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         Swedish Language:     more books (100)
  1. Say It in Swedish (Revised) (Dover Say It Series) by Dover, 1979-06-01
  2. Teach Yourself Swedish Complete Course Package(Book + 2CDs) (Teach Yourself Complete Language Courses) by Vera Croghan, 2005-04-20
  3. Swedish: An Elementary Grammar-Reader by Gladys Hird, 1980-03-31
  4. Essentials of Swedish Grammar by Ake Viberg, Kerstin Ballardini, et all 1993-01-01
  5. Pimsleur Swedish: Learn to Speak and Understand Swedish with Pimsleur Language Programs (Simon & Schuster's Pimsleur) by Pimsleur, 2005-12-26
  6. Swedish-English/English-Swedish Dictionary & Phrasebook (Hippocrene Dictionary & Phrasebooks) by Julie Hansen, Dick Nilsson, 2002-01
  7. Beginner's Swedish with 2 Audio CDs by Scott A. Mellor, 2006-09-30
  8. Berlitz Swedish Phrase Book & Dictionary (Berlitz Phrase Book) by Berlitz Guides, 1999-08
  9. Prisma's Abridged English-Swedish and Swedish-English Dictionary by Prisma, 1995-08
  10. Lyric Language : Swedish: Learn Swedish the Fun Way!: Bilingual (Book and Cassette)
  11. Colloquial Swedish (Colloquial Series) by Phil Holmes, 2006-12-04
  12. Berlitz Swedish Phrase Book & Dictionary (Berlitz Phrase Book) by Berlitz Publishing Company, 1994-05
  13. In-Flight Swedish: Learn Before You Land (LL (R) In-Flight) by Living Language, 2001-06-26
  14. Dic Prisma's Swedish-English Dictionary by Prisma, 1997-08

1. Nättidningen RÖTTER - För Dig Som Släktforskar! (The Swedish Language)
Essay on Swedish phonetics and diacritics by Dr. Nils William Olsson.


Some Notes on
the Swedish Language

Något om svenska språket By Nils William Olsson, Ph.D., F.A.S.G. The Swedish language is a part and parcel of the Indo-European languages, stretching from India to Europe and through migration to the U.S., Canada, Mexico and South America. The language is a part of the North Germanic languages and is identified as an East Scandinavian variant together with Danish. The west branch includes Norwegian and Icelandic. The main difference between these two Scandinavian branches is that Swedish and Danish have no diphthongs, or at least a very few. Thus the word for stone in Swedish and Danish is sten , whereas in Norwegian and Icelandic it is stein . The same thing is true for the word for bone – in Swedish it is ben , in Norwegian it is bein . There are other differences, but I don't wish to become technical. A few diphthongs can be found in Swedish. Thus a parish is Skåne is Raus and the name of the month of August is Augusti . The man's name of August is often pronounced Agust in the vernacular, showing how Swedes avoid diphthongs if at all possible. Curiously the Swede has no problem with the word for

2. Study Abroad Swedish
Directory of intensive swedish language programs throughout the globe.
Study Abroad: Swedish
Study Abroad Program Information Courtesy of
You may also wish to visit our Swedish Portal Page. Riksfšreningen Sverigekontakt
Dicksonsgatan 6, Box 53066
When: Three weeks in August each year
International Swedish Summer School : Intensive three weeks« summer course in Swedish language, culture and society on three levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Curriculum Highlights: Six Swedish classes a day. Study visits and excursions to places of historic, cultural and social interest on the Swedish westcoast. One of the excursions will be made on a hundred year old sailing ship.
Setting Description: College with very scenic surroundings near the village of Kaallekaerr on the island of Tjoern 60 km north of the city of Goeteborg. Excellent opportunities for swimming, fishing, sailing, walking, cycling and other out-door sports.
Program Value: Very intensive Swedish instruction. Beautiful surroundings. The Swedish westcoast offers the best conditions for swimming in the country with cristal-clear water. Many opportunities to meet Swedes in and outside the school. Click to send E-mail to:
Uppsala University International Winter Sessions
Box 1972 Uppsala 751-49 Sweden Phone : 011+31-13-521-2388 or Where: Jokkmokk, Lapland

3. STP CALL: Swedish
Here are some links to other swedish language instruction material on the web. swedish language Course A swedish language Course supplied by Aaron
French Russian Other Read Guestbook ... Sign Guestbook
STP CALL: Swedish
STP CALL is a collection of Computer Aided Language Learning (CALL) material developed by students from the Language Engineering program (STP) at Uppsala University in Sweden. Here you can find lessons for Swedish. There is also material available for French and Russian The lessons have been designed for students that understand English and have a basic knowledge of Swedish.
Swedish Lessons
The lessons have different levels. The most easy lessons come first in the list. Most lessons assume that the student understands some Swedish. In front of each lesson title you will find a four digit code which represents the year and the month that the lesson was added to this collection. The grammatical topic can be found after the lesson between parentheses. If a lesson title is followed by the tag [Javascript] then the lesson contains exercises which require a Javascript-capable browser.
  • (numbers)
  • (time expressions)
  • Kalles utseende (nouns: body parts)
  • Sex glada svenskar (regular verbs in past tense)
  • Den lilla gubben (Definite and Indefinite Expressions) [Javascript]
  • I skogen
  • (question words)
  • (think and believe) [Javascript]
  • (personal pronouns)
  • Bodil och Kristina (irregular verbs)
  • (possessive pronouns)
  • Kalle och lejonet i djurparken (adjectives and adverbs) [Javascript]
  • (adjective inflection)
  • 4. Online English To Swedish To English Dictionary
    Online English to Swedish to English Dictionary

