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41. Some Reviews Of LookWAYup
October 2002 (Canada) help your kids research their homework assignment English grammar Online (Germany)A great dictionary with some different
Try Buy it Get the full version Home ... Map
Reviews of LookWAYup
Wireless Browser Version Education Languages and Translation ... Miscellaneous
Wireless (international) "as easy as it gets... finally a WAP dictionary that works" Telemoveis (Portugal) "Excelente dicionário de inglês" Terra (Spain) "LookWAYup es todo indispensable para tu dispositivo" Wireless Computing, May 2002 issue, "What's The Big Deal With Going Wireless?" "can enhance the wireless scholastic experience" Openwave (international) Content, Technical Connecting Times (Singapore) "Know your words with LookWAYup" Seek4Wap (Sweden) top Cool Site "Easy navigation!" Handango (U.S.) The most downloaded reference application for Palm. Palm Boulevard Top 3 in its category Orange popular site Mobile Computers (Russia) "Popular Dictionary" (in Russian) Fonco (China) PDA-Forum (Germany) PocketWeb Finpuppy Yellow Cow Smart Phone site ... PDAology "This one is formatted properly for PDAs unlike the Merriam-Webster entry" Media UK Pocket Web (U.K.) Cool Micro (France) 4mobile (Finland) wireless (international) ... Le guide i-mode (France) dictionnaire ultra complet MobileLeap Working Smarter optimally organized OpenURLs PDA Portal Blackberry Browser, Research in Motion (International)

42. 7-3: A Student's History Of American Literature - Edward Simonds
About homework help Literature Classic Ato-Z Writers - Who Wrote? The Chinese Nightingale (1917) continued this novel type of composition.
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Homework Help Literature: Classic A-to-Z Writers ... Lowell, Amy 7-3: A Student's History of American Literature - Edward Simonds Homework Help Literature: Classic Essentials Banned Books Discover the History! ... Help w(' ');zau(256,140,140,'el','','');w(xb+xb+' ');zau(256,140,140,'von','','');w(xb+xb);
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Search Literature: Classic More E-texts A Student's History of American Literature
by Edward Simonds
Chapter 1: I II III IV ... IV Chapter 7. III. THE INNOVATORS: FREE VERSE. Adventures in Verse. The second decade of the twentieth century is notable in the history of American verse; and interest centres in the year 1915 the year which saw the publication of Masters' Spoon River Anthology , Amy Lowell's A Dome of Many-Colored Glass (a second edition) and Robert Frost's North of Boston . Vachel Lindsay had published The Congo and Other Poems in the preceding year and in the year following Carl Sandburg's Chicago Poems appeared. The appearance of these volumes heralded a new and somewhat startling development in poetical expression. Whatever the judgment of later years regarding the permanent value of free verse, the popularity and significance of the new movement cannot be ignored. The influence of Walt Whitman is obvious; but the spirit of the time its impatience with the formulas of the past, its revolt against the conventions and the limitations of tradition, the demand for freedom and a blunt reality, is unmistakable in the productions of these writers and those whom they represent. Their work should not be taken too seriously; to a great degree it is experimental, an episode, interesting and typical of the spirit of the age.

43. Private History Of The 'Jumping Frog' Story - Mark Twain
You are here. About homework help Literature Classic I was very sorry for that, because I got a good lashing in the swedish press, which would have
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Homework Help Literature: Classic Homework Help ... Help w(' ');zau(256,140,140,'el','','');w(xb+xb+' ');zau(256,140,140,'von','','');w(xb+xb);
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More E-texts
Private History of the 'Jumping Frog' Story by Mark Twain
a.k.a. Samuel Clemens
Five or six years ago a lady from Finland asked me to tell her a story in our Negro dialect, so that she could get an idea of what that variety of speech was like. I told her one of Hopkinson Smith's Negro stories, and gave her a copy of 'Harper's Monthly' containing it. She translated it for a Swedish newspaper, but by an oversight named me as the author of it instead of Smith. I was very sorry for that, because I got a good lashing in the Swedish press, which would have fallen to his share but for that mistake; for it was shown that Boccaccio had told that very story, in his curt and meagre fashion, five hundred years before Smith took hold of it and made a good and tellable thing out of it. I have always been sorry for Smith. But my own turn has come now. A few weeks ago Professor Van Dyke, of Princeton, asked this question:

44. National Society Of Collegiate Scholars : Entry 2
In the morning we have composition and grammar until 11, and then have a 40 Sometimes I mistake English for swedish or swedish for Spanish, etc., etc.
var gMenuControlID=0; var menus_included = 0; var jsPageAuthorMode = 0; var jsSessionPreviewON = 1; var jsDlgLoader = '/memberbenefits/ScholarshipOpportunities/Abroad/2003/Anderson/loader.cfm'; var jsSiteID = 1; var jsSubSiteID = 342; var kurrentPageID = 2112; document.CS_StaticURL = ""; document.CS_DynamicURL = ""; Monday September 26, 2005 Home Member Benefits Scholarship Opportunities Scholar Abroad ... Robert Anderson Entry 2 Robert 'BJ' Anderson Entry 2 Week 1: "I Think I'm Getting Cold Feet" I'm not sure if my stomach had adjusted yet to the meal schedule, though. Every morning, I have the same thing: two pieces of toast, fruit juice, coffee (which I usually don't drinkI'd much rather have hot chocolate!), and a pre-packaged Spanish pastry, which I always put in my backpack for a snack at school. Yeah, pretty exciting huh? Lunch, the biggest meal of the day, is at about 3 pm, just in time for "The Simpsons" dubbed in Spanish. It's a huge meal, and requires a nap promptly afterwards. That is why nearly all of the businesses close between 2-5 pm everyday - everybody's eating and then sleeping! It took my a while to solve that mystery. Dinner really doesn't consist of much. I'm almost used to not eating anything more than a piece of fruit and glass of water in the evening. This is supposed to be "Sunny Southern Spain", right? Well, that was Malaga, where I flew into. Here in Ronda, it gets pretty stinking cold! In Andalucia (the Spanish state where I am), nobody really knows what snow looks like because it NEVERS snows here. Well, i must be a bad luck charm because last Thursday (or was it Friday?) it snowed. It was cool seeing the snow on palm trees and orange trees. Sorry, I was stupid and didn't take any pictures before it all melted. The problem here is that they have no indoor heating (or cooling). So, while here outside it is warmer than it is back in the States this time of the year, it is the same tempature (or colder!) inside! Normally, I can see my breath in the apartment where I am staying. This is not good, because I don't like being so cold, and the only real warm place is my bed, so I take more naps than I probaly should.

45. Department Of Scandinavian
grammar Essentials of swedish grammar. Prerequisite Scandinavian 1A or Workload about three hours of homework and preparation outside of class per
Department of Scandinavian Spring 2004 Course Descriptions (Revised 1/2/04) Scandinavian 1B (4 units) Spring 2004
Ingegerd Stenport
Elementary Swedish
Three hours of language instruction per week. Students will develop the basic elements of communicative competence in both spoken and written language within a cultural context with individual work in the computer lab.
Workload : About three hours of work outside of class per week and individual work in the Berkeley Language Lab.Oral and written mid-term and final exams.
Text: Vägen til Sverige B (Textbook and workbook)
Grammar Essentials of Swedish Grammar
Prerequisite Scandinavian 1A or permission by instructor.
Scandinavian 2B (4 units) Spring 2004 Sirpa Tuomainen Elementary Finnish A continuation of Scandinavian 2A offered in the Fall semester. Three hours of language instruction per week. Students continue to develop the basic elements of communicative competence in both the spoken and written language within a cultural context. Workload: about three hours of homework and preparation outside of class per week. Oral and written midterm. Final exam, including a short oral presentation.

46. 82.01.03: History/Mystery: Regionalism And Ethnicity In The American Detective N
such as spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and composition. For homework have the students write up their valid impressions and new insights.
Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute Home
History/Mystery: Regionalism and Ethnicity in the American Detective Novel
Elizabeth S. Celotto
Contents of Curriculum Unit 82.01.03:
To Guide Entry
“I am a Navajo,” Chee said. “ . . . Some Navajos are good at tracking. Some aren’t. You learn it by studying it. Like law.” These words of Jim Chee, a Navajo tribal policeman, pertain to the two main themes of this unit, the elements of mystery and ethnicity. The use of the word “tracking” is an explicit reference to a method used in solving a mystery; there is an implicit reference that we assume characteristics about certain ethnic groups and fall into the error of stereotyping them. This unit will combine the disciplines of an English and a social science course by teaching about the modern American mystery novel and about some special types of people involved in specific novels. Profiles of many of our high school students show that they have dropped out or been withdrawn for poor attendance or lack of interest and success in school; some others manage to hang on for a few years but repeatedly fail mandatory subjects such as English and Social Studies. Some of these failing students do lack the skills necessary for academic progress, but others are just not impelled to perform at the skill level that they possess. For these students alternatives to the boredom and low self-esteem might be street crime, pregnancy, and eventually dropping out of school.

