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         Sweden Culture:     more books (100)
  1. Cultural dimensions: An inter-disciplinary approach to media, culture and communication studies by Johan Fornäs, 1993
  2. Gender and Representation in the Films of Ingmar Bergman (Studies in Scandinavian Literature and Culture) by Marilyn Johns Blackwell, 1997-05-22
  3. Judging personality from spoken language: Greek immigrants in Sweden (Reports from the Department of Psychology, the University of Stockholm) by Stan Dornic, 1987
  4. Birth in Four Cultures : A Crosscultural Investigation of Childbirth in Yucatan, Holland, Sweden, and the United States by Brigitte Jordan, 1992-11
  5. The Seven Cultures of Capitalism by Charles Hampden-Turner, Fons Trompenaars, 1995-02-23
  6. A Book About Sweden A Short Survey of the Country, Its People, History, Culture, Industrial Life and Tourist Resorts by Asbrink Gustav, 1928
  7. Utopia and Reality: Modernity in Sweden 1900-1960
  8. Only a Mother (Regents Studies in Medieval Culture) by Ivar Lo-Johansson, 1991-05-01
  9. Trans-Atlantica: Essays on Scandinavian Migration and Culture (Scandinavians in America) by Franklin Daniel Scott, 1979-09
  10. The Transformation of Sexuality: Gender and Identity in Contemporary Youth Culture by Thomas Johansson, 2007-02
  11. Culture Builders: A Historical Anthropology of Middle-Class Life by Jonas Frykman, Orvar Lofgren, 1987-04
  12. Becoming Muslim: Western Women's Conversions to Islam (Culture, Mind and Society) by Anna Mansson McGinty, 2006-10-03
  13. Family Law and Political Culture (Modern Legal Studies) by D. Bradley, 1996-03-14
  14. Approaching the Culture of Toys in Swedish Child Care: A Literature Survey and a Toy Inventory (Uppsala Studies in Education, No 54) by Birgitta Almqvist, 1994-09

61. Funäsdalsfjäll - Turistinformation I Funäsdalen
Information about the southernmost bare mountain area in sweden, local culture, sports and outdoor activities.

Vecko info

Boende Sista minuten ...

Du kan välja att söka information via "skyltarna" på ledkorset, i det orangefärgade huvudet eller via direktlänkarna längs högra kanten.
BOKA DIN VINTERRESA NU ! Vi väntar på snön och bokningen av vintern är i full gång

62. Call For Applications
Swedish / South African culture Partnership Programme Minutes of Joint Committee Meeting Held In Stockholm, sweden, 22 24 February 2005
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Call for Applications:
Swedish / South African Culture Partnership Programme
Format Description Call For Applications Application Form Appendix to Application Form Application Form (Request for Partner) Application Guidelines Consolidated List of Applications 2004 Successful Project Grants Successful Planning Grants Minutes of Joint Committee Meeting Held In Stockholm, Sweden, 22 - 24 February 2005 back to top

63. Links To Swedish Cultural Resources
An online resource guide to the culture of sweden, prepared in conjunction with the Royal Swedish Ballet can be found here as part of ARTSEDGE’s minisite
Links to Swedish Cultural Resources

64. The UN Works For Cultural Diversity: Endangered Language Of The Sámi
Return to Cultural Diversity Home An Indigenous Song Celebrates Nature in She is a Sámi, a people stretched over northern areas of Norway, sweden,
Learn More

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

UNESCO Red Book of Endangered Languages

UN Chronicle

Get Involved
Sami Parliament Information


Foundation for Endangered Languages

International Clearing House for Endangered Languages
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An Indigenous Song Celebrates Nature in Sweden "My Sámi roots are important to me; I'll never give up fighting for them". Anna Karstedt "When I'm out in nature I sing what I see," Anna says as she slowly slips into her yoik. A kind of chant, the yoik is the instinctive musical expression of the Sámi people and is used to remember and express one's emotions about individuals, animals and landscapes. "When I'm happy the yoik is happy," Anna adds. The yoik differs from a traditional song in an important aspect; it employs rhythm instead of words to convey the essence of its subject. Anna learnt to 'yoik' in school at the age of ten and has since toured all over Sweden performing for audiences. For Anna yoiking has been a way of learning and preserving her Sámi heritage. "Every time I yoik I feel that my link to the Sámi way of life becomes stronger" she says. The Sámi are the indigenous people of Sweden. Their rugged and harsh surroundings have produced a truly unique way of life. Anna's grandmother, who only speaks Sámi, has been a crucial link to Sámi culture and way of life. Her grandmother lives in a small Sámi village called 'Rensjon' (Reindeer Lake) which Anna says is her most favorite place on earth.

