO Chapfbahn Grimsel Hospiz military incline
Friburg TF Fribourg-Neuveville-St Pierre
Glarus BrB Braunwald Bahn
Campocologno Kraftwerk
DPB Davos - Parsenn DSB Davos - Schatzalp MMB Muottas Muralg Bahn StMC St Moritz - Corviglia SBB Standseilbahn Sedrun Flims - Caumasee St Moritz - Palace Hotel "Die Puschlaver Geisterbahn" Cavaglia

114. Switzerland Tourism
The Swiss National Tourist Office's website. Offers general information about switzerland, travel information and tips, links to Swiss resorts as well as packages and reservation services.
@import url(/new/css/swiss.css); The function for listening to selected text requires JavaScript
SERVICES Regions, Destinations Accommodation Restaurants Events ... Official Partners EXPERIENCES Mountains Winter Autumn Hiking ... CHOOSE LANGUAGE FOR YOUR JOURNEY Accommodation Brochures Travel Tips Weather NEWS , AUTUMN News in Switzerland Top events in the next few weeks Hotel Ratings from Guests for Guests Fairs and expositions
Events and customs this autumn. Autumn holidays Autumn events Hiking high above a sea of mist
A special selection of autumn walks. BOOK A HOTEL IN - Select a City - Basel,Switzerland Bern, Switzerland Brig, Switzerland Chur, Switzerland Davos, Switzerland Engelberg, Switzerland Geneva, Switzerland Grindelwald, Switzerland Gstaad, Switzerland Interlaken, Switzerland Lausanne, Switzerland Lucerne, Switzerland Lugano, Switzerland Montreux, Switzerland St. Moritz, Switzerland Zermatt, Switzerland Zurich, Switzerland Check-In Date: Check-Out Date: Number of Adults THIS IS HOW TO FIND tailor-made hiking tracks bike tours of your choice river, sea and pool temperatures autumn holiday resorts ... rated vacation apartments TRANSPORT Tickets for travel
by train, bus and boat

115. MeteoSuisse
Weather and climate in switzerland. With current weather and five days forecast.
Predictions Pictures Observations Winter Sports ... Services designed by cosiX

116. Broncos Switzerland Wiggiswil Broncos Security
Portr¤t des 1971 gebildeten MotorradClubs.
Töffride "Feuer und Flamme" - Samstag, 23. Juli 2005 - mehr Infos hier klicken
und hier sind die Bilder
3053 Wiggiswil
Telefax: 031 859 13 36

102 Harley Festival vom 23. - 26. Juni 2005 - die Bilde

117. Scouting Around The World - Switzerland
index of web pages in switzerland.
Scouting around the world - Local pages - Switzerland
A growing number of people maintain information services about their own unit, district or council. Here is a list of all sites that I know of, most of which were announced on any of the mailinglists or on the rec.scouting newsgroup The number of Swiss Scouting sites has grown so large that they are now on a separate page. Other countries can still be found on the original page. Information about national Scouting organisations and an meta-index of Scouting camps are available as well.
Note: The Headquarters of the World Organization of the Scout Movement is also located in Switzerland.
Pfadibewegung Schweiz / Mouvement Scout de Suisse / Movimento Scout Svizzero

118. Bundesamt Für Umwelt, Wald Und Landschaft
Report. Introduction to the regional environment geology, climate, hydrology, natural resources, landscape, population and political structure.
Über uns Medienservice Publikationen Themen ... en NEWS Chemikalien: Konferenz zu Rotterdamer Konvention in Rom - Vom 27. bis 30. September 2005 findet in Rom die zweite Vertragsparteienkonferenz der Rotterdamer Konvention statt. Den Vorsitz führt Staatssekretär Philippe Roch, Direktor des BUWAL. Die Konvention von Rotterdam regelt die Ein- und Ausfuhr von höchst gefährlichen Chemikalien.
Prix Ecosport für Orientierungslauf-Weltmeisterschaft der Junioren
- Zum dritten Mal wurde in Bern der mit 50'000 Franken dotierte Prix Ecosport verliehen. Der erste Preis ging an die Organisatoren der Junioren-Orientierungslauf-Weltmeisterschaft / 5 giorni Svizzera.
1600 Tonnen Fisch gefangen

Kormoran: an Seen brüten lassen, Abwehr an den Flüssen

Waldbericht 2005: Erste Gesamtschau zum Schweizer Wald

alle News
Aktuelle Themen Geld zurück - Via Krankenkasse werden die Einnahmen aus der Umweltgabe auf Lösungsmitteln an alle Einwohner der Schweiz verteilt. 2006 sind es pro Person Fr. 16.80. Vogelgrippe und Wasservögel - Die Vogelgrippe rückt näher an Europa. Die Viren könnten durch migrierende Wasservögel bis in die Schweiz gelangen. Die zuständigen Bundesbehörden bereiten sich auf diesen Fall vor. Unerwünschte Rostgans - Die bei uns vorkommenden Rostgänse sind aus Gehegen entwichen oder wurden freigelassen. Sie vermehren sich rasch und konkurrenzieren einheimische Wasservögel. Bund und Kantone reduzieren deshalb die Bestände.

119. Languages
Language distribution and language relations in switzerland, by the Swiss Embassy in the US.
Embassy of Switzerland in Washington, D.C. SEARCH CONTACT US PRINT ENGLISH CULTURE
There are four national languages in Switzerland: German French Italian and Romansh
back to Homepage The Embassy
Country Profile

Services for Swiss Citizens

Free E-Newsletter

Presents available sources (1320th century), their location, as well as addresses of libraries, genealogical societies and practical information in en, fr

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