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         Sustainability Energy:     more books (100)
  1. Aluminum Recycling and Processing for Energy Conservation and Sustainability
  2. The End of Fossil Energy: And a Plan for Sustainability by John Howe, 2004-09-01
  3. Involvement of final architecture diploma projects in the analysis of the UPC buildings energy performance as a way of teaching practical sustainability ... article from: Journal of Cleaner Production] by I.R. Cantalapiedra, M. Bosch, et all
  4. Entropy, limits to growth, and the prospects for weak sustainability [An article from: Ecological Economics] by F.C. Krysiak, 2006-06-10
  5. Long-Term Integration of Renewable Energy Sources into the European Energy System (Environmental and Resource Economics)
  6. Renewable Energy Technologies in Africa (African Energy Policy Research Series) by Stephen Karekezi, Timothy Ranja, 1997-05-15
  7. Energy for Growth and Sustainability ; Proceedings of the 1998 International Workshop by I.N.A.E., 1998
  8. Sustainable Cities and Energy Policies (Advances in Spatial Science) by Roberta Capello, Peter Nijkamp, et all 1999-03-05
  9. Third Generation Photovoltaics: Advanced Solar Energy Conversion (Springer Series in Photonics) by Martin A. Green, 2003-08-13
  10. Numerical and experimental analyses of PCM containing sandwich panels for prefabricated walls [An article from: Energy & Buildings] by A. Carbonari, M. De Grassi, et all 2006-05-01
  11. Aceee Summer Study on Energy Efficienct in Buildings: Effeciency And Sustainability
  12. Conditions for the sustainability of biomass based fuel use [An article from: Energy Policy] by L. Reijnders, 2006-05-01
  13. Fuel For Change: World Bank Energy Policy: Rhetoric vs Reality
  14. Energy and Resources (Sustainable Future) by Paul Brown, 2000-05-25

61. Energy :: Natural Resource Sustainability & Renewal
By creating an Institute for sustainability of Water, energy, and Land, NMSU will ramp up its multidisciplinary energy research and technology development

Our Mission NMSU Research Portal About Us ... Cluster Home NMSU has developed an international track record in the study and development of photovoltaics and other sources of alternative energy, including fuel cell design. Additionally, the Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Center, administered by NMSU, provides expertise on nuclear waste disposal, an issue of concern nationwide. By creating an Institute for Sustainability of Water, Energy, and Land, NMSU will ramp up its multidisciplinary energy research and technology development programs in renewable and nuclear sources of energy to serve the entire Southwest. Specifically, NMSU will carry out research on the following:
  • Development, testing and validation of photovoltaic energy including flexible solar cell systems Education and training of students in technologies related to sustainable energy Educational and outreach services to energy, telecommunications industries, and regulatory commissions across the U.S. Provision of an adequate and secure energy supply Electric delivery systems technology development and implementation Fuel cell design, hydrogen storage, and membrane durability

62. EPA | Sustainability | Energy
In the long run, sustainable energy use will depend on more efficient, EPA is also a leader in promoting energy efficiency and sustainable energy use in
Sustainability Recent Additions Contact Us Print Version Search: EPA Home Sustainability Energy Sustainability Home Basic Information Where You Live What EPA Is Doing ... Index of Links
Fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil provide most of the energy used by industry and consumers in the United States . These non-renewable sources of energy impact land, water, and air across geographical scales, and in the U.S. are directly responsible for: 98% of CO 2 , 95% of NO X , 93% of SO 2 , 54% of non-methane VOC (volatile organic compounds), and 34% of CH 4 (methane) emissions. In the long run, achieving sustainability will require that energy be produced by cleaner and more efficient technologies, be used more efficiently and with greater conservation, and be developed from renewable sources. EPA has played an active role in evaluating and promoting clean energy production and use. Using scientific and technical data, the agency has issued regulations designed to reduce air, water, and waste emissions from such energy-related activities as coal mining, oil and gas exploration and refining, and electricity generation. Many of EPA's clean-air regulatory and voluntary programs promote more efficient energy use, improving environmental quality without disrupting energy supplies. The greenhouse gases produced by using fossil fuels are impacting the climate, and EPA's Global Change research program is assessing the potential consequences of climate change on human health, ecosystems, and social well-being.

63. Cardiff School Of Engineering > Research > Institute Of Sustainability, Energy A
Institute of sustainability, energy and Environmental Management Centre for Research in energy, Waste and the Environment .

Since 1994, CREST has provided science, policy and other information for students, governments, activists and others on renewable energy, energy efficiency
1612 K Street, NW
Suite 202
Washington, DC 20006
NEW REPORT: Solar PV Development:
Location of Economic Activity

To view or download the full report, click on the title link above or the image on the left.

65. Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
The Northeast Sustainable energy Association works to bring clean electricity, green transportation, and healthy, efficient buildings into everyday use.

NESEA Network

Green Car Club

Information About:



Greenfield Energy Park Search
Green Homes NorthEast

2006 Building Energy Conference and Trade Show

See our Calendar of Events
Find out about sponsorship opportunities artTab(1565,150,'slate'); The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA)
2005 Green Buildings Open House
New England, DE, NY, NJ, PA Open House Sites Now Available The 2005 Green Building Open House, which is part of the Building Energy 06 . This site will be updated as new information becomes available. Contact us to discuss sponsorship or exhibit opportunities. Building Energy is a professional conference and trade show that brings together experts in the fields of renewable energy and green building. Green Homes NorthEast (GHNE) Greenfield Energy Park Seasonal activities are underway. Concerts, plays, and festivals are on tap for the summer months. Come early or stay late to see the caboose museum, transportation innovation education, and on-site wind and solar powered sculptures and much more! For a full schedule of summer events click here . To find out more about school group tours and other educational opportunities please give us a call.
Events Co-sponsored by NESEA
Windscape: An Ideas Competition Envisioning Renewable Energy for Cape Cod Boston Society of Architects (BSA) presents this design competition as an educational opportunity for the public and for the professions that constitute the building industry, to address bringing renewable energy to Cape Cod.

66. Solstice: Documents And Databases
service of the Center for Renewable energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST), and is your site for Sustainable energy and Development Information.
We've got a new look! Please visit
to see and search the new REPP-CREST web site.
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  • 67. SEEN
    The Sustainable energy Economy Network works to end World Bank and other government investment in fossil fuels based on their human rights, environmental,
    Contribute to sustainable relief and reconstruction organizations listed on our new GREEN RELIEF page. Join the SEEN Activist Network to stay up to date on matters that need urgent attention. A New Plan for the World Bank, by Daphne Wysham Bolivians Struggle for Democracy
    by Nadia Martinez and Juan Montecino
    Dancing with the Wolf: The next World Bank president's reputational risk
    , by Charlie Cray and Jim Vallette A Carbon Rush at the World Bank , by Daphne Wysham, for Foreign Policy in Focus Carbon under Kyoto: A Hot Commodity , by Daphne Wysham World Bank Ignores Its Own Advice
    , by Nadia Martinez July 22, 2005: Inter Press Service , "The Race to Run Latin America's Biggest Bank," by Emad Mekay July 8, 2005: BBC News , "G8 leaders agree $50bn aid boost" June 1, 2005: Associated Press , "Wolfowitz Pledges to Change Africa" (includes photo of SEEN director Daphne Wysham at World Bank headquarters) March 27, 2005:

    68. Home Page - Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria
    The Sustainable energy Authority is pursuing many new initiatives to accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy across all sectors of the Victorian
    //defaultOpen('xxxx'); markPage('fNode_Home'); Sitemap Contact Glossary Search Related websites The Sustainable Energy Authority is expanding options for a sustainable energy future. Latest news
    The Sustainable Energy Authority's Business Plan
    Sustainability Victoria announced
    Sustainability Victoria The exciting new organisation, which builds on the strengths of both the Sustainable Energy Authority and EcoRecycle, will bring together the knowledge and expertise that exists across government on environmental sustainability. In delivering a more integrated approach to sustainability, the new organisation may be expanded to include a water dimension. The Government is aiming to introduce the necessary legislation into Parliament in spring 2005 and, depending on legislative priorities, the new organisation will commence on 1 October 2005. Framework for Environmental Sustainability , which was released on Wednesday 20 April. The Framework sets the direction that Victoria must take to become a Sustainable State with a growing economy.

    69. Energy And Greenhouse Management Toolkit - Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria
    The energy and greenhouse management toolkit is designed to help businesses reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
    defaultOpen("Advice"); defaultOpen("Advice_Business"); markPage('Advice_Business_Energy and greenhouse management toolkit'); Sitemap Contact Glossary Search Related websites Energy and greenhouse management toolkit The Energy and greenhouse management toolkit is designed to help businesses reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The Toolkit provides information tools, case studies and guidance to help you achieve real cost savings, improved productivity, and compliance with legislation and licence conditions (if relevant). The Toolkit was developed by the Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria in partnership with EPA Victoria , and funded through the Victorian Greenhouse Strategy The Toolkit will play an important role in helping businesses subject to EPA Victoria works approvals and licensing to meet requirements for improved management of greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, introduced by the Government in late 2001, through the revised State environment protection policy (Air Quality Management). The

    70. Department Of Energy, Utilities And Sustainbility
    Our mission is to reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions in New South Wales.