65. Nordic Culture > Midsummer In Sweden, Finland, Norway And Denmark - Scandinavica
Midsummer (Midsommar), the celebration of the summer solstice, is one of the major festivities in sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway, together with
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Nordic games
Living in Scandinavia Nordic Culture


Tourist info
Newsletter Do you want to keep informed of our updates on Nordic culture? Click here to read more... Midsummer in Scandinavia
Midsummer is one of the major celebrations in Scandinavia, together with Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and Walpurgis Night.
The most popular festival together with Christmas
Midsummer is the most popular festival in Scandinavia together with Christmas. It is a celebration of the Summer solstice, the longest day of the year. In Sweden and in Finland, Midsummer is celebrated as a public holiday during the third weekend of June, when everybody escapes to the country to spend a relaxing time in nature. The celebration of the Summer solstice is a very ancient practice, dating back to pre-Christian times. Midsummer was originally a fertility festival with many customs and rituals associated with nature and with the hope for a good harvest in the Autumn. Midsummer's Day was later christianized as the day of Saint John the Baptist, an important Christian saint. Yet, many of the ancient pre-Christian customs that marked the Summer solstice have survived to this day and are still being celebrated in Scandinavia as they were many hundreds of years ago.

66. Nordic Culture > Walpurgis Night In Sweden And Finland: Valborg And Vappu
Walpurgis Night, the 30th of April, marks the end of the winter in sweden and Finland, and is the most important festive celebration of the year alongside
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Nordic games
Living in Scandinavia Nordic Culture


Tourist info
Newsletter Do you want to keep informed of our updates on Nordic culture? Click here to read more... Walpurgis Night
Walpurgis, the 30th of April, marks the end of the winter in Sweden and Finland, and is the most important festive celebration of the year alongside of Christmas and Midsummer
Germany's Walpurgis and the Nordic celebration of Spring
Each year, in the evening of April the 30th, Swedes and Finns celebrate Saint Walpurgis, one of the most popular festivities during the year alongside of Christmas and Midsummer. Walpurgis Night receives the name of "Valborg" in Sweden and "Vappu" in Finland, and is a very lively celebration where people spend the night together and sing traditional songs to welcome spring. The Walpurgis tradition is commonly associated with the feast of Anglo-German Saint Walpurgis. Walpurga was a woman born in England in 710. She went to live to Württemberg in Germany, where she became a nun and abbess in the convent of Heidenheim. Walpurgis was made a saint on the 1st of May 779, around the same dates than Scandinavians celebrated the return of Spring and the worshipping rituals of fertility associated with that season. With the conversion of the Swedes into Christianity, and since the time of year was the same, the Pagan and Christian celebrations became mixed together and resulted in the Walpurgis Night celebration.

67. American West - European Emigration
They became the cradles of SwedishAmerican culture with characteristics different from both America and sweden. In the midst of such an enclave it was easy
Swedish emigration to America is rather typical for European emigration westward to America during the 19th century. Therefore, we have elected to present the background of the Swedish emigration at that time. Painting "The Emigrants" by Swedish artist Knut Ekwall, (1843-1912). This painting depicts the artist's vision of what the Atlantic crossings could be like for the immigrants. Courtesy by Lena Björk Kaplan, President of the American Scandinavian Foundation in New York, owner of this beautiful work.
A Review of Swedish Emigration to America The history of Swedish emigration to America goes further back in time than that of the United States. Swedes started to come in 1638, just eighteen years after the landing of the "MAYFLOWER." The tidal wave of Swedish emigration began in the mid 1840s, when the first organized emigrant groups started to arrive in New York. These farmers destined to Iowa and Illinois were followed during the period up to 1930 by almost 1.3 million countrymen. The Swedes still rank number seven among the European immigrant groups. In proportion to the population of their home countries, only the British Isles and Norway surpassed Sweden in the number of immigrants. The effect of this exodus from Sweden reached its climax around 1910, when 1.4 million Swedish first and second generation immigrants were listed as living in the U.S. Compare this to Sweden's population at the time: 5.5 million. Roughly one fifth of all Swedes had their homes in America right before World War I !

