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         Switzerland History:     more books (100)
  1. A Short History of Switzerland
  2. Holland and Belgium, Switzerland: the History of Nations, Volume XIII by W Harold Claflin, 1928
  3. Short History of Switzerland by E. Bonjour, 1952-12
  4. The History of Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Britain in the Light of Causative Law by Geoffrey Hodson, 2005-12-30
  5. A History of Switzerland by Charles Gilliard, 1978-10-16
  6. The Reformation in Germany and Switzerland (Cambridge Topics in History) by Pamela Johnston, Bob W. Scribner, 1993-06-25
  7. Metre Gauge Railways in South and East Switzerland (Railway histories of the world series) by John Marshall, 1974-06-27
  8. Communal Reformation: The Quest for Salvation in Sixteenth-Century Germany (Studies in German Histories) (Studies in German Histories) by Peter Blickle, 1992-05-01
  9. Dunant's Dream: War, Switzerland and the History of the Red Cross by Caroline Moorehead, 1999-05
  10. The cradle of Switzerland by Arnold Henry Moore Lunn, 1952
  11. Gstaad Im Schonen Saanenland; Seine Geschichte Und Seine Menschen (Gstaad in Beautiful Saanenland; Its History and Its People)
  12. The Identity of Geneva: The Christian Commonwealth, 1564-1864 (Contributions to the Study of World History)
  13. Economic status of Switzerland: past, present, and future. (The Impact of 1992 Europe): An article from: Atlantic Economic Journal by Franz Blankart, 1990-09-01

61. Switzerland (07/05)
Facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, switzerland is a federal state composed of 26 cantons (20 are full
Bureau of Public Affairs Electronic Information and Publications Office Background Notes
Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
July 2005
Background Note: Switzerland

Swiss Confederation
Area: 41,285 sq. km. (15,941 sq. mi.); about the size of Vermont and New Hampshire combined.
Cities: Capital Bern (population about 123,000). Other cities Zurich (341,000), Geneva (176,000), Basel (165,000), Lausanne (116,000).
Terrain: 60% mountains, the remainder hills and plateau. Switzerland straddles the central ranges of the Alps.
Climate: Temperate, varying with altitude and season. People
Nationality: Noun and adjective Swiss (singular and plural). Population (2002): 7.3 million. Annual growth rate: 0.8%. Ethnic groups: Mixed European. Religions: Roman Catholic 42%, Protestant 33%, Muslim 4.3%, others 5.4%, no religion 11%. Languages: German 63.7%, French 20.4%, Italian 6.5%, Romansch 0.5%, other 9.4%. Education: Years compulsory Attendance Literacy Health: Infant mortality rate Life expectancy men 76.5 yrs., women 82.5 yrs.

62. Artist Trading Cards
The original ATC site in switzerland with archives, exhibits, examples and history of the art form.


... TRANSLATIONS september 21, 2005

63. History Of Switzerland
Comprehensive online resources about the history of the country of switzerland.
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History of Switzerland
About Switzerland for Visitors
This About site provides a plethora of information about the history and culture of Switzerland. Background Notes: Switzerland
Historical information from the United States Department of State. Switzerland History
A thorough encyclopedic history from Use the outline below the article to navigate through the complete text of this extensive encyclopedia entry. Flags of the World: Switzerland
Information, images, and available history of the current and past flags of the country. Geography and Maps of Switzerland
A plethora of geographical information and online maps from the About Geography site. Switzerland

64. Swiss Genealogy On The Internet : Swiss History
A more comprehensive book in the English language of Swiss history by a nonSwiss James Murray LUCK (1985) A history of switzerland The First 100000
Swiss History Deutsch / English
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Swiss History, But Were Afraid to Ask
compiled by K. Augustiny
The "inevitable" chronological table
  • The Pre-Roman Era
  • The Roman Era 58 BC - 400
  • Towards Quadrolinguism ... Links
    The "inevitable" chronological table
    More detailed table This text is accompanied by 3 maps:
    Idiomas in Switzerland . The distribution of the 4 official languages in Switzerland (cf section 3 Towards Quadrolinguism
    80 KB JPG-file!
    The Confederation 1536 - 1798 (cf. sections 7 - 11).
    528 KB GIF-file!
    Switzerland and its Cantons in 1995 (cf. sections 11 - 16).
    275 KB GIF-file!
    Map 1 and 3 were copied from D. Fahrni (1994).
    Map 2 is from Putzger Historischer Atlas (1961) and was put to our disposal by courtesy of Cornelsen Verlag Berlin. Return to top of page
    The Pre-Roman Era
    Hunters, gatherers, lake-dwellers, but not yet William Tell!
    The Roman Era 58 BC - 400
    Caesar et consortes, Wilhelmus Tellus non cumerat!
    Towards Quadrolinguism
    All the same name: Wilhelm, Guillaume, Guglielmo, Guglielm (and William too!)
    So by now the pattern for today's quadrolinguism was established: in the Roman and Burgundy region, vulgar Latin evolved into Franco-Provencal dialect; the lands occupied by the Alemannians became completely German speaking by 900 AD. The people in the southern valleys stuck to their Gallo-Italian Lombard dialects, while Romansh was spoken in the Grisons region.
  • 65. Cyndi's List - Switzerland / Suisse / Schweiz
    Family history Centers in Germany, Austria and switzerland Genealogy and history of the JUNOD from Neuchâtel, switzerland since the 15th century,
    Switzerland / Suisse / Schweiz
    The index links below work best if you allow
    your web browser to load the entire page first.
    Category Index:

    Related Categories:
    Planting Your Family Tree Online
    Preview the Table of Contents

    Cyndi's List The BOOK!

    2nd Edition 2 Volumes Netting Your Ancestors Genealogy Bookstore
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      General Resource Sites
      • Links to the web sites of various levels of judicial courts.
      • LDS Euro Project. History and biograpies of LDS (Mormon) Pioneers who joined the church in Europe and emigrated to the United States, most prior to 1914. Includes lists and links to missionaries and passenger list extracts.
      • A one window, megasearch engine for surnames. Can simultaneously search various databases using only one input screen. Includes CGI (LDS Mormons) Switzerland, Ancestral File (LDS Mormons) Switzerland, Geneanet Switzerland, Google, genealogy Switzerland, Google News Genealogy Switzerland, Rootsweb message board Switzerland,, Email Finder Switzerland, White Pages Switzerland.

    66. Postage Stamps And Postal History Of Switzerland - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclope
    (Redirected from Stamps and postal history of switzerland). This is a survey of the postage stamps and postal history of switzerland.
    Postage stamps and postal history of Switzerland
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    (Redirected from Stamps and postal history of Switzerland This is a survey of the postage stamps and postal history of Switzerland (pre-stamp postal history here)
    • Cantonal issues edit
      Cantonal issues
      The first stamps used in Switzerland were issued by the cantons of Z¼rich Geneva , and Basel for their own use, with the first federal issues coming several years later. edit
      Monochrome image of the Z¼rich 4 and 6 The Z¼rich issue was first put on sale 1 March , making it the second type of stamp in the world, after the UK 's Penny Black three years earlier. The issue consisted of two imperforate stamps printed as side-by-side pairs, one with a large numeral "4" and the other with a "6", both inscribed "Z¼rich" at the top. The 4- rappen stamp was also inscribed "LOCAL-TAXE" at the bottom, since it was intended to pay for letters mailed within a city, while the 6-rappen, inscribed "CANTONAL-TAXE", for use with letter going anywhere in the canton. The design was lithographed in black by Orell, Fuessli, and Company

    67. Switzerland
    Symbolism of the flag; history of the flag; switzerland flags It is evident from its history that the Swiss national flag evolved from war flags,
    Suisse, Schweiz, Svizzera, Svizra, Confoederatio Helvetica
    Last modified: by pascal gross
    Keywords: switzerland cross europe swiss army knive ... francophony
    Links: FOTW homepage search write us mirrors
    by See also:
    Description of the flag
    Gules, a cross couped argent.
    On a red field, a white equilateral cross whose arms are one sixth longer than their width. The relationship between the span of the cross and the width of the flag has not been established, but in practice the ratio is about 2:3 or 7:10.
    Symbolism of the flag
    The Swiss cross on a red field ultimately derives from a similar banner of the Holy Roman Empire, and thus has strong Christian connotations. The Swiss flag traditionally stands for freedom, honour and fidelity. (The motto "Honor et Fidelitas" was inscribed on the cross of several Swiss mercenary flags of the 18th century.) In modern times, through association with consistent Swiss policy, the flag has also come to denote neutrality, democracy, peace and refuge. See also an article from Constuire , reporting views of Swiss citizens on the meaning of the national flag.

    history The history of switzerland has followed a broadly different course from that of its European neighbours, mainly because no ruler since the 14th
    [english] [françâis] [español] [deutsch] ... Home / Switzerland / History and Government Switzerland Information Cities / Regions Hotel Reservations Car rental Contact Addresses ... Camping Switzerland - History and Government
    History : The history of Switzerland has followed a broadly different course from that of its European neighbours, mainly because no ruler since the 14th century was able to claim more than a theoretical suzerainty over the small, well-organised and prosperous group of cantons that comprise it. In the period between 1315 and 1388, they inflicted a series of crushing defeats on the armies of the Dukes of Austria, resulting in several other cantons joining the original three in the Swiss Confederation. Their location left them well placed to interfere in the interminable power struggles of the period, and their influence was backed up by the formidable reputation of their army ? probably the most powerful in Europe at the end of the 15th century.
    The Reformation led to a division in Swiss society between the followers of the reformer Zwingli (later, Calvin) and the Catholics. The bitter controversy considerably reduced Swiss influence in Europe and the Confederation was lucky to survive a series of defeats. Swiss independence from the Holy Roman Empire was one of the results of the Peace of Westphalia (1648) that concluded the Thirty Years' War, in which Switzerland had suffered badly. In the following 100 years, little progress was made towards a formal union of the cantons and the religious controversy rumbled on; the dominance of the Protestants was not established until after the Second Villmergen War in 1712.