47. Spedlinksimcpage
swedish Amber Museum Click on Frozen Dramas and then on each number for detailed pictures. TOP. Health Nutrition homework help Links
Special Education Sites Math: Basic Operations Weights and Measurement Fractions and Decimals Algebra ... Small fossils, plants and insects Health: Nutrition Human Body Diseases/Disorders Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Social Studies: World History Ancient Cultures Middle Ages Age of Exploration ... Study Skills Math Basic Operations AllMath : flash cards, metric converter, magic square game, math glossary, multiplication table mand other Math links Money Skills Money Games geared to elementary level students
Basic Operations and Word Problems:
Telling Time, Word Problems, Links to other Math Sites
MegaMath Tables:
Interactive site for practicing and testing times tables, includes patterns of hints for spotting multiples
Math Flash:
Interactive site for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practice using all positive or positive and negative numbers from 0-9, 0-99 or 0-999.
Fast Facts:
Tutorials and quizzes on whole numbers, fractions, decimals, proportions, percent, algebra, measurement, geometric figures etc.
Math Journey:
Interactive game which involves solving 30 problems - choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division or any combination - difficulty level may also be pre-selected.

48. Manuel Barbera, Corpus Based Computational Linguistic Resources. General: Tools
The lemmatizer/tagger is being of great help for the second phase of the EEBS project swedish Constraint grammar (SweCG) is a system for partof-speech
General Resources.
Corpora and Corpus Linguistics.
Multilingual and Parallel Corpora.

Electronic Literary Text Archives.

This "Tools" section focuses mainly on corpus-oriented NLP software (esp. taggers, parsers, chunkers, corpus query systems, etc.), but also text analysers (concordancers, etc.) are taken in count, and other applications as well, inasmuch they have some interest also for NLP and corpora maintenance and query. As a rule automatic speech recognition systems, translation tools, e-dictionaries and exotic languages typing facilities have been left aside. The software resources on the Web are really huge and every selection cannot be someway arbitrary; moreover, important links could have slipped me: please e-mail me every addition you wish! Note that link sites are referred here only if mainly concerned with tools; you can find more general reference pages in section @nnotate : @nnotate is a tool for the efficient semi-automatic annotation of corpus data. It facilitates the generation of context-free structures and additionally allows crossing edges. Functions for the manipulation of such structures are provided. Terminal nodes, non-terminal nodes, and edges are labelled. It was used for the NEGRA project. @nnotate runs under Solaris and Linux. It needs the

49. Ready Reference List
This is a terrific site for homework help and for all kinds of other information Guide to grammar and Writing Capital Community-Technical College Subject Web Sites.htm

50. Santa Monica College        ESL  Department
CLASS composition AND ATMOSPHERE ESL courses are made up of nonnative speakers only. grammar / homework questions; Developing good topic sentences
S anta M onica ... ollege ESL Department DEPARTMENT DIRECTORY COURSES TUTORING ESL FAQS ... EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Website maintained by: Last Update:

51. Fall 2005 Class Descriptions
This course covers fundamentals of English grammar (word and phrase of knowledge about scholarship in rhetoric and composition; to help you......
Fall 200
English Department Class Descriptions
Please click on the following selections or scroll down to view descriptions. Undergraduate Classes Writing Programs Classes
Graduate Classes
Undergraduate Class Descriptions ENG 114 A
English Grammar and Usage
Instructor : Dr. Chenchen Sun
Section Line Number:
Time: 10:40-11:30 MWF in LL 148 Description: This course covers fundamentals of English grammar (word and phrase structure) and of English usage (punctuation, grammatical correctness). ENG 201
World Literature
Instructor : Penelope Krouse
Section Line Number
Time : MW 1:40-2:55 Description : This reading-intensive course offers an overview of classical and medieval literatures of the Eastern and Western world. We will develop a foundational understanding of A) the literary significance of these cosmopolitan works, B) how they fit within their culture, and C) how to read and understand literature in general. Through a close reading of the selections, we will seek a specific response to non-specific questions such as: What does literature reveal about a culture or people? Where does literature apply pressure to cultural commonplaces? How does it do so? What literary styles and conventions are employed or subverted? What qualifies as literature? In what ways are these literatures relevant for modern readers? We will approach these works as a dialogue on global issues such as creation accounts, justice and conflict, love, and the nature of art. Readings include part or all of translated versions of such works as

