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         Suriname Culture:     more detail
  1. Executive Report on Strategies in Suriname, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Suriname Research Group, The Suriname Research Group, 2000-11-02
  2. The production of sugar and the reproduction of slaves at Vossenburg (Suriname), 1705-1863 (Caribbean culture studies) by H. E Lamur, 1987
  3. Evolving culture: A cross-cultural study of Suriname, West Africa, and the Caribbean by Charles J Wooding, 1981
  4. Alabi's World (Johns Hopkins Studies in Atlantic History and Culture) by Richard Price, 1990-05-01
  5. Co-wives and Calabashes (Women and Culture Series) by Sally Price, 1993-06-01
  6. The Guiana Maroons: A Historical and Bibliographical Introduction (Johns Hopkins Studies in Atlantic History and Culture) by Richard Price, 1976-11-01
  7. The Politics of Passion: Women's Sexual Culture in the Afro- Surinamese Diaspora (Between Men--Between Women) by Gloria Wekker, 2006-04-04
  8. John Gabriel Stedman's collection of 18th-century artifacts from Suriname by Richard Price, 1979
  9. The Javanese in Suriname: Ethnicity in an Ethnically Plural Society by Parsudi Suparlan, 1995
  10. Culture, structure and ethnic enterprise: The Surinamese of Amsterdam (EUROMED working paper) by Jeremy Boissevain, 1985

81. Project MUSE
Wie Eégie Sanie stood up for the black culture of suriname, for their own Africansuriname Which way should the culture or cultures of suriname turn?
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Login: Password: Your browser must have cookies turned on Kempen, Michiel van "Vernacular Literature in Suriname"
Callaloo - Volume 21, Number 3, Summer 1998, pp. 630-644
The Johns Hopkins University Press

I. Land of Many Tongues
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82. Suriname : Mensen, Politiek, Economie, Cultuur, Milieu = Suriname : People, Poli
cultuur, milieu = suriname people, politics, economy, culture, environment t 4. Cultuur culture 5. Natuur en milieu Nature and environment

83. ® RegionalSouth AmericaSurinameSociety And Culture local travel guides, low fares for airline tickets, hotels reservations, car rentals, travel deals, cruises and vacation packages, weather.

84. United Nations Human Rights Website - Treaty Bodies Database - Document - Summar
suriname s culture and tradition, like those of many Caribbean countries, were strongly influenced by its history of slavery.

85. United Nations Human Rights Website - Treaty Bodies Database - Document - Summar
that suriname appeared to deny itself the right to develop its own culture, present to develop suriname s culture through the Sranan Tongo language;

86. LocalPin - Society And Culture In Suriname
Society and culture in surinamerelated links from LocalPin. Find links to Society and culture in suriname in our geographically-organised fully-searchable
Society and Culture in Suriname
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Population and Economic Data about Suriname
Population Statistics. Growth Domestic Product and other economic data tables.
record no 1 of 4 Welcome to Harold's Home A personal site by a freelance software developer. record no 2 of 4 Corneliskondre's Website A Peace corps volunteer, its mission and pictures. record no 3 of 4 Beautiful Surinam A discussion group with related topics about Suriname.

87. Americas 2001
suriname s deepseated culture of intolerance was revealed on the night of May 28, when three men attacked Dutch reporter Armand Snijders.
PRESIDENT RONALD VENETIAAN, LEADER OF A MODERATE COALITION of ethnic parties, proved as respectful of press freedom as journalists had hoped when he took office in August 2000. Since then, no major abuses have been reported in this former Dutch colony of less than half a million inhabitants.
De Ware Tijd , reported that Venetiaan kept his promises throughout 2001. "Press freedom has been completely respected by this government," she said.
The NDP station Radio Kankantrie was taken off the air twice during the year for administrative reasons, but local sources said the actions might have come in reprisal for the station's anti-government broadcasts. However, Radio Kankantrie has been on the air without problems ever since.
Local journalists say that Bouterse, who remains a political force in Suriname as an opposition member of the National Assembly, and his followers kept fairly quiet in 2001. Bouterse is being investigated in Suriname for his role in the 1982 massacre of 15 political opponents. In a separate investigation, the Dutch Supreme Court ruled on September 18 that Bouterse cannot be tried in the Netherlands for the massacre. But on October 23, the same court upheld an 11-year sentence against him for cocaine smuggling.
Suriname's deep-seated culture of intolerance was revealed on the night of May 28, when three men attacked Dutch reporter Armand Snijders. The men blocked his car, beat and kicked him, and burned him with cigarettes. Snijders, who has lived in Suriname since 1993 and has worked for the Dutch news service Geassocieerde Pers Diensten for the last three years, told CPJ that the assault was probably related to his reporting about a former military officer whom he suspected of being involved in cocaine smuggling. The investigation into the attack has not yielded any results, Snijders said.