68. Embassy Of Sweden - Swedish Culture
Swedish culture. As the home of the Nobel Prize in Literature and as the third nation in the world, sweden has a vibrant and dynamic cultural life.
Svenska Monday 26 Sep 2005 1:19 PM GMT +1 Home Contact us Sweden Abroad Navigation The Embassy
Address Book

Swedish Culture

Press Releases

Print version Swedish Culture As the home of the Nobel Prize in Literature and as the third largest music exporting nation in the world, Sweden has a vibrant and dynamic cultural life. Literature
Novelist and playwright August Strindberg, poet Tomas Tranströmer and childrens' author Astrid Lindgren have all contributed to Sweden's vibrant literary heritage. Their works have been translated into all major world languages, including Chinese. And their influence on Chinese literature has sometimes been significant: in 2004 Tomas Tranströmer, was awarded the Chinese Dipper Award for his lifetime achievement in poetry. It was the first time a foreign poet had been awarded this distinction.
Every autumn the eyes of the literary world turn to Sweden to find out who this year's winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature will be. Since 1901, by the terms of Alfred Nobel's will, the Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded by the Swedish Academy Music
From ABBA to the Cardigans to Emilia to the Hives, Swedish pop artists have a long history of international success and continue to seduce audiences around the world. Swedish producers and songwriters, such as Max Martin (responsible for several international smash hits by acts like Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys) have also had a major impact on worldwide pop music charts. Sweden also boast several internationally famous folk, jazz and classical musicians. Jazz legend Nisse Landgren, classical violinist Jan Stigmer and the saxophone quartet Rollin' Phones have all recently toured China.

69. Embassy Of Sweden - Sweden And Vietnam Sign Cultural Exchange Programme
sweden and Vietnam sign Cultural Exchange Programme. A new phase of supporting Vietnamese culture for sustainable development funded by the Government of
Svenska Monday 26 Sep 2005 1:19 PM GMT +1 Home Contact us Sweden Abroad Navigation The Embassy
Address Book

Development Cooperation

Visit Sweden

Back Print version Sweden and Vietnam sign Cultural Exchange Programme A new phase of supporting Vietnamese culture for sustainable development funded by the Government of Sweden is now entering into a new period 2005-2009. The total contribution from Sweden is 47 million Swedish Kronor or equivalent to approximately 6.5 million USD. Sweden and Vietnam sign Cultural Exchange Programme Speech by Ambassador Anna Lindstedt Speech by the Ambassador of Sweden on the occasion of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam Lawyers’ Association Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi On this website you will find information about Sweden and current Swedish activities in Vietnam. Info re Avian Influenza, H5N1 ("Bird Flu") Update on the avian influenza situation in Vietnam. Click below: Back Print version

70. Workplace Culture Guide: Sweden - Advice For Jobs Overseas From
If sweden is in your future, read about what you can expect in a typical Swedish working environment.
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Workplace Culture Guide: Sweden Part 1 in a 2-Part Series by David Speeckaert
Monster Contributing Writer
Sweden is a land of many attractions, known for its stunning landscape, beautiful people, old-world customs and progressive social policies. For someone unfamiliar with the culture, it can be difficult to work and live there, but if you follow the tips in this two-part guide, you'll be well on your way to enjoying all that Sweden has to offer. Part 1 focuses on what to expect in the typical Swedish workplace, while Part 2 takes you inside the Swedish lifestyle for a look at food, entertainment and etiquette. Your American Ways Americans are generally met with interest. Throughout the past century, American culture has had a significant influence. Many Swedes enjoy our movies, TV shows, classic cars, music, the rags-to-riches dream, and our spirit and creativity. However, the recent actions of the US government in Iraq and elsewhere have had an adverse effect on the feelings of many, if not all, Swedes. Typically, Swedes will greet you with hesitation as they try to sort out what kind of American you are. It's probably best to be generally clueless and to avoid speaking about politics unless you are on closer terms. And it's usually advisable not to brag, as Americans are somewhat notorious for that in comparison to Swedes, who look down on boasting and tend to be more reserved.