52. Charles Sturt University - Education Virtual Library
The information is available in swedish, Finnish and English. Math homework help by email and online math tutoring from kindergarten to college.
W3 Virtual Library Charles Sturt University
Education - by site - General
HTML Created: 18 Sep 2005 4:01:20
1A guide to learn spanish abroad and online
Learn spanish guide, All about learning abroad, all the schools for real students, We take you to improve yours language skills step by step. Everyday new resources to study spanish
Complete Record Details 1Up Info - Encyclopedia ... Educational Resources
Offering a variety of educational products including a comprehensive learning plan, created online. Many free resources for teachers, parents, and students, as well.
Complete Record Details 3B Scientific ... 3wEscola: Recursos para professores na Internet
Database for teachers (in portuguese)
Complete Record Details A+ Distance Learning, Adult Education, Test Preparation
The site contains information about our Distance Learning Programs, Adult Education, Test Preparation, online courses, online prep software, Educational Technology, Teaching Methodologies etc.

53. Scandinavian R5B/Spring 2003
In addition, we suggest that you make use of a handbook of grammar and style Other homework will be assigned periodically throughout the semester and
Who are the Vikings? Scandinavian R5B Section 2/Spring 2003 Instructors: Nichole Sterling and Kendra Willson MWF 10:10-11:00/Dwinelle 243 Course Description In this course we will examine the various ways in which the Vikings were represented by medieval Scandinavians and by those who were on the other end of their Viking activities. What kind of people were the Vikings? Is their reputation deserved? In attempting to arrive at answers to these questions, we will consider some Norse sagas and poems, as well as a selection of stories, poetry, and chronicle accounts from other European countries ranging from Ireland to Russia. All of the reading for this course will be in English translation and no prior knowledge of the Vikings or of medieval Scandinavia is expected. Course Goals This course builds on what you have already learned in the Reading and Composition A section. We will continue to practice analytical writing as well as thinking and speaking about texts in a critical way. In addition, this course will focus on creating research papers, including how to locate sources and use them to create an interesting and well-developed research paper. Instructor Information Office Hours (Changes may be announced in class): GSI Office Phone: E-mail Addresses:

54. Primary Websites
These teacher created materials provide the necessary practice to help students The kids also have a Kids Literacy Page, homework helpers, Kids Friendly
Primary Websites
USA History British History Second World War ...
: Free downloads of worksheets, lesson plans, activity ideas and teaching resources for primary schools, teachers and parents. Snaith Primary School Literacy Lessons : Joy Simpson's website dedicated to literacy planning for years 8 to 11. Each year group is divided into terms and planning relating to the range for the term is listed covering fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays. Each block of work is planned according to the latest ideas from the National Literacy Strategy and the DfES and shows the ways in which literacy teaching can be creative and fun for pupils. If you would like to reduce the amount of time you spend planning on a Sunday evening then visit the site and download the free lessons and resources. Sciencezone : Contains interactive information pages designed to complement the national curriculum. Each page also contains an online quiz or other activity to aid assessment. Primarily aimed at year 5, though new materials are being developed. Online Ideas : A free site where primary teachers and trainee teachers can find teaching resources and links to recommended web sites for every curriculum subject.

