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         Sweden Culture:     more books (100)
  1. Culture Unbound: Americanization And Everyday Life by Tom O'Dell, 1998-03-19
  2. Cultural Conflict and the Swedish Sexual Myth: The Male Immigrant's Encounter with Swedish Sexual and Cohabitation Culture (Contributions in Sociology) by Sven-Axel Mansson, 1993-07-30
  3. The Roots of American Exceptionalism: Institutions, Culture and Policies by Charles Lockhart, 2003-09-06
  4. Public Spheres, Public Mores, and Democracy: Hamburg and Stockholm, 1870-1914 (Social History, Popular Culture, and Politics in Germany) by Madeleine Montague Hurd, 2000-07-13
  5. Youth Culture in Late Modernity
  6. Media Matter: TV Use in Childhood and Adolescence (Communication, Culture, and Information Studies) by Karl Erik Rosengren, Sven Windahl, 1989-02
  7. The Queen's Diadem (Studies in Scandinavian Literature and Culture, Vol 1) by Carl Jonas Love Almqvist, 1992-05
  8. Culture, Religion & Spirituality in Coping: The Example of Cancer in Patients in Sweden (Studia Sociologica Upsaliensia) by Fereshteh Ahmadi, 2006-12-30
  9. Nature Imagery and National Romanticism in the Films of Alf Sjoberg.(Swedish filmmaker): An article from: Scandinavian Studies by Rochelle Wright, 1998-12-22
  10. Swedish Film Classics by A. Kwiatkowski, 1983-03-01
  11. Tva losa boy och rekordmagasinet: En bok by Lasse Aberg, 1981
  12. The Globalisation of Charismatic Christianity (Cambridge Studies in Ideology and Religion) by Simon Coleman, 2007-04-30
  13. Nordic National Cinemas (National Cinemas Series) by Tytti Soila, 1998-02-20
  14. Ingmar Bergman: Film and Stage by Robert Emmet Long, 1994-03

81. MSN Encarta - Sweden
Only in the late 19th century did any aspect of Swedish culture become influential internationally. Today, artistic activities receive large state subsidies
Web Search: Encarta Home ... Upgrade your Encarta Experience Search Encarta Upgrade your Encarta Experience Spend less time searching and more time learning. Learn more Tasks Related Items more... Further Reading Editors' picks for Sweden
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Sweden Facts and Figures Quick information and statistics for Sweden Encarta Search Search Encarta about Sweden Editors' Picks Great books about your topic, Sweden ... Click here Advertisement document.write(' Page 4 of 12
Encyclopedia Article Multimedia 23 items Dynamic Map Map of Sweden Article Outline Introduction Land and Resources People Culture ... History E
Food and Recreation
Swedish food tends to be simple and healthy. Perhaps Sweden’s most famous culinary invention is the sm¶rg¥sbord , a self-service buffet that includes an assortment of cold and hot foods. Sm¶rg¥sbords frequently include a variety of cold fish dishes, such as gravlax (cured salmon lutefisk cod or pollock marinated in potash lye), and pickled

82. SWEDEN: UNESCO Culture Sector
Heritage Conservation Act n°950 of 1988, followed by Regulations on permits for the export from sweden of certain cultural older goods* English version
Cultural Heritage Laws Database Background and Aims Contents and Use AFRICA ...


For questions of legislative character: Secretariat for Legal Affairs Ministry of Culture SE-103 33 STOCKHOLM Tel. +46-8-405 1000 Fax. +46-8-21 68 13 e-mail: Questions regarding policy and priorities: Arts Division Ministry of Culture SE-103 33 STOCKHOLM Tel. +46-8-405 1000 Fax. +46-8-21 68 13 e-mail: Questions regarding practices and interpretations: National Heritage Board Box 5405 SE-114 84 STOCKHOLM Tel. +46-8-5191 8000 Fax. +46-8-5191 8083

83. Sweden: UNESCO Culture Sector
Kulturhuset, Sergels torg, Box 16414, 103 27 Stockholm, sweden desigend by the Schomburg Center for research on Black culture (New York) in conjunction
var static_ko="22649"; var static_section="201"; var static_langue="en"; Slavery Abolition Year History of Slavery Transatlantic Slave Trade Triangular Trade ... Modern forms of slavery Activities worldwide Activities worldwide FAQs Logo of the Year Search Print Send Sweden
1-19 November, 2004
Inauguration of the travelling exhibition desigend by the Schomburg Center for research on Black Culture (New York) in conjunction with the "Slave Route" project of UNESCO. For more information please see Events listing below.
Visit the virtual exhibition

Célébration de "2004 année de commémoration...