71. Lifestyle Culture Guide: Sweden - Advice For Jobs Overseas From
This look at Swedish diversions, tastes and etiquette will help you build a life in sweden outside work.
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Lifestyle Culture Guide: Sweden Part 2 in a 2-Part Series by David Speeckaert
Monster Contributing Writer
Once you've settled into a new job in Sweden , you will want to explore the many diversions this country has to offer. And whether you're looking for an authentic Swedish experience or something as familiar as a meal at T.G.I. Friday's, you can find it. Part 2 of our guide to Sweden gives an overview of Swedish tastes and etiquette to help you navigate the social scene like a native. Entertainment Outdoor activities are popular in Sweden. Cross-country skiing, bandy (like field hockey on ice) and hockey are the big winter sports. In warmer weather, soccer is king, but many also enjoy tennis, basketball and equestrian events. Sweden's city nightlife is usually quite lively. The major cities boast many bars and clubs. Unfortunately, some have restrictive entrance policies that can bar you from entering based on factors like your age (even if you are above the drinking age), your gender or your apparent non-Swedish country of origin. But there are other places where you can have a wonderful evening. Drinks are expensive, however, often costing the equivalent of $5 or $6 for a beer and $30 for a bottle of wine. Food and Drink Swedes love to entertain and don't need a special occasion to plan a dinner party. In keeping with Swedes' relatively healthy eating habits, Swedish supermarkets offer a variety of meats, vegetables, grains and dairy products commonly found in the US.

72. The NORDIC FAQ (the S.c.nordic FAQ)
The home pages for the Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.nordic For tourist queries about sweden there is a good commercial site at the Swedish Smörgåsbord.
The home pages for the Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.nordic Lysator
These pages try to answer many questions foreigners to the Nordic countries could have. However, we have no intention what-so-ever to cover "all" questions. Basically, you here find topics which have been regular questions in the Usenet newsgroup S OC .C ULTURE .N ORDIC The contributions to these pages are made by the Usenet participants during the years, which make them less coherent than sites produced by a single person. The good thing is that different Nordic opinions often are represented.
Soc.culture.nordic FAQ
The Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) document from the Usenet newsgroup S OC .C ULTURE .N ORDIC is a very good source of information about the Nordic countries As it was made available to the Internet in 1994, and web-ified in 1996, it was perhaps the best one. Today there are governmental sites which without questions are better in the sense that they cover the topics more completely and evenly. (See below for links to these governmental sites.) The niche of this FAQ is such topics which are commonly misunderstood by foreigners, and those topics which are commonly disputed inbetween Nordic people, although the first requirement to include a topic here is that some kind of consensus is established among (a large majority of) the participants of the newsgroup. Accordingly Finland's Civil War (1918) and Continuation War (1941-1944) are topics not yet covered. Note that the S OC .C

73. Swedish Culture
the war the old Swedish focus on German language and culture was quickly You can call almost anyone thou in sweden, if you keep a polite tone of
How to tell if you're Swedish
by Anders Janson Another response to my How to Tell If You're American page.
If you're Swedish...
  • You are familiar with a number of American TV shows, because it's cheaper to buy that stuff than to produce domestic originals. You normally prefer British TV and film productions to American, though.
  • Hem till byn is a series that has been around since the 70's, not running continuously but appearing again every decade with an update. Nilecity 105,6" (mHz) was a rather avant garde 90's comedy series. Cleo , another comedy series, is running now. Danish films and TV series are often well made, and suit your temperament.
  • You know how (association) football is played: with a round ball, of course. Ice hockey is not unheard of. If you are male, you can argue intricate points about the rules.
  • You get at least five weeks of vacation a year.
  • You will make your peace with God and repent on your deathbed, but not before. You are not unlikely to believe in God in a loose sort of way, but atheism is common. You are nominally Protestant, belonging to the recently (2000 A.D.) disestablished national church of Sweden, or you could be a Free Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal or Jew and then you would probably care more about it. Or you belong to an immigrant minority, in which case you would be Moslem or Catholic and possibly devoutly religious.
Mmm, Rudolfburgers