55. English Websites
English Teacher File The purpose of English Teacher File is to help the KS3 grammar This is a tutorial in grammar for teachers of English at KS3 the
USA History British History Second World War ...
: The new version of this popular website continues to offer everything you like about Teachit: the 2000+ pages of English, Drama and Media teaching resources, the online lessons, monthly newsletter and web links. Accessing all of this free content is now easier because Teachit have changed the underlying site structure and added a keyword, text and author search function. Teachit also has a new subscription service, TeachitPLUS, which offers adaptable versions of top Teachit resources for under 40p per week. Andrew Moore's Resource
Literacy Lessons
: Joy Simpson's website dedicated to literacy planning for years 8 to 11. Each year group is divided into terms and planning relating to the range for the term is listed covering fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays. Each block of work is planned according to the latest ideas from the National Literacy Strategy and the DfES and shows the ways in which literacy teaching can be creative and fun for pupils. If you would like to reduce the amount of time you spend planning on a Sunday evening then visit the site and download the free lessons and resources. English Language GCE : The materials for GCE English language cover all areas of current examined courses in Britain. They are particularly closely matched to the syllabus (AQA, syllabus B) taken by the greatest number of students, but teachers can readily match them to other language syllabuses. Andrew Moore wrote these materials in the course of teaching two GCE classes. (The class that got them started achieved a 100% pass rate.) He has since revisited and gradually updated and extended some of the guides, with a view to covering the whole AQA syllabus B course, and other exam board courses, eventually. As well as guides to components of the syllabus, there are background articles, occasional quizzes and other activities, including some contributions from distinguished academic linguists, Peter Trudgill, Paul Coggle and Paul Kerswill.

56. Germanic Languages And Literatures, Winter Term 1997 LS&A Course Guide
Although this class focuses intensively on grammar review and vocabulary development, Course requirements include daily homework assignments (reading,
Germanic Languages and Literatures
Courses in Dutch (Division 357)
112. Second Special Speaking and Reading Course. Dutch 111 or the equivalent. Graduate students should elect the course as Dutch 512. (4). (LR). This course, a continuation of 111, proceeds with the basics of the Dutch language. We will primarily use the monolingual text, Code Nederlands, in which each lesson consists of an everyday conversation, a grammatical explanation, exercises, a comprehensive vocabulary list of one topic, questions about the conversation, homework, and a special computer exercise. To enliven the class, the teacher will present the students with a variety of texts, music, video, and simple prose, which can serve as a starting point for conversation. Cost:3 WL:3 (Broos) 232. Second-Year Dutch. Dutch 231 or the equivalent. Graduate students should elect the course as Dutch 532. (4). (LR). This course, a continuation of Dutch 231, will further examine the particular difficulties and subtleties of Dutch conversation and style. Grammatical items introduced in previous courses will be reviewed where necessary. Introduction to contemporary Dutch society by means of songs, video, comics, newspaper articles, and literature will enliven the course, which will be conducted mostly in Dutch. Required text: Code Nederlands

57. German, Fall Term, 1985 LSA Course Guide
The language of the classroom is German, except during grammar explanations. There are weekly quizzes, a midterm, a final, and frequent homework assignments
Germanic Languages and Literatures
Dutch Courses (Division 357)
111. First Special Speaking and Reading Course. Permission of the department. (4). (FL). This course provides the student with the basic grammar of the Dutch language. We mainly use the monolingual course-book Levend Nederlands Living Dutch ) and each lesson from the book will consist of everyday conversation, a grammatical explanation, exercises, a coherent word list, questions about the conversation, discussion, and homework. To enliven the class the teacher will provide the students with songs, newspaper articles, comics, etc. Films and video will be used where possible. The students are strongly advised to visit the monthly meetings organized by the Netherlands America University League. Books: Levend Nederlands Cambridge University Press, New York; W. Z. Shetter, Introduction to Dutch, Nijhoff, The Hague; P. de Kleijn, E. Nieuwborg, Basiswoordenboek Nederlands, Groningen, Wolters-Noordhoff, 1983; J. Hulstijn, M. Hannay, An English Self-Study Supplement to Levend Nederlands, Amsterdam, 1981. Also recommended: B. C. Donaldson

58. Resources For Teachers
English, Rhetoric and composition, Technical Writing BJ Pinchbeck s homework Helper The Digital Education Network A resource for teachers and student
Resources for Teachers
Resources for teachers with URLs (not complete)
Language Learning Activities on the Web
Activities for the classroom Associations for Teachers ... miscellaneous resources

59. Resources For Teachers
http//; The Faculty Lounge Tools to help you use the Internet http//; grammar
Resources for Teachers
Resources for teachers with URLs
Other interesting activities on the Net
The Arts Articles ...

60. The University Of Montana - Western - is a free homework information portal that features the very BJ Pinchbeck s homework Helper Dartmouth College composition Center

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