Stockholm, Sweden
01 Nov 2004 - 19 Nov 2004 Programme des évènements de clôture de l'"Année" en Suède
Resources Events
Features © UNESCO Webmaster

84. Swedish/Scandinavian Studies - Department Of Linguistic, Cultural And Translatio
in sweden and a thorough grounding in Scandinavian society and culture. The Oresund Bridge Swedish can be studied as a second language ab initio as part
This website is designed to be viewed with web browsers that support web standards . The content of this page should still be accessible though visual formatting may be be basic on older web browsers or other devices. Culture, Media and Communication
School of Arts, Communication and Humanities, University of Surrey, Guildford UK
LCTS menu: Linguistics and Cultural Studies
Swedish/Scandinavian studies
The Swedish Section of the Department of Linguistic, Cultural and International Studies is part of the School of Arts at the University of Surrey in Guildford. We offer specialist Scandinavian Studies to language students following a number of Modern Language degree programmes. The Swedish Section is highly regarded by employers as a source of skilled linguists with practical, professional experience in Sweden and a thorough grounding in Scandinavian society and culture.
Swedish can be studied as a second language ab initio as part of a range of language degree programmes: as a second or third language with French, German, Russian or Spanish as part of the Combined Languages degrees or the Modern Languages and Cultural Studies degree; in combination with another language and European Studies. In addition to Swedish, these programmes include an introduction to Danish and Norwegian enabling graduates to comprehend and work with a wide range of Scandinavian texts.

85. Travel Sweden - Nature Culture Design
Travel sweden Denmark. A TASTE OF NATURE, culture DESIGN. 6 Days. Stockholm Copenhagen or Copenhagen - Stockholm Self-Drive Tour. Stockholm Daily
Home Country Links Site Map Rail Passes ... E-MAIL Scandinavian travel specialist since 1967
6 Days
Stockholm - Copenhagen or Copenhagen - Stockholm
Self-Drive Tour
Depart Stockholm by mid-size rental car. Follow Lake Malaren east, detour to Mariefred with its 18th century buildings and Castle, continue on through Eskilstuna to Orebro. Here you can take a boat trip through the locks or visit old Kumla. From Orebro, south to Lake Vattern. A bit further is your hotel for two nights. The Vadstena Klosterhotel is a unique hotel in one of Sweden's oldest buildings-an imposing 13th century convent. The hotel is on the lake and is a few minute walk from picturesque Vadstena and the medieval castle. The hotel's restaurant is worth a visit. DAY 2 VADSTENA
You can drive today to Norrkoping and take a short day cruise on the Gota Canal or visit the nearby Takern and Omberg Nature reserve. You may also want to visit the Alvesta Monastery, second oldest in Sweden, and some of the beautiful medieval churches in Herrestad from 1112. Return to Vadstena Klosterhotel. DAY 3 VADSTENA - VAXJO
Drive south to Granna where you can take a boat trip to the Island of Visingso on Lake Vattern. Continue to Vaxjo and visit the interesting museums there or the furniture shops. Overnight at Hotel Konserthuset or similar.

86. ArchitectureWeek - Culture - From Vernacular To Modern In Sweden - 2003.0507
The culture Department at ArchitectureWeek, the new magazine of design and building, serving architecture online like never before.
Page C1.1 . 07 May 2003 NEWS DESIGN BUILDING DESIGN TOOLS ... Newsletter Free
From Vernacular to Modern in Sweden by Olof Kallstenius The history of architecture in Sweden over the last four centuries is one of "functionalistic eclecticism," with traditions borrowed from other cultures, molded by national politics, and blended into uniquely Swedish form. Sweden's traditional building culture was anonymous, exemplified by the Bjoerkvik storehouse, a nobleman's showpiece. But in the 1600s, Sweden began to fight its way to a position of international influence that spurred huge architectural ambitions. The traditional artistry continued and coexisted with high-profile architecture. Yet the older forms were considered unworthy for the sought-after self-esteem, and nobility made a massive effort to furnish their estates with modern architecture. An educational program was set up, and promising youth were sent on government-sponsored tours of Europe to learn about classical art and architecture. The first steps to create a truly national style were taken by 17th-century architect Nicodemus Tessin the Elder. He renounced the joyful individuality seen in early Swedish baroque and tried instead to turn the whole of the country into his own Città ideale.

87. CityGuide Europe - Inbrief Travel Guide, Attractions, Tours & Hotels
The year 1998 had a special significance for culture in sweden, with the selection of Stockholm as the years Cultural Capital of Europe.