    69. 1Up Travel : Switzerland - History And Culture Of Switzerland.
    switzerland Get complete information about the history and Culture of switzerland. Swiss culture has contributed notably to literature, art, and music.

    Maps Sightseeing Travel Warnings ... National Parks More Categories Introduction Topography Local Life Local Cuisine Local Holidays Festivals-Events Embassies Administration News Stand Worth a See !! Sight Seeing Maps Flags Shopping Eating Out Recreation Travel Essentials Country Facts Geography People Government Economy Communications Transportation Military
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    You are here 1Up Travel Countries of the World Europe Switzerland
    Country At a Glance
    Introduction Topography Life Cuisine ... Newstand
    Worth a Visit !! Cities Attractions Shopping Eating Out ... Travel Links
    Country Facts Introduction Geography People Government ... Transnational issues
    Related Switzerland Guide
    Switzerland Maps
    Switzerland Hotels Switzerland Flag ... Switzerland Travel Warning
    Switzerland History and Culture
    History During the Germanic invasions that swept over the Western Roman Empire in the 4th century AD, the Burgundians and the Alamanni conquered Helvetia. The Protestant Reformation in Switzerland started in 1518, when a country pastor named Huldreich Zwingli began to denounce the sale of indulgences by the Roman Catholic Church. During the 1790s, the French Revolution spread to Switzerland; the French continually intervened in support of Swiss revolutionaries, a group that sought to promote political reforms and the establishment of a strong national government, and in 1798 the revolutionaries occupied all Swiss territory.

    70. American Women's Club Of Bern, Switzerland -- History
    American newcomers to Bern and introduce them to life in switzerland. No history of the AWC should leave out the club s involvement with FAWCO,
    History of the American Women's Club of Berne
    Whatever the eventthe Christmas bash at the Bellevue Hotel, a lecture on women's health issues, a visit to Bern's soup kitchen, a Halloween party for kids, or just a pleasant lunch with friendsAmerican women in Bern know they can count on the American Women's Club to keep them in touch with one another. For more than 50 years, the AWC has been sponsoring activities for Americans, as well as for non-Americans with close ties to the US. In addition to its formal events, the club provides members with a monthly newsletter, a membership directory, and the opportunity to organize small hobby groups around interests like painting, hiking, reading, and bible or language study. The club began in 1949. In those days in Bern, the United States was officially represented by a legation headed by a minister. The minister's wife and several other women met periodically to sew, knit and chat, and in 1949 the circle of friends grew and became the American Women's Group. Once the group had expanded beyond 50 members, they renamed themselves the American Women's Club of Berne. Over the years since its founding in 1949, the American Women's Club of Berne has helped a great many women who were far away from home feel happier, more comfortable, more connected, more informed and more involved. The club has not only served its members, their husbands and their children in countless ways, but has also used its charitable contributions to help a number of Swiss. None of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of many volunteers, some of whom have contributed their time and energy year after year to make the club a success. Old and new members must remember that the club is counting on them to pitch in and help in any way they can. With a truly active membership, the American Women's Club of Berne is guaranteed another fifty years of existence-and more.

    71. Lusatian Mountains And Czech Switzerland - History
    Lusatian Mountains and Czech switzerland history.

    72. Did The Templars Form Switzerland? | The Knights Templar |
    Templar is the world s most popular site on the history, mystery, myths and legacy of the Knights Templar. In addition to hundereds of articles,
    In Our Store
    The Knights Templar -
    Did The Templars Form Switzerland?
    An Interview With Alan Butler Conducted December 28th, 1999 by THC Staff To answer the question, Did the Templars found Switzerland, brought forward in "The Warriors and the Bankers," written by Alan Butler and Stephen Dafoe, we called Alan Butler at his Seaside home in Saltburn, England. THM: Thank you for talking with us Alan. Since this is a long distance call, let me cut to the chase. You are the co-author of a book, which puts forth a new theory regarding where the Knights Templar went after their suppression. You claim that place was Switzerland. Did the Templars found Switzerland? Butler: Well of course if you really want to know the ins and outs of this conundrum you will have to read The Warriors and the Bankers, written by Stephen Dafoe and myself. The book is available from Templar Books of Canada or you could get it through Like most subjects (when you really get down to looking at them closely) there is no short answer. What we can say is that, on a balance of probabilities it seems most likely that they did. THM: And why is that. What makes up the balance of probabilities?