    From 1st July 2004, the Sustainable Energy Development Authority became part of the Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability ( Please update your bookmarks accordingly.
    Your browser should automatically take you there in 10 seconds.
    If it doesn't, please click here to visit
    NSW Government 2004

    71. - Australian Business Council Of Sustainable Energy
    Australian energy data, and sustainable energy technologies, including cogeneration, renewables, wasteto-energy and distributed generation.
    @import url(nav.css); Feedback Contact Sitemap
    ... Member Login Username
    Not a member? Click here to register or find out more

    MRET/REC Briefings

    BCSE is holding a series of briefings in October 2005 that will be held around the country on the Mandated Renewable Energy Target (MRET) and the market for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).
    The Business of Energy Efficiency Conference 2005

    The premier event on energy efficiency in Australia is being held from 22 - 23 November 2005 at the RACV Club Melbourne
    Sustainable Energy 2006

    Please lock in your diaries the date 3-4 May 2006 for the BCSE Annual Sustainable Energy Conference to be held in Brisbane.
    Victoria must act on its energy commitments
    The announcement to extend the life of Hazelwood makes it especially important that the Victorian Government follows through on its commitments on renewable energy... Solar growth, past present and future From remote communities to suburban schools, isolated telecom facilities to outback tourist destinations... ECOGENERATION MAGAZINE AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2005 The latest issue includes: *Emissions trading myths *Where is the incentive to adopt new technology *Industry issues and projects *Renewable Energy Development Initiative launch AND MORE Download current edition Site credits:

    72. ESD | Energy For Sustainable Development
    Company website outlining ESD s services and expertise in renewable energy and climate change solutions for business, government, local authority and
    HOME ABOUT US EXAMPLE PROJECTS CONTACT RECRUITMENT Our environment is an asset to be managed carefully and not an expendable resource to be taken for granted. ESD provides the specialist expertise and experience to help deliver sustainable energy solutions, ranging from support on climate change and energy policies, through to planning and design of sustainable energy systems (for buildings or communities), to the implementation of renewable energy projects. We work for corporate clients, architects, property developers, community groups and NGOs, international institutions and national and local government bodies. Our work falls into six thematic areas. Use the links on the right to find out what we do and how we can help. Carbon Management Planning for Sustainability Sustainable Buildings Low Carbon Energy Projects ... News ESD are recruiting, click here for more details.

    73. ESD | Energy For Sustainable Development
    Company website outlining ESD s services and expertise in renewable energy and climate change solutions for business, government, local authority and
    ESD is working with Kirklees Metropolitan Council and Lowry Renaissance, a private developer to develop 130 CO -neutral residential apartments at a new mixed use development in West Yorkshire. Working as energy consultants on the design team, ESD has produced a carbon assessment of the proposed development, recommend an energy strategy for achieving carbon neutrality and secured some of the finance necessary to implement the project. ESD is now working to establish Mill Energy Services, a ground-breaking small-scale commercial entity that will own and operate the energy assets on behalf of the residents. Click here for Titanic Mill case study. New Business School, Open University
    At the Open University ESD worked with Jestico + Whiles architects to develop a design for the new Business School that could match, if not better, the performance of the Elizabeth Fry building at the University of East Anglia which was the lowest energy non-domestic building investigated in the Probe project. Amongst a range of services, ESD undertook an air-tightness review of the design that led to the building performing significantly better than the design target of 5m3/hr/m2 at 50Pa, which in itself is twice a stringent as the new Part L2 requirement of 10m3/hr/m2 at 50Pa.

    74. Sustainable Energy And Energy Efficiency 2006 - Welcome
    Sustainable energy, energy Efficiency, Environmental Solutions,Olympia, The Sustainable energy and energy Efficiency Expos are the leading UK events for
    Home Pre-registration Exhibitor Information Visitor Information ... Contact Us
    Organised by
    View Factsheet
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    Site map

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    Visit the website and subscribe for energy e-xpress for regular updates. Click here for FAQs regarding this new initiative.
    Click here for a press release
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    75. Sustainable Energy And Energy Efficiency 2006 - Welcome
    Sustainable energy energy Efficiency Expo 1012 October 2006 Earls Court 2 is the leading UK event for the energy sector. Nearly 3000 attendees from
    Home Pre-registration Exhibitor Information Visitor Information ... Contact Us
    Organised by
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    Visit the website and subscribe for energy e-xpress for regular updates. Click here for FAQs regarding this new initiative.
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    76. Sustainable Energy - WWW Links
    They also publish the sustainable energy industry Journal. The UN Sustainable energy and Environment Division has a directory and newsletter on line
    Home Page publications organizations education ... What's New: news and events
    Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy WWW Links