88. EUROPA - Culture - Sweden
The Europe and culture portal provides information on all European Union cultural activities, policies, regulations and programmes.
@import "../../css/advanced.css";. de en fr EUROPA European Commission Culture ... National Cultural sites National Cultural sites
The Ministry of Culture is responsible for issues concerning cultural policy and media policy. The culture policy covers issues concerning cultural heritage, theatre, dance and music, artistic acitivities, achitecture, form and design, film, literature and reading etc. The media policy covers issues concerning public service radio and television, daily newspapers, media concentration, action against the portrayal of violence in the media, including film censorship and new media and new technology etc. On the international arena, the Ministry is responsible for the coordination of international issues in the cultural and media field, including EU coordination and Swedish Counsellors for Cultural Affairs stationed in other countries.
Each Ministry is principal for a number of government agencies, foundations, associations and companies. These are responsible for the day-to-day operations of public administration. The Government decides on objectives, guidelines and the allocation of resources for agency activities. But it does not determine how agencies should apply a law or what decision they should take in specific cases. In December each year the Government issues appropriations directions for agencies on the basis of decisions by Parliament, and these directions set out the objectives of the agency activities.

89. The Sami Homeland, Samieh Eatneme, Sapmi.
Mountain and ForestSami culture in Norway and sweden, many Traditional and present day cultural center Jokkmokk, sweden.
T he S ami H omeland.
S ami L anguages A nd C ulture.
A brief summary.
    I n the texts on these pages you'll find references to several Sami groups. Even though the Sami's are one people that share a common past, there has been a lot of differentiation over the ages. The Sami's are not such a homogeneous group one could be made to believe after reading some of the descriptions found in english literature and on some websites.
    Those who have looked carefully at the images on these pages where Sami's wear traditional clothes, might have noted that there's quite a variety. This might be the most obvious difference, yet there's several others as in the traditional cultural expressions such the handicraft and in the various forms of "singing" ie: the joik.
    The Sami language also differs quite a lot from area to area, and when one person travels from one end of the Sami nation to the other the difference gets that large that the dialects gets mutually incomprehensible.
    Since the Scandinavian languages Danish, Norwegian and Swedish is considered to be separate languages, it is not wrong to talk about different Sami languages as well since the differences is larger than among those three Scandinavian ones. One colour is given for each of the Sami groups.

90. Powell's Books - Sweden (Culture Shock! Country Guides) By Charlotte Svensson
culture Shock! adds two new At Your Door city lifestyle guides and one new country guide. The release of more Revised and Expanded culture Shock! country

91. SASNET: South Asian Culture In Scandinavia
A fullday seminar on Indian culture in sweden was arranged in Stockholm on Saturday 4 June 2005, 10.00–17.30. The seminar, called ”Att lära känna den
South Asian Culture in Scandinavia:
Current Cultural Events
connected to South Asia:
photo to the right ). A third dancer, Anette Claesson, also participates. The musicians are Suranjana Ghosh (vocals and tabla), Kishore Ghosh (pakhawaj) and Anurag Chaudhary (Indian flute). Besides performances in the evenings of both days (19.00 on Friday 30 September, 18.00 on Saturday 1 October), workshops will also be held: on Odissi dance (with Anette Claesson as instructor), and tabla playing (Kishore Ghosh), and a photo exhibition by Anette Claesson, on the Theyyam ritual will firthermore be exhibited. More information . The workshop, led by the experienced teacher, performer and composer Madhumita Ray, includes an introduction to Hindustani classical voice culture; ragas and compositions; and semi-classical music such as thumri and dadra. Madhumita Ray has performed in USA, Canada, UK. Germany, Switzerland and Norway. She has a great knowledge of Indian stories and has been working with Norwegian Jazz musicians and Storytelling. The cost for the workshop is NKK 750. Venue: Fortellerhuset, Collettsgate 55 D, Oslo. Registration in beforehand to

92. SASNET: South Asian Culture In Sweden
South Asian culture performed in sweden. Swedish artists performing South Asian music and dance. • Abhinaya. Ulrika Pettersson and Anna Bolmström,
South Asian artists
touring Scandinavia
South Asian Culture performed in Sweden:
Swedish artists performing South Asian music and dance:
Photo to the left ). In April 2005 they performed at the Indian dance festival Ukraine India Bhai Bhai in Kiev, Ukraine. Read a review of the festival by Sunil Kothari , Professor of Dance at the Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, India. . Drummer and percussionist who visited India a couple of times during the 60's, studying North Indian music for Pandit Taranath Rama Rao (tabla and pakhawaj) and South Indian music for Vidwan P.S. Devarajan Zia Fariduddin Dagar K. Sridhar and Debu Chaudhuri , during their concerts in Sweden. Anette Claesson SYDASIEN 3/02 . Performer of vocal Indian music since 1974, and has through the years played the Tamboura accompanying many Indian artists visiting Sweden, such as Hariprasad Chaurasia, Shivkumar Sharma, Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar, and the Sarangi master Sabri Khan. Anita also teaches clasical North Indian vocal music. Released many records, individually and with various bands. Originally from Kolkata, India but now living in Lund, Sweden, plays the harmonium and sings Rabindrasangheet, the songs of Rabindranath Tagore. Performed on Swedish radio and TV; cd released (own production).