    5. Swedish Language - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    There are no official regulatory institutions for the swedish language. The swedish language Council (Svenska språknämnden) has semiofficial status as such
    Swedish language
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    Swedish (svenska) Spoken in: Sweden Finland and Estonia Region: Northern Europe Total speakers: 9.3 million Ranking Genetic classification Indo-European
    North Germanic

    Swedish Official status Official language of: Sweden (not official but de facto
    (with Finnish
    European Union

    (with other EU official languages Regulated by Swedish Language Council
    (semi-official) Language codes ISO 639 sv ISO 639-2 swe SIL SWD See also: Language List of languages Swedish svenska ) is a North Germanic language (also called Scandinavian languages) spoken predominantly in Sweden and in part of Finland , especially along the coast and on the …land islands, by more than nine million people. It shows a high degree of mutual intelligiblity with two of the other Scandinavian languages, Danish and Norwegian Standard Swedish is the national language that evolved from the Central Swedish dialects in the 19th century and was well-established by the beginning of the 20th century . While distinct regional varieties descended from the older rural dialects still exist, the spoken and

    6. Introduction To Swedish - Home
    A language course that presents a brief outline of Swedish grammar, with the emphasis on the spoken, everyday language, and includes 186 speech

    7. Swedish Classes And Translators In San Francisco Bay Area
    Translators and swedish language classes for adults and children in the San Francisco Bay area.
    Swedish Classes for Adults and Children in the San Francisco Bay Area: Fall 2004 Marin County
    East Bay



    a pdf with detailed information on what is available as of July 2005.
    Swedish Translators in the San Francisco Bay Area
    Swedish School Computer Network Translation dictionary: provides definitions, pronunciation guide, variations in spelling and examples of word being used in sentences.
    Concordia Language Villages
    in Minnesota, Swedish language camp for children and adults .
    Pronouncement Software
    Lists world wide private and public sources where you can learn Swedish. They also sell 'Hear It in Swedish!' CD software for learning Swedish.
    Swedish Classes Marin County
    Swedish School in Marin
    San Rafael Community Center
    618 B Street, San Rafael
    Pre-School and 1st-12th Grades
    Tuesdays 4:00 to 5:30 PM
    Adults : Tuesdays
    Instructors Eva DeWolfe Tel 415-454-2878
    back to top
    Swedish Classes East Bay
    Adults UC Berkeley Dept of Scandinavian Studies Academic Credit Classes Info or email
    St. Luke's Lutheran Church

    8. List Of Swedish Language Poets - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    List of swedish language poets. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Upload file Special pages Printable version. In other languages. Svenska
    List of Swedish language poets
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    It has been suggested that this article or section be merged with List of Swedish language writers Discuss This is a list of poets who wrote or write much of their poetry in Swedish
    This article is part of the
    List of Swedes
    series Actors Architects Artists Clergymen ... Writers Poets See also: List of Finland-Swedes Retrieved from " Categories Articles to be merged Lists of Swedes ... Lists of poets Views Personal tools Navigation Search Toolbox In other languages

    9. Swedish Grammar
    Swedish Grammar (Updated in June 2004.) This grammar is (being) written by Leif Stensson, and is a part of the Language and Linguistics pages at the

    10. Swedish Language Course
    A swedish language Course. Under Construction! Introduction So naturally, Swedish is a relatively easy language for English speakers to learn.

    11. Learn Swedish Language Speak Swedish
    Learn swedish language Speak Swedish

    12. Björn Engdahl's Swedish Course
    A Swedish course teaching basic Swedish. What is difficult (at first) and characteristic with the swedish language is the pronunciation.
    This site has now been awarded with the WannaLearn award!
    ...and the linguascope hot site award
    Now in SPANISH as well! José Alejandro Pérez Sánchez now has made a translation of this site in Spanish. So if you feel more comfortable with Spanish. Go to this link! There is also a GERMAN version! Uwe Zimmerman has made a German translation of the site. So for those who want the German version, click on the flag above! There is also a DUTCH version! Edith Raats has translated the course into Dutch! So click on the flag to enter the Dutch area! There is also a FRENCH version! Jean-Pierre Tanguay has done the wonderful job of translation the Swedish Course into French. Click on the flag to enter the French version. Hi, my name is Björn Engdahl and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I've seen a couple of homepages teaching a language, so I descided to make one on Swedish. Swedish is spoken by approximately 9 million people in Sweden and some 300 000 in Finland. Written Swedish is quite similar to German and Dutch; Norwegians and Swedes understand each other perfectly. What is difficult (at first) and characteristic with the Swedish language is the pronunciation. I therefore suggest you take a brief look at the