88. Laser
suriname. Society and culture The State Department profiles suriname s government, economy, and geography and overviews suriname s history. and Culture

89. - ATLC's Suriname Travel Page
In suriname live many cultures and races. Chinese, Creole, Hindi, Indonesian, native Indian, Dutch All these people speak their own language although
ATLC's Suriname Travel Page. Travel experience, unbiased tips, reviews, and pictures on Suriname
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ATLC's Suriname Page
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90. Suriname
A journey of cultural discovery Visiting suriname s Bush Negroes (Miami Times). Chain saws invade Eden. (logging in pristine forests of Guyana and
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Daily Almanac for
Sep 26, 2005

91. Tropical Rainforest In Suriname
A virtual tour through the rainforest in suriname (SA). the rainforest clearings the forest floor the canopy » Species List » suriname cultural
The Tropical Rainforest in Suriname A virtual tour through the rainforest in Suriname (SA). Read about plants and animals, look at the photos and listen to the sounds. mangrove
the coastal plain

the savannas

the rainforest
Suriname cultural

Despite the fact that all of Suriname has a tropical rainforest climate, there are several vegetation types. Going from the coast to the interior, we cross 4 zones. They are shown on the little map here, and when you click this map you'll get a more detailed one, with vegetation types, nature reserves and villages in the interior (290 kB, printable). mangrove Along the coast we have mangrove. This brackish water swamp forest may occur up to 50 km inland along the major rivers. Along the coast you may find the Four-eyed Fish * here: it has eyes with double focus lenzes so it can look above as well as under water. More inland there are Orchids * growing between the stems of tall Yautia-like Aroids, just like the Yellow Flag (Iris) would grow in reedlands in cooler regions. In some places, especially in the Eastern part of the country, there are beaches between the mangrove and the ocean. Unfortunately not very suitable for sun bathing, because, in addition to the usual mosquitoes, there are also sand fleas here, which makes it not very adviseable to go bare feet. These beaches are quite famous though for the Leatherbacks and other turtles who lay their eggs here (April - July) as well as for bird life.

92. China And Suriname
On July 2124, 1998, Vice-Cultural Minister Ai Qingchun visited suriname at the head of a Chinese Government Cultural Delegation.

93. Foreign Policy
Dutch policy on mutual cultural heritage designates suriname as a priority In both suriname and the Netherlands, countless mutual cultural heritage

94. Suriname -
suriname. Cultural Disorientation and Transitional Adjustment. This section is a primer for use by users in learning about the issues of

During the State Visit of suriname President to India, a Cultural Exchange Programme for the period 20032005 was signed between the two countries.
1. At the political level, relations have been marked by friendliness. During the visit of then Minister of State for External Affairs Shri Eduardo Faleiro in September, 1992, a Cultural Agreement was signed. The other important visits from India were those of Smt. Ram Dulari Sinha, Minister of State, to attend the inauguration of the democratically elected Government in January 1988 and Vice President Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma in May, 1988. Ms Vasundhara Raje, MOS[EA] visited Suriname in April 1999 and led the Indian delegation at the 2 nd Indo-Surinamese Joint Commission. A four-member High Level Delegation on Indian Diaspora led by Dr. L.M. Singvi, Chairman and ex-officio Cabinet Minister, visited Suriname from 28 th th May 2001. Shri Digvijay Singh, MOS [DS] visited Suriname in June 2003 on occasion of convening of Seventh World Hindi Conference in Paramaribo in June 2003. 2. At the officials level, Shri Nareshwar Dayal, Secretary [East] visited Suriname in August, 1998 to hold consultations prior to NAM summit and to brief Surinamese Government representatives about the rationale behind the Pokhran tests and the post-test scenario. During the visit, he met the President, the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Foreign Minister. Shri J.C. Sharma, Secretary [PCD], MEA, visited Suriname in May 2002 to solicit participation of the local NRI/PIO community in the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas celebrations 2003 onwards and for assessing the suitability of Suriname as a possible venue for the 7

