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         Switzerland History:     more books (100)
  1. The History of Switzerland by John Wilson, 2007-12-01
  2. Why Switzerland? by Jonathan Steinberg, 1996-09-28
  3. Switzerland: Village History by David Birmingham, 2004-08-24
  4. A History of Switzerland the First 100,000 Years: Before the Beginnings to the Days of the Present by James Murray Luck, 1986-01
  5. Sodomy in Reformation Germany and Switzerland, 1400-1600 (The Chicago Series on Sexuality, History, and Society) by Helmut Puff, 2003-06-01
  6. The history of Switzerland by Heinrich Zschokke, 1875-01-01
  7. The history of Switzerland, by Heinrich Zschokko. Translated by Francis George Shaw. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-21
  8. History of the Reformation in Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Scotland and England, Part 2 by Thomas M. Lindsay, 2003-06-26
  9. A Contested Nation: History, Memory and Nationalism in Switzerland, 1761-1891 (Past and Present Publications) by Oliver Zimmer, 2007-08-27
  10. An Outline History of Switzerland From the Origins to the Present Day
  11. A Journey to Switzerland, and Pedestrian Tours in that Country: Including a Sketch of its History, and of the Manners and Customs of its Inhabitants by Lewis Agassiz, 2005-12-01
  12. Switzerland (On cover: Library of history and biography) by Harriet D. S Mackenzie, 1903
  13. Switzerland. (mineral collectors in Switzerland) (The History of Mineralogy: 1530-1799): An article from: The Mineralogical Record by Wendell E. Wilson, 1994-11-01
  14. History of Electron Microscopy in Switzerland

1. Switzerland Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide
History. The first inhabitants of the region were a Celtic tribe, the Helvetia. Nevertheless, the French Republic invaded Switzerland in 1798 and
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Leave the lederhosen at home and get in line with the stylish Swiss.
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Water noise! But water view as well! The largest waterfall in Europe crashes down a 23m (75ft)... more >
WORLDGUIDE Introduction See Image Gallery Events Transport Money Essential Info RELATED Thorn Tree Forum Postcards Travel Links Switzerland may be neutral but it is certainly not flavourless. The fusion of German, French and Italian ingredients has formed a robust national culture, and the country's alpine landscapes have enough zing to reinvigorate the most jaded traveller. Goethe summed up Switzerland succinctly as a combination of 'the colossal and the well-ordered'. You can be sure that your trains and letters will be on time. The tidy, just-so precision of Swiss towns is tempered by the lofty splendour of the landscapes that surround them. Factoid
You Fondue?

2. Information About The History Of Switzerland
Information about the History of Switzerland.

3. Information About Switzerland
General Information about Switzerland, including facts about Administration, Cantons, Culture, Economy, Education, Geography, History, Statistics and

4. Swiss Genealogy On The Internet Swiss History
Links History of Switzerland by Markus Jud, Luzern. History of Switzerland in Wikipedia Return to top of page

Major Swiss Research site. Includes articles on Swiss history, list of famous Swiss, contact information, links to LDS archive index, family websites

6. Naturhistorisches Museum Der Burgergemeinde Bern
Mit seiner Dioramenschau ist das Naturhistorische Museum Bern in Mitteleuropa einmalig und z hlt zu den drei bedeutendsten Naturmuseen der Schweiz.

7. Switzerland: History
Switzerland. (Sources for North American Indian History) (The American Indian Geneva, Switzerland for the first time in history, women leaders from
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Sep 26, 2005

8. MSN Money - CNBC News - Markets Weather Shock Of London Terror
The Swiss Franc, because of Switzerland's history of neutrality, tends to be perceived as the safe haven currency during these times, Chandler

9. Switzerland
History. Called Helvetia in ancient times, Switzerland in 1291 was a league of switzerland history History Emergence of the Swiss Nation In 58 BC the
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Sep 26, 2005

10. MHN Page D'accueil

11. Museum Of The Order Of Malta
Home What's new Museum History Structure Associations International Copyright Museum of the Order of Malta, Geneva, Switzerland

12. Switzerland: History
History. Emergence of the Swiss Nation Switzerland was an island of prosperity when, in 1648, at the end of the war, its formal independence was

13. Switzerland History Lonely Planet World Guide
Switzerland. History. The first inhabitants of the region were a Celtic tribe, the Helvetia.

14. Geneva, Canton And City, Switzerland: History
History. Geneva was an ancient settlement of the Celtic Allobroges and was later The city, annexed to France from 1798 to 1813, joined Switzerland as a

15. Switzerland History & Switzerland Culture | IExplore
The history of Switzerland has followed a broadly different course from that of its European neighbors, mainly because no ruler since the 14th century was
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Europe Overview Browse Switzerland Photos Switzerland Questions and Answers ... Shopping Switzerland History
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The dramatic events of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire resulted in a confusing period, with much of the country being annexed by France. Independence was restored by the Congress of Vienna in 1815 (which also laid down the principle of the perpetual neutrality of Switzerland) but the repressive policies of the cantons and the lack of any central power continued to work against political unity and economic growth. It was not until the end of the 19th century that the federal government began to be truly effective, although the cantons continued to enjoy wide powers and do so to this day.
The present constitution dates back to 1874. There are 26 cantons (three of which are subdivided) and more than 3000 communes. The Federal Assembly is bicameral, comprising a Council of State (upper house) with 46 members and a 200-strong National Council (lower house) whose members are elected every four years. Executive power is vested in the seven-member Federal Council, elected by the Assembly and headed by an annually elected president. Whatever the legislators decide, however, the Swiss people are aware that they can take the issue to referendum by raising 100,000 signatures. Popular referenda are a routine feature of Swiss political life.