    77. APPrO Publications
    Sustainable energy Publications. There are a range of organizations always publishing new material on Canadian sustainable energy topics, including the
    Sustainable Energy APPrO APPrO membership
    APPrO Publications List
    January 2005
    APPrO publishes magazines, fact sheets, financial/technical bulletins, industry directories, technical handbooks, educational materials, and internet documents. APPrO will distribute copies of the referenced documents, or make them available on request to . If you are interested in advertising in APPrO publications, please visit our advertising page . The following publications are available:
    • 2004 Canadian Power Directory 2002 Canadian Power Directory 2000 Canadian Power Directory
      "Making Competition Work" 1999 IPPSO Conference Proceedings ($40) "Working with the IMO" Summer 1999 IPPSO Conference Proceedings (no charge) 1998 IPPSO Conference Proceedings ($40) 1997 IPPSO Conference Proceedings ($40) "Pragmatic Privatization" 1995 IPPSO Conference Proceedings ($40) "Competition: The Next Wave" 1994 IPPSO Conference Proceedings ($40) "The Sustainable Future" 1993 IPPSO Conference Proceedings ($40) "The New Market for NUG" 1992 IPPSO Conference Proceedings ($40) "Delivering the Future Now" 1991 IPPSO Conference Proceedings ($40) "Responding to Ontario's Needs" 1990 IPPSO Conference Proceedings ($40) "The Pace Quickens" IPPSO 1989 Conference Proceedings ($40) IPPSO FACTO Magazine, Annual Subscriptions ($250 for individuals, or see

    The BC Sustainable energy Association works to realize a future in which all of BC s energy comes from clean, renewable, sources. We support the development


    "If we are not guided by a conscious vision of the future we want to see, we will be guided by the unconscious vision of the present we already have."
    - Guy Dauncey - Updated our SEED Directory
    - New Fact of the Month
    New listing in our Jobs section.

    BCSEA T-Shirts Now Available!

    - BCSEA hits 500 Members! Duke Point Abandoned! (PDF) * Previous Updates * Necar 4 - A Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Photo: Ballard Power Systems Tap into Savings - Tap into the Future - Tap into the Sun! Solar hot water project offers generous incentives September 23rd, 2005 Dawson Creek, BC-Relief from the high cost of energy is on everyone's minds these days. A solar energy program launched in Dawson Creek this week offers local residents a chance save up to 50% on their annual hot water heating costs. SolarBC, an initiative of the BC Sustainable Energy Association, launched a two-year pilot project on Thursday, September 22. The project offers financial incentives for the installation of solar thermal systems for residential hot water.

    79. DTI: Energy - Sustainable Energy Policy Network
    Sustainable energy Policy Network. Achieving the goals and individual commitments set out in the white paper cannot be achieved by any one government
    Text version Help NUCLEAR OIL AND GAS ... Consultations SEPN What is SEPN? Work streams Topics Publications and reports ... Home / SEPN
    Welcome to the Sustainable Energy policy Network
    Second Annual Report on implementation of the Energy White Paper Microgeneration strategy and low carbon buildings programme: Consultation PDF, 348kB) published on 23 June. For latest news, see our newsletter
    The Energy White Paper
    On 24 February 2003 the Government launched its Energy White Paper “Our energy future – creating a low carbon economy” . The White Paper marks a radical change to energy policy, bringing environment concerns to the heart of policy, by defining a long-term strategic vision for energy policy combining our environmental, security of supply, competitiveness and social goals. It sets out the challenges we face on the environment, the decline of our indigenous energy supplies and the need to update our energy infrastructure and describes the policies we need to pursue over the next twenty years and beyond to meet these challenges. Central to these policies are the four goals for our energy policy:
    • to put ourselves on a path to cut the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions - the main contributor to global warming - by some 60% by about 2050 with real progress by 2020;

    80. Energy For Sustainable Development
    energy is central to sustainable development and poverty reduction efforts. UNDP’s efforts in energy for sustainable development support the achievement
    Also on this web site: Featured Publications From our Country Offices Partnerships
    Energizing the Millennium Development Goals: A Guide to Energy's Role in Reducing Poverty
    World Energy Assessment: Energy and the Challenge of Sustainability

    UNDP Focus Areas: Democratic Governance Poverty Reduction Crisis Prevention and Recovery HIV/AIDS
    Energy for Sustainable Development: Overview
    Scaling up Modern Energy Services in East Africa
    This report outlines a strategy for increasing access to energy services to meet the Millennium Development Goals in East Africa. It offers suggestions for possible energy interventions, their costs and impacts. This initiative is supported by UNDP and GTZ, with funding made available through the Global Village Energy Partnership (GVEP). Download Report 17 August 2005
    Energizing the Millennium Development Goals: A Guide to Energy's Role in Reducing Poverty
    Download PDF 3 August 2005
    A regional workshop on Electricity Access and Development Challenge in Africa was held in Nairobi, Kenya, 13-14 July 2005. The meeting was organised by

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