    13. Try Our New Translating Dictionaries - We Also Offer Discount Hotel
    Foreign Language for Travelers Danish, Dansk Polish. Swedish, Svenska Esperanto. Latin, Latina Turkish Other Online Dictionaries

    14. Janjuari2003
    Free online swedish language course.

    15. Yamada Language Center: Swedish Language WWW Guide
    Search YLC Catalog Links for learning many languages Swedish Information Service ; Emmanuel Swedenborg - (the true link); Lysator ACS Sweden
    Can't find it?
    Guide index
    News index Multilingual references Font index Swedish is taught at the University of Oregon by the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures Our Scandinavian Culture links
    last updated 3/28/02
    Catalog Satellite TV Film Series ... Language Exchange
    Quick Links - The Yamada Language Center Self-Study Program Virtual Language Lab Language Guides Services Foreign Film Series Language Exchange Computer Lab Hours, Location and Contact Information

    16. Kjell Furberg's Swedish Cinema Theatres
    This stylish site by Kjell Furberg, cinema historian and photographer, provides an architectural feast from the silent era onwards. English and swedish language versions.

    New address for this website:

    17. Experience Sweden! Swedish Summer Courses - Uppsala International
    This program offers academic summer courses in the swedish language and culture to international students and adults.

    18. Swedish-English-Swedish Electronic Dictionaries. English Swedish
    SwedishEnglish electronic dictionaries. English swedish language electronic translators ECTACO. Swedish words and phrase translation. Swedish

    19. • Germanic Languages
    (serbokroatiska på turkiska) Swedish Hardback and CD Specialty Dictionaries. For related swedish language resources see Swedish grammars
    Register to win a FREE travel electronic language dictionary Support our Advertisers About Store ... the last website or ecommerce solution you will ever need! online tools to organize your busy life.
    FREE SITESTUDIO SiteBuilder!
    Place Your Ad Here Place Your Ad Here Germanic Languages Profile
    Ancient Languages
  • Old English Lexicon Altenglisches Wörterbuch Altfriesisch-neuhochdeutsches und neuhochdeutsch-altfriesisches Wörterbuch Althochdeutsches Wörterbuch ... Indogermanisches Wörterbuch (Indo-European Dictionary in German)
  • Modern Languages
    Afrikaans Dictionaries Profile
  • Afrikaans Computing Word List Engels-Afrikaans Woordelys van die Motorindustrie Engels-Afrikaans Wynwoordelys ... Afrikaans Language Books and Other Resources

  • Danish Dictionaries
  • Ordbog til det ældre danske sprog (Otto Kalkar, 1300-1700) ODIN skandinavisk ordbog Danish-English Online Java Dictionary ... Danske Netordbog (for Internet Explorer) Danish-English Glossary of Genealogy Grammatisk Terminologi Danish-English Glossary of Radiotechnical words and abbreviations Jysk Ordbog (A-K; completion scheduled for 2020) ... Scientific English-Danish Cetacean Dictionary See also Multilingual Dictionaries Danish Language Books and Other Resources
  • For related Danish language resources see:
    Danish Online grammars
    MORE LANGUAGES Dutch-Flemish Dictionaries Profile Candid Reviews of Amsterdam Hotels at

    20. Svenska Finlands Folkting
    A semiofficial body representing the Swedish-speaking population. Information about the status of the swedish language.

    Kort om Folktinget Folktingets organisation Svenska Översättningsbyrån Folktingets garanter FIBLUL Europeiskt samarbete PRESSMEDDELANDEN Juli-September 2005 April-Juni 2005 Januari-Mars 2005 Oktober-December 2004 Juli-September 2004 April-Juni 2004 Januari-Mars 2004 Arkiv UTLÅTANDEN Utlåtanden 2005 Utlåtanden 2004 Utlåtanden 2003 Arkiv PUBLIKATIONER Broschyrer Ja tack, jag vill beställa SVENSKT I FINLAND Finlandssvenskarna Språklagen Svenska dagen Länkar KONTAKTA OSS Kontaktuppgifter Skriv till oss FOLKTINGET
    Broschyren Svenskt i Finland Folktingets informationsbroschyr om svenskan i Finland, Svenskt i Finland
    Broschyren i sin helhet (pdf)
    Läs mer
    SVT i framtiden.
    Pressmeddelande 25.8.2005
    Läs mer (pdf) Folktinget
    (pdf) Det nya folktinget. och en Finlandssvenskarna - hotade eller rotade? Lever vi finlandssvenskar verkligen längre än våra finska bröder och systrar? Vad är den genomsnittliga åldern för de finlandssvenska förstföderskorna? Hur ser framtiden ut, blir vi fler eller färre? Svaren på de här frågorna och många fler får du i publikationen Finlandssvenskarna 2002- en statistisk rapport Årets Svenska vecka ordnas den 1-6 november 2005 i Helsingfors och är allt från barnteater, rökiga klubbkvällar, museirundvandringar till konserter med snapsvisor och en liten nubbe till. På svenska.

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