Because of this, suriname has a multicultural and multi-racial society of the first order. Outside of suriname, namely in the Western world, the suriname
50 YEARS 'STICHTING SURINAAMS MUSEUM' (Suriname Museum Foundation) 1947 - 29 April - 1997 Laddy van Putten
Leo Ferrier
Translation: Annette Tjon Sie Fat
TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Introduction 2 Suriname and Fort Zeelandia 3 'Colonial Museum' 1875-1908 / 'School Museum' 1909-1925 4 Suriname Museum 1947 to present ... 10 References
1 Introduction
On 29 April 1997 the Suriname Museum Foundation was 50 years old. This was good reason to look back at the period, with its highs and lows, and, concurrently, to cast a look to the future from the viewpoint of the current state of affairs. In spite of the small gaps that exist in the museum archives, we are still able to paint a reasonably complete picture of developments since the Stichting Surinaams Museum (SSM) was founded. There had been earlier attempts to found museums in Suriname. The first museological institutions were set up in the 19th and 20th centuries which, however, were doomed to disappear again. We shall take a closer look at the precursors of the present museum. Furthermore, we shall examine the history of the SSM, then depict the present state of affairs, and finally, cast a glance into the future.
There are two other museums in Suriname besides the SSM. One is the open-air museum, established in an old fortress, the other is a Jewish historical museum which now only exists on paper. Mismanagement has reduced the open-air museum, which was confiscated by the government in the eighties, to a drab place. The little Jewish museum, founded near the ruins of the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, was destroyed completely in the jungle war of the eighties. In this article we shall therefore restrict ourselves to discussing the SSM.

97. Ethnologue Report For Suriname
List of languages of suriname. Dialects Similar to Ndyuka, but there are cultural differences. Also has many similarities to Krio of Sierra Leone.

98. Oceanic Society - Natural History Expeditions: Suriname Explorer
This is the cultural hub of suriname and a perfect place to learn something of the country we will explore Brownsberg Nature Park has some of the finest
Bordering Brazil, Guyana, and French Guiana, Suriname is a remarkable land of pristine beauty and vibrant culture. It has one of the highest percentages of tropical forest in the world, and has received international recognition for its landmark conservation efforts. In addition to the diversity of its wildlife, Suriname also has a rich human culture, consisting of Amerindians, Maroons, Creoles, East Indians, Javanese and Dutch.
Noted travel writer William Leitch notes “if there are treasured spots to reveal to travelers, Suriname is first among them…. With respect to facilities for the study and observation of neotropical history, Suriname is unsurpassed.” We believe the best way to discover this off-the-beaten-track destination is with individuals who know the country and its people first-hand. Our leaders, Henk and Judi Reichert, worked and lived in Suriname for 20 years. Through their leadership we are able to offer you a personal in-depth introduction to this amazing country.
Our journey begins and ends in Paramaribo, the monumental center of which has recently been designated by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site. The city is known for its 17th century colonial architecture, a vast central market, and its colorful waterfront on the Suriname River. This is the cultural hub of Suriname and a perfect place to learn something of the country we will explore

99. 21 Days Suriname Exploration, Adventure Travel , Suriname
21 days suriname Exploration Travelers information Moonlight Jungle Tours Group trips; Activities relaxing and cultural presentation. ( L ) ( D )

100. Embassy Of The Republic Of Suriname, Washington, DC
suriname conserves this cultural richdom. The city of Paramaribo is now at the world herritage list of the Unesco and with one of the biggest natural
Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Suriname
On the Occasion of the 9th Annual Caribbean Leadership Dialogue and Caribbean Heritage Awards Gala, November 15, 2002, Washington, DC Esteemed Dignataries,
Representatives of the Institute of Caribbean Studies,
Distinguished Representatives of the Caribbean Diplomatic Corps,
Representatives of the Business community,
Nominees for this year Awards Gala,
Special Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow me to express my appreciation to the Institute of Caribbean Studies for organizing this distinguished event in collaboration with the Caribbean Diplomatic Corps. May I thank you for the invitation to deliver a speech on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Suriname. I would also like to seize this moment to express my gratitude for granting me the opportunity to address this distinguished audience at such an important event which marks the celebration of the achievements of the Caribbean American community. Ladies and Gentlemen

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