    73. History Of Switzerland
    Provides a history of switzerland from ancient times to the present.
    History of Switzerland Site Links

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    History Posters

    Privacy Policy

    Originally inhabited by the Helvetians, or Helvetic Celts, the territory comprising modern Switzerland came under Roman rule during the Gallic wars in the 1st century BC and remained a Roman province until the 4th century AD. Under Roman influence, the population reached a high level of civilization and enjoyed a flourishing commerce. Important cities, such as Geneva, Basel, and Zurich, were linked by military roads that also served as trade arteries between Rome and the northern tribes. After the decline of the Roman Empire, Switzerland was invaded by Germanic tribes from the north and west. Some tribes, such as the Alemanni in central and northeastern Switzerland, and the Burgundians, who ruled western Switzerland, settled there. In 800, the country became part of Charlemagne's empire. It later passed under the dominion of the Holy Roman emperors in the form of small ecclesiastic and temporal holdings subject to imperial sovereignty. With the opening of a new important north-south trade route across the Alps in the early 13th century, the Empire's rulers began to attach more importance to the remote Swiss mountain valleys, which were granted some degree of autonomy under direct imperial rule. Fearful of the popular disturbances flaring up following the death of the Holy Roman Emperor in 1291, the ruling families from Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden signed a charter to keep public peace and pledging mutual support in upholding autonomous administrative and judicial rule. The anniversary of the charter's signature (August 1, 1291) today is celebrated as Switzerland's National Day.

    74. Switzerland: Map, History And Much More From
    (Click to enlarge) switzerland (Mapping Specialists, Ltd.) Swit·zer·land ( swit s?rl?nd ) A country of west-central Europe.
    showHide_TellMeAbout2('false'); Business Entertainment Games Government ... More... On this page: Dictionary Encyclopedia Map Local Time Geography Dialing Code Currency Stats Anthem WordNet Wikipedia Translations Best of Web Mentioned In Or search: - The Web - Images - News - Blogs - Shopping Switzerland Dictionary (Click to enlarge) Switzerland (Mapping Specialists, Ltd.) Swit·zer·land swĭt sər-lənd
    A country of west-central Europe. The region was conquered by Germanic tribes in the 5th century and by Swabia and Burgundy in the 9th, becoming part of the Holy Roman Empire in 1033. Protesting Hapsburg control in the 13th century, the Swiss formed a defense league made up of cantons that became the basis of their confederation, and by 1499 they had achieved independence. The Reformation in the 16th century led to religious civil wars that lasted through the next two centuries. The French took brief control of Switzerland during the French Revolution, but the confederacy was restored in 1815. Switzerland later adopted a federal constitution (1848) and maintained a policy of neutrality through both World Wars. Bern is the capital and Zurich the largest city. Population: 7,450,000 . var tcdacmd="cc=edu;dt";

    75. Country Study Switzerland Social Studies
    switzerland A guide to law, constitution/s, legal history, switzerland A good overview of switzerland, history, government, statistics and more.
    Switzerland People History Culture Home Afghanistan Social Studies Albania Social Studies Algeria Social Studies ... Vietnam Social Studies You may find additional information about the country of your choice in the sections for Archaeology Anthropology or Ancient Civilizations Switzerland Tourism Please Note: If you sometimes get an error message when clicking on a large text link, don't give up. Try the URL link instead. There are times when the large text link doesn't "take" for some reason, thus the built-in redundancy. Thank you. Go to Switzerland Capital City Bern City Profile About Switzerland A good overview of Switzerland and the Swiss including an "expanded profile" link. - From - Beautiful Pictures of Switzerland And they are too. - illustrated - From Fooks Gallery/, Fookes Software. - CIA - The World Factbook Switzerland A detailed look at Switzerland including people, culture, history and many other topics. - From US Central Intelligence Agency -

    76. WWW-VL History Index
    WWWVL history Index logo WWW-VL history. Click here for The World-Wide Web Virtual Library (WWW-VL) central catalogue The WWW-VL search facility. Maps
    WWW-VL: HISTORY Click here for
    The World-Wide Web Virtual Library (WWW-VL) central catalogue
    The WWW-VL search facility.

    history of switzerlandhistory of switzerland from including La Tène and the Helvetii, Knucklebone of Europe, Waldstätte /i and Vogt /i .,

    78. History Of Switzerland: Information About Swiss History : Swiss History
    Swiss history on, the official portal to switzerland.

    79. Swiss Embassy
    Information about switzerland current events, visa and legal affairs, history and culture, education, and science.

    80. History Of Switzerland: Information About Swiss History
    Swiss history. The history of switzerland. Information about the Romans and Alamans though the Middle Ages, Reformation, 17th and 18th centuries to the

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