16. : Switzerland History
Information of Country s History, Civilization, independence, king, rural, war.
Country Info Switzerland Introduction Switzerland General Data Switzerland Maps Switzerland Culture ... Switzerland Time and Date Switzerland History Back to Top Originally colonised by the Helvetians, or Helvetic Celts, the territory comprising modern Switzerland came under Roman rule during the Gallic wars in the 1st century BC and remained a Roman province until the 4th century AD. Under Roman determine, the population reached a high level of civilization and enjoyed a flourishing commerce. valuable cities, such as Geneva, Basel, and Zuvaluable, were linked by military roads that also served as trade arteries between Rome and the northern tribes. The Cold War enhanced the role of neutral Switzerland and offered the nation a way out of its diplomatic isolation after World War II. Economically, Switzerland integrated itself into the American-led Western postwar order, but it remained reluctant to enter supranational bodies. Switzerland did not join the United Nations, even though Geneva became host to the UN's European headquarters, and the nation played an active role in many of the UN's specialized agencies. Switzerland also remained aloof in the face of European integration efforts, waiting until 1963 to join the Council of Europe. It still remains outside the European Union. Instead, Switzerland in 1960 helped form the European Free Trade Area, which did not strive for political union. Following the Cold War, Switzerland joined the Bretton Woods institutions in 1992 and finally became a member of the United Nations in 2002.

17. Switzerland History
switzerland history overview of historic events. World66 the travel guide you write. Recent Changes. You are not logged in login register
Switzerland History - overview of historic events the travel guide you write Recent Changes
  • Home Destinations Mapsonomy ... Switzerland Sections Map View Enlargement
    [edit this] [Upload image] Originally inhabited by the Helvetians or Helvetic Celts the territory comprising modern Switzerland was conquered by Julius Caesar during the Gallic wars and made part of the Roman Empire. It remained a Roman province until the 4th century AD. Under Roman influence the population reached a high level of civilization and enjoyed a flourishing commerce. Important cities such as Geneva Basel and Zurich were linked by military roads that also served as trade arteries between Rome and the northern tribes. After the decline of the Roman Empire Switzerland was invaded by Germanic tribes from the north and west. Some tribes such as the Alemanni in central and northeastern Switzerland and the Burgundians who ruled western Switzerland settled there. In 800 the country became part of Charlemagne's empire. It later passed under the dominion of the German emperors in the form of small ecclesiastic and temporal holdings subject to imperial sovereignty. In 1291 representatives of the three forest cantons of Uri Schwyz and Unterwalden signed the Eternal Alliance. This united them in the struggle against "foreign" rule by the Hapsburgs who then held the German imperial throne. At the battle of Morganten in 1315 the Swiss defeated the Hapsburg army and secured quasi-independence within the German Empire as the Swiss Confederation.

18. Switzerland Flag, Switzerland History, Culture Of Switzerland, Economy Of Switze
Switzerland Flag, switzerland history, Culture of Switzerland, Economy of Switzerland, History of Switzerland, Flag of Switzerland, People of Switzerland,
To provide information on Switzerland, Maps of World offers Economy of Switzerland, Switzerland people, economy and culture, Switzerland people's culture and other such details Maps of World
Switzerland Tours People of Switzerland Switzerland is a mix of many cultures and languages. A majority trace their ancestry to Alpine, Nordic, and southern European peoples. German, French, Italian, and Romansch are the major communities. Switzerland, like other industrialized countries, has a declining birth rate and a slow rate of population growth even though it has one of the highest life expectancy rates of 80. Flag of Switzerland The Swiss Flag has a red square with a bold, equilateral white cross in the center that does not extend to the edges of the flag.
Please click here to view the Flag of Switzerland
Economy of Switzerland Since approximately two third of Switzerland is covered with forests, lakes and mountains, and there are no mineral resources, Switzerland imports raw materials and then processes and resells them as products. In spite of these restrictions, Switzerland has a highly developed industrialized economy and has one of the highest standards of living in the world. "Services" like banking; assurances and tourism are the most important part of the economy. Farming too is important though it is not enough. Arts, Culture and Music of Switzerland

19. Switzerland History
switzerland history Please submit information or links explaining switzerland history.
Switzerland History
Switzerland History
Please submit links or URL to History of this country for other travelers to understand and appreciate how to travel in this country. Explain events, stories, places to go, or the best Historical destinations. History !
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20. Switzerland History Geography Culture
Switzerland Swiss culture, history, and geography links, including links to articles on the Swiss Army and the Swiss Guards.
Cheryl Imboden's
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History, Geography, Culture: Switzerland
ABOVE: The Vatican's Swiss Guards are recruited from the Roman Catholic cantons of Switzerland.
The Swiss Army Switzerland hasn't been to war in 500 years, but its citizens aren't taking any chances. "The official portal to Switzerland" has information on Swiss geography, history, people, culture, science, and economics. It's a good starting point for learning about Switzerland. An American in Switzerland Hyde Flippo of The German Way and more interviews a professional couple who spent three years living and working in Canton Aargau.

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