74. A Virtual Travel To Sweden - Sverige
Official web sites of sweden, the capital of sweden, art, culture, history, cities, airlines, embassies, tourist boards and newspapers.
Advertise here One World - Nations Online
the countries of the world Home Continents Europe Sweden
Destination Sweden, this page is about many aspects of this Scandinavian country. Here you will find comprehensive information about Sweden in its diversity: geography, economy, science, people, culture, environment, government and history.
You will have access to newspapers from Sweden and you will find extensive travel and tourism information for Sweden.
Note: External links will open in a new browser window.
Royal Palace, Stockholm
Official Sites
Map News Culture ... Additional Links
Country Profile
of Sweden Background:
The Kingdom of Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. By the 16th century Sweden had evolved into a strongly centralized nation, with Stockholm as its capital. During the 17th century the country was one of the great powers in Europe.
Since 1812 Sweden's borders have been unchanged and Sweden has not participated in any war in almost two centuries. An armed neutrality was preserved in both World Wars.
Despite its small population and large area, Sweden is a technologically advanced country with good infrastructure, including an efficient transportation and communications system.

75. Fact Sheets On Sweden Culture 2001
Fact sheets on sweden (PDF files). Swedish Cultural Policy Architecture in sweden Ballet and Modern Dance in sweden Handicraft and Industrial Design

76. Cultural Policy In Sweden
The goal of Swedish cultural policy is to increase access for all who live in sweden to culture, both via contact with culture of high quality and through

77. Embassy Of Sweden - Culture & Media
Background The Swedish cooperation with Cultural and Media Sectors in The Swedish assistance to cultural heritage in Tanzania is carried out in close
Svenska Monday 26 Sep 2005 1:19 PM GMT +1 Home Contact us Sweden Abroad Navigation The Embassy
Address Book

Development Cooperation

Development Cooperation Strategy Sweden-Tanzania

Print version Background: The Swedish cooperation with Cultural and Media Sectors in Tanzania concern the areas of Cultural Heritage, Fine-, Performing- and Visual Arts, Literature, Music,Arts and Craft and the Media. Equally important is the regional support that promote and strengthen the East African Co-operation in the sectors. Objective
The overall goal is to create opportunities for cultural diversity, creativity activities and sustainable development based on Human Rights through the following areas; Cultural policy; Freedom of speech and the Media; Information and social debate in civil society; Education through creative activities; Institutional infrastructure for culture and cultural heritage; Arts and Crafts Production and Internationalisation.
Swedish Support:
The Tanzania Culture Trust Fund – (Mfuko wa Utamaduni wa Tanzania) was established on November 6, 1998 between the Governments of Tanzania and Sweden. The fund is autonomous from Government, and operates through a Board of Trustees of five women and five men representing different stakeholders in the sector. The fund has established its own web-site:

78. Culture And Leisure - Statistics Sweden
Länksymbol Research libraries statistics Länksymbol Public libraries statistics. Responsible authority is Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs.
Find: A-Z Content Search Find more on the website Agriculture, forestry and fishery Business activities Citizen influence Culture and leisure Education and research Energy Environment Financial markets Health and medical care Household finances Housing and construction Information technology Judicial system Labour market Living conditions National accounts Population Prices and Consumption Public finances Social insurance Social services Trade in goods and services Transport and communications Use Sweden's Statistical Database Maps About Sweden's Statistical Database Publication plan 2005 Publications About the publications International statistics Information and Library Economic statistics Regional statistics Methodology Information services Statistics Sweden's Business Register SCB International Consulting Order international statistics Order Swedish statistics Swedish Statistics Net Other statistical sources
Statistical Databases
Culture and leisure
Cultural expenditure
Cultural financing
Adult education associations
Adult education associations
Cultural environment conservation
Cultural environment statistics
Museums and art galleries
School libraries statistics
Research libraries statistics

Public libraries statistics

Responsible authority is Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs

79. The Local - Culture
sweden s news in English. culture. Swedish jazz legend dies. One of the world s leading boogiewoogie pianists, Charlie Norman, died on Thursday night

80. The Local - Sweden's "segregated" Culture Sector
sweden s segregated culture sector. While onefifth of Swedish residents have some type of immigrant background, less than two percent of executives in

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