93. Sweden - The Swedish Page | The Swedish Page A Guide to Swedish Internet Resources. culture. The Royal Libray THE NATIONAL LIBRARY; Swedish Libraries LINKS IN

INETMEDIA Plus ... Orkanen Rita
The Swedish Page
Destination Europa

General info



BLOGGAR / FEEDS Biblioteksbilagan Medielandskapet INETMEDIA PLUS : Elektroniska guider NYHETSBREVET Prenumerera [ gratis ] Webbkarta Om INETMEDIA INETMEDIA Sweden Essential Swedish Links Welcome Online since 1995 General Information top Official Websites top Media top Cities top Travel top Culture top Business and Economy

94. The Situation Of Minority Journals In Sweden
The Cultural Council gave also support to a few journals, know a lot of the minorities living in sweden, their aims in sweden, culture and struggles vis
The situation of minority journals in Sweden
I want to start with a short presentation of the Immigrant Institute. The institute is a research and documentation centre on migration, refugees and issues on racism and discrimination. It has a library, an archive and even a museum of immigrant artists with exhibitions about migration in Sweden and in Borås. The institute cooperates with immigrant organizations in Sweden, universities and other Swedish organizations. The research made by the institute tries to part from the immigrants’ perspective. One of the first projects of the Immigrant Institute was to collect immigrant journals. The institute has since 1976 published a list on immigrant and minority journals. The first edition comprised 129 titles and the last edition from 2001 comprised 230 printed and 40 electronic journals. This list is available on paper but also on the internet. An archive with more than 1000 journals is available in the institute’s library. Many new magazines have been published during the past years. There are some magazines who started at the forties or fifties and who are still appearing, while others have an average life of 4-5 years of publication. The immigrant journals are very different from each other. We find many different categories, for instance general journals for a general public, local journals which address to members of a local immigrant organization (very common between the Finnish population), cultural journals addressing to cultural workers in some minorities and mostly published by individuals or by some organisation which only aim is to publish the journal (for instance in Kurdish and Farsi), journals for the youth and for women, for fishing and for music instruments. The diversity of the journals makes of course difficult for the Swedish authorities to find a system that could be suitable for giving support to them.

95. Bits Of Culture - Sweden
Swedish. Other languages English. top . Map. top . Cultural Values. top . Main Religion Death Concepts/Rituals. top . Health Care Values
BITS OF CULTURE - Sweden Languages Map Cultural Values Health Care Values ... Interesting Facts Languages Official language:
Swedish Other languages:
English Map
Cultural Values
Health Care Values
Interesting Facts

96. The Nordic Pages: Sweden - Sverige
Internet the Nordic way sweden Sverige. Arts and culture. culturenet sweden IN SWEDISH; The Royal Library NATIONAL LIBRARY; The Nobel Prize in


Finland Iceland ... Sweden
nordic pages




Regions Aaland Faroe Greenland Subject Guides General Info Official News and Media Cities ... Search More Nordiska sidor [se] internet the nordic way Online since 1995 Sweden - Sverige Official Sweden General Country Information News and Media Cities

97. Culturenet Sweden - In English
culturenet sweden is a place where local and national cultural expressions meet. cultureNet sweden displays Swedish culture to the Swedish people and to the

98. Culture - Australian Embassy In Sweden
Australian Embassy in sweden. Sergels Torg 12, 11th Floor Stockholm sweden Postal address Box 7003 Stockholm S103 86 Tel +46 (0)8 6132900
Australian Embassy in Sweden
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Australian Embassy in Sweden
Sergels Torg 12, 11th Floor
Postal address
Box 7003
Stockholm S-103 86
Tel: +46 (0)8 6132900
Fax: +46 (0)8 6132982
Current news :
Please let us know of any Australian events in the region - e-mail the public affairs officer
Australian Cultural Links

99. People And Culture (from Sweden) --  Britannica Student Encyclopedia
People and culture (from sweden) Some 90 percent of the population of sweden are of ethnic Swedish origin. The two main minority groups of indigenous

100. 1Up Travel : Sweden - History And Culture Of Sweden.
sweden Seek information on the History and culture of sweden. Although sweden has a modern industrial culture, its people have maintained provincial

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Sweden History and Culture
E-Deals Tours Hotels Cars Transfer ... Books History Written records survive only from late in the Middle Ages. But the number and variety of fortifications, assembly places, votive sites and graves is impressive. The Viking Age was getting under way by the 9th century, and vast repositories of Roman, Byzantine and Arab coins attest to the wealth and power Swedish Vikings accumulated over the next century. Vikings travelled mostly to the east, making their mark in Russia, as well as trading with (and pillaging) Byzantine territories.

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